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  • I am following Matthew’s program and also felt, as a 41yo, just the lifting warm ups were insufficient. I do 5 mins of targeted CV, e.g. rowing on pull day, and some stretching of the muscles involved before starting my warm up sets.
  • No doubt a daft question, but isn’t failure at RPE7-8 a contradiction in terms? I guess you’re saying that if your grip was stronger you could lift more. But we’re only as strong as our weakest link, right?
  • I’ve had the same problem. I improved my grip strength by doing deadlifts and holding at the top. I used my top warm up weight and held at the top for around 30s. This is a very specific form of grip strength training for deadlifts. It’s worked and my grip strength no longer my limiting factor, for now at least.
  • That’s great to hear I’m on the right lines. Thanks for the pointers, Chief, they seem to have helped. Sometime I may ask you for thoughts on my deadlift. Dave
  • Hi again Chief, I have another squat video on which I would really appreciate some feedback. Last time you suggested I squeeze glutes and lock knees as a starting position, eyes on the floor a few feet in front, and that I squat onto plates to fix the depth. I’ve had a go at all those. I don’t know whether my box squats…
  • I use MFP while at the gym and log it in an Excel spreadsheet when I get home.
  • Sorry to hear. Just out of interest, why maintain your weight? Weight loss would be a faster path to reducing your waist size.
  • I’m similar. I weigh myself every morning after having a wee and before having a drink. I don’t tend to have nearly the fluctuations that I’ve seen in others. I can go a few days with fluctuations within fractions of a pound. There are exceptions to this though. I went on a short holiday, drank a lot and ate out a lot……
  • Haha... it’s made you one mean MF on the right there. Well done
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  • I’d start by looking at the “Most helpful posts” pinned post at the top of this forum then looking at the “Which program is best for me” post. It’s an extremely helpful resource with a few body weight and dumbbell routines.
  • Nice one. How are you choosing your workout? Is it based on a program or just what you feel like doing for the day? Is your strength improving?
  • I don’t think anyone doubts that. My question was (as garyruns recognised), if you’re in a calorie surplus, does eating a higher fat diet result in a higher proportion of fat gain and lower proportion muscle when compared to a higher carb diet.
  • Hi ninerbuff, I’ve heard it said that dietary fat is more easily stored as fat in the body as there’s no conversion. Not true?
  • No... but it’s a slow rate and your estimate of your TDEE might not be accurate so it may not actually be a surplus. If after a few weeks (and it may take a few weeks to see a trend) you don’t appear to be gaining anything you may want to raise. I use to work out my actual surplus. 125 calories is about…
  • Thanks Chief. I was aware of RPE but hadn’t heard of VBT bed. Interesting stuff (though my current objective is learning the moves, so perhaps one for the future).
  • Yes, it feels a little like witchcraft but I could easily imagine it’s a way to ask your body/psyche how on form you are. Here’s a post. He never quite gives as much detail as I’d like. He never gives any suggestion of why it might work or exactly how to use it to set intensity for your session.…
  • I think you can go a long way with push-up variations. There are a few nice ones in this book by Bret Contreras, such as side to side, diamond or one armed push-ups
  • I remember your last post. You were on a pretty high calorie surplus with limited access to the gym. We talked about taking it steadier on your bulk. To lose fat, I’ve gone for a 20-25% deficit with a macro distribution of 40:40:20 c:p:f. I got pretty good results with that and certainly no obvious muscle loss (helped by…
  • My wife is a big fan of oat milk in coffee. She prefers it to anything else.
  • When gaining I go 50:25:25 c:p:f. When losing I go 40:40:20 c:p:f In both cases this is over 1g protein per lb. So far so good, but I’m new to this.
  • BTW - that should be Helmut Strebl, of course
  • I’m interested in what drives amateurs and hobbyists to get to really low body fat levels. I can understand the motivation of professional body builders... people whose main goal in life is their physique. I view Martin Strebl as freakish and fascinating, like a human art installation. A bit like those full body tattoo…
  • Thanks Chief. The funny thing is that before watching that vide, if asked where I looked, I would’ve said on the floor about 4-5” in front. It turns out my eyes are all over the place 😁. I guess there’s a bit to think about. But that’s really helpful thanks. I was all set to try and go deeper! I shall go and work on those…
  • Hi Chieflrg, First up, thanks very much for the offer to review form. It’s generous of you. Please could comment on my squat? I’m a beginner. I’ve squated with a barbell for four weeks, since the gyms opened in the UK. This video is the first and only time I’ve filmed myself. I’m aiming for the Starting Strength style.…
  • Daily. Then I pay attention to my weekly average. More data and a more stable trend
  • To put in a positive case for callipers... I have found my measurements to be quite consistent. In statistical terms, the variance of the measurement error is low. For example, I got a remarkably consistent lean body mass when on a recent cut. There may be a significant bias to my estimate but I’m not too concerned about…
  • Ive been using the JP 3-point. My measurements are Chest 9, Abdominal 18, Thigh 12. I’m 41 and 196lbs. My waist around naval is 34.5”. I get 13.5%. Your body fat calculated with JP3 is surprising. Based on your numbers I’d imagine the 21% is closer to the mark. You’ve made me wonder how accurate my own calculation is, to…
  • I got the one for you. I’m just starting out on an attempted “lean bulk” aiming for a steady 10% calorie surplus, obviously with a progressive strength training program. It was my 10 year anniversary on Saturday and I had what you might call a “cheat day”. Three course lunch at a fancy restaurant, followed by drinks and…
  • You may find this concept useful. Knower vs Learner.
  • I suspect it’s because these forums are largely for posting questions relating to health and fitness. Usually many people will post insightful responses after gathering the right information. You’ve declared that you’re can do this singlehandedly and are providing advice with a very distinct viewpoint (not a marathon…