No-Nonsense November: Week 1 Check-In (11/1-11/7)



  • StellaFont
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    1) Log every thing every day :)
    2) Keep it under 25 net carbs - nope, ended the day at 31. Taco night. :(
    3) Only step on the scale once each week (the scale makes me crazy) :)
    4) Drink more water than diet coke - not even close :(

    No massive carb cravings today. Yay!
  • Shadowmf023
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    Nov 3rd

    1. Exercise daily :smiley:
    2. Don't obsess over calories, :smiley:
    3. But don't stuff myself silly... :neutral: (munchies - the damn munchies)
    3. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense meals - and those veggies! :neutral:
    4. Drink enough fluids :smiley:
    5. Weekly goal - Meal prep for the week :smiley:
    6. Stay away from the sugary stuff! :neutral:

    Messed up. Again. In the same places. Le sigh. :sweat: I need to get my *kitten* together. And I only have 3 kittens.

    Nov 4th:

    1. Exercise daily :smiley: just did some walking
    2. Don't obsess over calories, :smiley:
    3. But don't stuff myself silly... :smiley: - because I have an upset stomach, go figure.
    3. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense meals - and those veggies! :neutral: - nope, too much fibre to handle right now.
    4. Drink enough fluids :neutral: nope, didn't feel well enough.
    5. Weekly goal - Meal prep for the week :smiley:
    6. Stay away from the sugary stuff! :smiley:
  • FIT_Goat
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    edited November 2016
    • Carnivore, so yeah... no plants (as usual)
      Yeah, no worries there
    • Exercise consistently (strength every other day)
      Been on it, still have some to finish today
    • At least 10,000 steps a day
      Might not hit this one today, but I am happy with the amount that I did. I got a lot accomplished.
    • No weight gain (lean body mass gains should be offset with body fat loss)
      Currently good on this front, but official numbers are not in. I measure this weekly.
    • REDUCE STRESS -- honestly, if nothing else, this is a major goal for me
      I am trying. I really am. That's why I feel good about my steps today, because getting things off my TO-DO list is helping me reduce the stress.
  • williams969
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    4 Nov:

    I'm still committed to not micro-managing my nutrition. However, I find it easy to make less than optimal food choices without a plan. Today I've set aside my foods I plan to eat.

    I must remember that cheese is a condiment, not a meal. My mantra needs to be eat more meat if still hungry.

    5 Nov:

    Day 6 of carnivory. Success! Made liver paté to use as a side dish or snack. Keeps me from overdoing it on cheese. It gets easier every day.

    Oh, and on an unrelated note, my Fitbit Charge is broken. Well the push button fell off. But still, it reminds me that I perhaps obsess over my numbers too much by pushing it all the time.

    Contemplating the need for it anyway. I've had one of some sort for almost 3 years. If I'm afraid to live without, maybe that's exactly the reason why I should unplug from it.
  • grafixfrh
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    Stay as close to macro as you can by making your own meal and drink plenty of water daily at least 128 oz (Gallon). Cheat days are like Lays potato chips "you can never eat just one!". You have to not only train the body, but the mind and giving it a choice it will generally decide yummy that stuffing or that pumpkin pie sure looks good haha.
  • StellaFont
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    11/5 was a good day - I'm really happy with that because Saturday's are normally a carb heavy, fall off the wagon kinda days.

    1) Log every thing every day :)
    2) Keep it under 25 net carbs ;)
    3) Only step on the scale once each week (the scale makes me crazy) :)
    4) Drink more water than diet coke - not even close :)
  • solska
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    So almost entering the second week of November. I will be traveling most of this week and will be at several events. We will be at a conference, a celebration, and also visit family who is going under surgeries. It will be a difficult and emotional time no doubt. It will be a challenge to be in control of what I eat. But I'm determined to not eat bad carbs, to fast at least 14 hours a day, focus on work not food, not get tempted at restaurants, or open buffets, sleep enough, drink lots of water, and check in here everyday to stay motivated. I just thought I should take my scale with me. I do better with weighing myself everyday I think even though I get demoralized when I don't see a change. I really really want to hit 198 pounds before next Sunday. That will be under 200 pounds and 90kgs. I hope not to see anything above 89.9 kgs or 199.9 pounds ever again after that until I hit my next goal -- that is unless I decide to get pregnant but that's another story I will think about once my hormonal levels, sugar, and cholesterol get into a healthy range.
  • SoxyKitten
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    End of day 6 and I've hit all my goals :smile:

    Been to the gym 3 days plus a powerlifting workshop. I've stuck to my calorie limit & kept my carbs low. I've only been tempted for a millisecond to steal a sweet off my daughter but it passed without me really having to talk myself out of it.

    Weigh in is tomorrow so fingers crossed for a good result.
  • AshStout83
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    Are we supposed to post daily with how we did on our goals?
  • kiwiapplepear
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    November one week check in:

    still logging yay!
    Stayed under 30 with my carbs... good.
    Been going to bed late ....bad
    Nov Starting Weight: 103kgsishhhh
    Nov 7th:99.5Kgs

  • grafixfrh
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    Stayed under goals everyday since started Keto This last week lost 2.4 lbs and gained .9 muscle mass yay!!! SW: 278, CW: 236.4, GW: 217 (for now). Keto on!!!
  • kpk54
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    My last post was wrong. Had a bit of a senior moment and forgot my previous total so I had 1000 minutes remaining to goal versus 960. Bummer. Anyway:
    November 5th: zip
    November 6th: 60 minutes stationary recumbent. 14.67 miles per the bike.
    1000-60= 940 minutes remaining to goal of 1200 minutes.
    Need to quit this every-other-day thing or I'll never make 1200 minutes. :*
  • lamiller82
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    November Goals
    Staying under 40g carbs daily. went over on Friday... but it mostly in buttered popcorn.
    Staying above 750 calories/ day. Only one low day this week. Success.
    Logging and measuring. o:)o:)
    Getting proper rest. (in bed by 11 every night)
    Pre-cook for evening meals. Made white chili and a brisket this weekend for the next week.

    Additional Weekly Goals
    Rest to heal incision site. -Another week of this, then I can stop monitoring it.
    Follow-up pathology with dermatologist. Done.
    Follow-up blood work on anemia. - Monday?
    Follow-up blood work on thyroid. - Monday?
    Try a new recipe over the weekend. - not a new recipe, but made an edible brisket. :)
    Avoid the Halloween Candy. - Did have some Russel Stovers peanut butter cups... and paid for it. Oh the pain. Definitely not worth it. Dang you malitol.

    July Starting Weight: 304
    Month Starting Weight: 270
    Weekly WI: 268.4
    Goal for Nov: IDC as long as it keeps going down.
  • HawkPNP
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    11/5/16 - Totally off plan and was stress eating. I am working on some sort of different coping skill here...
    My daily goals are:
    Water: 116 oz - Nope
    Apple Watch Rings Completed?: Nope; didn't even wear my watch most of the day...
    At or Under Carb Level: 319/20 total carbs -- see this? Wine, chips, and cupcakes. They weren't even that delicious.
    At or Under Calorie Limit: Absolutely not.


    11/6/16 - Not my usual low-carb day but only ate one meal and fasted. Tomorrow I will be 100% on plan.
    My daily goals are:
    Water: 116 oz check.jpg
    Apple Watch Rings Completed?: check.jpg
    At or Under Carb Level: 91/20 total carbs
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg


  • canadjineh
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    Sounds like my exercise app, @HawkPNP. On the days I am not at work, I don't even turn my phone on since I'm in a sketchy cell service area (just below the mountain) and that means it doesn't log my activity. Since my phone in my pocket is my 'Fitbit' (no wristband thingy), lots of days I just have to go with logging in MFP myself. (And honestly, some days I am a slug)

    Good day today:
    Goals for me:
    Drink my 8 glasses of water :) with tonight's Tim Hortons green tea at work
    IF for at least 14 hours and preferably 18 daily :) 18
    Stay at or below my 25g net carb goal :) 25 even with Lindt 90% Chocolate mmmmmmmm
    Make sure my protein hits approx 70g BUT not much more :) 75g
    Get at least one day a week of non-work related exercise :)

    Starting tomorrow - prep for surgery on ankle on the 14th. So no leg shaving allowed :onot good, in this Italian's book! And off all vitamins and supplements except my very essential selenium and Reishi mushroom extract, which I have to stop 2 days before surgery.
    Well, if I was never sure what good all the stuff I take is doing me.... I will definitely find out this week.

    Tomorrow morning I measure my w,h,r thigh,l thigh for the start of the next challenge week.
  • AshStout83
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    I'd like to join. My starting weight on 8/14 was 172. My current weight is 149.5. My goal weight is 120. My goals for this months are losing 4 lbs., drinking 64 ounces of water per day and getting 10,000 steps in per day.
    Week One
    Goal #1-1 lb. lost
    Goal #2-nope
    Goal #3-11/1-11/4 no, 11/5 and 11/6 yes
  • SuperCarLori
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    Okay. I'm going to make this one easy for me. I'd love to see myself in the 180'S with no binges for November, and Thanksgiving is not an excuse to do so. Happy November!
    SW: 194
    CW: 194

    I'm still at 194... But everyday I'm hustling. ;)
  • canadjineh
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    @SuperCarLori you are carrying extra rock dust ;) You've probably lost actual body weight.