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  • I’m interested in what drives amateurs and hobbyists to get to really low body fat levels. I can understand the motivation of professional body builders... people whose main goal in life is their physique. I view Martin Strebl as freakish and fascinating, like a human art installation. A bit like those full body tattoo…
  • Thanks Chief. The funny thing is that before watching that vide, if asked where I looked, I would’ve said on the floor about 4-5” in front. It turns out my eyes are all over the place 😁. I guess there’s a bit to think about. But that’s really helpful thanks. I was all set to try and go deeper! I shall go and work on those…
  • Hi Chieflrg, First up, thanks very much for the offer to review form. It’s generous of you. Please could comment on my squat? I’m a beginner. I’ve squated with a barbell for four weeks, since the gyms opened in the UK. This video is the first and only time I’ve filmed myself. I’m aiming for the Starting Strength style.…
  • Daily. Then I pay attention to my weekly average. More data and a more stable trend
  • To put in a positive case for callipers... I have found my measurements to be quite consistent. In statistical terms, the variance of the measurement error is low. For example, I got a remarkably consistent lean body mass when on a recent cut. There may be a significant bias to my estimate but I’m not too concerned about…
  • Ive been using the JP 3-point. My measurements are Chest 9, Abdominal 18, Thigh 12. I’m 41 and 196lbs. My waist around naval is 34.5”. I get 13.5%. Your body fat calculated with JP3 is surprising. Based on your numbers I’d imagine the 21% is closer to the mark. You’ve made me wonder how accurate my own calculation is, to…
  • I got the one for you. I’m just starting out on an attempted “lean bulk” aiming for a steady 10% calorie surplus, obviously with a progressive strength training program. It was my 10 year anniversary on Saturday and I had what you might call a “cheat day”. Three course lunch at a fancy restaurant, followed by drinks and…
  • You may find this concept useful. Knower vs Learner.
  • I suspect it’s because these forums are largely for posting questions relating to health and fitness. Usually many people will post insightful responses after gathering the right information. You’ve declared that you’re can do this singlehandedly and are providing advice with a very distinct viewpoint (not a marathon…
  • To give this lady the benefit of the doubt... She’s saying, I think, that cardio burns more than weight lifting during the exercise session but the added benefit of weight training, with potential gains in muscle mass, the weight training results in a bigger “lifetime” calorie loss? It’s an interesting idea... is it…
  • My sense is that if you’re a relative beginner (I’d consider myself one) then you can. I’ve definitely gotten stronger while in deficit and muscle definition improved, although the latter could be lower body fat of course.
  • Hello. I liked this article. Bret Contreras seems pretty balanced in his views on the subject. My wife liked his book Strong Curves. Dave
  • I don’t use the term myself, but I frequently find that social situations aren’t compatible with my eating plans. A couple of recent examples. We had a virtual cheese tasting night last night. With all the cheese and wine, I was 300 calories over my target and my macros were way off. I went for beers at a friend’s…
  • I’ve been down a couple of times this week. Yes, great to be lifting some decent weights. I’m going to properly follow a program now. Let’s hope they stay open!
  • It always surprises me that beer is never mentioned in threads like these. Surely not everyone is teetotal. Beer really messes up my deficits. Especially with beer snacks too.
  • What do people think about Bigger Leaner Stronger as a starting program? That’s what I’m doing
  • Thanks Haybales, that’s appreciated. I’m struck by how difficult it is to assess differences in training plans because there are so many variables and confounding factors. The water weight or muscle thing is a good example. I haven’t read the main article yet but I will. This chart stuck out to me, which the blog said was…
  • Interested. Could you link?
  • Obviously the OP seems a little spammy to me, but... I’m a newbie impatiently waiting for the gyms to open tomorrow. I’ve never squatted seriously, just at home with a 40kg barbell. I’d be confident I could squat 60kg and that’s probably where I’d expect to start on my first session, later this week hopefully. I feel…
  • This article is interesting. The research is surprisingly consistent that more is more, but not very much more. I’ll bet I get a few dislikes though. My own view is there are plenty of people on these forums willing to put in 3x the effort for that extra 10-20%. 😉😃…
  • Fair enough Ann. You’re quite right. Having Googled it (which I should’ve done before posting) I realise that it’s more than a little dodgy. He gives the impression he converted to vegan to aid his recovery from an injury but it seems he turned vegan before then. The science seemed flaky all along (who thinks athletes eat…
  • Hi Chief, Which would you recommend? I’m following Bigger Leaner Stronger (this first program I picked up).
  • Hello, Just to note that your macros appear lower in protein and higher in fat than the recommended 40/40/20 (carbs/protein/fat) that I’ve seen. I’m sure there are many recommended ways but I’m on 248g of protein and 58g fat for a roughly 20% deficit (at 2500 calories). Touch wood, but I’m reasonably happy that I’m losing…
  • It progresses to this, although I’d be a bit wary doing power cleans without coaching.
  • My vote would be for Rippletoe’s Starting Strength barbell program. Big compound lifts and not too many exercises.
  • Nice one Matt. So... perhaps you can help me out. I’ve tried to work what “*kitten*” means and am puzzled and intrigued. Is it just a substitute for an expletive?
  • Congratulations on your progress. That’s a phenomenal effort. My wife has some lose skin and it can create the impression she’s carrying more fat than she is. Your case seems borderline to me, although I’m new to this. I guess the key thing to have in mind that you can’t gain weight without gaining fat, so if you have in…
  • Lots of disagrees on this one. I was quite impressed. It pretty much nailed my TDEE. How come it’s controversial?
  • Comment inspired by Starting Strength, which I’ve recently read. Whole milk contains nearly 400 calories per pint, with a decent blend of macros and nutrients. Two pints a day and I’d guess you’ll see progress.