No-Nonsense November: Week 1 Check-In (11/1-11/7)



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    Thanks, @canadjineh !!!
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    First week done:
    1) Log every thing every day 7/7 :)
    2) Keep it under 25 net carbs 5/7 :neutral:
    3) Only step on the scale once each week 7/7 :)
    4) Drink more water than diet coke - 5/7 :neutral:

    Went over on carbs 2 days - but I was still under 50 both days so I'm ok with that.

    Got on the scale this morning for the first time in a week and I was happy with the results. Week 2, here I come!
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    New Week!
    The weekend was OK.
    Water: Check
    Logged Food: Not over the weekend, but I was OK
    Exercise: Cleaning around the house
    Carb Level: OK, Still over carbiing.
    Calorie Limit: No drinks!

    Last week was a "0" net gain/loss. Made a turkey last night, lunches for the week in hand. One meal at a time. Stop snacking, didn't make it to the gym, but plenty of exercise just getting things done.

    Shooting for a really great week!
  • BT_rescuemom
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    Monthly goals:

    November 6-

    1.) Fasting glucose under 100 every day. 74! Yay! This was after some coffee, so not directly after waking.
    2.) Move my body 3 days a week minimum. Raked the leaves for about an hour
    3.) Electrolytes. Nuf said.drank my ketoaid
    4.) Stay under 20gm net carbs daily :)
    5.) IF 5 days a week.fat fasted until lunch

    SW: 163lbs
    CW: 151 lbs
    GW: under 130

    Was still pretty hungry and felt like snacking a lot, which I attribute to the half marathon the day before.

  • ccrdragon
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    Nov 5 results:
    Net Carbs -> 89 :s
    Calories -> 2186 :s
    Workouts -> 5/5 (for the week)
    Weight -> Don't weigh on weekends

    Nov 6 results:
    Net Carbs -> 54 :(
    Calories -> 1574
    Workouts -> 5/5 (for the week)
    Weight -> Don't weigh on weekends

    Too many carbs on Friday and Saturday - drat that Panettone... at least it's gone and I won't be tempted by that any more.
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    I am so late on this. I was hoping to see a challenge thing come up. Wasn't feeling well last week. Hope I can join in now.

    I am at 223 pounds right now.

    My Goals:
    1) Lose 8 pounds by Christmas.
    2) At least 60,000 steps per week.
    3) Raking, blowing, and vacuuming leaves up 3 times per week. This is a lot of exercise, because I have the largest ash tree in the U.S.
    4) Consume smaller portions of keto friendly desserts and snacks.
    5) No sweeteners for beverages (tea, coffee, etc.) during the week.

    11/1: Cold and throat. Not severe. Still didn't eat. I miss heavy cream though.
    11/2: Cold is still here. Not bad though. No breakfast.
    11/3: Cold almost gone. No breakfast. Just didn't feel like it yet.
    11/4: Wrestled with the leaves.
    11/5: College football game. Ate keto totally. BBQ, bison, asparagus, bourbon (oops).
    11/6: Wrestled with the leaves.
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    End of week summary:

    So, with the exception of the Diet Coke I had during the World Series and the restaurant goof, I stayed on my carnivore plan very well.

    Doing mostly good on limiting dairy. I'm lactose intolerant anyway, so why I try to overconsume it despite tummy issues is so silly on my part.

    No weighing food or micro managing intake makes for a stress free me, yay! Even though I have no idea how many calories I'm consuming, my tape measure and body fat calipers are showing fat loss, so that's great.
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    11/4 Check in
    Daily Goals:
    Water: 70/100oz
    Logged Food: check.jpg
    Exercise as Planned?: check.jpg
    At or Under Carb Level: 16/20!!!check.jpg
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

    11/5 check in
    Daily Goals:
    Water: 80/100oz
    Logged Food: check.jpg
    Exercise as Planned?: check.jpg
    At or Under Carb Level: 23/20 oh dairy...
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

    11/6 Check in
    Daily Goals:
    Water: 120/100oz check.jpg
    Logged Food: check.jpg
    Exercise as Planned?:
    At or Under Carb Level: 17/20 check.jpg
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

    Month total: 19/30

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    Bonny132 wrote: »
    So my goals are as follows:
    1 stick to my carb limit and calories - :)
    2 walk up the stairs at work 3 times a day minimum :) I rocked this one today
    3 Get in between 6-10000 steps a day :) 6500 steps! And counting.
    4 Go to the gym at least 3 times a week Month end an 14-17 hrs working days so a fail on Day 4
    5 Warm up at the gym will be the 5K runner app, starting on week 1 See above, but I am not throwing in the towel!!

    Extra goal: Learn to de-stress myself

    Total failure on the above today. Carbs was probably OK as I got sick. BUT I have found myself an exercise accountability buddy, so come tomorrow, I am in the gym!
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    I'm in!

    My goals are:

    1. Give keto a try for a solid month.
    2. Move my body every day
    3. Log my food
    4. Eat enough at meals to not need snacks
    5. Be kinder than necessary and show my gratitude.
    6. Take my thyroid meds and supplements consistently

    I have a dr. Appointment next week. I'm hoping for positive results both in my blood work and on the scale. My scale at home isn't very reliable, so I'm going off the dr. Scale mostly.

    SW: 203
    CW: 195 ( estimated from my scale)
    GW: 142ish


    1. Been doing keto like a champ, but had an accidental slip up yesterday while eating at a dinner party. Overshot my carbs by quite a bit, and then fell off the rest of the evening with some popcorn and dark chocolate.
    2. Went for a walk on Friday and a hike on saturday. Slow moving week. But! Deep cleaned my house for about 2-3 hrs daily.
    3. Fairly consistent
    4. I've been much better about snacking, but I've found an afternoon pickle and scoop of peanut butter to be helpful for my protein and electrolytes.
    5. My family reports that I seem to be coming out of a fog.
    6. I've taken meds and supplements daily!

    The scale has not budged, but I'm chalking it up to shark week woes.
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    First week Macro Average:

    13% Carbs
    27% Protein
    60% Fat

    I went over on Carbs this week. We ate Indian, and I did not realize how many carbs are in PEANUTS!

    For the week:
    -5.4 lbs | -1.5% BF | -1.75 inches from Waist
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    Monthly goals:

    November 7-

    1.) Fasting glucose under 100 every day. 88
    2.) Move my body 3 days a week minimum. took a walk, hula hopped, and hauled junk from the garage into the dumpster
    3.) Electrolytes. Nuf said.lotsa salt on my food
    4.) Stay under 20gm net carbs daily :)
    5.) IF 5 days a week.fat fasted until lunch

    SW: 163lbs
    CW: 148 lbs
    GW: under 130

    I feel like my hunger is back to normal after my race. I keep feeling thinner and thinner, and more energetic. I fit into pants that I haven't been able to wear in a couple years, yay!

  • wookiepants
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    November Goals:

    1. Get Salty <electrolytes>
    2. Stay under 40 carbs
    3. Meet calorie goal of 1.3k

    SW: 200
    GW: 195

    Checking in
    SW 200
    CW 198

    GW 195
    Ultimate goal: 140
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    November 7th: Stationary Recumbent, 60 minutes, 13 miles/the bike.

    880 minutes remaining to meet November goal of 1200 minutes. Done!
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    BAD night, but I will be accountable....
    Goals for me:
    Drink my 8 glasses of water :)
    IF for at least 14 hours and preferably 18 daily :) Made it to 14.
    Stay at or below my 25g net carb goal :s 62g net!
    Make sure my protein hits approx 70g BUT not much more :s 100g
    Get at least one day a week of non-work related exercise :)

    Ugh, even with eating back my exercise calories I went over by 336...
    Way too many carbs for what I want at this point in time. Plus Grey Goose and olive juice.
    AND 156 g fat - also too much to bother burning my 'pantry supplies.'
    Shark week :/
    Total random sleep periods of 2 hrs or so every few hours today. Just because of shift overnight and important things like being with my husband as he went to the hospital for tests this morning with errands after. I feel like crap which blew my WOE after 8 pm.
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    First weigh in for me having just started eating LCHF. Down 5lbs! Very pleased! No sugar cravings, feeling full most of the time & no sore belly & bloating. Last day off before 2 12hr shifts at the hospital. Spending this evening meal prepping so I don't mess up at work.
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    End of Week 1
    • Carnivore, so yeah... no plants (as usual)
      I did just fine here.
    • Exercise consistently (strength every other day)
      Every day I planned.
    • At least 10,000 steps a day
      6/7 days, but my average was almost 11,500. The one day I didn't hit steps, I don't feel bad about because I completed a bunch of stuff on my TO-DO list. That helps with reducing my stress.
    • No weight gain (lean body mass gains should be offset with body fat loss)
      Body weight down 0.4 kg. Lean body mass (predicted) up. Fat mass down.
    • REDUCE STRESS -- honestly, if nothing else, this is a major goal for me
      Still doing my best on this front. Hopefully we get a closing date for the old house this week. That will remove a lot of my stress.
  • solska
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    Second week:
    Mostly did well yesterday, active day but no exercise. Saw 200.8 for the first time in around 7 years this morning.
    A lot of heartburn and stomach pain yesterday, not sure what the culprit is. Started drinking coffee again after two weeks of not drinking. I wonder if it's the Finlandia butter we tried this time instead of Kerrygold. Maybe too much coconut butter? Or maybe a supplement I took. Finally eating ginger helped.
    Nov 8th-14th goals
    Remainder of the week I'll be traveling. I will take my scale with me and be focused.
    -- Sleep enough, it will be very busy. And I'm so tired already because I didn't sleep well at all this week. Don't resist sleep at night. If things are done in the morning it won't be the end of the world.
    -- Say no to what you don't want to eat. Eat later if you have to. Take flax bread and avocados etc. with you just in case.
    -- At least half an hour walk a day.
    -- IF for at least 14 hours.
    -- Reduce stress, especially with the added stress that will be this week.
    -- Be 198.4 by Saturday morning. That is 89.9 kgs. That is 2.4 pounds from today. 8-9-10-11 in 4 days. Under 200lbs and under 90kgs. Do one non-food nice thing every other day for my body, a massage, putting on lotion, nails sthg. I haven't seen under 90 kgs and 200 pounds in almost eight years.
    -- If this happens I will take Saturday easy, celebrate a bit. Then reprogram goals etc on Sunday. 13-14 full moon! I really hope the waxing moon won't make my weight high as ancient knowledge suggests! 16-17th after that the waning moon days are also supposed to be good for the beginning of a weight loss journey:) I'll launch my second phase officially then, anything helps:)
    -- Be positive. Focus on health and work. Eat well and enjoyable foods. Don't be tempted by foods at events and when visiting others' homes. Eating out, make very healthy choices. No carbs (other than veggies), no sugar.
    CW-- 200.8
    Goal by 12th 198.4
    Ultimate goal 139.9 (Less than 61 pounds today! For the first time! 60.9 pounds to go)

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    11/5 Check in
    Daily Goals:
    Water: 110/100oz check.jpg
    Logged Food: check.jpg
    Exercise as Planned?: check.jpg
    At or Under Carb Level: 29/20
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

    Yesterday was an off day since I was home with my sick little girl (my husband is a SAHD, but they still want mama when they don't feel good).