No-Nonsense November: Week 1 Check-In (11/1-11/7)



  • ccrdragon
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    edited November 2016
    Week 2 - Nov 7 results:
    Net Carbs -> 33 (close but no cigar...) :s
    Calories -> 1413 :D
    Workouts -> 2/5 for the week :D
    Weight -> 218 (Start -> 219 for November) :D
  • MindfulMother
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    I have two goals for November. I set them as walking more, and losing another 10 pounds. I have been walking more and down 2.5 pounds. Good luck to all of us in reaching our November goals.
  • genmon00
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    My experiment into ZC has been interesting. I aim for zero and still end up at 20 lol. I see the scale moving but it had gone up 3 lbs when i started but now Im back down. So it does help with inflammation/water wieght. Trying to stick to it during the week and go up to 40 on the weekends. We'll see if that works for me :)

    Exercise (x3 a wk): FAIL I only got to workout one day but I was adjusting to my new work schedule. I think I got it now
    Logging: :smile:
    Under 20 net carbs on non workout days: :neutral:
    Under 40 net carbs on workout days: :smile:
    Under or at Calorie Limit: :smiley:
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    Got a few miles in, finishing up right at about last light. I hate that it gets dark so early.

  • anglyn1
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    November goals:

    Under 50 net carbs a day :)
    Workouts minimum 3x a week :)
    Continue fall clean-up of the house :/
    Get outside more :)

    No issues staying in carb goal. I am counting 3 workouts. I trail ran one day. Took a nice walk at the lake while visiting my uncle in Ohio. The 3rd I'm counting because my little cousin was insisting on having a wrestling/karate battle and honestly I was sore all over the next day so it was a workout! lol. I was out of town over the weekend so no real house work was accomplished. My husband did clear out some stuff in his "junk" room while I was gone. That was nice. I was outdoors for my trail run and I made a point to visit the lake while in Ohio. Overall a nice week!
  • randiewilliams72
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    My starting weight is 163.5.
    Goal weight is 160.
    I also want to get better at staying at or under goal calories of 1700.
    I want to exercise more. Going for 3 times a week for at least a half an hour.

    Ending week results.
    Weight 162
    Under 1700 calories 4 days this week ( need to improve)
    Exercise 3 times this week.