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  • craftymommy
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    Yesterday's workout. Made the mistake of just rolling out of bed and working out. No breakfast. No warming up. Had an appt I had to get to in the morning so I just tried to get the workout over with first thing. Everything was heavy, and not in that good way.

    Squats: 5x3 @ 115#
    OHP: 5x3 @ 65#
    Deadlifts: 0 @ 165# (couldn't even sort of get it off the ground, not even a little)

    Aside from that horrific workout, now that I'm counting calories again the scale is slowly starting to move in the direction I want.
  • Llamapants86
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    Squat 5 day
    130 lbs x 5, 140 lbs x 5, 150 lbs x 5
    5x8 at 95 lbs
    Felt pretty good, I am thinking about trying to find something more glute focused to add to my accessories now that the squat volume isn't killing me
  • coltsgirl311
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    Workout A for me this morning.

    Squats, 5x5@75 lbs. I repeated here because of the major DOMS I had from Tuesday still lingering. I will go up to 80 lbs next week.

    Bench, 5x5@55 lbs. Deload due to my 2 week break. The app wanted me to go down to 50 lbs, but I thought 55 would be easy. Wrong! It wasn't super hard, but definitely not easy. I might repeat here next time, we'll see how 60 lbs goes.

    Rows, 5x5@55 lbs. These felt quite easy. I did 3x10 RDLs with this loaded bar after the rows, and these felt good too.

    Finished up with 25 minutes on the elliptical.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Early day lifting for me. I have work now on Thursdays instead of having it off so this should be interesting since currently Thursday is freight day. I managed to get up and to the gym before 10 am, though had to spend a little time warming up before lifting since I didn't have the 6-8 hour work shift beforehand. Made it into stage 7 and I'm tentative to say this but to bad so far. I dropped down the weights cause anything above 10 reps is crazy, which helped me make it through the reps and very short rests. For the first time, I actually timed my rests with the timer instead of just glancing at the gym clocks on occasion. My arms are the only thing feeling it so far. They got tired the most during the lifts, so naturally I did a couple shoulder/arm accessories at the end. lol We will see how freight lifting goes tonight followed by how I feel tomorrow.

    NROLFW Stage 7 - Workout 1

    barbell squat 2x6 @ 135 - not bad, I might do the 8 reps next time

    static lunge 4x16 @ 20 db - okay ish, used step from aerobic classroom (8 per leg)
    push up 4x15 using bench - wasn't going to try on ground with 15 reps, struggled at the end
    barbell romanian deadlift 4x15 @ 60 - fine on legs and such, arms got tired at the end
    db bent over row 4x15 @ 20 - okay, just the lift in general gets tiring past ten reps

    db overhead press 3x8 @ 15 - okay
    db one arm bicep curl 3x8 @ 15 - figured since i had them for OHP would curl too

    db shrug 3x10 @ 30 - felt heavy but managed okay

    Now I'm going to finish eating lunch as I stopped and got a spicy chicken sandwich, then it's shower and get ready for work. Fun times. I didn't eat before lifting, though I had a trail bar right after cause hungry. I am a little hungry at night after lifting too but nice thing about hunger after morning lifting is I have all day and all my calories left still compared to after midnight and minimal calories remaining. Nice to mix things up a little.
  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    Workout B:

    SQ: 85
    OHP: 50
    DL: 105 (3 sets)

    Lat pulldown: 77.5 (3x5)
    Bent knee bench dip (feet on floor) : (3x5)
    Flies (Standing, arms raising to shoulder height on the side): 12.5 (3x5)

    I'm new to SL 5x5, but not really new to lifting. I've had about a year off, due to some tendon problems that have since resolved... So, here we go! Glad to find this group!
  • canadianlbs
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    Glad to find this group!

    nice to see you here :)

    i'm just kind of in a tailspin atm, and also back to a 1200 net calorie limit because the denial wore off and i'm really tired of these extra ten/fifteen pounds that have crept up on me since the winter. i have no idea how i even did it last year, eating 1200 and doing all that biking and lifting as well. not happening that way this year.

    anyway. still in there swinging, kinda . . . however half-assedly. i did 2/3rds of workout a today at a heavy deload. i did squats at 55lb and rows at 50 and skipped the bench press since a whole junior-high homeroom's worth of boys was taking turns doing that. i am actually happy about squatting so light. the mess that my squats are in is just driving me nuts and i'm still troubleshooting. today i tried going in and just attacking the whole thing in a state of completely pissed-off, especially with every muscle i've got between armpits and knees. it seemed to work pretty well, but you never know.

    other thing i did was my treadmill routine. not the full 12 cycles because muscle/joint stuff. but i did do about half of that, so that's good. if i hadn't been having a bad-joints day i would definitely see the appeal.

  • Llamapants86
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    @canadianlbs 1200 kcal sounds... less than ideal. Good luck with it.
    @ElizabethKalmbach welcome to the group!

    Today was bench 5 day and I have started adding in a 5/3/1 of power cleans on this day. Of course the day I have a longer workout is the day that I sleep in and have to rush.

    Bench 70 lbs x 5, 85 lbs x 5, 95 lbs x 5
    Power clean same weights/reps

    Superset 5x8 Bench 75 lbs, Power clean 75 lbs
    Failed and roll of shamed the last rep of the last set of bench. Blaming the fact that I was really rushed and taking very little rest time on that.

    Now I am going to slog through the rest of my day, try to get a run in before it hits 30+.
  • andylllI
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    Squats 3x5 95. I'm getting an unpleasant feeling in my hop flexors and tail tuck/ ant pelvic tilt at full depth so not adding
    Bench 3x5 80. Based on my plates at home next jump up would be 95. I think I'll have to stay here until i can get a lot more reps or do sets of singles haha! Or buy more small plates? I have a set of 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45s. Don't want to spend more money tho.
    Row 3x6 55 Dumbbells because someone wanted the barbell cough cough. Husband.
    Pull ups - 2x4 strict BW!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo proud of myself...heavy singles with added weight doubled my rep count in 1 week! Not that my rep count is that impressive. Hubs did same strategy and went from 8 to 15 easy reps. We do strict - no kipping full ROM

    Loving the basement gym. But had to stop halfway for laundry because my son had an accident in bed. That doesn't happen at the gym.
  • canadianlbs
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    @canadianlbs 1200 kcal sounds... less than ideal.

    oh, believe me. it's not happening. it's just what mfp in its lunacy imagines i ought to be eating if i expect to lose weight. i could bump it upwards by changing some setting or other, but i'm too feeble from hunger to go looking for it <-- hyperbole. also feeling a little goofy.

  • psych101
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    Lifted last night. Did not want to but got it done!!

    Squat 5x5x150lbs
    Bench 5x5x95lbs
    Row 5x5x100lbs

    Superset of bis, tris and abs
  • cherisseb96
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    Had a good week....lifted twice and ended up spending the day away from home so I may lift today to make up
    Squat - 5x5 110# , 5x5 115# my form is really starting to come in for squats ie where I like my feet, how I initiate it and even my breathing is getting better...thank you to the person you told me about their breathing pattern. What I do is try to empty my lungs then take a huge deep breath, with this I no longer get light headed.
    Bench - 5x5 85# -slight struggle here but nothing major
    OHP - 5x5 75# - legit hit some grinders here so idk how I'll survive next time I do this lift.
    Rows - 5x5 90# - it's funny cuz 85 felt so easy, some how 90 felt way heavier in the first set, I almost drop the weight. So I told myself "stop being such a baby and lift ". The weight flew up for the next 4 sets
    Deadlift- 1x5 155# I could move up but I'm going to stay here and improve my form, it's heavy enough that it's challenging but I know I can lift the weight.

    In all and all it was a good week. The squat weight is starting to truly feel heavy but my breaks are still short and speed is there so I'll keep moving up. However I'm quickly starting to outgrow my home weights so I'm thinking about getting a gym membership.
  • craftymommy
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    Yesterday's workout was much better than the last. Rows are getting heavy enough that I'm feeling my form start to slip. I'm noticing that except for OHP, all my lifts feel too heavy much sooner than when I was doing SL a year ago. Though I'm also 60# smaller than last year, and I wonder if that's what it is. It's a little frustrating because I thought it would be a similar experience as before.

    Squats: 5x5 @ 115#
    BP: 5x5 @ 75#
    Rows: 5x3 @ 85#
  • canadianlbs
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    oh man, tired. workout b.

    squat 65, ohp 50, deadlift (does math in head) 115. i truly didn't think i was going to make the ohp even when i was trying my warmups with just the bar. but there are a couple of things i discovered that made a dramatic difference, and i'd type them out now except i'm yawning too much. anyway, 50 easily do-able when i kept them in mind.

    the deadlifts were better than i'd been hoping for. heavier. trying really really extremely hard to just stahpfergoshsakes when my squats are at parallel, since i don't actually need to go anywhere lower than that and definitely shouldn't if i can't keep my pelvis/spine locked at a solid angle. which i sort of kind of apparently can't atm.

    and also treadmill. 60/60 innavals. i think maybe 4@4mph, 4@around 5, and the last at-least 4@at-least 6. during the cooldown part i waited for my hr to come all the way down and then i threw in three extra shots of actual flat-out running, for around 30secs each.

    the weird thing and sign that this is probably having a real effect: i actually WANTED to do those last 'real' ones.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Late night. Didn't get done with work until after 10:30 pm then helped coworkers so she could leave her car for her husband, who had to work later than usual.Didn't get to the gym until about 11pm. I skipped doing any accessories and the timed rests do help keep things going. 2 down and 4 more to go. Though if I can't pick a new program I may have to do 12 instead of 6.

    NROLFW Stage 7 - Workout 2

    barbell incline bench press 2x8 @ 65 - awkward but okay

    seated row 2x8 @ 80 - challenging and I did separate from bench cause didn't want to go between the two

    db squat heel on plate 4x15 @ 20 - odd but manageable
    db should press 4x15 @ 15 - not hard but the reps make it challenging by the end
    step-up 2x16 @ 20 - short step and did 8 per leg
    underhand lat pull down 2x15 @ 50 and 2x15 @ 60 - I tried 40 but too light so did 50 then tried 60, 60 seemed a good one

    That is all. Now it's late and hot still. We will see if I can coax myself up in the morning to jog if I promise a nap and iced coffee before work.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Cardio Day

    It rained this morning so it wasn't unbearable outside, which made it a lot easier though I was still tired this morning. Doesn't help the cat likes to wake me up before 6 am when he wants food. Jogged for 35 minutes.
  • krokador
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    You girls have been killing it while I was gone! Wowza!

    I have been tweaking stuff left and right during my trip. 2 whole days of being cramped in the car/airport/plane + cuddling DOMS (which are totally a thing when you're not used to it xD), pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder, wonky knee, hamstring cramps. The heat was also out of this world (90+ degrees on most days, AC did not keep up). So I basically did some mobility work and that was it. We did go camping and did a 2ish mile hike and swam a bit in the lake, too. But no gymming and no structured workout.

    I was glad to get back to it today, even tho I'm still wonky. Looked a lil like this:

    Squat 115x8, 125x8, 135x8, 145x8

    Bench 95x8, 105x7, 110x5 (left elbow is flaring up again. Need to get that shoulder sorted out :/)

    Bent-over rows 75x10, 80x10, 85x10

    DB shoulder press 25x10, 27.5x10, 27.5x8

    Romanian deadlift 135x12, 145x12
    super set with DB front rack walking lunges 15x12 and 20x10

    Barbell curl 45x12, 45x10
    superset with Db lateral raise 12x2x12

    and I finished up with alternating curls 12x12

    I expect to be super sore tomorrow. I felt so sluggish throughout the whole thing. Need more sleep and recovery. So I'll wait a bit before I get back to my regular programming.
  • craftymommy
    craftymommy Posts: 57 Member
    Felt strong but off today, like I couldn't tighten my core correctly no matter how I tried.

    Squats: 5x3 @ 120#
    OHP: 5x3 @ 65#
    Deadlifts: 1!! @ 165# Was happy I got one full one up considering I got none last time. Got the second off the ground but not all the way up.

  • Llamapants86
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    Deadlift 3 day today
    160 lbs x 3, 180 lbs x 3, 205 lbs x 3.
    5x8 140 lbs sumo and 25 lbs goblet squats.
    180 lbs felt awesome so I figured 205 would be pretty good. Lol, I picked up the bar and was foolishly surprised that 205 lbs was heavy... got all my reps but just barely.
  • dcresider
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    I must have tweeked my neck on Friday because I could barely move my neck or my right shoulder without a twinge. My plan is to have 2 SL workouts this week since my gym is closed on Friday and Saturday for the holiday weekend and the rest will be cardio related, i.e HIIT class today, SL on Tues, Wed: HIIT, Thurs: SL.
  • Pickles175
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    Hope you don't mind if I join in!

    Workout A

    Squats 5x5: 72.5lbs
    BP 5x5: 50lbs
    BR 5x5: 50lbs

    Just started doing accessory lifts too.

    Skullcrushers 2x8: 20lbs
    Pull Ups: 2x8 1x7