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    Looks like everyone is pretty busy today, I had a good day, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Janice
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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Saturday!

    It's a tad cooler this morning with a breeze but temps are supposed to get up to nearly 100 with a higher heat index. I got the dog out early and was in the grocery store by 7:30. I am getting everything I need for meals next week, even a turkey breast to bake tommorow that will be great to use for several meals. Not too much more planned for today.

    Make it a great day, losers!

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    hi all,

    it is beautiful here today! I just walked the dog and it is sunny and 75. I took an early morning spin class when hubby got up to golf. I was tired, we went to the city last night and got home late. we went to an Italian restaurant and ate outside, it was really nice out. I ordered salad and salmon with everything on the side. the waiter brought me about 4 bowls on the side, 2 with different sauces and one with asparagus and one with tomatoes. I skipped the sauce and ate the veggies. I was actually at 146.8 this morning but that is the first time I saw that so will weight a bit before recording. my nutrition person had me cut a little from each of my meals to see if it made any difference. maybe a total of 100 less calories a day.

    my kids are coming home soon. my daughter will be home a week from Monday and my son with home a week from thursday. I have missed them a lot but have really enjoyed my time this year. I know both of them are so happy where they are and I really needed the mental break from worrying about them:) maybe that is why I was able to stop picking in the late afternoon/early evening and lose a couple of lbs. I need to try to manage my stress level when the come back.

    connie, so excited for you! what do you set your calories at now and what's on the menu. I have no doubt that you have thoroughly researched and planned this :)

    Janice, glad it was a good day! is your diary open, would love to peek!! you have lost a lot of weight!!

    marie, hope you are feeling better today!

    everyone, have a great day!

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    Happy August 1st my sweet misfit friends <3. The last couple of weeks have been action packed at the house I am prepping for sale, and I feel like I haven't had a moment. I have so much to catch up on and miss you all so much!!! We are several days in on 100 degree weather for the 3rd time this year, which is highly unusual for us. I don't do well with the heat and sun :s

    Just needed to let you all know I am alive and well ;) Finally decided on the realtor and going nuts to finalize the little things before pictures, sign and lockbox go on Wednesday. Thursday it goes live on the web and then fingers crossed :/

    I truly miss you all and hope you are doing well <3. This time next week I will be all caught up!!!! Tami
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    Connie-The turkey breast sounds good, I almost bought one last week while they were on sale, I planned on going back and picking one up before the sale ended, but I didn't. It good day to do something inside with those temperatures. It has been less humid the last few days and it feels good today.

    Stephanie-I am happy for you the scale is moving, the meal out with your husband sounds like it was nice, eating outside is good in the evening when the sun has went down, it sounds romantic. The break is a good time for you and your husband more time together. I keep my diary closed, I dont want any judgement, especially since I still drink beer. I just mainly eat chicken, pork and alittle beef, potatoes or some starch and plenty of vegetables. Regular foods just less than before. I am not on the band wagon with all the lastest and special health fads, which is great if someone is for them. So please dont take it rude or anything by not opening it up. I guess I'm funny about it.

    Tami-Glad you stop in to say hi, I guess those people who had stayed there before didnt end up buying it, good luck selling it, with it on the internet for everyone to see that should help alot.

    My daughter and I went out to lunch today, then we went shopping mainly for my grandson. I did get another crockpot that is alittle smaller and a few other things. Well I gotta go. Janice
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    :) Janice, my diary is open but I completely understand anyone who keeps theirs private....what cracks me up is when someone is asking for advice about how to change their eating but their diary is closed so there's no way to tell what they're doing....someone told me "the best food plan is the one you'll stick to" and it sounds like you have a plan that is working for you...this is a very supportive thread and we all have great respect for each other and how we are handling the journey.

    :) Tami, good luck to you on your home sale...I've done that often and know that it is challenging and helps you learn lessons that you didn't know that you needed to learn.

    :) Stephanie, your restaurant meal sounds perfect.

    :) Today my darling hubby fixed a huge pot of low sodium marinara sauce and froze it in containers that are the right size for meals for us. We add fake meat meatballs and mushrooms and he serves his over pasta and I have mine with cauliflower.

    <3 Barbie
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    Hey the computer has kept us tied up all day . Trying to get a few items clear up.. Like having to log in every time I try to post. Hopefully they got that fixed. Will check in again in the morning

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    Hi ladies! How do I upload pictures?
    Marie, I will get the brand and name of the tea for you when I go back downstairs in the am.

    We were at a friend's lake house today. It was a beautiful day and not very busy. This weekend is the tax free shopping weekend so maybe that is why the lake was empty.
    Be back in the morning, Ruthie
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    Barbie-Thank you for your support, I guess I feel alittle guilty about not being open, but it is my own business, its not like I'm asking for suggestions to lose weight. It's great your husband is supportive mine is too. Janice
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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Sunday!

    Marie..good to see you! Hope you are feeling better and will get your computer issues resolved.

    I am just peeking in before heading to church. Have walked the dog and my turkey breast is ready for the oven when I get back home. I'll check in with you guys later.

    Make it a great day, losers!
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    hi everyone,

    Janice, no sweat about the diary. I just am always curious about the combination of foods that people eat when actually losing weight. I have learned so much over the last 5 months about the whole macro thing.

    Barbie, I make zoodles with my vegetti(from bed bath and beyond). it is a spiralizer and you just lightly sauted the zucchini noodles, delicious.

    we went into the city again last night for dinner to this southern BBQ place. it was really fun. we went with another couple who is actually having a party at the restaurant in September. it is the husbands 50th birthday. the food was ok, kind of hard to fully avoid carbs because they ordered cornbread, hush puppies and mac and cheese. I tried a tiny bit of each and split fish and veggie kebobs with my friend. they also ordered this crazy dessert, it was vanilla ice cream crusted with peanut brittle in a bailey's chocolate sauce. I had a bite but if I wasn't careful, could have polished the whole thing off, I love that kind of stuff. I put my fork down and waited for my treat until we got home! hoping to just BBQ at home tonight:)

    going for a walk with hubby. need to take advantage of our time because it is coming to an end:)

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    Hi Misfits!

    I'm back!

    Cambodia and Siem Reap was fab so much walking!!!

    I will hop in the scales in the morning and give you an update, but for now I need sleep as I have an action packed day at work tomorrow!

    Keep up the good work folks


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    Good Sunday afternoon./ Well I did it again. Lost my balance and fell backwards. Did not hurt me . But this is twice in two weeks I have fallen. Got to figure out how I can prevent it. I fell over backwards so did not reinjured my knees and legs. Now way pass lunch time so better go prepare something.

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    Marie-So sorry you fell again, what do you think is causing it, by any chance is your sugar going low, my son and sister have diabetes and I have had to be aware of the problems that can occur.

    Stephanie -We're good, sounds like a great weekend with your husband.

    Faye-I hope the scale gives you a good surprise, and you have a loss while away.

    Gotta go. Janice
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    You need to be careful Marie. Luckily you didn't get hurt but it is just a matter of time....... Maybe you should bring this up to your doctor.......

    So I was MIA yesterday. I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck. We had a Blueberry Arts Festival yesterday. It is an arts fair that has booth with all kinds of different things from coffee fundraiser for our local swim team to homemade jams and jewelry and artwork photographs wooden bowls ceramics soaps etc. My day started at 645. I had to help haul equipment for a paintball set up. It had a wall tent minus the walls. Netting to keep the paintballs in the area. Targets and some shooting tables. I finished hauling gear and went home and cooked corned beef hash for some friends that stayed overnight at my house. Took Iris to her soccer game. Came home and ditched the car caught the bus and rode it downtown to where I helped with the paintball booth. We had bbq teriyaki pork sticks for lunch. Then I helped man the Girl Scout booth for an hour and a half so the local GS bigwig could hit the bathroom and get some food and see what there was that was offered. We caught the bus home in time to grab the truck and go back downtown to help haul the paintball stuff back to its home. We finished at 645 that evening. We went to a "greasy spoon" for dinner because we were way to tired to do anything else. I hurt so bad last night that even my pain pills did nothing. So needless to say this morning I was wasted. I woke up at 615 let the dog out and rolled over and went back to sleep. Iris was awake watching cartoons so she let the dog back in. He crawled back into bed with me and slept until I rolled over on him at 845. He left me for Shaundra and I went back to sleep until 945. I finally emerged from my bed at 1030 only because I was hungry. My girls had to fend for themselves for breakfast. And today we went down to the cruise ships where Shaundra was invited along with some of her fellow ballerinas to have a dance seminar on the Celebrity Solstice. It was a 2 1/2 hour session. They danced for an hour and the rest of the time was a tour of the ship. We walked 2 1/4 miles on that ship. My legs are dead tonight. I'm hoping I feel decent tomorrow.

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    Happy Monday, Friends! Wow, so much has been going on here since I last posted!

    Esther, you have such a super busy life, I would be exhausted all the time. It's so hard to rest when we have young, active kids. Just do your best to have a little quiet time just for you each day. Hoping your pain eases up and that the annoying feelings from the brace diminish. Also hoping the surgery to finally help with your knees is sooner rather than later. I can imagine how weary you are from the constant discomfort. <3

    Marie, I wonder if you are losing your balance due to decreased cardiac output from the CHF? I think a visit to your cardiologist would be a good idea. Be sure to stand very slowly to allow the blood to get back to your brain before walking away from the item you were sitting on. Do you have a walker to help you balance? The kind with a seat may be beneficial as you could sit when you start to feel dizzy. *HUGS*

    We had a crazily busy Saturday and Sunday 1.5 hours away each day and evening at our son's house! We are meeting ourselves coming and going. I spent 9 hours Sat and 7 hours Sun with an extended paint roller in my hands painting 5 rooms (including ceilings ugh!) and two hugely tall stair case walls and ceilings. Never sat down once. Super UGH! I also spent some time Sun power sanding the spackle on the new wall sections and other spackled wall areas! Whew :o

    My arms, neck and back are so overworked and tonight is gym (probably arms/back/or chest!). I did well eating on plan. Next weekend is moving Josh & Jen so lots of heavy lifting and gobs of stairs at the apartment complex and in the new townhouse. I'm certainly getting plenty of exercise these days!

    Hoping for a loss in weight the very near future. With my waist feeling larger and my pants tighter there, I am choosing to cut out a few of the items on the meal plan they created for me. I will do this for one week and see how I feel and then ask them to make the changes on my plan. I simply cannot have my clothes get any tighter for the sake of eating more. It's just too uncomfortable and they are cutting into my abdomen. It's a work in progress to see what works.

    Tonight after the gym, grocery shopping, and making/eating supper I plan to start cleaning off each of the swing set pieces. I need to do that before I can restain them and then repair some of the wood. We need to get that up for the grandbabies. Not having any weekend time at home for 3 weeks makes us get so far behind on our millions of projects and chores. My poor garden is being neglected and I gave away all our cucumbers as I have no time to make them into pickles. Hoping to roast beets sometime soon to make pickled and non-pickled beets and can them for the year.

    Hello to each of you and I hope it's a great week for all of us <3

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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Monday!

    Marie.. I agree with Esther..time to see a doc ASAP! Glad you are not hurt and hope we hear from you soon.
    Esther..get some rest; if you don't, your body will continue to hurt.
    Janice, Steph, Faye..good to see you guys!

    Today begins my cut. Officially, I gained 4.4 pounds in the 2 months of diet break. Today showed more than that because we ate out yesterday and that included a ton of sodium! I am going to zigzag calories...5 low days and 2 high with the high days on the days I workout with trainer followed by cardio. My other days will be cardio but not as long or as intense. I think the stress on my body and lack of recovery may be one reason I'm so tired. We'll see.

    Make it a great day, losers! Stay strong!
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    good morning ladies,

    oh no marie!! I agree with connie, ester and becky, go to the doc! you are lucky you are ok but could have been so bad, go get checked out!! we need you up and running :)

    ester, that sounds like quite a weekend! while I am missing my kids, I am thoroughly enjoying being on our own schedule. although, a greasy spoon is always good once in a while :)

    becky, hang in there! I don't know if I would eliminate or else you may throw of your macros. I might eat half a portion instead of the whole and see how that goes? there is actually a reason they have you eat certain % of c/p/f. it took me about a month to get use to the new regime when I started

    connie, sounds like a great plan, wishing you all of the success. for me, it just needs to be doable and I need to feel satisfied with what I eat so I don't have a binge. I am feeling a need for a planned cheat soon. it has been a while and it might be beneficial. thinking dairy queen some time this week? it is my daughter birthday next week, so maybe I should wait as I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity.

    faye, sounds like an awesome trip!

    Janice, <3

    although I have a way to go, I am feeling like I have made some progress over the summer and hoping to stay on track. I can't believe how quickly summer has flown by! have a great day!

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    Good morning all!
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    Good morning misfits,
    Hope everyone had a good weekend.
    -Marie, Please be careful!!! Maybe you need to use some sort of assistance with walking
    until you find out what is causing you to fall.
    -Connie, Hope you will begin to see friendly scales soon.
    To everyone else hope you are doing well.