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Am I the only one that finds it difficult to eat more?



  • SatisfiedwithbetterSatisfiedwithbetter Posts: 840Member, Premium Member Posts: 840Member, Premium Member
    Way cool! My daughter loves the bracelet!
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Posts: 257Member Member Posts: 257Member Member
    I'm so happy!!! Happy customers make me happy. :smiley:

  • scaryann1scaryann1 Posts: 257Member Member Posts: 257Member Member
    It's kind of scary how fast time gets away from me these days! Our market season comes to a close this Saturday. But this time it starts back up in February instead of March. So I only get January to design without interruptions from market days. LOL

    My only complaint with this schedule is that not only do I get physically exhausted, but I forget to eat as well... even after all this time, I still have a mental block on food. I just don't think of it like a "normal" person does. Some days it feels like it's all Rick (my other half) thinks about. On those days it feels like we eat every 2 hours. And he doesn't want small meals for these days either, he wants full meat, potato, vegetable, and bread meals... every two hours, and all I want to do is weave. LOL These are the days he gives up and does the cooking because he knows I'm not gonna put down the pliers and do it. :lol:

    My latest set: Necklace is ~19" Bracelet is ~8" and Earrings are ~2", it is listed on my store page.
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