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  • seanc77
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    Hi! My name is Sean and I am a 38 year old guy from Wisconsin. I have a beautiful wife and 2 boys with a few extra needs. I work 2 jobs with the main one consisting of staring at 3 monitors all day long (IT) and the other one slinging newspapers to have some sort of activity in my week. Time to work out is hard to come by even though they say you need to make the time. Easier said than done most days. I started out 16 days ago at about 278.8 and I am down to about 265 just cutting out the soda/pop and overeating. Hoping when I do get activity thrown in there more frequently, things will start to take off. My goal is to get down to about 190 with no real time other than the sooner the better. There is more to me but don't want to take up too much time. Good Luck to everyone on whatever you are attempting to do :-)
  • hangrylilmonster
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    birthday today and really want to get to target in time for my next birthday , from wales and looking for friends on here so plz add x
  • Arwen1218
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    Hi I'm Kim, 35, married and have 3 kids. I am a 10 year Aor Force/Navy vet. I broke my back in the Navy in 2010 and have had multiple surgeries to repair it and gain back the ability to walk and be somewhat active. My last surgery was last summer. Over the course of the past few years I have gained 70 lbs from being injured and from having a baby in 2014. I am trying to get healthy and back to my pre surgery weight.

    I've only been on MFP for about 2 weeks. Before I came back to MFP I was able to loose about 20 lbs on my own since the baby but now I feel like I really need the help and accountability that MFP offers. I look forward chatting with everyone and being supportive for you all.

    *I also have fibromyalgia so if there are any other chronic pain sufferers please feel free to add me or message me.
  • mysticmarshmallow
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    Hi everyone. My name is Elisa and I live in Santa Barbara CA. Using mfp community stuff for the first time!! I recently turned 36 and am excited to meet other thirtysomethings (there seems to be a void of my age group here in town). Most of my friends are in their 20's and have natural yoga bodies and amazing metabolisms... *sigh* I moved here 2 years ago and went from 190 down to 160 and have slowly creeped back up to 176. The weight matters to me less than just feeling good about my body but I'm loosely aiming for 130. Would love support to keep my body moving (serious couch potato-ing sometimes)

    I also love cooking! If anyone is interested in a recipe swap let me know!! I'm mostly interested in exploring low sugar/carb andhealthy fats type of nutrition. learning alot about whole 30 and bulletproof, but I also want to cut down on animal protein and not completely sure how to do that?!?

    Anyhooo I'd love to support you all and have some awesome cheerleaders for myself too.
  • iwant2seemytoes
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    Hi everyone im 37 and been using MFP for a a year just trundling along not really getting anywhere. I have been hovering around 285-290lbs for a while and think i need to change things up a bit. feel free to add me and give me kick in the *kitten* every once in a while.
  • riceiscarb
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    Hi all, Andy here. new to MFP. was at 215, lost 15, looking to lose 40 more..... hopefully by end of the year (unrealistic, but we can dream big). could always use advize/support/etc. nice to meet ya all.
  • PaleVermilion
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    I'm Matthew and I've used MFP in the past, but haven't been as dedicated to it (or sticking to my calorie/nutrition/exercise goals) the last few years. Changing that starting this summer and getting back on track. 35 and from Minnesota, but recently moved to Wisconsin (right on the MN/WI border).
  • sbl1881
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    I'm back for another round...

    I'm 36, female, 5'3 and currently 148lbs. I got down to 132 and allowed myself to creep back up in recent months. My goal weight is 125.

    If you're a MFP consistent poster and motivator, please friend me!
  • chickenlover78
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    Hi everyone. I am new here. I joined mfp about 2 years ago but didn't really do anything with it. Looking to change that - really motivated to make better, healthy choices, lose weight, and become healthy again! I don't know anyone on mfp, but am looking for motivation and support! Please friend me! I will motivate and support you too!
  • TattooedDolphinGirl78
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    Hey everyone! I'm 37 and working my way through losing 45ish lbs (have lost 20 so far since January 2016). I'm enjoying my journey and trying my best to not focus on the destination. I want to make sure that this lifestyle change works for me long-term and so far so good. I work out in the mornings, I eat well and within calories like clockwork Mondays through Fridays and do whatever I want on weekends within moderation. This plan seems to work just fine for me. :smiley:

    Feel free to add me if you are quite active on MFP.
  • axelorate
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    What uppp.

    About to be 31 and divorced. Looking forward to shedding that 260 lbs., but working on shedding my own 50 lbs. in the meantime.

    I've used MFP off and on, but I'm getting serious now. Can't be no 31 year old divorcee looking like the Michelin Man.
  • celislosingit
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    Hi my name is Celia, I'm 28 years old and I live in Tarrytown, NY. I've tried to lose weight many times in the past, but I'm determined to make this one the most successful one, the one that will help me change my lifestyle and become a healthier me. I use WW's tracker tools but I joined the MFP community for motivation and support, so please feel free to add me! :)
  • QC80
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    Hi, I'm 35 years old and a single mother to a 4 year old son. I'm new here, my dietician suggested this site to me. Nice to meet everyone :)
  • electric_blonde
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    Hi everyone. Boy, it's been a long time since I've posted on an MFP forum! My name is Jill and I used to be very active on MFP several years ago. I deleted my account and created a new one but only added friends that I knew in real life. I still have not lost the weight I wanted to lose back then, I'm ashamed to say. I only want to lose about 30 lbs or so, but it is THE most stubborn 30 lbs ever. I got to the point where it was too frustrating to use the scale anymore, so I don't know exactly how much I weigh at the moment. I am choosing to go by how my clothes feel instead.

    A little bit of background on me. I am 36 years old, never married, no children. I live in Michigan. I work for a huge global chemical company in the marketing department. Things are good for me at the moment with exception to this damn extra weight I've been carrying around for the better part of 17 years. I hate it that I didn't lose it back in my 20s when I first gained it, but I can't do anything about that now. I recently hired a personal trainer (for the 3rd time) and am trying to remain disciplined with my eating and gym visits.

    I am getting ready to move in about a month (still in MI) and also will be starting grad school part time on top of still working full time. I really hope I can handle it and above all, I hope I will be disciplined and prioritize my food and workouts. The place I am moving to is next door to a fitness center so I really have no excuse to not work out.

    Anyway, the reason I am here is because I have no friends in real life that are concerned with eating healthy/nutritiously or wanting to be active. My friends only want to sit around and eat and drink, which is fun in moderation, but it's all they want to do. If I want to go biking, walking, or hiking, I go alone. It's okay going alone but I would honestly love to have someone to do all that stuff with. The last time I hiked alone, I got lost and it was very scary. I am not the greatest at following trail maps, I guess.

    At the very least, I figured I could come here and have some "friends" that are on the same page as me, even if we can't hang out locally. I'm sorry this post got to be lengthy; I know people typically don't like reading long posts. I also apologize about the picture. I prefer to remain "faceless" for now. I had a photo on my old account and received a lot of unwanted attention.

    Looking forward to making some new friends. :smile:
  • PrettyandFocused
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    Hello Everyone, I am 31 and have been overweight my entire life. I've been on and off diets since preteen years. I'm a desk diva and that contributes to my weight issues. I also, have PCOS which is one of the contributing factors to my being overweight. My number 1 issue is that I love food and a variety of foods. I have consistently gone to the gym in the past month and just started tracking my food this week. My long term goals are to reach a healthy weight, fitness level, and decrease my A1C1 levels. My short term goals are to fit into certain clothes on my goal dates. Next month I will like to wear a jumper to a concert without spanxs, in October I will like to wear a pair of jeans I cannot get over my thighs right now. By Christmas, I will like to be able to layer leggings under the clothes I wear now. (I live in the Midwest and layering in the winter is a must.) I hope to contribute to the groups success and receive encouragement in the meantime.
  • WillpowerBurton
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    Yooooo!! I just hit 30 bout 60 days back and couldnt be more stoked. I cant believe Im actually still alive yo!!! We did it y'all!!
    My name is Will, Im 6'2" and bulking from 170 to 210 then cutting to 190 (higher end of my healthy BMI range ;) ). Im literally gonna be too sexy to wear a shirt lol.
    Im in school full-time to become a Personal Trainer and I will defs be recommending MFP to my clients, not just for the app but also the amazing community!
    Add me yo! My diary is open to Friends!
  • RebeccaNaegle
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    I am 33! I lift weights and count macros! Feel free to add! I log everyday, everything I eat! :) Nice to meet everyone!!!
  • tjcousins50
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    Hey I'm from Winnipeg, Canada. 38 years old but told I look 25, and feel 60.
  • lazomma
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    Hey, so I'm just going to put this out there. I hate eating healthy/clean and really can't stand exercising. I love my processed foods and watching tv or just vegging with my kids. that being said, these practices haven't helped me out in the confidence department and shopping for clothes just gets worse and worse.

    so I guess what I need, to find is a little bit of balance and maybe a few healthier yet still delicious recipes. If I had someone to kick my *kitten* when I can't seem to get it off the couch to exercise or at least go for a walk that would be phenomenal as well. So if you're looking for a completely imperfect partner in weight loss with a great bad attitude add me and hopefully we can help each other out.
  • nukephysics
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    Good morning everyone. I'm Brandon and I have been on and off of this site since its inception. When I really committed myself I did very well, and I am looking to do the same again. I have slowly crept up to being near my heaviest weight...and fattest. I'm looking for a group of people that are going through the same problems called LIFE. I try to motivate when I can and help everyone stay on track, because there's nothing better than succeeding when you feel there is no hope. Oh, I'm 35, married with two daughters. My youngest is special needs that has a neurodegenerative disorder. She will develop Parkinson's disease and eventually lose the ability to walk. I need to be the strong dad so I can take care of her and give her as normal of a life that I can. That is my motivation for succeeding. Anyway...I think you're all cooler than me and I'd be delighted to join the cool kids.