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  • Zenwenner
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    My husband got called in to work today, so it will be my daughter and I running around doing errands. I have grocery shopping to do - no food in the house and the kids are pouting! School supplies to get. Pet store run for the cats. Squeeze in some circuit training at the gym and maybe a swim after with my son. Get my older son to work for his evening shift. Figure out what's for dinner. Clean stuff. Laundry.

    ...aaaand I'm sitting here. *giggle* No slacking indeed! *sips coffee*
  • Phrick
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    What is a "virtual" 5k? You do it alone in your neighbourhood? Sorry. My imagination does not stretch that far.

    haha, yeah pretty much! Anyone anywhere can sign up, then you complete it sometime between the dates specified, on your own (or with a group that you put together) and at your own pace, photograph your finish time (whether it's treadmill, GPS app, watch, etc) and then proudly wear your medal. Because they don't have to pay to rent a venue and block off a bunch of city streets for a big event, a virtual race costs less - I got this one for $22. I've done several of them so far, I really like doing them.
  • ProCoffeenator
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    It's Searching Sunday!

    After work yesterday and knowing that school starts tomorrow I planned for something fun today. Taking my kids, sister, and her crazy kids to the lakeshore to go fossil hunting!
    with the whacky weather this year the lake has been spitting out rocks, fossils and gems from the bottom of the lake. We are hoping that there is still some good pickings on the beach and that the kids can get themselves some swim time. Not to mention lots of fresh air and wear themselves out!
    Hopefully I will get myself some treasure!!

    What are you doing today??
  • Phrick
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    haha, it's "oh crap school's back on tomorrow, where did the weekend go?!? Guess I'd better do some laundry" Sunday here ;)

    And my husband is coming home.

    And I have an 8-hour roast to put in the crockpot at 9

    And my son wants me to take him to the thrift store, he needs more shorts! (*correction, he wants to drive, I just have to come along because he only has his permit so far!)
  • NonnaTurtle
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    @Phrick Love the photos. I am so jealous. Any chance of you coming over and doing your magic on my closets ;)
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    I tried to go for a virtual 20k run yesterday using an app I run with. Was not feeling like my normal self, and just ended up walking most of about 10k before giving up. Was so worn out and between the exercise and heat / humidity, I was really worn out (keto flu type symptoms). Had dinner, went to the casino briefly on my way home and won $180, so not bad. Ate again when I got home, but this morning I still feel like I need some sodium. I am just so worn out.

    Going to go back to sleep and will later mow the lawn, laundry, cleaning, etc. that needs to be done.
  • ProCoffeenator
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    Make it count Monday......

    So, I kinda dove face first into a bag of Doritos yesterday....
    I know! I've been doing so good for so long! My planned food got destroyed at the the beach and the closest store had NOTHING!! Hunger won out and there was no turning back!

    BUT! I got tons of great exercise, a super terrible sunburn on the back of my neck, legs and of all places my two smallest toes on each foot!! Haha!

    Did I mention shark week also just had to start too yesterday? Man I was so scared pulling out my scale this morning! I thought I heard that thing growling and snarling as I put it on the floor. Then I stepped on it and somehow it only shows a .5 gain! Holy *kitten* batman! Is this for real? Between bloat, water weight, swollen skin and that bag o carbs?? Thank you body for being easy on me!!

    So I've got to make today count! Gotta hit that water! Eat that fat! Walk walk walk! Put all those nasty carbs in a bear trap! Exercise my heart out! The scale fairies were nice to me once, can't expect them to stay nice!

    And I have to do all this while surviving the first day of school with 25 three year olds who half of them have been away for the summer.....

    ...... I CAN do this!!
  • KarlaYP
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    Loving the pictures @Phrick !! Great job on the closet! I could use some help with mine too! We can put you on a schedule, and you could make the rounds necessary to help us all! Lol! But really, wonderful work!!

    @midwesterner85 , pickle juice helps very quickly! Best of luck!

    @ProCoffeenator! The scale was kind to you! Worthy of celebration!

    Hope all of the kiddos have a great start to their school year!

  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    Yes, I did eat some pickles and drank the remaining juice, which helped a lot. By the time I had enough energy to think about mowing the lawn, I realized that my batteries were not charged up (I use an electric mower)... I had put 1 of them on the charger and forgot to change it as it got charged up since last time. So I put the 2nd battery on and by the time that was charged up, it was raining anyway (which means I would not have had time to mow the whole yard either). I'll have to mow a different day, I suppose.
  • RowdysLady
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    I was so consumed with painting I was barely around all weekend. I didn't even log my food yesterday. I did fit geeky game day in yesterday though - so much fun. Best encounter we've had in months - everyone rolled a 1 at least once and it got me shot twice - damn my party. But I was hacking and slashing my way through those kobolds like nobody's business - my 1 was on INT so I can't complain. HOWEVER! the power went out yesterday evening leaving us in the dark til well after bedtime so the finishing touches on the painting and the putting the bedroom back together didn't happen. Our bedroom looks like something out of Hoarders right now....the closets are empty and everything is on the floor in the bedroom. You have to walk a precarous path to get anywhere. We did manage to get the new curtains up in the dark though - Rowdy is amazing like that - No way I could sleep with no curtains on the window or sliding glass door so he took care of me.
  • CrispyStars3
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    @Phrick- Your closet looks great!

    @ProCoffeenator- Sweet scale victory! And, yes, YOU will definitely succeed!

    @RowdysLady- I completely understand the "Hoarders mess". I am still working on The closets and rooms look so clean/organized that I don't want to put everything back into those spaces. Guess I'll be letting go of more clutter.

    Today: Goals-
    See Dermatologist
    Drink electrolytes
    Treadmill time
  • ProCoffeenator
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    It's Tear it Up Tuesday!

    We are going to push hard today and hit our goals hard! My steps yesterday we over 12 k. I'm going to pass that number! Tonight after work I will get it my exercise and move move move!
    Determined to get this done!
    Just let me have some more coffee first! Lol
  • Phrick
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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nah. I tore it up yesterday. And have a headache and lack of sleep today. And it's supposed to be over 100 again. I have lots of excuses; I'll tear it up tomorrow ;)
  • ProCoffeenator
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    Phrick wrote: »
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nah. I tore it up yesterday. And have a headache and lack of sleep today. And it's supposed to be over 100 again. I have lots of excuses; I'll tear it up tomorrow ;)

    Haha! I'm trying here! I'm thrilled this thread has gone as long as it has. I don't want to lose it now! I actually look forward to my good morning posts!
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Tearing it up in the shopping mall after work today...gotta get my steps in!

    Good thing the mall I am going to is massive LOL

    Biggest mall in British Columbia.

    Pray for me as I survive the crowds.
  • RowdysLady
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    I may be tearing up the air quit working a while ago. Since Rowdy is at work I had to troubleshoot myself. It's frozen - so I'm defrosting it and hopefully it will work again in a bit but boy is it hot in here right now! If it freezes back up or still isn't working I may tear my hair out before he gets home.
  • sarahthes
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    I've mostly been lurking on this thread for the last little bit.

    Today I'm home with a feverish 4 year old. We are marathoning Disney movies that are older than he is--so far Mulan and The Incredibles. He hasn't seen either before, so he's totally entranced. Made him a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. But he's just picking the cheese & bacon out of the middle...
  • anglyn1
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    @sarahthes I hope your little one feels better soon! Mulan was always my daughter's favorite movie!

    I think today is going to be my rest day's also chicken wing night so I'll tear into those! lol
  • kmn118
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    Disney movies are the bomb! It shocked me when my 4 year old son burst into singing, "Figaro, Figaro, Figarooooooooo!" Going to assume it was Fantasia. ;)