Weekly Weigh-Ins!

tif83 Posts: 85 Member
Hi All: My weigh day happens to be Sunday, so I thought I'd start the thread for weekly weigh ins.

You don't have to disclose your actual weight, if it makes you uncomfortable-- just post how many lbs down you are.

I'm at 252.0 as of this am. (Down 1 lb from mid-wk). This is going to be my start weight. So, I'm actually going to try to lose 53 lbs by NYE, as I'd really like to be under 200 again!!!


  • mizzfet
    mizzfet Posts: 15
    Thank you for the add! My start weight is 222.5 lbs:smile:
  • healthymelisa
    healthymelisa Posts: 166 Member
    My weigh in day was today as well, but my scales battery wasn't working. I had to buy a new one this afternoon, so I'm going to weigh in in the morning. Fingers crossed I lost something. :smile:

    CW: 199
    GW: 150
  • NatashaShen
    NatashaShen Posts: 295 Member
    I weighed just a couple days ago, so I will make that my starting weight.

    When I very first started (Jan 2012), I was 218.

    CW- 185
    GW- 130
  • HeatherHoskins
    HeatherHoskins Posts: 163 Member
    HI Everyone, I weighed in this morning too so I will use this as my start weight for this challenge.

    cw: 323.6
  • kaitlynsmom
    kaitlynsmom Posts: 140 Member
    I weighed in also today so I will use today's weight as my starting point.

    SW 189.9
    GW 139.9
  • TheFutureMrsClark
    TheFutureMrsClark Posts: 18 Member
    I'll start today as well. I'm shooting to lose 53 lbs by New Years

    CW: 222
    GW for this challenge: 169
  • Fiercely_Me
    Fiercely_Me Posts: 481 Member
    Here are my stats:

    SW: 240
    CW: 235
    UGW: 165

    For the nye challenge, I'll be exactly at my pre-pregnancy weight at 185 if I lost 50 lbs.
  • april_mesk
    april_mesk Posts: 692 Member
    Weighed myself yesterday:

    CW = 196.4.

    Going on vacation Sat (20th, for a week) so I am a little nervous starting before I go but, I will still give it a go! This shouldn't matter. Trying to change my way of thinking.
  • binor
    binor Posts: 77 Member
    I want to join too! I weighed today and I am 197. I want to be 147 by New Years.
  • joansteph365
    joansteph365 Posts: 33 Member
    Count me in!
    CW: 177
    GW: 125
    UGW: 110
  • heykaraoke
    heykaraoke Posts: 193 Member
    I weighed in today, too.
    CW: 172.2
    GW: 124

    Between now and NYE I am getting married and honeymooning so I expect a few weeks of crazy eating. But hopefully I can keep the damage to a minimum!
  • jgarrett731
    jgarrett731 Posts: 36 Member
    I'm going to make Mondays my weigh-in day to help keep myself accountable over the weekend. Today I weighed myself and lost a lb. I'm happy with this since this happened in less than a week once I started pushing myself to workout and watch myself more closely. I've also been walking more this week.

    CW: 180.8
    GW: 130-135

    I cannot wait to get out of the 180s!! Then I'll be below where I started with my 2nd pregnancy! Doing 30DS and I just finished Day 7. I can feel myself getting stronger. Push ups are getting easier :)
  • Diamond05
    Diamond05 Posts: 475 Member
    I weigh in on Tuesday but I weighed when signing in for this challenge so

    Sw: 222
    Gw: 170
  • msmarisa21
    msmarisa21 Posts: 23 Member
    Thank you for this challenge!

    CW: 350
    GW: 300 for this challenge
    UGW: 150
  • betsyr13
    betsyr13 Posts: 45 Member
    Down 0.4 pounds so far. Every little bit helps!
  • sweetTN
    sweetTN Posts: 13
    I just joined MFP and I will be making Monday my weigh in day also, but I weighed in on Saturday when I joined. I am already down 1.9 lbs from Saturday, but I know that is water weight. I always lose several pounds the first week or so of clean eating. I have a tendency to hold a lot of water when I eat crap, lol.
  • melaniehubbard
    melaniehubbard Posts: 121 Member
    sw 241.4, sundays weight 241.2.Started walking in am before the summer heat kicks in.Going to try to an an evening walk too.
  • Sw for this challenge is 231.2. Getting started on Hip Hop Abs today and will be taking a 1.5 mile walk/jog this evening when this humidity dies down some.
  • Sarahkoolkatkitty
    Sarahkoolkatkitty Posts: 109 Member
    Hurray for this awesome challenge!

    SW 247
    Today's weight 189.4
    UGW 150

    I'm going to log every single thing I eat this week and I'm going to workout at least 4 times, 2 weights, 2 cardio.

    Good luck everybody!
  • dnunny70
    dnunny70 Posts: 411 Member
    CW: 280 (7/12 weigh in)
    GW for Challenge: -30, so 250 (although I'd really like to be less)

    I weigh in on Fridays.