• Someone who I miss when Im not with them and who I still get goosebumps over when I see them. I have my best boy friend who those feelings belong to. We are far apart but talk at least 3 times a week. If it was meant to be it will happen. Like my mom says.... Love with get you through things that friendship wont and…
  • :blushing:
  • Even though we have some fluff that we are working on.... what is one part of your body (not eyes, nose, ears etc that dont really change with weight loss) that you LOVE??? I LOVE my boobies and dont like my grandma fat arms. LOL:bigsmile:
  • some of those recipies look great. I am going to have to try
  • I have had to find it on ebay as it is now discontinued. They have different ones for different things... I think the fiber infused one tastes the best but they have one for joints etc... It has 20 per serving but I usually put it in a 32 oz water bottle as a 16 oz serving is too strong of a taste for me
  • I would rather have the real soda.... in moderation. I used to drink crystal light all the time.... no sugar = good right?? wrong. I switched to Vitasplash and noticed that I was losing weight faster as it doesnt have the aspartime crap in it.
  • Thats awesome. I have found that Nikes are much better for causal fridays than for actual exercising. The toe boxes on most of their shoes is very skinny and if you have wider than M foot they can make your feet fall asleep after a short time.
  • I smoked for almost 15 years and was up to a pack a day. I was hospitalized due to a MRSA outbreak and noticed I had a headache even while on Morphine and Percocet. They had to give me a nicotine patch before the headache would go away. That made me want to quit. I used cinnamon sticks. yes sounds weird but anytime I felt…
  • I have found that when the weight comes off, your whole outlook changes and the energy comes back but its that original push that sucks.
  • Yes I would not wish it on anyone. It has been a rough couple of years but all funny in a way. April 2009 = vascular surgery to remove varicose vein... cat jumped on me and popped the stiches in my groin (hole in my leg for 6 weeks) July 2009 = broke BOTH elbows roller skating... freak accident involving someones kid, a…
  • 160 Calorie Strawberry shortcake I like to make angel food cupcakes for the base so you can store individual servings 1 container of cool whip free 1 package of jello fat free sugar free white chocolate pudding made with fat free milk 5 cups of strawberries (or other berries) Angel food cake (or cupcakes) serves about 10…
  • I have two siamese, Dior who rules the house and Issey who is very playful. My roommate has a Maine Coon named Shadow who I will be taking care of when she deploys next week. They get along when they are not being watched, but as soon as you look at them they act like they hate each other.
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  • I work so much that checking in on a regular basis (work in a classified environment so dont have phone or computer access 12-16 hours most days) but I DO have some great recipies that are super easy.
  • great job! The 10 lb incriments always make you feel good.
  • I smoked in my house for a long time. I dont have kids but did notice that my cats (yes I am destined to be the old cat lady) started having issues. Now that I have quit (142.12 days-but who is counting :-) ) I have noticed that my house smells better and the cats arent having issues. He should go outside. No question. My…