Workout check-in - Juknow you got this!



  • indianarose2
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    Welcome Pickles!

    Had to take a week off (again) only a slight deload on my squat mainly because I was in a rush and didn't have time for 3 mins between each set...

    Squat 95
    Ohp 45
    DL 115

    Have an awesome week everyone!!
  • psych101
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    You ladies are killin' it!! whoop whoop!!

    My nana passed away on Sunday so last night's lift was dedicated to her!

    Squat 5x5x155lbs
    OHP 5,4,4,5,3 x 80lbs
    Deadlift 1x5x190lbs then 1x3x230lbs AND THEN......1x245lbs!!!!!! I honestly burst into tears when I pulled that!! what a feeling!

    Superset 3x5
    Bulgarian split squat
    front squat
    hip thrust
    Romanian deadlift
    crouched step ups
  • MissHolidayGolightly
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    Squat 105 5x5
    Bench 75 5x5
    Row 75 5x5
    Assisted dips -28 3x5
    Run 15 minutes because it's beautiful out and I downloaded new songs last night.

    Progress is flatlining because I haven't been able to hold down a gym routine with traveling. Just happy I'm getting my workouts in when I can and feeling good.
  • mirrim52
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    I am sorry for your loss psych101 :(

    My work outs have been slim recently. I had a derby road trip this past weekend though, so got some cardio in at least. We killed it, and I even got to jam for the first time in a B team game, which was one of my goals for 2015 :) I got 19 points for my team and drew sooo many penalties on the other team. The advantage to being small is I have very small legal target zones.

    Anyhow, back to lifting tomorrow, practice was tonight. Hopefully I won't be so sore after tomorrow as I was last week.
  • canadianlbs
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    psych101 wrote: »
    AND THEN......1x245lbs!!!!!! I honestly burst into tears when I pulled that!! what a feeling!

    you picked a really good workout to honour your nana with then. congratulations . . . and sorry about her loss.

    i did workout a minus the bench press - the bench was hip-deep in little junior-high kids again. and it is SO HOT where i am right now, the air conditioning just couldn't even once the sun got to the angle that was hitting all of that glass. we all like to teh died and i wasn't going to stay in there a moment longer than i actually had to. still working on closing my bench/row gap anyway, so it's all good.

    anyway. squats 70, bench nothing, rows 70. the big i'm-so-happy news is the squats. i MAY have worked out what the problem was and fixed it somehow, because i pretty much powered through these without even a squeak from my back. it felt so good to have my old familiar form pattern back and feel my old familiar hamstrings coming back online and getting back in the game. i don't even know how to say.

    prime suspect in what the problem was? left-ankle dorsiflexion. i spent a good part of yesterday massaging hell out of everything south of that knee, and i know for a fact this has been the first time in months i've been able to squat with my feet parallel and have it feel natural on that side. and biggest moving-forward tip to myself: big breath and reset the entire core after EVERY rep. at least until i get back to comfort with my own breathing patterns.

    i guess what feels good, more than anything else, is finding out/rediscovering that for most of the past couple of months i DID know how to squat. i was really starting to second-guess that. i feel great.

    also: hi @Pickles. and yay to @mirrim52
  • xcalygrl
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    Finally got back to it. I took last week off to recover from my endurance events over Father's Day weekend. Then I got a bit of a cold, so I took the weekend off too. But I hit the gym yesterday.

    Workout A
    Squats 5x5 at 160#. I dropped down to 160 since I hadn't lifted in quite a few days and was getting over being sick. They felt awesome!
    Bench 1x4 at 120#, then 5/5/5/4 at 115#. Heavy, oh so very heavy. Le sigh. I'll stick at 115 again for a bit.
    Row 5x5 at 95#. Felt good enough.

    Superset 1: Curls into Arnold presses 35#, 5x12. And leg press 5x8 at 270#.
    Superset 2: Cable rows 3x12 at 70# and pushups 3x5.

    And in sad news: my gym location is closing :disappointed: The two locations they are shuffling us to aren't close to me. They kind of are, but both are 20 mins out of my way. I LOVED my location because it was like 10 mins from home AND it was on my route home (regardless of which route I took home). So now I'm either looking for a new gym or buying all ze things for a home gym. Ugh!
  • Llamapants86
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    Ohp 3 day
    55 lbs x 3, 65 lbs x 3, 75 lbs x 4
    5x8 50 lbs ohp and assisted pullups
    Felt good I think I'm making progress on getting an unassisted pullup
  • DawnEmbers
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    Morning cardio: jogged for 28 minutes. Short jog is only 2 miles the whole training so that won't be bad. Though any time after 8 am is too hot, but I had to charge my iPod this morning. Next time I will try to go before 8. Now to relax and write some before work tonight followed by workout 3 of stage 7.
  • dcresider
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    Hi all. The strength HIIT class I took yesterday just about killed me today: I'm so sore everywhere and I haven't felt sore in a long time. That's a good thing except that I had to deload big time just because I was afraid I couldn't lift anything back up. Hah!! This week might be a good week to change up the usual routine, plus my neck/shoulders are still bothering me.

    Here are my stats for the day:

    Squats: 5x5x 145 lbs. - did a 10 lb. deload because I was that sore and the bar bothered my neck.

    OH Press: 5x5x 50 lbs. - decided to go down 5 lbs. because of my neck and shoulder although this exercise didn't bother it that much.

    Deadlift: 5x5x 145 lbs. - since i"m on the petite side, my gym instructor told me to stand on a riser so that I can get a better stretch. Wow! It's so much harder. I may
  • psych101
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    Squat 5x5x155lbs
    Bench 5,5,5,4,5 x95lbs
    Row 5x5x105lbs

    Superset 5x5 of
    Lat pull downs
    Single arm row
    Overhead thrust things
    Single are press
    Arnold press
    Jackknife into press up
  • DawnEmbers
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    Went to the gym after work and it went pretty well despite me having a headache for several hours. But I get to sleep in tomorrow as it's rest day and late work shift. Made it through the sets and even managed to do 20 reps on a couple of them. Though I'm finding deadlifts a tad frustrating cause they feel so heavy even at 165 but my max was 200 on Stronglifts. Granted I weigh around 30 lbs less than when I made it up to 200 but still, I hope to work on getting up to 225 this summer. Will need to work on them more now that I'm almost done with NROLFW.

    NROLFW Stage 7 - Workout 3

    warmup with low bar squats 3x5 @ 115 - not bad but feel tad heavy

    deadlift 2x6 @ 165 - managed but felt heavy

    static lunge 4x20 @ 20 - 10 per leg and it was challenging. My hip bugged me a little at work today too so that didn't help during them.
    pushups 4x15 - used the bench still and have to pause during the sets on occasion
    romanian deadlift 4x20 @ 60 - not bad but tiring at 20 reps
    db bent over row 4x15 @ 20 - eh, not great at this one

    leg press 3x8 @ 180 - okay but heavy
    good morning 3x10 @ 60 - not bad but awkward as power cage is a tad too high when I need to put bar back
    hip thrust 3x10 @ 60 - tough and awkward but made it through

    3 done and 3 more to go in Stage 7. I liked the program but I'm also looking forward to moving onward.
  • Anniel88
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    Squats: 110 lbs. I am going to stay here and work on my mobility. I feel like I am not going deep enough smoothly.
    Bench:65 lbs. Felt hard but good. Will stay here again because I still don't have fractional plates.
    Rows:75 lbs

    Assisted dips and step ups.

    I am starting to add in some lunges and step ups. I'd really like to start adding hip thrusts to work on my glute issues with squats but I feel so uncomfortable about trying it at the gym. I already feel like guys purposely use the machine behind the squat rack when doing squats lol. I am going to try doing it on weekends just to get the feel for it when the gym isn't crowded. In the mean time I am adding bodyweight hip thrusts and trying to hold the paleolithic chair. I also finally ordered a foam roller. Too much time in front of a computer for work!

  • Pickles175
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    Workout B

    Squats 5x5: 75lbs
    OHP 4x5 1x3 : 45lbs (first time failing at a lift but knew OHP would be the one!)
    DL 1x5: 85lbs

    Started Accessory lifts

    Close Grip Bench Press 3x5: 35lbs
    Bicep Curls 2x8: 20lbs
  • DawnEmbers
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    @Anniel88 - The hip thrust is rather awkward. I have only seen someone else do it once and they did it middle of day with a crowded gym, had to give kudos. I do it as my last accessory at night, so it's usually after midnight and there aren't many around at all. But I haven't gotten the courage to use the regular bar, just pre-loaded ones, due to location.
  • canadianlbs
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    i tried the morning workout thing today again - i guess school's out or something because the gym has been effing mobbed in the evenings. even at 7 am, it was too late to work. all i really got done was squats, and i didn't get them done at all well. 75lb, but they sucked in several multiple ways. i'm probably going to pretend today just didn't happen and try for the full workout tomorrow instead of waiting for one extra day.

    still, it's got me thinking i'll aim for 6 am instead of just resigning myself to the evening rush. if i'm there as they're cracking the doors it has to go better that how it went today.
  • coltsgirl311
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    Forgot to post my last June workout...

    June 30th, Workout B

    Squats, 5x5@80 lbs. Still working my way back up, but these felt good.
    OHP, 5x5@50 lbs. Not easy, but got them all done with good form.
    Deadlift, 1x5@85 lbs. Still going up 5 lbs at a time instead of 10.

    Good mornings, 3x10@50 lbs, lunges, and calf raises for accessory work.
    Finished up with 35 minutes on the elliptical.