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    I had a good rest day taking naps. I am still waiting for my feet an ankles tp go Dorwnbut other than that I am doing fine. I don,t know which of the two. New med is making me so sleepy.

    Good to here from you all.
    Time to eat. Kind of tied of veggies so think
    I. Will have. Oat meal t night .
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    barbiecat wrote: »

    I don't know about that. Some days I am. But then some days I am the hydrant. Today was a hydrant day.

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    Shirley-Your grandbaby Isaac is so cute.

    Stephanie-Are your kids home from camp yet, I'm sure you must miss them, terribly.

    Marie-Feel better soon, I bet the pain pills are making you sleepy.

    Shirley-I thought thats where you were building, I just wanted to make sure. It sounds beautiful.

    Rachel-Have you got a closing date on your house yet, hopefully if not you will soon.

    Barbie-I agree we need to realize, if we want to lose and be smaller, not to reward ourselves with food, thats what we did to get ourselves to this point. But its easier said than done.

    Esther-Sorry to here your so sore, feel better soin.

    Becky-Take care of yourself, it sounds like you are awfully busy, glad your dog is alot better.

    Nancy , Faye , and everyone else, remember its a slow ride, we will all get there at our bodies own pace. Janice

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    Good morning, friends!

    Shirley, Isaac is so cute! His eyes sparkle when he smiles. <3

    Well, last night was my 3-week check in with the trainer. I'm not 100% convinced that the BF% ultrasound works perfectly, as they had the check the abdominal reading several times and the reading was quite a bit lower in that area than the first time. Plus, my abdomen actually feels larger and my pants are tighter on the waist(?!). Ugh.

    My weight on their scale after a full day of eating my meals and drinking tons of water and in my gym clothes was the same as the first time. :( According to the ultrasound readings, I had lost 4.5 lb of body fat and gained 4.5 lb of lean body mass in 3 weeks. I still feel just as fat, but with a bit of muscle definition peeking through.

    I think I'll start doing crunches and other ab work when I get home from the gym to work on decreasing the belly fat so I can be more comfortable in my own skin (and clothes!).

    I wish there had been a loss on the scale and I'm not certain about the readings they got, but all I can do is keep on keepin' on. I talked with my coach about how to manage this weekend and next at our son's with no appliances to heat up my lunches. I ended up buying two types of protein bars and we figured out I will substitute my lunches with either one type of bar and another protein shake or just one of the other type of bar. We'll see.

    Connie, I am so excited to hear how you do with your cut next week!

    Have a good day,

    Becky :)
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    Hi Ladies,

    Packing today again! We are going for another 5 days on the boat. This is a club cruise with our members.
    We have a leak in our water tank on the boat and hubby left early to take the tank to be welded and it is far from our house.
    He had to cancel a golf game this morning due to leaving tomorrow for our trip. We still have to get food tonight to take. I hope to get a walk in later and I have Yoga planned for tonight. The temperatures here are dropping in the 80's and high 70's next week. That is okay by me. Dave got the A/C unit in the boat so sleeping should be more comfortable and we are
    bringing our bikes to do some riding. :) I will be checking in on the News Feed to keep my days up.

    Thanks for the compliments on Isaac we love him! I hate leaving him when I go to visit.

    Becky - You are working hard with your trainer you should see some results that will make you happy soon.
    It takes time. Glad to hear your furbaby is doing better. o:)
    Barbie - Love the sign on rewarding yourself. Its so true.
    Marie - I am glad the meds are helping but sorry you are so tired.
    Nancy - Keep cool!

    Connie, Faye, Esther, Rachel, Stephanie and anyone else I missed have a good weekend!

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    good morning everyone!!

    becky, I feel your frustration but change takes time. I am finally seeing results of changing up my diet. it has been 5 months. I definitely have become more lean from the protein increase. I think I lost about 8lbs but my body composition has changed a lot. my muscles are much more defined then they use to be with no change in my exercise. hang in there, you are doing great!!

    hope everyone has a great day!! stay cool and on plan!

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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Thursday!

    Becky..the lean muscle gain could be "newbie" gain. Hang in there! Follow your plan; this takes time...believe me, I know only too well! Make sure you are drinking lots water. It's hot and you're bloated right now, and your schedule is off. Do you eat boiled egg whites, cold chicken or turkey, tuna from the can? I was just thinking about portable meals. Hang in...you're doing fine.

    Shirley..have fun! It must be so exciting to travel on your boat!

    Steph..so glad you are seeing results..it's what you see in the mirror that is proof of your efforts, not the number on the scale.

    Marie..hope we will hear from you soon and that you are feeling better.

    I had personal training today; it was a make up day for the one I missed last week. I will have a regular session tomorrow then may get in the pool. I am planning my meals for next week and will grocery shop today. I will continue to exercise 4 days with 3 days off. My trainer is thinking that the 90 minute workout (her 30 min then 60 min in the pool) may be too much. So I may just do the pool on Monday when I don't have her or if I do the pool on Friday, after her, then only stay in it 30 minutes. I need to remind myself that nutrition is the first and most importance component of weight loss not exercise. I was so tired last week! I think that the house stuff also added to that, though. This week is much calmer.

    Anyway...make it a great day, losers! Stay strong and cool!

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    I am so excited connie to see your results!! I totally agree weight loss begins in the kitchen. I feel so much better doing 1 hr of exercise a day. days I do more, I am really tired!! I actually feel so much better exercising less. I have cut back although I still do an hour most days. the next challenge is to take a day off. I think I am ready:) mentally, need the eating under control to be ready!

    we have eaten home the last couple of nights and will eat home tonight. we are out Friday and Saturday. I just need to be diligent. I am down .4 this morning. lowest weight I have seen in two years, yay!! slow and steady:)


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    Stephanie, congrats on being at your lowest weight in two years! That has to be a great feeling. B)

    Connie, thanks for the additional portable meal ideas. :)

    Thank you guys for continuing to remind me and all the rest of us that this takes time and to allow for steady progress. Once my abdomen get a bit smaller, I will feel much better!

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    :) Becky, things take time...do not be discouraged....just keep on with your plan.

    <3 Barbie
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    Good Afternoon Ladies,
    I am holding my own on the scales since I added extra calories. I don't always get in my 1400 cals. everyday. I am really disgusted with my weight loss!!!

    -Becky, Like you, I would feel so much better if this abdomen would go!!!
    Never had this problem until a few years ago.

    -Shirley, Have fun cruising around this weekend.
    Isaac is a real cutie pie.

    -Steph, So happy for you seeing results. That's great!!!

    -Connie, Glad you had a more peaceful week.

    -Marie, Where are you today. Hope all is well with you.

    -Barbie, Faye, Esther hope you are doing well also.

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    hello better late than never. I just lost another post. But will try to write a few lines

    Jerry and I went to the grocer store this morning The rest of the day spent in my recliner. It got up to 104 today our hottest day so far this summer it was pretty hot when we got back into our car after shopping
    I did read all or your post but going to pass on commenting on them

    my doctor office call this morning and said the next step is a visit to my heart doctor if we don't get this swelling down.

    Thanks for all of your concern for me. It means so much to me

    Love Marie
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    sending you warm hugs!! hope the swelling goes down without calling the cardiologist.

    while I am seeing results, it has been super slow but unlike the past, I feel really satisfied on the eating plan and rarely overly hungry. I really like everything I eat and am able to eat out a lot. 8lbs in 5 months is not a lot but it is something. I feel like I can stick to plan and don't need to binge eat:) it has taken a while, but the body is rearranging! hang tough everyone.

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    I went to see my sister, she is really gaining stamina and walking more. Not sure when she is coming home. I weighed today and it was 177.0, not sure whats going on but I like it. I have been staying under my calories, I wore some size 12's I bought and they were really cute on, my husband even said they dont look tight. But I know thats just that pair. My love handles do seem smaller, glad to see movement, before fall, when last year I lost great. This is the lowest I have been since 1997 fall, I was 142 when I got married in Feb 1997, and by Fall my weight had plummeted, due to my medication being out of whack. I know my husband has got to be happy to see me getting closer to the old me, even though he loves me at whatever I weigh. I know I love me more smaller. I was not always large, its more normal to weigh 135-147, even after 2 babies. I just gave up for awhile, due to life. Glad I finally decided to get off the up and down yo yo train, lose 20 gain 25 back. Janice
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    Hi guys. I've been kinda quite yesterday and today. It was another hydrant day. I'm tired of feeling like the fire hydrant. This pain is really wearing me down. Doc was hoping the weight loss and the brace would help the pain but it hasn't. I have actually slowed down a lot compared to my normal activity level. I have to stop More frequently and rest my hips. They are bothering me because I am walking differently now with the brace. I have 2 inches of Velcro and metal between my already fat and rubbing thighs. All the brace does is chaffe my good leg and cause a rash. I'm stuck in shorter shorts. 3-5 inch inseam instead of my normal 7-9 inch inseam because of the bulk of the brace is to big for the leg of the shorts to fit easily around. And then the brace causes the legs of the shorts to ride up the crutch even more so than normal. It is really annoying. I'm tired of swimming too. The chlorine is causing yet another crotch rash that is itching like crazy and driving me nuts too. And it is right where the underwear sits so it gets aggravated from that too. Like I said it's a hydrant day again. I'm hoping things get better but I won't be surprised if they don't. And then to top things off I got a letter in the mail about a recall for my car. Now I have to go back to Bellingham again......... I'm really getting tired of going south......... Car needs a new driver side air bag......... Ummmmm Helloooooo I work just fine thanks......... And a new ignition switch. I am also going to have them give it its 60000 mile check up. After all the poor car is almost 11. And no the mileage is not a typo. It only has 67000 miles on it. And hubby doesn't know yet because he is out of town again. Yep....... I feel like the hydrant.......I wouldn't even care if I got to be a chihuahua just not the hydrant. I'm tired if the hydrant. And the final layer of pee on my hydrant........I killed my blender and my waffle iron within 3 days if each other. Even if I'm just a teacup poodle? Please. Just not the hydrant again.....

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    Good morning, losers! Happy Friday!

    Marie..I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope the swelling goes down, but maybe the cardiologist can give you a different medication that works better/faster. I see mine every 6 months as I have a history of atrial fibrillation. He's the one who prescribes my blood pressure meds.

    Janice..so glad you are feeling well and the scale is in your favor!

    Steph..you have done well with staying on course! 8 in 5 months is fantastic!

    Esther..sounds to me that you need to rest. I know it's hard, but there is no shame in giving your body the rest it is crying out for. You have a lot going on right now. Take a deep breath and do what has to be done and let the rest go for now. You are not a HYDRANT! :)

    Hello to everyone else! B)

    We had wonderful pouring rain early this morning! It's cloudy, muggy, but at least the grass got a good soaking! Gym day for me...training, and I am going to do Aquazumba but may not do the entire 60 minutes.

    Make it a great day, losers!
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    Good morning. misfit.

    Wish I had some good news on my feet and ankles this morning but I don'.t
    The kitties and I has got it by ourselves this morning. Jerry has a VA appointment tis morning and will be gone most of the morning Right now the kitties are on the rug in bathroom taking a nap/

    tomorrow we go to a Wedding shower for my grandson., They have on their list groceries. I never heard of groceries being a gift. I am giving them a gift card so they can buy what they need..

    Have a great day/

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    Good Morning,
    Wow it is a little less humid this morning!!!
    Not much going on with me today.
    Hope all of you are doing good.
    Have a good day.
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    We are back from the beach! We had a nice time, the gulf is really beautiful. Saw 2 stingrays and lots of fish while paddle boarding. We enjoyed being able to see what was swimming with us as opposed to our usual time on the Atlantic where we can't see doodle.

    It's always nice to be home and back in routine.

    I have a school meeting tonight for my youngest. He is going to a dual language immersion school..it is really a cool opportunity for him. School starts Monday for my oldest. We are ready. Tomorrow we will spend on a lake at a friend's house trying to squeeze out a little more summer fun!

    Esther, sounds like you need a rest. You can lose weight focusing on food and take a break on exercise if you feel it will help you feel like a teacup Pomerania ( the dog my kids are begging for.)

    Marie, I hope things are improving for you. In the humid summer, I drink a digestive tea from Kroger that helps me retain a lot less water. I have to pee a lot but I feel better.

    I will be back to catch up with everyone else. And I will try posting a picture of the gulf.
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    Ruthie what is the name of that tea. Might try it. looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures.