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    Janice........ I will pray for your sister and your family. My grandfather suffered from chronic pneumonia. He would get it at least once a month. But at almost 92 it got the best of him. Let's hope your sister can fight this bout off and finally get to come home. Hang in there. We are all here for you.
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    Thinking of you and your sister Janice
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    Becky, I surely hope Foxie gets better soon. I know it is so hard to see them suffer.
    So glad you are able to do the IV fluids. My Sissy (Pekingese) got really sick with an auto-
    immune disease when she was 7y/o and she was in the ICU at the Vet. School for a few
    days and they pulled her through. I stayed in a motel near the school and they would call often to let
    me know how she was doing. She lived to be 17 years old and I so miss her every day. I
    never regretted spending all the money on her for she brought so much happiness to me.

    Connie, I know you must be excited about getting your new home. It might be a bit frustrating
    at times but it will be worth it and will be fun.

    Janice, So sorry your sister is having difficulty. I know it must be disappointing thinking she
    was ready to go home. Praying for quick recovery from the pneumonia.

    Eninad, Keep up the good work!!!

    Esther, You have been rather quiet lately??? What are you up to!!!

    Good night,
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    :) Eninad, I encourage my husband to go out to restaurants with his friends so he can enjoy the eating and I can avoid it. It took him awhile to get clear that I would refuse any food he offered me.

    :'( Becky, I am so sorry to hear about Foxie...our pets are so precious....when we have had illness with our pets, I remind myself (like you did) to be grateful that we have the money to pay for the vet treatment.

    :'( Janice, sorry to hear the news about your sister.

    <3 hugs to all
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    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I hope she can continue to fight, she has been thru so much. Janice
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    Hi guys. I have been up to my eyeballs in Busy today. I took a friend and daughter to the airport at 7 this morning. Took my oldest and her best friend to Art School at 9. My youngest had swimming lessons at 9:30. And I swim while she has lessons. We ate lunch with my mom at a local art gallery/restaurant that has local musicians that entertain during the lunch hours. And my dad was playing music with his friends there. Then at 1:00 my youngest had Art School until 2:30 so I wandered downtown and played Dodge Tourist while I waited for her to finish. I came home and walked the dogs around the block. At 5:00 I had to pick the older girls from their session of Art School. We have the best friend spending the night because her mom and sister are out of town. And to top everything off I found out yesterday an old swim instructor of both my girls is expecting a baby girl the end of August so I pulled out some yarn and I am now crocheting a blanket for her. Holy crap....... I just realized how busy I was today..... And then in between all the running around I had to stop at my friends house and rolling up her truck windows because it tried to rain today and she is out of town.

    That's why I was a little quiet today....... So sorry........

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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Thursday!

    Esther..you were busy!
    Faye..good to see you!
    Janice.. I hope your sis will feel better very soon. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Nancy..I'm determined not to stress about this process. It is a blessing, and I although I sometimes think we are too old to be doing it, I remind myself we have both worked very hard over the years, (especially my hubs as he is retired military) and we need to enjoy our retirement.
    Marie..where are you??

    It is sooo humid this morning! Cooper decided he wanted a short walk so I was happy to oblige him. Little does he know that he will still have a busy day as he will be going to the groomer in a few minutes! I don't have any real plans today other than errands while he is getting groomed.

    Make it a great day, losers! Stay strong!


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    :) Connie, our dogs are going to the groomer today, too. They get bows in their ears. Brandy likes hers and Sasha rubs her ears on the ground when I walk her so she can get rid of them as fast as she can.

    :) The reason I keep doing what I'm doing is that I want to be able to walk and be active and feel healthy for a long time....at age 30, longevity was not on my radar, now I think about it and it motivates me to continue my healthy behaviours.

    <3 Barbie
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    Becky - Sorry about your cat being sick and hope he/she gets on the mend soon. It's so hard when a pet is sick.

    Eniad- Keep on your road to losing. Don't let anyone sabotage you and your goal including your husband. Keep at it
    we all need support each day to do this.

    I am happy to report I lost 1.6 pounds this week. I hope to keep this up as I am posting it on my fridge. My summer has
    been hard with going away so much and eating things I don't normally eat. My Yoga retreat had all vegetarian for the
    weekend and I must say I did not miss the meat. I am back on meat again but that is always been a staple for years and
    hard to quit, but I don't know if I want too. I will be receiving a Newsletter from the Retreat and getting tips and recipes
    I can use. Dave and I went for a bike ride yesterday, the weather was perfect for it. He only went so
    far he could feel his back acting up and I decided to go further. I did 12 miles yesterday but I must
    admit after all the yoga on the weekend my back was hurting too. I am better today .

    Looks like our company for the weekend will not come after all. They are both sick, and I would rather have them stay
    home than bring it to us. So we will probaby go down to our boat and enjoy it at our own club.

    Today is lunch with my sister so I better get moving.

    Have a great day!

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    Good morning dear friends What a lovely hot and beautiful day it is out side. Gonna be another hot one here in Texas.

    Janice so sorry to hear about your sister Hope she is better today.
    praying for her.

    Esther you are a busy lady. Where do you get all that energy?

    Barbie is just like the little bunny just keep going going Just like in the commercial.

    Connie good morning to you. and have a wonderful day

    Becky you have your hands full right now. Is foxie doing better this morning.

    The kittens are following us around all the time.. When I got up this morning made my coffee went and sat down and yell out good morning and here they came. Now they have to be in the rooms with us.
    I better get tings rolling. have a few things to catch up with. Got my pintos going. should be done by lunch time.
    MARIE <3

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    Good Morning Misfits,

    Hope it is a good day for all of you.

    -Connie, You are not too old to take on this building process. You deserve
    to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just enjoy each phase of seeing your new home
    being built.

    -Shirley, Congrats on your weight loss today.

    Esther, You continue to amaze me with your energy!!!

    -Barbie, I certainly agree with you about wanting to be able to walk and
    be healthy as we get older. That really motivates me too and so much of it
    is determined by how we treat our bodies.

    -Marie, Those pinto beans sound really good. Wish it didn't take so long to cook them.

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    Little Foxie had IV fluids all night and is now back on the IV after a bit of running around the house for exercise. She is doing better and actually ate her special GI low fat food this morning. First food she's eaten since Saturday morning when the vomiting started!

    Today I am cooking and cleaning while watching over Miss Foxie. Eating on plan is really easy. I couldn't be happier with my meal plan and personal training. I'm actually seeing some contour changes in my body. I find it amazing because this is only my third week of training!

    Janice, I am so very sorry to hear that your sister has pneumonia again. :-( Prayers for a speedy recovery and that she can get back home!

    Have a great day!


  • lovesretirement
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    Awww..Becky. She's beautiful! So glad she is feeling better.

    Barbie..Cooper hates the scarves the groomer puts around his neck!

    Shirely..congrats on your loss this week!

    Nancy..thanks for the encouragement!

    Marie..glad your kitties are keeping you on your toes. Pintos sound good...mine come from Bush's in the can, but I know yours taste better!

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    wow so much going on!!
    connie, congrats on the house I missed that.....so exciting!!!

    ester, my my you are busy!! I'm tired just reading what you have done

    Shirley, nice loss:)

    becky, glad foxy is hopefully on the mend. great about sticking to plan.

    Janice, that is really tough with your sister, very hard to get over pneumonia, relapse is common. you are in my thoughts. my nutritionist actually believes weight clinging on in times of stress. maybe that is what is going on??

    marie and nancy, hope all is well!!

    running off to a meeting, check back later. weight was same yesterday, sticking around 148, maybe a change tomorrow?

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    Wow ladies very busy in here today! I love how engaged everyone is I know it keeps me chugging along.

    I have a beach trip coming up and usually gain on vacation. My goal this time is to NOT gain. It takes so much discipline to lose a few pounds I really don't want to gain and lose them again!

    Mixed bag of weather today and a bit cooler. Will get out for a bike ride later as long as no storms come through.

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    Becky, Foxie is precious. Hope she is well real soon!!!
    Glad she has a private duty nurse.
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    Becky...does Foxie sleep in her bed and/or cage normally? I only ask because Cooper will not sleep in his bed or little canvas dog house but prefers to be under our bed or on the loveseat we have in the room. (Since there is now hardwood, I have a pallet for him under the bed...he is spoiled rotten!)

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    Connie I keep bushes beans on hand in case I forget to cook some. or run out. I have a small crock pot which hold 2 c of pintos and they cooked on high for 5 hours. I never have cook then on low overnight. Must tried that this coming week. I love my little quart and half crock pot . Just the right size for me. I should cook more and freeze them but hate to get the big one out. I have been thinking of getting a electric pressure cooker and it really cook beans in a hurry.
    I may just try me some black beans tonigt But Bushes beans are hard to beat.

    Becky Foxie is so cute, so glad to hear she is better. Nice you being a nurse and take care of her. Thanks for sharing her picture with us. adorable.

    Ruthie enjoy your vacation. What beach will you be at?

    Shirley good job getting back on your plan. You are doing great. How is your garden coming along?

    Nancy Do you guys catch any fish out of the lake.? Its a beautiful lake and your back yard looks do good Looks like a font yard. You and your husband work hard on it to keep it that way. We have gone so long without rain ours look terrible. In fact Jerry did not even have to mow this week. We got too much during May and June now none.

    See you guys later
    <3 Marie

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    Hi everybody........you ask where I get all my energy from. I have no idea. And I am not a coffee drinker either so it is not from caffeine. I have a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast every morning and that's it. I have always been a little on the hyper side. I was in my thirties when a doc told me I should have been diagnosed with ADHD as a child. And with my energy my kids are never bored. And all the adults involved with their functions know that I will help out whenever needed.

  • SeeAhtter787
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    Becky. Foxie looks so sweet and loving. But then if she is like my dogs........looks are deceiving. But they are so loving no matter what your mood. She is lucky to have you able to care for her with her IV. Our babies are always more comfortable at home.