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    1. NAME: Rus (only 1 "s" please... full name is Ruskin, not Russell, thus only 1)
    2. FAVORITE WAY TO EXERCISE: Running... that wouldn't have even made my top 10 list just a year ago, but I started running last May and it is in my blood now. I also enjoy lifting weights at the gym... and of course, always look forward to Clarice's dance videos for the challenges. :wink:
    3. WHERE YOU ARE FROM: I live in the Kansas City metro area (USA), but many moons ago I grew up in a small town in Minnesota.
    4. ONE OR TWO SENTENCES DESCRIBING WHERE YOU LIVE: I live on the eastern part of Kansas that is more hilly that the flat prairies of western Kansas. I live in the suburbs of KC and the county where I live has a population of over a half million, so there is plenty of entertainment choices and foods of many different cultures here. KC is known for their BBQ and fountains and we love our sports teams! Some may have heard that our young Ace pitcher, Yordono Ventura was killed in a car accident yesterday :'(
    5. OPTIONAL Fur BABIES: Sorry, I missed this when I first posted. I have an almost 9 year old Pug/Cockapoo. Although, technically he is my daughter's dog, she is in college and he is my walking buddy/lap dog/cuddler. At the time we brought him home, we had 2 other dogs whose names started with SHA, so we wanted a name for him that was similar and since he was the runt of the litter and we also felt he needed a "big" name... so we decided on SHAQ.


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    The spreadsheets are now working! There two links in the top right hand corner for questions. Please use them to contact @hawkins410 about the challenges, and I can be reached through the "Spreadsheet and Technical Questions Link".
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    1. NAME: Jeanette

    2. FAVORITE WAY TO EXERCISE: Walking with friends. I also enjoy dancing, but haven't been doing that as much lately.

    3. WHERE YOU ARE FROM: I live in North Carolina, but grew up in Niagara Falls, NY

    4. ONE OR TWO SENTENCES DESCRIBING WHERE YOU LIVE: The south is pretty sunny and lovely. After growing up with all that snow and cold, I like being able to get outside to workout more often year round.
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    @milesaway61 - I just went back and read the food challenge again, I don't think it has to be citrus, it says Orange/golden and round. The suggestions are all citrus, but it says "may include". So, what about cantelope?
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    Hopped on the bike (stationary) for an hour and then did some upper body and ab workouts, plus two of the videos. Total of 102 minutes today.

    1. NAME: Diane
    2. FAVORITE WAY TO EXERCISE: Running - "hated" running until just a few years ago when I decided to give it a try. I've now run 18 half marathons and 1 full marathon. I also LOVE to bike and kayak - but it's just easier to put on a pair of shoes and head out the door. That said, I currently am dealing with plantar fasciitis but it's healing nicely and I hope to be running again in a week or two.
    3. WHERE YOU ARE FROM: Grew up in western Michigan, lived 11 years in Oklahoma, been in NW Indiana for 26 years.
    4. ONE OR TWO SENTENCES DESCRIBING WHERE YOU LIVE: I'm in Indiana, but in a very pretty area - rolling, forests, lakes (as opposed to the corn and soybean fields everyone thinks of). We can be downtown Chicago in an hour (or 3 depending on traffic) - or we go the other direction and go to a hockey or soccer game at Notre Dame. Lake Michigan Beaches are close by - and BEAUTIFUL.

    I know I'm over my two sentences - but have loved seeing others photos so here goes:

    Typical Lake Michigan beach

    Chicago skyline

    Lighthouse near me

    Supposedly this is the same lighthouse in winter - but the shape tells me it's a lighthouse about 20 miles north.

    @rusgolden - just for you

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    @rusgolden - just for you

    Awesome! Was happy Zobrist went to the Cubs and able to win back-to-back titles! Now they have Davis as well... looks like the Royals might be known as the farm club for the big market teams once again... :wink:
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    Hey, there weren't many videos today with the Race Location announcement (other than the exercise ones), but here's two that I watched while exercising on my glider/Gazelle after watching the ones Hawkins provided. Thought some of you might like to check them out, if you are wanting some additional Harbin themed videos to watch while working out:

    Very Nice Video Blog of the Harbin Snow and Ice Sculptures - a bit more in depth (13:47 minutes) -

    Lost in China: Ice City - Harbin by National Geographic (Hutchins Brothers in Harbin, China; 46:59 minutes) -
    (The first 40 minutes are a lot of other cool stuff about Harbin to include ice swimming, ice bars, the old part of town, and two guys memories from when they grew up in Harbin over 20 years prior.)
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    There are also two YouTube Videos about the Ice Festival included in the Week One Harbin Race Announcement Write-Up. :)
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    1- Name : Sue

    2- Favourite way to exercise: I love being outdoors walking - no matter what the weather conditions.
    3-Where are you from: I lived all of my life in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    4-I live on the Niagara escarpment and am about 40 minutes away from Toronto to the north and about 40 minutes away from Niagara falls and the USA border.

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    hawkins410 wrote: »

    There are also two YouTube Videos about the Ice Festival included in the Week One Harbin Race Announcement Write-Up. :)

    Oops, I missed the last two after the exercise videos...

    My Monday race ritual is to jump on the glider/gazelle and watch all the non-exercise videos for the week. :)(and then do a little bit more)
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    1. NAME: June
    2. FAVORITE WAY TO EXERCISE: I haven't really got a favorite exercise I do different exercises each week jogging. stationery bike. walking my dogs. stretches. wii fit. trampoline.
    3. WHERE YOU ARE FROM: I live in England Staffordshire.
    4. ONE OR TWO SENTENCES DESCRIBING WHERE YOU LIVE: I live on the outskirts of Cannock chase. i can walk around a lovely lake with swans and ducks to feed each morning.
    5. OPTIONAL Fur BABIES: I have two dogs a westie who is 12yrs and a shih Tzu who is 6 yrs.
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    Hi all. I just got back from an out of town appointment and am chomping at the bit to get onto the treadmill but before I do, I'd like to introduce myself.
    1. Name: Jackie
    2. Favourite form of exercise: Walking. I really enjoy taking my dogs for walks on the trails near my place BUT in the winter, I do my walking on the treadmill. It gets pretty icy around here.
    3. Where are you from? St. Walburg, Saskatchewan, Canada.
    4. St. Walburg is a VERY small town in North Central Saskatchewan. There are only about 800 people living here and most of them are related (except for me). There is lots of oil in the region so most people in the area work for the oil industry in some capacity. There is also farming and ranching. St. Walburg is surrounded by lakes so even though our population is small, it grows substantially over the summer. I moved here about 10 years ago from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my 2 children and have never left. I have never added pictures from my iPad before so please forgive me if this doesn't work.

    St. Walburg is rodeo and chuck wagon crazy. Lots of the big chuck wagon racers are from the area. I even got to ride it one once. That was quite a ride!

    These are my fur babies Dini and Max. They are quite the characters!7lpbl6ntuu4f.jpg


    *** HEART MELTS ***

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    my fur babies

    They look so smart! ♡♡♡