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today's menu...



  • cottagegirl71
    cottagegirl71 Posts: 167 Member
    B - sausage patty, hard boiled egg and black coffee
    L - not sure yet - came here for ideas!
    D - chicken and broccoli divan - no rice or breadcrumbs ;)
    S - pepperoni stick, macadamias, square of 85% dark chocolate with a tsp of my new almond/coconut butter....mmmmm
  • daisygirl2017
    daisygirl2017 Posts: 107 Member
    b- deviled eggs
    l-roast chicken with green beans
    d-zucchini ziti. Brown hamburger, shred zucchini add to hamburger with mushrooms, onions and tomato sauce. Dump in casserole dish and top with lots and lots of cheese. (25 net carbs for half pan)
  • anglyn1
    anglyn1 Posts: 1,699 Member
    Breakfast: Coffee w/ hwc
    Lunch: Tuna, avocado, parmesan crisps, iced coffee
    Dinner: Probably stir-fry w/ steak
    Snack: 90% dark chocolate & almond butter
  • daisygirl2017
    daisygirl2017 Posts: 107 Member
    B- two eggs & avacado
    L- zucchini ziti
    D- pork rinds chicken with big Mac sauce and green beans
  • emilybeaver
    emilybeaver Posts: 365 Member
    Breakfast: Nada just an unsweet tea from McDonald's
    Lunch: filet wrapped in bacon, and a brat
    Supper: no idea, maybe pizza in a bowl since it'll just be buddy and me
  • lisawinning4losing
    lisawinning4losing Posts: 732 Member
    Breakfast: Iced tea with 2T of heavy cream, and stevia for sweetener

    Lunch: 4 oz hamburger patty with two strips of Applegate bacon, 1 oz of sharp cheddar cheese, and a sliced medium tomato with salt, and two dill pickle spears

    Dinner: I don't know yet either, but speaking of pizza in a bowl, I've tried this recipe before. It's really easy, and tastes amazing. :)

  • JessiokaFroka
    JessiokaFroka Posts: 149 Member
    Breakfast: bacon, a medium-boiled egg, and butter
    Lunch: bento box with salami, pepperoni, cheddar, babybel, Brie, zucchini slices, blackberries, and macadamia nuts
    Dinner: bratwurst with cheesy broccoli
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
    T1DCarnivoreRunner Posts: 11,384 Member
    Breakfast: Quest Bar - Mint Chocolate Chip; Yogi Vanilla Spice Tea
    Snack: Not sure - thinking Quest Salted Caramel protein powder
    Lunch: Not sure - co-worker and I are thinking about going to lunch, but we haven't decided where. It will probably be a locally owned restaurant without nutrition facts available because the only chains in my tiny town are fast food.
    Dinner: What am I, psychic? Really, I don't know. I'm thinking pork chops and cottage cheese.
  • anglyn1
    anglyn1 Posts: 1,699 Member
    Breakfast: Coffee with hwc
    Lunch: Probably grilled salmon, green beans, and maybe broccoli
    Snack: Iced coffee w/ cream
    Dinner: Probably Philly stuffed peppers
    Snack: 90% dark chocolate and almond butter.
  • slimzandra
    slimzandra Posts: 966 Member
    Breakfast - Coffee hwc
    Lunch - Mediterranean Salad (not my first choice, but in the café.)
    Dinner - Steak Tips! Yum.
  • laurelh8
    laurelh8 Posts: 38 Member
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, cheese, butter. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberry, banana. Coffee w/half & half
    Lunch: Steak Fajitas with sour cream and salsa wrapped in Boston Lettuce
    Dinner: Tuna Salad on mixed greens w/cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, & carrots
    Snack: Apple w/peanut butter
  • JessiokaFroka
    JessiokaFroka Posts: 149 Member
    Breakfast: 2 soft boiled eggs, butter, coffee
    Lunch: bento box with zucchini slices, macadamia nuts, several types of cheese, salami, and blackberries
    Dinner: Brinner! Breakfast for Dinner. Bacon and omelettes
  • anglyn1
    anglyn1 Posts: 1,699 Member
    Breakfast: Skipped, dentist appt.
    Lunch: Chicken wings, ranch, a couple of carrot sticks. Iced coffee with cream.
    Dinner: Qdoba naked burrito, no beans, no rice. Steak, chicken, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.
    Snack: 90% dark chocolate and almond butter.
  • WhatLouAte
    WhatLouAte Posts: 155 Member
    B- black coffee
    L-salami sticks and a couple of babybels
    D- Loaded chicken with chorizo, pesto, cheese and creamed spinach with brocolli and cauli on the side.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
    Sabine_Stroehm Posts: 19,334 Member
    Today's plan:
    br: broth and then a protein shake
    sn: string cheese
    lu: roast beef, muenster cheese in a low carb wrap
    sn: handful of snap peas
    di: curried cauliflower and tofu
  • chaoticdreams
    chaoticdreams Posts: 452 Member
    B - my go to coffee and creamer, although now with less creamer and no splenda
    L - 1lb of steamed cajun style shrimp
    D - grilled pork chops with homemade broccoli and cheese.
    S - may dig into the sugar free candy my co-worker gave me for Easter since my metformin dose was cut back and things aren't moving any more..... yeah, LOL, it's sad I look to candy for that effect.
  • carsonheim
    carsonheim Posts: 79 Member
    speakeasys wrote: »
    ....mixed all together so it looks like dog food
    LOL!! :D
  • ElizabethAN2017
    ElizabethAN2017 Posts: 570 Member
    Yummy :). Super thread. Thanks for the wonderful ideas - from a newbie. Thanks, Elizabeth Maryam
  • anglyn1
    anglyn1 Posts: 1,699 Member
    Breakfast: Coffee w/ HWC.
    Lunch: Probably a low carb burger from Hardee's.
    Dinner: Planned Philly stuffed peppers but might have to go out for a friend's b-day so maybe low carb sushi.
    Snack: 90% dark chocolate w/ almond butter.
  • retro_belle24
    retro_belle24 Posts: 33 Member
    Breakfast: half packet of weight control oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 tsp of peanut butter, and vanilla protein powder
    Lunch: kale and tuna salad
    Dinner: 2 eggs over easy with melted colby jack cheese and diced roasted tomato
    Snack: TBD