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  • craftymommy
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    this past week's workouts:

    squats: 5x5 @105#
    OHP: 5 sets of 4 @ 60#
    deadlifts: 1x4 @ 155#

    squats: 5 sets of 3 @ 110#
    BP: 5x5 @65#
    rows: 5x5 @80#

    squats: 5 sets of 4 @ 110#
    OHP: 5x5 @ 60# (been doing this weight over and over and finally felt great, moving on to 65# next time)
    deadlifts: 1x5 @ 155#

    Starting a new job next week, so will adjust my workout schedule this week to what it will be due to having different hours. Will be T/Th/S instead of Th/S/M, so not too different and I had already started working out at night because of the heat.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Okay but busy day at work. Went to gym afterwards though I hadn't gotten to eat much during my lunch break so wasn't as fueled as I had intended. Didn't do squat warm ups because the rack and cage were taken but instead I did a couple warmups with the first lift. I sort of skipped over that part of the book. Oops. No wonder 35 felt so heavy when I just went right away and started doing my sets last time. Tried to do some increases though didn't get to on all of them.

    NROLFW Stage 5 - A4

    db one arm snatch 1x2(left), 1x3(right) @ 40 then 3x4 @ 35 - Yeah, tried but failed on the 40 so went to 35 again.

    db one leg romanian deadlift 4x4 @ 35 - tough but made it through
    barbell bent over row 4x4 @ 80 - kept the same weight as still heavy

    db one arm overhead squat 4x4 @15/30 - slight increase
    db incline press 4x4 @ 30 - also an increase

    reverse woodchop 4x4 @ 50 - same machine as last time

    seated row 3x5 @ 80 - hadn't done these since stage 1 so tried and got a tad heavier than what I ended with in that stage.

    barbell incline bench press 3x8 @ 45(bar) - thought I'd try it with just the bar since Stage 7 has this one and I'd never done it before. Had to adjust seat and still struggle with getting the bar from the rack. It's a little too high and back for me, but we'll see how it goes on Thursday.

    Now to get some sleep. Going to try and jog near apartment before it gets too hot.
  • DawnEmbers
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    New Schedule

    Didn't want to get out of bed this morning when it was almost time for alarm to go off, stomach wasn't too happy. So, I slept in a little longer than planned, then spent time on the couch with the cat. Not overly hot yet so managed to get jog in near apartment instead of driving all the way to the park. I had to go up and down various streets just to keep jogging long enough. Sunday is the medium length days so I did 35 minutes but struggled to keep going over half way through.

    Now to do stuff before I have to get ready for work.
  • katro111
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    Lifted yesterday. Planned on Saturday, but I took a 3 hour nap instead lol. I'm happy with that decision, though. :)

    Squats: 3x5, 1x6, 1x7 @ 165lbs - that was supposed to be 7x5, but I felt like changing it up a little bit.

    Deadlifts: 3x3, 1x4, 1x5 @ 175lbs - also suppose to be 7x5, but I ran out of energy after squats lol

    I am moving in slow-motion this morning. I woke up at my normal 5am, fed the dog & cat, then went back to sleep for 30 minutes. When the alarm went off, I snoozed it for another 30 minutes. I want more sleep, but now that I'm awake, I also want all the foodz! I'm blaming you, deadlifts. Just have to make it through this work week, then I'm off all next week.

    I'm also going to change my calories. I've noticed that the past several weeks I'm forcing myself to meet my calorie goal Monday thru Thursday but over-indulging Friday, Saturday & Sunday so I'm going to cut my goal down Monday thru Thursday and re-distribute those calories to the weekend so I'm still hitting my weekly goal. We'll see how that goes. I'm just tired of feeling over-stuffed during the week and ravenous on the weekends.
  • xcalygrl
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    Can't remember when I last checked in.

    Thursday: rest day with a massage.
    Friday night: start of an endurance event that ran for 12.5 hours.
    Saturday: finished the endurance event from Friday, took a 4.5 hour break, then did a 6 hour endurance event.
    Sunday: SLEEP
  • Llamapants86
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    Last week was deload week, so nothing interesting to report on that. Did 11.14k yesterday and finished off my goal for 200k in the SISM thing.
    Today was 5 day for Deadlifts
    145 lbs x 5, 170 lbs x 5, 190 lbs x 5 grip failed when I went for #6.
    5x8 140 lbs sumo and 25 lbs goblet squats for accessories
    I did not get enough sleep I am tired and cranky and my workout could have been much better. There is not enough coffee in the world to get me through today. I think I will sneak off to my old office to have a power nap soon and just work through my lunch (skipping a run :astonished: )
  • psych101
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    @xcalygrl I'm not sure if you're crazy or committed haha great going on the endurance events!

    Lifted last night

    Squat 5x5x145lbs - felt good so moving up now
    Bench 5x5x90lbs - bit grindy towards the end but felt strong
    Row 5x5x100lbs - am loving rows at the moment! not sure why but these were awesome!! moving up

    Leg/booty death 5x5 superset
    Bulgarian Split squat with 35lb dumbbells (ouch)
    Front squat x 70lbs
    Hip Thrust x 120lbs
    Romanian Deadlift 120lbs
    Crouched down step ups to bench height

    Dead....honestly had to lie in childs pose for some time to avoid vomiting hahahaa I'm not sure why I set these insane supersets for myself, but I like to push myself to see how much I can do lol

    SOOOOOOOO hungry today though!!

  • canadianlbs
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    i have totally lost any squat form that i ever had . . . and i must have had some, or my back wouldn't have put up with a year of lifting. which means in practical terms that i just don't feel like lifting today. i wandered around and waved a few dumbbells in the air, and then went and did some treadmill intervals. 1 minute walk, 1 minute run for 12 cycles, working up a little past 6 mph for the final three sets or so.

    i can feel this coming on as an Interest. i know there's a million 'turn yourself into a runner' sites and programmes out there, but i've got no serious ambitions or plans so i'd rather just tinker around playing games with my own. so far i'm mostly intrigued by two variables: getting the heart rate back down below [arbitrarily chosen threshold] within that one-minute limit on the 'down' parts; and nudging the gap wider with each 'up' part by adding another .1 mph every time. and/or both of those things together. how hard can i run for 1 minute and still be able to get my heart rate back to a certain level before it's time to run that hard again?

    it's kind of fun. and i'm finding that actually, i run more comfortably in the purely-physical sense at the higher speeds than i do when it's so slow that i have to jog.
  • Llamapants86
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    OHP 5 day
    55 lbs x 5, 65 lbs x 5 70 lbs x 5; tried for 6 and got half way up and no more
    5x8 OHP 50 lbs, assisted pull ups

    Nothing super interesting on this one.
  • dcresider
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    I can't believe that I'm actually sticking with this SL program. I usually get really bored easily but for some reason this works for me although I'm still waiting to see results. Granted, It's only been only 3 month (14 weeks) so I'll keep on moving forward.

    Here are yesterday's (Monday) workout:

    Squats: 5x5@ 145 lbs. The first rep was hard that I didn't think I could get back up, but I did and finished all my sets.

    Bench: 5x5@90 lbs. These were good with the 90 lbs.

    Row: 5x5 @ 95 lbs. Stayed the same on these and may go up next time. They felt pretty easy.
  • coltsgirl311
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    Holy cow, I have been off of lifting for way too long! Unless you count all the billet sample picking up/moving as lifting (and I do! :smiley: )

    I was on vacation and then so busy with work and family obligations that I haven't been to the gym in almost 3 weeks, yikes! I ended up with a 20% deload because of this, so my weights are much lower than they have been.

    Workout B:

    Squats: 5x5@75 lbs. Easy peasy, but I didn't want to push myself too much this first day back.

    OHP: 6x5@45 lbs. I ended up with an extra set because my app crashed and I couldn't remember how many I had done, but I'm ok with that, this weight was fairly easy today.

    Deadlift, 2x5@80 lbs. Again this felt pretty easy so I added a set just for fun.

    I did some calf raises and lunges for accessory work, and then 15 minutes on the elliptical before heading in to another crazy day at work. Taking a small break to write this update, and now am getting back to it! I hope you all are having a lovely day!
  • DawnEmbers
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    Tuesday's are going to be interesting on my new schedule. Morning is cardio but the short run that actually stays the same length the whole 10k program. Supposed to be 2 miles but I just did the 30 minutes since that is what my playlist had even though it's a little over 2 miles for me. Might drop a short song and make it closer for next time. Managed to go before 9 am as the start time but it was still pretty warm this morning. Probably need to wake up at 7:30 instead of 8, blah. I don't work today but will most Tuesdays and in the evening I will go to the gym to lift. Today is last day of Stage 5.
  • craftymommy
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    Last night's workout:

    Squats: 5x5 @ 110#
    BP: 5x5 @ 70#
    Rows: 5x3 @ 85#
  • LaarainNYC
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    Stronglifts B

    Squat 5 x 5 @ 165 lbs. Finally back up to where I was three weeks ago.

    Overhead press 5 x 5 @ 47.5 lbs. Oh how I suffer

    Sumo Deadlift 1 x 5 @ 135 lbs. Still babying my lower back.

    Triceps dips 1 x 5 @ 110 lbs. Really, really want to wear a tank top this summer.

    Preacher curls 1 x 5 @ 60 lbs.
  • mirrim52
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    I have been slacking with lifting the last couple of weeks. It has been 8 days since my last session. I should have deloaded, but didn't, and kind of regretted it. I thought that just staying at the same weights instead of increasing would be ok. Wrong.

    Started with 10 negative pull ups while waiting for a rack.

    Squats - 4,5,4 at 150 lbs. This was ridiculously hard considering I have been at this weight for a couple weeks. I can really close to having to bail on the 5th rep on set two. I have never been stuck coming up for that long before. I think the only thing that saved it was that I was the only woman in the crowded weight room, and I didn't want to bail in front of all the "boys" :P Didn't push it with the last set. This is when I decided I probably should have deloaded.

    OHP - 3x5 at 55 lbs. This was fine. Have been here for a long time, so I will move up next time.

    DL - 1x5 at 170 lbs. Surprisingly good. Trying 175 next time.

    Rows - 3x5 at 70 lbs. Light day. Still hard.
    Close grip BP - 3x8 at 50 lbs.
    Barbell curl - 8,8,6 at 40 lbs. I can usually do 3x8, so this was another disappointing set.
    Cable crunch - 3x10 at 50 lbs. Tough by the end, but good.
  • DawnEmbers
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    I finished Stage 5 at last. Yay! No more YTWL ever because I refuse to do it again, lol. Glad to be done with the stage but also not sure how Thursday will go with Stage 7. It looks challenging and I have a 7.5 hour freight day work shift to do afterwards, plus long run on Friday. But first, tonight's lifting report and a nice rest day for Wednesday.

    NROLFW Stage 5 - B4

    high bar squats for warmup 3x5 @ 135 - not bad, might do this next time for the 2x6-8 reps for the first lift in the stage

    barbell romanian deadlift/bent over row 4x4 @ 85 - not bad with the regular bar and added weights but row challenging, can't wait to do rdl on its own and not on one foot either

    goblet squat 4x4 @ 50 - awkward to hold but not bad squat wise
    lat pull down 4x4 @ 80 - no improvement, should have de-loaded and worked up but oh well

    back extension 4x4 @ 35 - hard to hold the big plate but did okay

    YTWL 3x4 @ 10 - not great but made it through. I can't do the Y or T well at 10, but I'm done with it, yay

    db bent over row 3x8 @ 20 - thought I'd try it to prepare for thursday's 15-20 reps, tad awkward

    deadlift 2x6 @ 135 - okay since it's 135, didn't need mixed grip

    good morning 3x10 @ 55 - the usual here

    hip thrusts 3x10 @ 50 - awkward and shoes were slipping a little, haven't tried the regular bar yet cause seems awkward with the way the benches are set up.

    Some lifts I liked in this stage and some I won't miss at all. Now to rest in preparation for the final 6 workouts coming up (maybe 12, we will see but probably 6). I should also really start looking at other programs so I can decide what to do next. hmmm
  • Anniel88
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    Squats: 105 lbs - Felt good. Going to move up next time. Need to work on my ankle mobility a bit as I keep trying to lean forward too much into more of a good morning. I started warming up with some bodyweight squats to get into more of the rhythm and that's been helping.
    OHP: 50 lbs. I tried 55 lbs and that just wasn't going to happen so still at 50.
    Deadlift: 105 lbs - Felt awesome! Definitely moving up next time.

    Extras: Assisted Chin ups and lunges. I was going to do some accessory presses but the gym was super crowded and lots of muscle-men and it's always chest day so I had to skip it. I also want to start adding in some more booty work too.

  • katro111
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    Ok then, I think I'm going to take this week off. My shoulder blades (right between them so mid/lower trapezius??) has been sore for 2 days now. I thought it was just DOMS, but when I went to squat a few minutes ago, the pain/pressure from the loaded bar on it KILLED. No idea what I did, but I'm going to just give it until Monday.
  • dcresider
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    Happy Hump Day everyone. I can't wait until this week is over. Today's workout stats are:

    SQUATS: 5x5@ 145 lbs. Did well on these except for the first rep. I swear my quads are tight.

    OH PRESS: 5x5@ 55 lbs. I finished fine but they seem to get harder every time I do them. What's up with that?

    DEADLIFT: 1x5@ 165 lbs. It's funny how I couldn't finish this set last week and did only 1 rep. Today, I used a different grip method, one hand over-one hand under the bar. I finished the set just fine. I felt good.

    NSV of the day: 1 minute 45 second plank. YES!!

    I've changed up my macros today and doing the 40, 30 , 30 route per my gym instructor. That's a lot of protein which I have to figure out and hopefully this fat will come off of me. OF course, I'll be at eating a deficit too.
  • psych101
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    OMG @DawnEmbers I hated the YTWL as well!! Aargh! I found stage 7 to be a challenge but I loved it! Most sweat ever that stage lol

    Lifted last night

    Squat 5x5x150lbs
    OHP 5,4,3,4,5 x80lbs these were NOT pretty lol
    Deadlift 1x5x190lbs then 1x5x220lbs

    Superset 5x5
    Single arm dumbbell row
    Single arm overhead thrust thing
    Single arm dumbbell press
    Arnold press
    Swiss ball jackknife into push-up