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  • I don't see an attached photo but jumping straight to surgery seems extreme. How about consulting a doctor or PT?
  • I ordered from the TRX store, seller, on Amazon. I'm sure a mount is a mount though and probably same manufacturer like Grey Goose or Kirkland 😂
  • I felt more comfortable getting the legit TRX mount. It was the same price on TRX website but didn't want to pay shipping.
  • I'm probably the most jaded person on this thread cause I work in the legal field 😁 I have five dogs and I foster and keep gates around my bikes. But I don't think unattended children should be around any exercise equipment no matter the manufacturer. I'm actually okay with the way Peloton has responded.
  • I don't disagree with that. My problem is with personal responsibility and common sense. I'm sure lawsuits are already in the works.
  • I never stretch but I don't consider it toxic😁
  • I actually have a gate around my spin bike and my mountain bike because I don't want my pets injured or my equipment damaged. And plug is disconnected unless I'm using it. Feel bad for the kid in the video. That had to be horrifying! But wouldn't you also correct the kids behavior when they are playing around it. Kind of…
  • Yep, mine is hanging from my garage. TRX mount was 35$ on Amazon. Came with door mount and travel bag.
  • I watched that video. Unfortunate people can't take personal responsibility nowadays. Those kids were clearly not supervised.
  • I don't use my TRX much but I consider it a nice bonus to my home gym. Best Buy had them for $100 a few months ago for the basic kit.
  • Hi! I try to ride 2-3 times a week. With the nicer weather there are more night options, group rides, I can join. All my friends are getting into gravel but I have not. Maybe some day. My bike of choice is Giant/Liv.
  • I'm an outdoor cyclist, road and mountain, but I've always enjoyed indoor spin classes. I can't see myself spending Peloton money on an indoor bike. I would put that towards a new road or mtb, but that's just me. I have the Echelon Sport from Walmart and I use the Peloton app. It's a great workout. I'm a fan of their…
  • Last night was our official night ride of the year. Last year of course cancelled by Covid. Took me about a mile to get used to riding in darkness again. I missed it!
  • I'm a Garmin fan. I recently thought I would have to buy a new one due to mine being cosmetically unrepairable. I didn't have to because Garmin stands behind their products and sent me a new one. Garmin has a lot of trackers to choose from and varying price points. You can find the previous models on Walmart and Amazon for…
  • Contact support. They seem to be helpful.
  • I use the app. Discovered it during quarantine.
    in Peleton Post by VegasFit April 6
  • I ride MTB! Got addicted about three years ago!
  • I don't ever do live classes though.
  • What a fun thread! This is my Liv, first and only road bike. I also mountain bike and have a folding bike I won off Instagram a couple years ago. Looking forward to more event rides this year and hoping Ragbrai 2021 is a [email protected]
  • I'm on my second Wahoo. First one didn't last three months. Company was quick to replace it though.
  • I'm a app users. I'm in about three Facebook groups. One dedicated to Echelon riders using the app. The other two app, any bike users.
  • I believe the answer is yes. Under my Garmin Connect account I have my road, mountain and Echelon listed. I choose bike for outdoor activites and indoor Cycle for Echelon.
  • Classic! As soon as gyms closed I pulled out my old step and found her videos on YouTube!
  • That sucks. One of the reasons I never ride alone especially MTB.
  • Your best bet is to go to a running store and get a gait analysis and proper fit.
  • I can't speak to that exact model but I'm a big New Balance fan. I live close to two outlets. You should be able to return them on line if they don't work out. My habit is to wear mine around the house before I wear them outdoor.
  • My gyms are open here. Only been to my smaller gym that does bootcamp, small group training. I have not used my Classpass account or used my 24 membership because I don't want to make an appointment. I've felt very comfortable. Whatever weights, equipment we use we clean before we put it back.
  • I'm ride outdoors mtb and road. I thought about a trainer but before I even started cycling I did indoor spin classes. I love the Peloton App. I bought an Echelon bike for $500 and the app is $13 a month. I personally don't want to mount my bike on a trainer and I don't like the graphics. Too video gamey for me. Indoor I'm…
  • I'm an app user. Discovered it at the start of Covid so I did get the free 90 days. I was borrowing a bike during Covid but I missed it so much I bought one. My fave cycle instructor is Alex. As far as strength I don't remember their names and just filter by medium weights and difficulty level.
  • I'm a fan a Strava. I ride with a lot of groups so great way to connect after rides and remember names. I also like seeing my personal progress and improvements. However looks like I will have to pay for that going forward.