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    Good morning everyone! My name is Jason, and am 35 years old. Writing from St. Louis, MO. I am married and have 6 (yes - six) wonderful kids. As of today, I weigh 162. Goal weight is in the 130's (I am only 5'2"). Anyone and everyone can add me if they would like. Looking to lose about 1-2 lbs per week - slow and steady. Any help and motivation would be appreciated.
  • eTrevor79
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    Hi everyone.

    I'm 36 and making my first real effort. I wanted to do something before I looked like a giant Cabbage Patch Kid. I started in December. I've had success but find it hard to maintain momentum. I now understand why the holidays are so rough, why soda is a jerk and that maybe the treadmill is not an expensive necktie storage solution.

    Looking forward to building on the support I have found here online. Good luck to us all.
  • kaitlenforro
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    I'm Kaitlen. I'm 32 and have 3 beautiful daughters ages 8, 7, and 3. Their father and I have been together for 15 years, but haven't married. I've never been an exerciser, but have found I really enjoy the time alone and the time to release of emotional baggage.

    I need motivation and support to keep going, but mostly be challenged and pushed to believe in myself. My biggest struggle is cheating with sweets and junk. Kevin is not a healthy eater at all. Temptation is everywhere and I'm home all day with my youngest.

    Also can someone please tell me how to add friends on here?!
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    I'm in my early thirties and working on the work-life balance. I My highest weight was about 200 lbs. I lost weight and gained it back gradually. Now I'm giving myself three months to lose those 30+ pounds again. I'm logging consistently and adding exercise starting this week. FEll free to add me. I need all the support I can get.
  • crucker831
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    Hello my name is Clarissa. I am 34 years old from Nashville, TN. I currently work full time and go to school full time online. I was never overweight as a child, I didn't become overweight until I was around 17 or 18. Im not sure why, I do have some self esteem issues maybe thats it. I want to lose weight now because I do not want to end up with a preventable disease like diabetes or high blood pressure like my mother. I have never been serious about going on a diet or changing my lifestyle. Im not happy with my life so Its time to get serious and make some changes. I am new to MFP and weight loss. I could really use some motivation so I joined this group. :)
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    Hey all. I'm Kathy, 33 years old and from Germany. I'm single and a crazy cat lady. I've always been overweight, chubby at first, then just gaining, gaining, gaining. My highest weight was 154kg in 2009. I then lost over 60kg before I was diagnosed with diabetes but then I slowly gained most of it back. Now I finally decided it's time to lose that weight. I'm not getting younger and I'm starting to feel some physical consequences, such as pain in my back, stomach issues, etc. I'm trying to be healthy at the same time, however, dropping bad habits is not a strength of mine, so there'll be a lot of bad food choices in my diary. For now, my goal is to stay under my calories, doing this the IIFYM way. I need to lost about 70kg to be at my goal weight but this seems so huge and overwhelming, so I'm splitting it up into mini goals (including rewards, tee hee). The first one is to lose 10kg before I go on my first cruise in April.
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    Hi everyone. I just turned 38 and would love to be in the best shape of my life by the time I turn 40. My first goal is to lose 30lbs. In my first month I lost 4lbs --slow but manageable long term. Eating around 1400-1500 calories and excercising 5 days/week. My diary is open to friends. Feel free to add me!
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    Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I live in Ohio! I have been a severe on-again/off-again person for the last three years without really committing to anything and only being sure of the fact that I wanted to be skinnier and actually like the image in the mirror. At the end of last summer I finally got tired of feeling bloated, sick, and fatigued so I started really seriously trying to be better about exercising frequently and giving up the fast food. I noticed fairly quickly that the sodium from all of the restaurant food was the culprit of both my bloat and water weight problems. I also finally started running which I avoided for so long because I knew I wasn't good at it and I had taken a pretty bad spill on a treadmill so I was afraid to get back up on one. However, I have finally started to see results from the combination of running and giving up fast food and I do still have another 15 pounds to lose but I feel so much better now and I'm trying to keep up the good work!
  • msujack
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    Hello, 37 soon to be 38 year old working in Chicago. I have been a member of MFP for years, but took it up seriously last July. Starting weight of 247, currently 221, goal of 200. I have been pretty good at monitoring my food, but don't weigh it with a scale yet. I just started back running last week, slowly.
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    Hello, I'm Caitlin from New York, just turned 30, working mom to one 6 year old and have been a MFP member for several years. I am also hypothyroid which makes losing weight impossible it seems. Would love some people around my age to help me with this and I'd love to help others as well! Looking to lose anywhere from 30 to 50 lbs! Feel free to add me, I so need help!
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    Hey everyone! Super glad to have found this group! I'm Branwen. I'm 35, 5'3", 180ishlbs, and want to lose a bunch. I've lost approx 50ish so far (well I did, I gained some) and have another 50 or so to lose. I'm not really looking to be a certain weight, but rather a certain size.
    I'm currently "training" for a half marathon that I do not want to do since I do not feel ready. My running took a bit of a back seat. All I gotta do is get out there! Now that the weather is nicer, I get run outside again. Treadmill running is literally a pain to do hehe. I did tough mudder last year and I"m signed up to do it again this year. I cannot wait to do that! I might be doing a Rugged Maniac at the end of May as well. Its like a 5k tough mudder if anyone doesn't know what it is. My true love is lifting so getting all those gains is what I'm striving for. After the half anyway.
    My motivations are a need to not want to have all this fat anymore, wearing cute clothing from "normal" stores and sections, and the amount of pain I am in that I know will lessen as I lose weight.
    I look up to Dana Linn Bailey for motivation and also Jamie Eason, Kai Greene, Rob Bailey, and a handful of other lesser known fitness people that I follow on instagram.

    I'm always looking for new peeps to help encourage, motivate, and just get to know so feel free to add me!
  • Jose2716
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    Hello everyone, I'm 37 years old 6 feet tall and weigh 590 pounds. I recently decided enough is enough and started to get serious about losing weight. My mobility isn't great so right now I'm concentrating on portion control to help to weight. I'm slowly trying to up my stamina but its a slow process. Having trouble with being patient and realzing that its going to take years to get to where I need to be. Looking for friends to help keep me motivated and on track . I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use some help so feel free to add me:)
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    My name is juan, I'm 35, 5'11' 280 lbs from buffalo , ny and tired of being overweight and out of shape. I'm a single dad of 3 girls and 1 of the 3 am about to adopt. I want to be able to show them that a healthy lifestyle is a better happier lifestyle so I joined MFP. Looking forward to the journey.
  • ImChipper
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    Hello! I'm Stephanie and I'm in my dirty thirties now. Took a look around at some of the older ladies that come into my work, saw that they use terrible methods to stay young. I suddenly realized that I wwas way too young to not enjoy life. My goal is to drop 40 pounds this year. Preferably by August or at the least December. I go to Zumba twice a week, working my way up to three, then four, etc. I also walk to and from work and am keeping my calories to 1350 at the moment. I also go with my boyfriend to the gym on weekends (or I will be this weekend)

    I started this journey last year at 192 pounds, and am now 172 :blush:

  • bigyear2016
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    Hi, I am AK...a 31 yr. old from Boston, to MFP and to the group...weigh around 374 lbs and want to get to 336 lbs by July 4th...smaller goals that is what am trying...I have tried T25 and other quick exercise regimes but want to make 2016 as my big year for both personal and professional ends...will need a lot of boost and support to remain on track and focus..hence looking for all help and support from all here....those who can, please send me a friend request...thanks.
  • AdelitaCampbell
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    Hello! 34 year old Mom of a 3 and 4 year old living in south metro Denver Colorado. I joined Lifetime Fitness 2 months ago weighing 152. My goal weight is 135. Today, I weigh 144 (down 8 lbs in 60 days). I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and do cardio and strength classes (TCX, No Limits Circuit, F.I.T., Barbell Strength, Core, Warrior Sculpt, PureBarre, Cardio Kickboxing, MMA conditioning) and I never thought I would be the person that enjoyed going to the gym but here I am, really loving it! I use a Garmin Vivofit2 and a heart monitor to track my calorie burn during workouts. It's been a huge motivation to work hard!! When I am not with my husband and kids, I am a ER RN in a Trauma 1 hospital. My main motivation is my kids. I want to be able to keep up with them! Add me (I have an open food diary).
  • lucky4leafclvr
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    New to the group. Just turned 35. I need to get healthy so I can enjoy everything this life has to offer. There are so many things that I want to do that being the size I am now I just can't. Plus we have a Disney trip planned with our nephew in October 2017. I want to be able to walk the park all day and ride all the rides without having to have a park attendant squeeze me into a seat. Yes, this has happened and yes I was mortified. I am just ready to do this for me.
    I work at a reference lab in NC in the Microbiology department and I have a great time at my job. I am lightly active there. I work 4/10 shifts so when I get home there is not a lot of time for getting in extra steps but I am working it into my daily routine. A little less sleep is not going to push me over the edge.....I think HA!
    Looking forward to the journey.
    If you are reading this and can relate send me a friend request.
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    Hello. I'm Anna, 35 years old going on 36 in a couple of months. I'm from Southern California and been a mfp user for awhile, but never really posted too much in the forums. Recently I discovered, how encouraging it is to have friends on here that motivate you and help you get through each day. As of right now I'm trying to lose about 15 lbs, with eating right and also exercising 5 times a week. Getting older makes me realize that its not as easy to lose those pounds, so I'm not trying a fad diet or trying to starve myself. I'm changing my lifestyle. I do love to eat, and am trying to eat in moderation and not give into those cravings.

    Please feel free to add me as a friend on here or if you have a fitbit, you can find me here: :)
  • juliayadda
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    Hey hey

    I am 32 working on losing 70 pounds. I have failed and rebounded on diets many many times. I am choosing to work on improving fitness, eating real food, and portion control. I am working with a personal trainer who I think is pretty awesome. I think having him to coach me through my lifestyle changes will make all the difference!

    I am informally blogging too.
    I am a massive nerd.
  • 85_Kathryn
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    I'm 30 and live in a small town in Eastern NC.
    I'm gluten free and started that journey in January of 2015. I got really sick and couldn't keep food down. I went to a few doctors and they figured out I have IBS and a very high gluten intolerance. I was working for my brother at the time as an electrician's assistant. I ate unhealthy breakfast on the way there and had Turkey sandwiches everyday for lunch. Cheap and easy.
    I had to stop working for him I couldn't eat, nor use the bathroom. I got help and was put on a crazy strict diet. I was 150lbs. And I'm now down to 136. I'm to my actual goal weight. I'm 5'3 and small framed. Learning about gluten and ibs changed my life. Being in a small town limits food I can eat so much. I still don't eat much and a lot of the times I'm just nauseous. But my goal now is eating more, changing my sleep habits, finding my confidence again and toning my stomach and legs. I want to be me again who I was out of high school. Full of energy and dare to take the world on with no fear! My fiancée and I are starting to work out at home with the kinet. He's able to work out more often than I due to my work schedule. But we will reach our goals!
    I wanted to introduce myself and my situation and ask for support and motivation of that I lack.