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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Saturday!

    Just peeking in for a minute as I just got in from walking the dog. It is sooo humid and the sun is out again after hiding for a day. We chose things for the house yesterday, and my brain is fried! It was a five hour adventure and I am going to spend the morning going over the list, making notes, and changing some things.

    I'll check back later.

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    Just sticking my head in to say hi. I am sitting on the boat en joying the day. I just finished an 8 mile bike ride
    and hubby worked on putting some carpeting into the boat and said his back was bothering him so he did not
    go with me. It is very humid today and I already took a shower and need another one. I am a cool person so
    this weather does not like me.

    Glad to hear some are getting good reports from their doctors. I also did get a good report for my BP
    and it has been normal my last two visits. I am still on meds but doing much better and taken first time
    not an average. I see the Yoga and meditation is helping.

    Foxie is so cute! I hope she gets better soon. Connie -good luck with the house and all the decisions.

    It started sprinkling a bit and Dave and I are going into town to pickup some things now.

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    Hello look like I never got a post off I know I tried but must have lost them which is real easy for me on the IPad
    I am leaking some kind of fluid in my right heal, Don't know what it could be. My feet are still swollen up and have been all week. But see no sores. Just thought I would check in with you guys


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    Hi everybody. I'm also just popping on quickly between things going on today. Iris had a soccer game this morning. The team is looking great. They are learning to pass the ball to their teammates. That is a huge breakthrough for kindergarten and first graders. In this age group they don't keep score. The game is about ball handling skills and good sportsmanship skills. And by not keeping score the kids can focus on improving skills and not on winning. Even though the kids do keep score in their heads and the parents do too. But it also teaches the parents to encourage all of he kids for getting in and playing and not just for scoring.

    After the game we came home and had to put our new lawn mower together. I really like the new mower. It can use a grass catcher or spit the grass out the side so when the grass is a little too wet it won't get so plugged up. I am also crocheting a baby blanket for a friend who is having a baby girl the end of next month.

    Later this evening we are taking Shaundra out to dinner for her birthday. Her birthday is on Tuesday but my hubby is leaving Monday to go back to work for 14 days so we are celebrating tonight so he can be with us. We are having all you can eat crab. I really like crab. It is lo cal. I have always called crab diet food because I starve between bites and work my butt off to get the meat out of the shell. But I love it. Scary to think my girl will be 14. I am going to try to get her out in the car next weekend. She is old enough to get her drivers permit now!
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    Hello, everyone! I've been able to get pages 2-3 read over so I'm catching up a little.
    Marie, your kittens are so cute! They look older than my kitties, it's so hard to tell kitten's ages. I know it's incredibly rare for tortoise shell cats to be male, but I'm not sure about calico. And sometimes it can take a little while to figure out their gender. Originally we thought we had a boy and a girl, and after a couple weeks we figured out we had 2 boys! Keep a close eye on them if they're not spayed/neutered yet, you don't want to end up with more kittens. I'm so glad you have a set of fur babies to chase you around all day. :)
    I hope you're feeling better after falling, that's very scary! I'm glad nothing broke!

    Connie, how exciting making all the choices for you new house! I imagine it's overwhelming too. I'm very indecisive sometimes so I can only imagine all the options and details to be gone over.

    Janice, I hope your sister is feeling well today. When is she scheduled to go home?

    There is so much more to be commented on, I'm sorry I'm not keeping up too well these days.

    We had a very scary moment last night. I was sitting on the couch with the kittens, and my cat Honey had been outside on the balcony. I heard a terrible sound of a cat being attacked and it was my Honey. She must have jumped off the balcony to chase after something, probably a tomcat, and it fought back more than she had anticipated. We couldn't find her for several minutes and ran all over the grounds searching for her. I finally came back around to our stairs and she turned up by the bushes calling for me. I was thinking I'd find her all torn up and I honestly thought something had killed her or almost killed her. It was such a relief to see her in one piece, and she was desperate to run up the stairs instead of down them, for once. Whatever she fought with pulled a good bit of fluff out of her, scratched up her back legs, and cut her side. We put peroxide on her cuts and gave her tons of treats. She stayed under the guest bed for half the day today, but after she finally came out she's been acting sore but normal tonight. I was going to take her to the vet today when she wouldn't come out from under the bed, but she seems to be doing ok now. We'll monitor her closely over the next few days to determine if she should still see her doctor. Poor baby. I'm so relieved to have her safe with us again. She's no longer allowed out on the balcony after dark.

    I've decided to try going Pescotarian on Monday, incorporating fish into my diet. I think it will be beneficial to my diet as far as protein. I'm going to get some tomatoes and have tuna salad stuffed tomatoes with greens for lunch for the upcoming week. After I get over the strange feeling of eating something I'm not supposed to, I'll probably get excited over my reacquired sushi options.

    I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I wish it wasn't almost over(because I have lots of homework to catch up on), but on the flip side the sooner the upcoming week rolls around the sooner we have a closing date on our house. :) But oh my, the homework. :/

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    I survived dinner. I only ate 4+ crab. Ok I pigged out but so worth it. I had a pile of shells over 12 inches high by myself. That poor restaurant lost money on my family. Shaundra (5 foot 9 and 118 pounds) ate 4 crab too. Iris (4 ft tall and 53 pounds and only 5 yrs old) ate 2 crab. My hubby ate 3 1/2 crab. And Shaundra had her best friend join us. She ate 3 crab too. So there was over 17 crab for the 5 of us. But it was so worth feeling stuffed. See you tomorrow after I digest


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    Good evening, misfit losers! Happy Sunday!

    Where are you guys? I'm here late because I am busy trying to decide which ceramic tile, which hardwood, which backsplash ...you get the picture... and a myriad of other things for this house. I know it should be a happy, fun experience, but I am just not feeling it. Hubs just gave up and is napping, and I came here for relief! ;)

    I hope everyone is doing okay.
    Marie.. Where are you and how is your heel?

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    I am back from the boating weekend. There was a Can Am Regatta so we had a lot more boats coming and going than
    usual and it was busier than usual. Sleeping at night was hard because it was so warm and humid. Dave is going to put an
    AC unit in our boat for our next cruise which will be our long weekend in August which comes around next weekend.
    We can sleep without waking up all the time from the heat. B) We do have a fan but it is kind of noisy.

    We are going to see our grandson Isaac tomorrow and Kathy and Fraser are going out for dinner so we will have him to
    ourselves. :D

    Marie - How are you doing with your heel? Should you have that checked?

    Connie - Good luck with all decisions I don't know if I could do that.

    Rachel - Check in when you can, you are busy and glad to hear your pet is doing better after the encounter.

    Esther - Enjoy the crab now and weigh in later, enjoy the summer with your family.

    Faye - Enjoy the inlaws! ;)

    Hi to everyone else!

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    Monday morning already yuk!
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    738795i947kw2p7x.gif We had a meeting today at our house to plan an event that's coming up....the attendees agreed to buying pizza and sharing it. I ate my lunch before anyone arrived having made the decision to not eat pizza. A few times during the meeting I seriously considered eating pizza and then remembered that eating a piece of pizza always makes me want to eat another piece and then all the sodium makes me uncomfortable, thirsty, and bloated so I returned to sanity and didn't have any.

    2157045gp85zev8ri.gif I made an announcement first thing this morning that I'd need the area where I do my weight training for an hour and didn't want to be bothered. It worked great....except for dodging the vacuum cleaner, being asked several questions about the TV show I was watching, and being asked to come spread medicated lotion on hubby's back...but I completed my whole routine.

    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif Three hours of dog walking including some of it in the rain....there has been such a drought here that I don't take any forecast of rain seriously so we were quite surprised when the rain started and we got very wet in the ten minute walk back to the house---hubby met us in the laundry room with dry towels and hugs.

    253149qtzkf0ld22.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington smiley-happy020.gif
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    hi all.
    It was not my heel but my leg where I have this rash looking stuff on my leg. Don't know what it is call but the docror told me there was no nothing to do about it. It was cause from me leaking iron. and sure enough my socks I had on was a rusty looking color. I have a Doctor apt Tuesday so will et her to look at it. So far she has not been concerned with it. But I guess with the fall it got it all mixed up/ I am still black and blue on that leg. and very swollen up even my socks are too tight. I can't get my shoes on. Got Jerry to trim my garden shoes out some more so if I need to go outside I can. I have pretty much spent the day watching movies and eating out of the fridge Gonna get me some butterbeans soaking tonight to cook tomorrow. Besides Pintos Butterbeans is my second favorite/
    see you in the morning
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    Esther <3 Iris is your five year old and Shaundra is how old? I am trying to remember these Kids ages.That are still living at home.And how many animals do you have and their name?

    Becky how is Foxie today. ?

    My kittens are getting bigger and we still have not let them outside.

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    Hi Marie. So you are leaking like a rusted pipe? ;) Iris is 5 for now. Her birthday is August 31 so she will be 6 soon. Shaundra is 14 on Tuesday. I survived her first driving lesson. She can take her permit test on Tuesday but around here nobody waits until they pass the test. They just go out on the gravel roads where there is hardly any traffic and learn there. It is harder to learn on gravel than pavement. She was so excited to have been allowed to drive. She will do just fine at driving. I even had her turn in reverse and park. Yes we used a really big turnout for that part. And she pulled a Uie. Like I said a gravel road with only 4 cars in 20 minutes. So there was no traffic. Can't go tomorrow but I will try to take her on Tuesday again.

    So I told everyone I had crab last name night. I was still full this morning from all that crab. I thought I ate 4 crab but hubby said I ate 5 1/2 crab!!!!! No wonder I am still full. But according to MFP a Dungeness crab is only 140 calories. And I swear I burn half of those off just trying to crack and eat them. But soooooo worth it. And dinner was only $50 for all you can eat. Normally it is $50 for 2 pounds which is 1 crab. I haven't been really hungry today. Gee I wonder why... Tomorrow will be back to normal. And my hubby leaves for 14 days. I can't miss him if he ain't gone..... ;) and I can't spend it if he ain't out there making it..... o:)

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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Monday!

    Barbie..good for you for holding it together on the pizza decision and the weightraining interruptions! I may have caved on both of those.

    Where are the misfits??
    Marie...I am worried. I hope we hear from you soon.

    It's cloudy and cooler here today. I am taking a break from the pool and will get some much needed housework done.

    Make it a great day, losers! Stay strong!
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    I am going to try to get on early this morning. Yesterday morning the IPad said it did not access to Internet. It does that occasily. Buy usually come around later rather than sooner and then I would lose my post.
    Concern about me too. Concern too but not bad enough to go to c
    I did not have any leaks in my legs yesterday.and after Jerry fixed my old garden shoes to give me more instep room. I go to the doctor in the morning and see what she has to say.
    Have a wedding shower to go to this Saturday my grandson and his girlfriend . Hope I can get some shoes on by then. Yes Connie I am concern about me too. but not bad enough to go to ER just wondering if I need to get some of this water drain off..?my blood presser and blood sugar are both I in my normal rangeAs far as weight I am not getting on the scales.
    Going to close before I lose this

    o:) Marie
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    hi there,

    hope everyone is busy doing their thing!!

    marie, hope that you are more comfortable today? maybe some of the swelling is due to the heat?

    ester, I can't believe you are doing driving lessons at 14? my daughter is turning 15 in two weeks and she is just able to start drivers ed. I don't think I can get in the car with her.....yet

    Barbie, great choice not to even start! sometimes when I veer from plan, I just can't stop....yikes! this woman that is my "nutritionist"(not really) believes in a cheat meal once a week to reset your system. If I do it, which I usually do not, I have to do it for dinner or else I would be binging all day long!!

    Rachel, that was so scary about your cat, I hope the kitty is healing up.

    Janice, how is your sister?

    hi to everyone else, Shirley, connie, faye, rosie, etc.....

    very hot here this week!! I don't know how I ever tolerated the heat! this almost menopausal body does not like it!!

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    Good Morning,
    Got my exercise in for today. Glad that's done!!!!
    I got a Fitbit Flex for my B'day. Think I will really enjoy this new toy.
    Hope it's a good day for all.
    -Connie, Try not to stress over all the decisions.
    Soon that phase will pass and you can sit back and watch it all unfold.
    -Marie, Hope you leaky heel is not too serious.
    Take care.
    -Esther, Pack up some of those crab and send my way.
    -Steph, Hope you are doing well.

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    Hi Misfits, again thanks for all the well wishes for my sister, she was moved back to the nursing home early Sunday morning, she still has pnuemonia, and is taking pills instead of all those iv's. She is suppose to start her physical therapy again on Tuesday. We're not sure when she will leave the nursing home now. She definitely needs to be well when she does go home, no since sending her home with pnuemonia.

    Marie-I am going glad you are going to the drs. tommorrow, I hope he finds out whats going on with your swelling ,congestive heart failure and leaking, to get you feeling better. I am going to make a tomato pie in alittle bit we have alot of ripe tomatoes, I seen the recipe on a repeat of the chew, I watched off my dvr, it has stuffing in it, cheese, mayonaise and basil. I am going to use my light mayonaise and cheese to reduce calories.

    Connie-I see where you are selecting all your things for your new house, hopefully its not stressing you out to much, when we were building our house in1995, I was involved in 2 car wrecks, a month apart, neither my fault. I was off work from the end of September 1995, till the the week after 4th of July 1996. That was a really stressful time for me, along with other things, my 1st husband and I split up less than three months, after we moved in after 17 1/2 years married. Now that was a crazy time in my life, he married someone he worked with 3 months later. Anyway that was my house building experience.

    Stephanie-Thanks for asking about my sister, when do your kids come back from camp, I'm sure your missing them. I am really getting bad about the heat lately, when I normally do good with it, I went thru menopause and stopped having periods 5 years ago, so for me its not that.

    Esther-Your night out with the crab sounds great, I love crab, I havent had it in along time. There isnt any all you can eat crab places around here anymore. I cant believe in Alaska the age is 14 for a permit, you have to be 16 here. It sounds like you have a perfect place for her to practice driving.

    Nancy -You got your exercise in early today, the fitbit sounds like its motivating you, my fitgear makes me walk more too.

    Barbie -You are amazing with your regimen of walking and your discipline with your eating the same foods, at this point I like variety, but it sounds like it works for you.

    Rachel-I hope you close soon on your house, that will be so nice for you, with this heat maybe you can get in your pool some, where you can get some relaxing in before the big move.

    I weighed today and I was down to 178.4, maybe finally, I will quit going back and forth to 180-181.

    Sorry if I missed you, gotta go. Janice
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    Good morning misfit losers! Happy Tuesday!

    It's so quiet in here it's scary! Is it the heat or are we just caught up in the business of life? ;)

    I'm headed to the gym for body pump. I have not exercised in several days because I've just been so tired. The more I don't go, the more I don't want to go so I am going.

    Marie, I hope you get relief from the doc and will be on the mend soon.

    Janice..terrible house buying memory..I guess it's true..what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, huh?

    Make it a great day, losers!

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    good morning ladies,

    I think I accidentally posted on the other thread last week. I read on yahoo that new research has determined it takes 7000 calories to lose 1lb of fat versus the 3500 calories we all think it does. maybe that is why losing is so sooo slow for me:(

    I am a little frustrated, weighing in around 149 with no cheats and sticking close to plan. I was at 148 all of last week. we have been out to dinner a lot, can only think it may be the sodium in the food? this is so not linear.....I get how you feel Janice, trying so hard to break into the lower decade and stay there. I just want to say goodbye to the 150s!! going to eat home the next three nights:)

    it is still really hot here, I walked the dog very early and am off to spin class! hope everyone has a great day and you feel better marie!!