Please allow me to introduce myself...

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Cue the Rolling Stones!

Use this Announcement Thread to give a brief introduction of yourself. Especially helpful would be your old WW username and any other salient fact or two that would allow others to know a bit more about you.


  • wwgoadie
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    I am the ghost of GOAD past. I don't really exist other than to have created this board.
  • countcurt
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    I am Count Curt (of the Kingdom of GOAD). Also known as shendler, the king of anti-magic.
    Reached Goal in 2009. Still there (some days just by a thread).
  • Philtex
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    My username is Philtex, name and place, just like on the WW board. I’m down about 70 pounds from my peak weight. I’ve been WW lifetime since May, 2012. I became a runner about that same time. I also enjoy photography, but I see in the “Info on MFP Boards” announcement that posted pictures are data hogs so I’ll keep them to a minimum.

    Glad to see Goad has a new home.
  • gadgetgirlIL
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    My username here is GadgetGirlIL, formerly known as RCSCHURMAN. I go by Regina. I'm down 140 pounds from my highest ever weight in 2001. All my weight losses except the last were done on my own via calorie counting. I joined WW at Work in June 2011 when I found myself back in the obese BMI category. I lost 50 pounds and attained lifetime in March 2012. I have been under goal since although not always with as much cushion as I would like during this time.

    I switched from Tap & Track (an iPad app) in 2013 when it wasn't compatible with my new iPad. I've been on MFP ever since. I never did count points.

    I bike, run, hike, snowshoe, lift weights, and even swim a few laps every week. I enjoy physical activity and never find it a chore. However, I am prone to whining about running in the heat and humidity. Give me cold weather any day for running.
  • beachwoman2006
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    I am the user formerly known as Mamacin on the GOAD board (IRL name is Cindy). I reached goal and lifetime in 2004 and have been at or below goal since then (mostly).

    My weight started creeping up when I was put on a new medication last summer and I'm currently about 5 pounds ABOVE goal. That's the bad news. The good news is that it has been that way for almost a year and, so far, hasn't gone any higher than that. But it's a never ending struggle to keep it in check. The better news is that I'm still 60+ pounds less than I was when I started in 2002.

    I'm still following the original Core plan. Can't stand counting points (or calories).
  • Al_Howard
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    al.howard on the WW board. Al Howard IRL. Down ALMOST 100# from my highest. Made Lifetime in 1979, stopped going to meetings, and never saw THAT number again. Returned a few years ago, had good progress, but am floating about 10# above my lowest.
  • myallforjcbill
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    myallforjc on the WW board (Bill). Sir Prodigal of Onederland. I am on my third journey back to goal. I did it once in 2002 but hated meetings and quit going. Went online in 2007 and found GoaD sometime thereafter and hit goal in 2010 and ran a marathon. Both times dropping 100+. I now attend monthly lifetime members meeting on a drop in basis working to get back to a healthy weight. I enjoy the discussions we have. I quit paying late last year and now track on MFP and convert to so called Smart Points.
  • minimyzeme
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    a guy named Kim, same screen name here as on the WW board formerly known as GOAD. I'm in my mid-50s, started WW & GOAD in Spring of 2014, at 242 pounds. I lost 80 pounds and reached goal last August, lifetime in September. So far, so good but I definitely take this one day at a time and never say never.

    GOAD was key for me to set realistic expectations, learn how weight loss really works and has been an ever-present source of knowledge about anything weight-related (and many things that aren't). I'm glad we've got a new home for it.

    Awhile ago, I took over organization for the Living the Lifestyle (LTL) thread that runs weekdays. I don't mind continuing to try to organize it if people want. However, in our fresh start here, I would encourage more folks to help with and participate in it.

    Photography is my re-found love, primarily bird and nature stuff. Focusing on it helps take my mind off food!
  • crewahl
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    crewahl is a guy named crewahl - which is NOT pronounced "cru-el".


    WW Lifetime member floating above goal. A fan of the WW program, but not of their programming (technology and otherwise). Drifted over here between visiting hours for the WW GOAD board. More details? Stay tuned.

    Key question for the group - we ARE a community of like-minded people, etc. How do we grow this community while maintaining its character and characters?
  • RedSassyPants
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    Lady~sassy~pants on WW board. Also known as Laura Belle.
  • lowbar31
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    I was dlowbar on WW before I was evicted. I've been lifetime at WW since '91 with the weight going up and down during that time. I came back in '13 and remade goal. I've been hovering in that area since then. GoaD has been a part of my daily routine so I've followed them here.
  • Authenticity3
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    I'm Lisa, a LT member who has been at or below goal every month consecutively for 9 years and 11 months now. I'm looking forward to next month when I can say a decade! I also work for WW.
  • susan092907
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    I was sww092907 on the WW boards.

    I first started WW when I was 19 years old in 1971. I'm a Lifetime WW member.

    This is my 4th time at goal, but my first time ever maintaining for more than a couple of weeks. I've been maintaining within 5 lbs of my personal goal since December 2010. My personal goal is 12 lbs below my official WW LT goal.

    I've been an active participant on the WW maintenance board, a sometime participant on the WW on the _ plan board, and an active lurker on other boards, including goad.

    I've been on every WW plan since 1971. Most recently, I tried really hard to follow the SPs for 3 months. I gave up on it this past April and have been tracking here since.

  • JamesMayhew1
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    Hello everyone! Name is Jay. I was NJJ2012 on the WW board. I returned to WW in 2012 80 lbs over my goal weight. Took until the end of 2013 to get back to goal.

    My wife and I still go to meetings weekly - including weigh-in every week. Helps keep us honest and on the program. First go around was in 1990. I lost 70 lbs that time and kept it off until the early 2000s. Really want to keep it off longer this time.

    Have been checking in on FB for the last while. I am there often so that works for me. I have gotten a lot out of the board on WW so wanted to stay connected if it was continuing here.

  • savignr
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    I'm Bob, a 5 year veteran, not doing such a good job of late. But recently re-committed to getting on track. I live in Houston by way of Buffalo, with DW and two of my four daughters, 9 and 11.
  • podkey
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    I am a lifetimer since 2008. Glad to see everyone here. Lost between 50-60LB (depending on the day). Rolled the odometer on my bike past the 99,999 mile mark a couple of years ago.
    Also known in signature as NW Bob and as GOAD name "SirBikesALot".
  • Rachel0778
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    Hi Everyone. My name is Rachel and I used to be a weight watchers member 2 plans ago, but had to switch to free online calorie counting for financial reasons.

    Got to goal a few years ago, but did it the unhealthy way (under-eating, over-exercising, bingeing, rinse and repeat). This time around I'm going slow and steady to get to goal with healthy habits. I'm about 12lbs above where I'd like to be, planning on losing 1/2 lb a week.
  • beachwoman2006
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    Hi Rachel! Welcome back.

    Sounds like we're in sort of the same boat. I'm about 4 pounds above my "official" WW goal weight; but about 10 pounds above my personal goal weight. My new "goal" is to lose 1/2 pound a week until I'm back to my personal goal.

    Check in here often. You'll find this to be a no-nonsense group of people who are very supportive. But we'll also pull no punches :)
  • Rachel0778
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    You sound like my kind of group :) Thank you for welcoming me on board!
  • myallforjcbill
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    Welcome Rachel