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  • KarlaYP
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    This is the first time I've ever cleared out my larger sized clothing! I've given some to family, and friends, and have still had enough to donate to Goodwill for a tax write off! I know I won't need them in the future! This woe has given me this confidence that I've never had before!
  • co_lau
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    What is your go to exercise when you are lacking motivation?
    Running and calisthenics. I can always find the motivation to run a 5k, or to do 15 minutes of pushups, crunches, squats and lunges.

    How do you decide who to friend here and what would make you unfriend someone?
    I don't discriminate. Someone would have to be rude to me personally, or a bigoted prick, before I would unfriend them.

    If you could choose any animal to represent you, which one would you choose?
    The domesticated rat. They are curious, active, and love food.

    What is your stretch goal for 2016?
    180lbs by Christmas

    What is your favourite low carb recipe?
    Bacon Cheeseburger casserole with vegan cheese.

    What is the first thing that pops into your head when you're trying to stay focused and motivated to do this?
    Skinny dipping in the Indian Ocean with my partner. We were vacationing on the coast of South Africa near Mozambique. I loved how confident I felt in how I looked (I weighed 190lbs).

    City or country life?

    Yes? I live 1 mile away from wilderness, but still close to a proper city. I want the best of both.

    If you could go back and give yourself 1 piece of advice, what age would you be and what would you say?
    Age 14. I would tell myself "You live for another 20 years, at least." At that age I thought I'd be dead before I could vote.

    What is your favourite book? Do you have a favourite author?
    "Call of the Wild" is my favorite book, and my favorite author is Neil Gaiman.

    If money wasn't an object, where would you move?
    Iceland. In a heartbeat.

    What is your favourite LCHF vegetable?
    Spinach. Goes in everything without tasting like sock.

    Response I get from others who hear of my diet?
    I don't discuss this lifestyle choice with others. What and how I eat, and why, are really not anyone's business.

    Favorite month/season?
    October. In CO, October is the beginning of winter.

    Favorite holiday destination?

    Is your family supportive of your LCHF lifestyle?
    I don't discuss this choice with my family (my 11 year old daughter).

    Of all the changes you've seen in yourself since starting this WOE or your weight loss journey, what has been your favorite?
    I wake up AWAKE, rather than lethargic and grumpy.
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    @ProCoffeenator - what a great idea! I am in the same boat, pretty much, although I did donate my size 22 stuff to goodwill quite some time ago. My closet is a mass of different sizes though. I have some size 18 pants that I still sometimes wear during "special lady time" (as SuperCarLori puts it - and I have adopted it!), but even I have to admit there's so much extra fabric in the tummy that they look pretty silly.

    I'm at a weird size now, unfortunately - smaller than my size 12 clothing but a bit bigger than a size 10, and I don't have much size 10 stuff anyway. I was thinking I would go buy a couple of things when I fit comfortably into a 10. You're right though - it's probably time to get rid of the 16's and 18's....
  • carlsoda
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    I have also been donating my clothes to Value Village as I've moved down in sizes. I do have one pair of pants that is size 16 I've held onto but I think it's time for it to go bye-bye. No sense keeping larger clothes, if my clothes start to get tight again it means I need to buckle down on carbs!
  • RowdysLady
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    arrgghhh....give away my clothes that are too big.... It's always easy for me to give away stuff that is too small because it frustrates me to see it in the closet but all of those dress clothes in a size 18 that I used to wear when I traveled? Give em away? Yikes...
  • ProCoffeenator
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    RowdysLady wrote: »
    arrgghhh....give away my clothes that are too big.... It's always easy for me to give away stuff that is too small because it frustrates me to see it in the closet but all of those dress clothes in a size 18 that I used to wear when I traveled? Give em away? Yikes...
    you can do it @RowdysLady.
    Breathe. Just think of the new clothes you can travel in!
  • supergal3
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    I, too, have a closet of many sizes. It is both scary and liberating to get rid of those outgrown sizes. "Scary" because I have been up and down numerous sizes in the past, always vowing never to go back up, and yet somehow it happens slowly over time. What is the solution to that? Nip it in the bud?
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    I donated a bunch of my old clothes, mainly because I am downsizing for my move - it felt liberating.

    I kept some of the more expensive pieces...maybe I can get those tailored.

    I think you should take the plunge @RowdysLady. You will feel better!
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    I have no clothes to donate... I emptied my shed and sold a bunch of junk this week, does that count? ;) I never keep old clothes that no longer fit me, so my clothes are sparse... plus I live in the country and am self employed so no need for a "wardrobe" per se. I'm actually dreading the day when nothing fits and I'm forced to go shopping... :neutral: I have a weird body to fit... short waisted, big boobs, narrow shoulders, flat butt, and curvy hips... LOL Even when I was skinny I had trouble finding clothes. If they fit my boobs the rest looked like a sack on me... Mind you, that was back in the early 90's during my era of only wearing dresses or blouses with pencil skirts, so maybe styles and fit have improved... LOL!!!
  • clawson91
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    I've been reading this board for the past few days. Really enjoying everyone's posts! OK, so here goes...I'm 45, mom of 2 teenagers (19 and 13), married to my high school sweetheart for 25 years and live in southern WV. My thyroid is underactive so I have battled with weight my whole life. I've been doing what I thought was lower carb for years but after joining this group that has a whole new meaning! Trying to keep my carbs 50 or less on a normal day but will allow a bit more if a special occasion.

    My camel moment was when I was organizing my walk in closet and my husband very gently and kindly asked if I could get rid of some of my clothes. I had size 8 to 18. I gave away some but kept the items I really liked to work my way "down" to them. I did WW for several years incorporating low carb into the program. Worked great for me but the leaders did not like it. I did get back in my 10's. Due to some major stress I gained alot of weight back. The past 18 months I've lost 44 pounds...just 5 more to go! My hubby got on board last summer and he's down 40. Really focusing on real foods has helped both of us more than anything.

    I guess the most annoying comment I hear about eating low carb is something like, "If you are eating low carb why are you eating cauliflower?Or carrots?Or sweet potatoes?" For real people?! Then I have to explain the difference between processed carbs and complex carbs. And some of these people are well educated but can't make the connection. Don't go into big detail with my extended family about my WOE because they don't get it. But my grandmother will always make sure there are foods I enjoy and "can" eat during family dinners.

    We live in a small town and always have. Wouldn't mind being more country but definitely not cut out for big city life.

    Cauliflower is my fave food due to its versatility. Love cauliflower pizza, cauliflower rice, mashed cauliflower and my newest recipe is twice baked cauliflower (think twice baked potatoes). I made it last night and my youngest son loved it and he absolutely hates cauliflower. He couldn't even tell it wasn't potatoes! :smiley:

    I drink coffee daily. We usually do BPC which I add unsweetened almond milk and a small amount of stevia and sometimes protein powder. I also drink LOTS of water daily; will use lemon to add flavor. Sometimes add flavoring mixes just because plain water is boring. I make a 50/50 green tea & black tea/lemonade blend and will have a glass or two of that a day.

    If I could be an animal I'd be a cat. Love cats!

    Spring is my favorite season.

    The only holiday we travel for is Thanksgiving. We rent a cabin and smoke our turkey...awesome!!

    If $$ no object I'd be in doubt!

    If someone seems alot like me or is very supportive I will friend them. Very rarely unfriend anyone unless that person is extremely rude or judgmental.

    Of all the changes with the low carb lifestyle the best is being less tired and not feeling like falling asleep at 7 pm!

    When I lack exercise motivation I imagine myself at my starting weight and get my booty out of bed! I use walk at home videos for the majority of my exercise. We do take family walks some weeks. When we camp we are into everything! Last month for our anniversary we biked 17 miles of the Creeper Trail in Damascus, VA and hiked 6 miles the next day.

    That's all the questions I remember for now. Look forward to getting to know you guys and get more involved.
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    supergal3 wrote: »
    I, too, have a closet of many sizes. It is both scary and liberating to get rid of those outgrown sizes. "Scary" because I have been up and down numerous sizes in the past, always vowing never to go back up, and yet somehow it happens slowly over time. What is the solution to that? Nip it in the bud?

    This is me too. I've given away the fat clothes before and then regained the weight. Then I feel even worse when my weight is up because I have nothing to wear and all my clothes are so tight and uncomfortable. I think I've found my secret this time though. It doesn't seem like LCHF will be hard to sustain forever. It's becoming a part of me. I'll jump on the bandwagon and throw out the fat mom clothes :smiley:
  • CrispyStars3
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    I had a big soft pretzel Wednesday night. I was soooo hungry. I had been up at 5am, worked all day, rushed home to grab a few items, then out the door again. Concert venue had only 2 - 3 options I could've gone with...but I gave in to excuses.
    I have not had bread/grains for 2 months. I became so very nauseated, felt blah. My body said "no thanks"... I heard it loud and clear. Yep, good lesson. Moving on.... :smile:
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    I am trying to forgive myself for skipping my exercise class last week...but there's a little judgey corner of my brain that insists that I was lazy and am therefore a BAD PERSON. That little corner needs to find something else to think about!
  • LauraCoth
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    And open doors for one another, constantly apologizing.

    I'm working on my offensive glower these days, instead of apologizing when somebody bumps into me. :)
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    @LauraCoth - I have resting nice face. I feel ya!
  • Kimo159
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    @LauraCoth @samanthaluangphixay I kind of wish I had resting nice face!! I have bad RBF. It's even worse at the gym. But people still talk to me, so..
  • anewlifeat40
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    @LauraCoth - I have resting nice face. I feel ya!

    I have resting "please let me help you" face... People are constantly asking me to help them with stuff when I'm out and about. LOL
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    I'm so Canadian. I will jump in and help if someone looks lost on the train or is talking amongst themselves about directions.

    ...or maybe I'm just a Nosey Rosey.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    I get that a lot in retail stores... not as often as I used to, but apparently I have the look of a retail employee or something. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm wearing. I've had that while traveling in other states and while wearing clothing that would be inappropriate (because of sarcastic words) for retail workers. Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, CVS, PetSmart... the only thing I can think of is that I walk fast, so I look like I actually have somewhere to be and something to do (which isn't untrue, but doesn't mean I work there).