December Workout Check-IN: The Kettlebells Rock Edition!



  • andylllI
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    Upper power:

    Bench 90 4-3-3

    DB bench 35 3x5
    Bent over row 65 3x8 (still trying to figure out how to use my back and not my shoulders...getting there)

    Pull ups BW 3x5 (an improve the in strength given accidental Christmas cookie bulk)
    OHP 35 dbs 3x5

    Biceps 20DB 3x8
    Skull rushers 35# 3x8
  • canadianlbs
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    routine for the day: do set, check rib, fix rib, do nother set. more exploratory than a real workout. still: bench 70, back squat 75, front squat 45.

    i did some deadlifts, pulldowns and rows too, but not enough to count. and a 75-second plank and a lot of downward dog and pigeon posing.

    the bench went surprisingly well, considering i haven't been able to do it consistently all month. the strength still seems to be there when i'm mobile enough to get the form right. may have had 75lb in me, but i kept it where i was ahead. the squats went well too. pmuch decided now that i'm going to block the mirror if i'm going to squat.

    the big story on squats is a weird little thing i got from the rippetoe vid of him coaching a zillion people doing a zillion sets, and you'd never expect it to make such a difference, it's so small. "chest UP, chin DOWN". i haven't been dropping my chin and neutralizing my neck. major improvement in how it all feels.

    it seemed like deadlift and front squat were the two worst offenders wrt the rib. annoy me to death, you two; why don't you?
  • christch
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    Tonight's session
    Leg press 5x8 20kg single leg
    Hammy curl 3x10 17.5kg
    Leg extensions 3x10 17.5kg
    Front squats 2x5 35,5x5 40, 2x10 30kg
    Bench 1x10 30,4x5 1x4 failed last rep 35 kg
    Lat Pulldown 3x5 40kg
    Seated row 3x5 40kg
    Preacher curl 3x10 17.5 kg
    Db flyes 3x15 8kg
    Skullcrusher 3x15 8 kg

    Reasonable session, last one for year tomorrow night.
  • DawnEmbers
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    I went to the gym late even though I didn't have work today in order to not have a crowd and to spend a long time on the treadmill after lifting. I haven't done a long run in a while and needed to get at least one in before the month ended, plus hadn't tried much more than 30 on the treadmill before. Lifting went pretty well too.

    48 - Upper Hypertrophy

    10 minute warm up on elliptical for fun and some hanging from the assisted pull up machine
    incline bench 4x10@ 70 - 65 felt heavy but managed the reps easy enough at 70, so need to just try 75 next time, at long last.
    db fly 4x10 @ 17.5 - not bad, can increase next time
    1 db row 4x10 @ 30 - decent though might wait to increase or have to find the 32.5 set
    seat row 4x10 @ 80 - challenging, i almost feel like it's going to pull me forward for some reason, same with the heavier tricep extension
    lat raise 4x10 @ 12.5 - barely managed the 10, going to forever to increase on these
    cable bicep curl 4x10 @ 50 - doing okay here, distracting on occasion where the cable hits on my chest at the top of the movement...
    face pulls 4x12 @ 30 - kind of like these
    tricep extension 4x8 @ 80 - tried an increase but it was a bit heavy.

    Then 5 minute warm up, 50 minute jog and 5 minute cool down on treadmill. Not bad considering I didn't even have my running shoes with, just some really old sneakers that need replaced. Hard to believe like a year ago I was trying to just jog for 5 to 10 whole minutes and now, I can just go for 50 and could have gone even longer but tired at 1 am. Soon comes sleep.
  • Ariadnula
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    I'm back! Man. Christmas was good, but I can't tell you how good it feels to be home, and going to the gym, and generally just living a more normal life!

    Squats: 5x5 @ 66 kg
    OHP: 5x5 @ 20 kg
    Deadlift: 5x5 @ 55kg

    Pull ups: 5/3
    Dips: 10, then got bored!

    Still a bit lower weights than I was lifting, but I haven't moved for a week and wanted to be sensible.

    I'm also considering changing things a bit from straight 5x5, maybe some strong curves or some of the Nia Shanks workouts I have saved, just for interest. I've used the Nia Shanks ones in the past but was over-cautious about adding weight, so maybe I'll play with that again but going harder. Stronglifts have really opened my eyes to what I can do...
  • krokador
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    *grumbles* Maybe I should've taken today off after all, wasn,t feeling too bad but my lower back did bother me a bit. I dropped the deadlifts but I think it also affected my OHP to a degree :/

    OHp 1RM test (previous: 92.5)
    90x 2 fails... I had a look at myself in the mirror on the second one where I was stuck around chin level and my left arms was just flaring out like it couldn't handle the weight. It's been my weak point ever since I've recovered the use of my right arm - you'd think after being stronger on the left side for 2+ months I wouldn't have dug back that hole for it afterwards. I was careful to always do my rehab stuff on both sides to avoid this. Ugh

    Lat pulldown 1RM test (no real previous record)

    150 was slow and tough enough I stopped there. So with my bodyweight at 195 i'm still WAYS away from a pull-up. *sighs*

    did my 59 superheros. Took 16:08.

    Then worked on some of the shoulder rehab exercises I haven,t been doing and a hip^mobility routine to help my lower back.

    finished off with a rest pause set of 1 arm DB shoulder press, 25x10/4/3 (left hand first)
    And t-bar rows. barx10, 20x12, 35x12, 45x10

    thought about walking on the treadmill for a bit but it was late and I was hungry and I didn't have my music and blah. Just blah.
  • DawnEmbers
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    No music is legitimate excuse for not walking on treadmill. Just saying...

    I was going to check out gym before work but then decided to lie on heating pad for back and be lazy instead. Lower hypertrophy will be late tonight after my short cashier shift.
  • andylllI
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    I ran for an hour today in the forest. I should be doing lower power but I'm working nights this week and have no spotter during the day.
  • christch
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    Just finished today's session. Tried Upper hypertrophy- yeah I know that's day 4 of PHUL but already done two strength sessions this week.
    Barbell bench 1x12 30kg,8/8/7/7 32.5kg not happy about failing 2sets
    Db flyes 4x8 9kg
    Seated row 3x10 33+
    Db row 3x8 14 kg
    Lat pulldown 3x10 33 + don't like lat raises but will have to suck it up
    Incline db curl 3x8 8kg
    Triceps extensions 1x10 5, 1x10 7.5, 1x8 10kg never done them this way so playing around with weight
    Incline db bench 3x12 8 kg couldn't work out how to set up bench in rack for incline so just did it with DB

    Certainly a quicker workout my arms still hurt when I finished.
    Might go in early tomorrow to do lower hypertrophy depending on how I feel.

    Happy new year to one and all!

  • DawnEmbers
    DawnEmbers Posts: 2,451 Member
    Last workout of 2015 for me. Went to the gym after my short work shift, which ended up not being all cashiering as we called one of the newer members in to help due to being short staffed today. After the lifts, I did a little sumo deadlift for fun in order to try out the lifting straps I won on It was... different. I had a hard time getting them tight enough because of the build as my hands/wrists are on the small side. Had to work the material in the more padded spot so it could also go through the loop in order to be a little tighter in general. They were a couple of awkward sets but sumo is still awkward for me. Not sure I quite get it, so need to do some more research. Plus, I did heavier than I've done before on it, just to see how it would go (still lighter than my regular deadlifts).

    49 - Lower Hypertrophy
    front squat 3x10 @ 85 and 1x10 @ 105 - same as last time and still a slight challenge. Some wrist ache but not bad
    curtsy lunge 4x10 @ 80 - more challenging since I increased on this
    good morning 4x12 @ 80 - also a little more challenging
    leg extension 4x10 @ 80 - nothing special
    leg curl 4x8 @ 80 - difficult to do and felt more in hamstrings this time
    seated calf 4x12 @ 110 - eh, calves
    sumo deadlift with straps 1x5 and 1x3 @ 185 - bit awkward and struggled second set with right strap

    That is all. I work from now until Monday, but next two days off are rest days. More lifting on the weekend including maybe lifting Sunday with coworker for lower power day. We'll see how it goes.
  • BethAnnieT
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    Jealous of all of you who are getting to the gym over the holidays! Mine reopens on Saturday, so you can bet I'll be there at some point for my 5x5. Will probably have to deload everything but that's ok. Was planning to run a lot during break but then it snowed over 2 feet and our roads are still cruddy. I did go snowshoeing around my property the other day, which was fun and a pretty good workout! Thinking about signing up for a snowshoeing race on our mountain coming up in January. Anyway then I caught a cold and also slept weird and I can't look to the left. SOOO I'm going to go ahead and take it easy until Saturday when I can get to the gym. :) Listen to your body and all that. Looking forward to getting back into the clockwork of gym-vball-gym-vball next week.
  • kimiuzzell
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    I managed to get a successful gym visit in...still taking care with the back so just pleased to be able to (and to want to) do so much!

    SL: SQ 1X5@40kg 1X5@50kg 5X5@52.5kg...working my way back up slowly!
    Ohp 5x5@25kg
    DL 1X5@50kg 1X5@60kg 1x5@62.5kg...very carefully!

    Then did Nrol4w Stage 2 final workout A...all good there. Increased planks to 75 seconds.

    Then did assisted pull ups x6. This is something I want to work on in 2016 to be able to do one unassisted.

    Finally went on the treadmill to run for 15 mins. I used to run marathons but since my knee op can't do more than about 20 mins....Def enjoyed this and want to gradually build up the mins in 2016.

    So, a really good final workout for 2015, back considering. Bring on 2016 and happy new year everyone!
  • krokador
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    Last workout of the year was a bodyweight smoker! I chose to stay home to do it because I was expecting an amazon package and I didn't want to miss it and have to wait til Saturday or Sunday to get it xD

    Bodyweight Gauntlet: 3 mins AMRAP of each, with 1 min rest between each
    Pull-Ups (all bands, knee in): 17
    Squat: 94
    Push-up: 38
    Burpee: 24
    Plank hold: 1:06

    The numbers are rather pathetic compared to the last time I did this. But that was in March, before the injury, and I was 10lbs lighter. I'm rather disappointed but not discouraged. I won't stop moving forward!

    Then the 60 freakin' hero manmakers... UUUUGH! That was hell! My upper body is just smoked. I think my recent 1rm attempt fails were due more to having taxed my upper body a whole lot this month than actually showing a regression. 18:07. Still below 20 mins, right?

    I'm done for today. I'm done for the year. I will go for walks because walks make me feel good. But tomorrow is a complete off day. I'm doing NADA to get myself sweating. No, seriously, Mel. REST!

    Then I'll be back at it with a better plan. Starting anew. Forget the past failures and just focus on what's ahead. I have 5-6 OCRs I'm already registered to for the next year (one of them is a spartan sprint, yikes! I still think I'm crazy but hey, no risks = no rewards!). No more excuses!
  • fanncy0626
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    Stronglifts Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swings-
    Goblet squats- 3x5x25
    Russian swings - 19x7x25
  • ar9179
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    I've taken a tracking break, although I've still kept to my normal gym schedule. After a bad case of the blahs, I decided to work on squat depth and de-loaded a ton on that. My golf elbow is still tender, but getting better. I'm looking forward to getting back at it and finishing my weight loss as well as mixing things up a bit in the gym.

    It finally cooled off here, and my mood is better even with gray skies :)
  • bluefish86
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    Sumiblue wrote: »
    I'm doing PHUL. Here's today's upper power workout:

    @Sumiblue which app are you using to track your workout?
  • Sumiblue
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    @bluefish86 , it's Jefit. I like it!
  • Ariadnula
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    edited January 2016
    Last day off! (Scotland gets an extra holiday after Hogmanay - hurray!)

    Squat: 5x5 @ 70kg
    Deadlift: 1x5 @ 60kg
    OHP: 5x5 @ 21kg
    I'm starting to get back to my previous max on these before a forced deload before Christmas, and feeling good so I hope to keep increasing.

    Dips: 2x10

    Then a bunch of core/ oblique stuff. I've been putting together some bodyweight workouts for my husband to do at home and he said he was bored with the last lot and wanted to focus more on core exercises. So I thought I'd better test them out on myself! I might be sore tomorrow....

    (Editing this to say I'm moving it to the right place! Dopey...)
  • canadianlbs
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    Sumiblue wrote: »
    @bluefish86 , it's Jefit. I like it!

    um, it's very big in the thread . . .

    i love the total-weight-moved number though. i do that one by hand sometimes just to impress myself.

  • bluefish86
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    Sumiblue wrote: »
    @bluefish86 , it's Jefit. I like it!

    Totally going to check this for tomorrow's workout...

    Ta! :wink: