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    So for those of you who remember me posting about my daughters best friends sister that tried to kill herself. She is doing well....all things considered. Finally got the story out of her. She is 16. She broke up with her boyfriend and he was refusing to break up. Then she found out she was pregnant and he wanted to pay for an abortion (total jerk). She didn't want a baby and she didn't want his especially. Band then she lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with her mom and sister. There is no realistic was it was going to work out so she saw no way out. She and her mom are down in Seattle right now seeing a doctor. They should be home soon. But she is doing as well as can be expected. I told her that I would be holding her hand spiritually while she was down there. She still has a long way to go but she is getting there one hug at a time.

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    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif Our pets win the spoiled pets award---all three of them sleep on our bed with us.
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    Marie, Thanks We have bass, brim, crappie and cat fish in the lake. My hubby fishes in the spring but not much in the hot months. He only likes to fish for crappie. Our grass looks good only because we have a sprinkler system. We have a sprinkler pump which pumps water from the lake so it doesn't impact our water bill.
    Nancy :)
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    Hi, everybody! I've been gone for around a week, I think. I know I've missed so much! I hope everyone is doing well. :)
    Food is hit or miss for me this week, and I've changed my workout routine. On Monday I started classic P90X again, my goal is to do 30 days, assess my results, and then do it in increments of 30 days again. I've been eating close to maintenance and close to maintenance + exercise calories a little throughout this week, so I'm feeling fat and I've gained atleast a pound back, for sure. I'm going to try pre-logging my food for the week starting on Monday, and see how that goes. That way I'll have to put zero thought into what to eat each day(after I've logged the week), and I can tailor each day around appropriate protein goals.

    The appraisal came back on our house, and it appraised $1,000 higher than what we're buying it for, which is fantastic! No more negotiating! We'll have to put several hundred dollars into it initially(have to get the septic inspected before the loan will go through, and that will be $300 in itself), so it's great that we're not just throwing the money away and that there's that $1,000 in equity sitting in it. After we get the septic inspected and the sellers do the fixes they've agreed to, we should have a closing date. I'm really looking forward to getting things moved in! I'll need to start going through all our stuff and seeing what I can part with/pawn off on other people. I have more things than I really need, and I don't want to bring too much clutter into our new place. I started last night with the pantry, and I'm so glad I got that over with and don't have to deal with it later. Now I finally know exactly what's in there and where to find everything. It took a little time but I'm so glad it's done!

    I'm going to try to catch up on some posts. Janice, it's been so hot here! I've been going for walks in the evening to reach my 10,000 steps, and my hands and feet are swollen each time when I get back(it's a thing I do in the summer).

    TGIF! Have a good one, everyone!

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    I went to see my sister at the hospital today, and one of my other sister came while I was there, she is doing good, they have gave her 5 antibotics. She ate all of her dinner and also a snack, while I was there. Thats more than I seen her eat in awhile, she is only about 100 pounds. We all talked and had a good long visit. I'm hoping she will be able to go straight home after this since she was suppose to go home tommorrow. She was in good spirits, so hapoy for that.

    I weighed today and back to 179.6, I will get thru the 180's, hopefully permantly soon. Sorry I dont have any comments on posts, my brain is mush, okay tired. Janice
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    Hope everyone is having a great day B)
    <3 Rosie
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    Good morning, misfit losers! Happy Friday!

    Janice..glad your sis is eating well. Remember to take care of you, too.

    Barbie.. Lol! Cooper probably would sleep with us, but the bed is too high for him to jump on or off! He would definitely hurt himself trying.

    Ray..so glad to hear good news about your new house! Good idea on prelogging..keeps things simple.

    Nancy..so cool that your irrigation system comes from the lake and does not impact your bill!!

    Marie..good morning!

    It's a little cooler today and cloudy. We will go to the design center today to choose things for the house. This is moving faster than I thought it would which is good, I guess.

    Make it a great day, losers!

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    :) Rachel, it has helped me lose weight and keep it off to know ahead of time what I'm going to eat....at first, I actually logged the whole day the night before, now I do it mentally because my meals are simple and familiar....the best part about moving is the opportunity to sort and discard...we have moved many times since we've been married and have far less accumulated stuff than our contemporaries...and we have room for both vehicles in the garage.

    :) Janice, that's good news about your sister.

    :) Nancy, you are fortunate to have water....we have a serious drought here and are being asked to voluntarily cut back on watering.

    :) Connie, someone I know has a ramp to allow their small dog to get on and off the tall bed..don't tell Cooper about that.

    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif Breakfast finished, time to begin the long dog walk...the audio book I'm listening to now is set in Homer, Alaska in November so I feel chilly listening to it.
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    What a nice bunch of misfit we have here. I think we are all quite unique here. and really care for each other.

    We are off to walmart this morning. I missed going Tuesday so will get Jerry to take me this morning. I read that barilla has a gluten free pasta out now and want to try it out. Hope I can find it.

    Hey look like I Am the first one here this morning. unusually here lately.
    hope all is well especially Foxie, Janice's Sister, and any one else who has been ailing.

    my kitties are really making their self at home now. Think I will take them outside this morning and let them play, Hoping they do not pick up any fleas. With all the squirrels and birds we have coming by for a bite to eat and a drink of water. I am sure there are some around.

    See you guys later

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    Thank you all for your thoughts of Foxie. She is doing much better! She is now eating, which she hadn't done since Saturday when it all began.

    Connie, all our dogs like the crates if they are down from the attic. We got one down just for keeping her in one spot for the IV tubing. We have dog/cat beds in many rooms they all lounge in.

    I check in later.

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    Hi Misfits,
    Got busy this morning and forgot to check in with my friends.
    Sounds like things are going well with everyone.
    Have done my exercise and had lunch and will take it easy for a little bit.
    Going to eat at Bonefish Grill tonight with friends. Plan on staying on plan.
    Have a great day.
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    Doctor is very happy with my weight loss progress. I've lost about 50 pounds. Now he wants me doing strength/body-weight training, alternating it with my cardio on other days. He gave me guidance on what to expect scale wise as I work on this stage. How weight loss is exponential to our size and muscle's will grab water to repair and these will both impact what I see on the scale and to not get discouraged by this.

    I had told myself from the beginning that I would start this type of working out when I broke 200. I weighed in at 205 at his office, but 199 on the scale at home this morning, so I guess it's time. I thought I'd feel more fit when this day came, that I'd feel excited or stronger or more able to do these movements, but I do not feel this way. I feel unable, I feel weak. My doctor says I can do them, so I also feel lazy. He says it will get easier and this will help my batwings and core get their proper muscles.

    I managed about 2 minutes on my routine last night. Basically enough to show my spouse what I'm supposed to do, so we could write it out in an order to create a cycle for me to follow. I was miserable. I do need to go buy a good mat for the knees and body to do these on, though, that will help.

    Someday I will look back at today and laugh. I will think this beginner routine is cake and I will be able to do it all in a repetitive pattern for 30-40 minutes.

    Today is not that day.
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    Hi everyone! Happy Friday!!
    Glad to hear the puppy is feeling better, Becky <3

    Hope your sister is doing better, Janice <3

    We are heading to the gulf in Florida, Marie. <3 I haven't been to the gulf in many many years and hubs either, kids never. We usually head to a beach on the Atlantic but with the Sharks we decided to try a new place.

    Eninad, <3 I started lifting weights just a few pounds away from you. I read the book New Rules Of Lifting For Women from the library and wrote down a basic plan. I do between 10-12 different exercises. It takes a long time to see changes but I have been able to increase weights on all exercises and that has been very motivating. Your doctor is correct, the morning after weights I usually see some water retention registered on the scale. One bit of advice I had to learn the hard way is not eating back the calories burned from lifting. When I did, I saw no movement in the scale. Oh and also, try to increase protein intake to feed your new muscles. You might end up enjoying your new exercise ;)

    Eeeek Connie <3 building a new house !!

    Esther hope your friend's daughter finds peace <3

    Wishing everyone a great weekend!
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    How many kids do you have and what are the ages? You might Have told us once but I forgotten
    and really don't remember Esther kids ages I know she has a 5 year old who has a late overdue payment at the library.
    Hope all of you have a great weekend. I am checking into a diet supplement from Walreens. Called alamaseed Anybody heard of it.? I am doing something wrong or I would be losing, But what? I have lost most that water weightgain tho. But no new weight lost..

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    hi everyone, so much to process!!
    Janice, I hope your sister is ok!
    nancy, have fun at bone fish. we have one here but I have never been.
    ray, great news about the house.
    enirad, nice doc apt!! those are the best!
    ester, thanks for letting us know bout your daughter friend. sounds like a tough situation but hopefully they will come up with a good solution.
    hi there to faye, becky and anyone else I missed!!

    going to dinner with my sister. hubby golfing!

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    Marie, I have 2 boys 10 and 7! School and sports start back here August 3rd so this is one last relaxation trip before the crazy schedule begins. They both play lots of soccer in the fall. Busy busy but I love it. We 3 have lots of fun together ( hubby usually working).

    Be careful with supplements. I have a very fit friend who tried one and she passed out in her car at a light hitting the person in front of her. They got out to talk to her and she was out and her foot still On the pedal pushing against the other car. This happened two more times ( at home though) and then she finally realized it was the supplement. The Drs were baffled before she figured it out.

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    Weekend yay!!!
  • eatless83
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    Esther - that's tough for a 16yr old. Hope she gets all the support she needs!

    So of my gained 4 lbs I have lost 2 already which I am really pleased about

    Hopefully will have dragon boating this afternoon but it depends how I get on with my cleaning! Major cleaning and tidying up operation going on at the moment as the in laws arrive tomorrow and I don't want any unnecessary criticism!

    They are staying with us for 8 days but in between we are taking them to Cambodia for a little break which I am looking forward to...lots of walking !!

    Have a good day everyone

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    :) Eninad, I read a great book "Strong Women Stay Young" and it helped me a lot with beginning a weight training routine. Besides explaining why weight training is important at any age or size or fitness level, it has a great beginning routine that doesn't require getting down on the floor. I urge you to take a look at it.....your local public library might have it...I watch TV while I do my weight training and that makes it more fun.

    <3 Barbie 2157045gp85zev8ri.gif
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) Eninad, I read a great book "Strong Women Stay Young" and it helped me a lot with beginning a weight training routine. Besides explaining why weight training is important at any age or size or fitness level, it has a great beginning routine that doesn't require getting down on the floor. I urge you to take a look at it.....your local public library might have it...I watch TV while I do my weight training and that makes it more fun.

    <3 Barbie 2157045gp85zev8ri.gif

    I so agree!! I have this one, too, and I absolutely loved doing it for several reasons...privacy, no floor work, minimal equipment (dumbells, ankle weights, chair) information for advanced training, and like Barbie said, you can watch tv or listen to music. Best of all is the invaluable information given in the text. There's also info for advanced moves when you are ready to move to the next level. Of course, as you advance, you will increase weight.