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Am I the only one that finds it difficult to eat more?



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    Way cool! My daughter loves the bracelet!
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    I'm so happy!!! Happy customers make me happy. :smiley:

  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 258 Member Member Posts: 258 Member
    It's kind of scary how fast time gets away from me these days! Our market season comes to a close this Saturday. But this time it starts back up in February instead of March. So I only get January to design without interruptions from market days. LOL

    My only complaint with this schedule is that not only do I get physically exhausted, but I forget to eat as well... even after all this time, I still have a mental block on food. I just don't think of it like a "normal" person does. Some days it feels like it's all Rick (my other half) thinks about. On those days it feels like we eat every 2 hours. And he doesn't want small meals for these days either, he wants full meat, potato, vegetable, and bread meals... every two hours, and all I want to do is weave. LOL These are the days he gives up and does the cooking because he knows I'm not gonna put down the pliers and do it. :lol:

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    Eating full fat foods instead of low fat is a good way to eat more calories but just remember to not go over your:
    1. Total daily calories
    2. More specifically, your total fat calories (or grams)

    You can eat full fat milk, cheese, nuts etc but don't let the fat macro bully the other macros! It's not going to leave enough room for protein and carbs which fuel your workouts and your muscles. So once you hit your number for fats, stop eating fats. You can set your fat number a little higher by lowering your carb number but be sure you don't lower your protein number. That is the truly important one that should not get lowered.

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  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 258 Member Member Posts: 258 Member
    Wow, it's been awhile, again... Market season starts again Saturday. Ugg, I don't think I'm ready. In the last few months I've found myself not eating again, so I have started gaining again. I just don't think about food during the day. Then when I do eat it makes me nauseous which makes me avoid eating later in the day when I finally notice that I haven't eaten all day. I've thought about setting an alarm, but I'm sure I'd turn the alarm off and not eat anyway.

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