January 2016 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • darkrider42
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:



  • kar328
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    17.3 miles between cycle class and walking outside. My usual route is almost completely clear of snow and it felt so good to get out and walk again. Also did a TRX class and lifted heavy things. Trying to make up for being stuck indoors all day yesterday waiting for repair guys.

  • clepant
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    @Just_Ceci: Sure hope you feel better soon. Flu, colds, coughs, and all that other good stuff just puts a real bite out of life. My ingredients for surviving school kids. Everyday I start with Airborne. I know it's crazy but I swear it works. I top that with hot green tea with pomegranate, fresh ginger, fresh lemon and local honey. Was sick for 24 hours one day this year and it was the first time in over four years. Oh...hand washing and more hand washing,

    @taxmom9093: No I don't want a wash board. I remember my mother washing clothes with a big open agitating tub and feeding clothes one by one through a ringer to get most of the water out. No wonder being a house wife was a full time job. Between hours of washing clothes, scrubbing floors, ironing everything on the face of the earth, it was a long day of work.

    Jan. 27: 12.75 miles of running 3.75 miles and jogging and walking 9 miles.
    TTD:271.51 miles


  • Lovemyalex
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    Exercise total for


    25.16 miles (exercise bike) & 1.69 miles (eliptical) & 2.22 miles walking

    29.07 miles for today

    755.60 miles done MTD
  • watersm04
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    Sun: 26km bike
    Mon: 5km walk
    Tues: 36km bike

  • Hungry_Annie
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    .72 mile stroll on the treadmill to hit my step goal. I'm Dead tired today!


  • vhuber
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    22 on the ex bike.


  • kayak_kutie
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    Goal Met!

    Walking miles last couple of days:

    1/25 - 1.67
    1/26 - 2.90

  • GrandmaJackie
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    1/27 Run 4.25 miles / Walk 3 miles / Arc Trainer 1 mile

    As of 1/27 215.75 miles of 200 miles

  • sufferlandrian
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    Finally on the board with 6 miles out of 100. Had to get on the indoor trainer but at least it's a start. :smile:

    Adding 3 miles for 9 out of 100. I think I might be able to tack on some more this evening. It's pretty slow at the clinic.

    Adding another 6 miles for 15 out of 100.

    Adding another 10 miles for 25 out of 100.

    Adding another 9 miles for 34 out of 100.

    Adding another 9 miles for 43 out of 100.

    Adding another 6 on the XC skis. That makes 49 out of 100. :smile:

    Adding 19 more miles for 68 out of 100.

    Adding 3 more miles on the fat tire in the snow. The dog loved it! That's 71 out of 100.

    Adding another 8 miles. My legs are cooked. I know it says running in place, but I was hauling butt up a big hill and then taking the long way home on my Spiders. (Fischer Spider 62 is a Back Country ski). That makes 79 out of 100. Don't expect much tomorrow. :smile:

    Adding 6 more miles for 85 out of 100.

    Adding 6 more miles for 91 out of 100.

    Adding 9 miles for 100 out of 100.

    Adding 16 miles for 116 out of 100
  • sufferlandrian
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    clepant wrote: »
    I got spend. $1000 today on something that spins. Did I get to use it for a new ride? Nope. I got to spend it on a new washing machine...yippee.

    I laughed pretty good at that one. I had to go tell my wife. She got a kick out of it. :smile:
  • lamlamsmakeover
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    Playing catch-up has paid off. I'll make my goal this month...yay!!! I think next month I'm going to drop the goal down a bit, though.
  • xxghost
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    Ohhh man. Up to 93.75!
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    Updating to include today...53.1/50miles complete. Thought I was not there yet, but a pleasant surprise. I should get to this thread more often so I have a better idea of how I am doing.
  • taxmom9093
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    Added 1.25 miles for a January total of 69.5 miles.


  • amazingmummy
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  • sussexbythesea
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    new ttd 91.3 miles
  • KariD1114
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    1/26-1/27 = 5.69

  • Tappy44
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    1/28 - 2.66 miles

    MTD - 51.86 miles
  • darkrider42
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


    Now making GOAL.....@KAYAK_KUTIE, @ALETHAMARY and @SUSSEXBYTHESEA!!! :star:

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