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  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 663Member Member Posts: 663Member Member
    Houseguests are leaving next week. A little sooner than I thought which I'm cool with. They've been great houseguests though. Helping out where they can, as non-intrusive as possible etc.
    They've introduced us to their VR games and we've already decided we're going to get it for us for X-Mas. Maybe through Sam's since we have a membership that lets us build up bonus $$ for every (200?) we spend there. Currently we have about $91 of bonus $$ we can use. Maybe it will be on sale for Xmas and the $$ built up will be a little more by then too :)

    I think it's finally the cardio workout that will be fun to do that won't feel like exercise. There have to be some sort of actual workout games for it I'm sure too. I'll have to look in to it and see what's available. It's really fun though and you definitely sweat if you really get in to it and swing the controllers around.

    I have NOT been OMADing. Good lord I can not find the motivation to just stick with it right now. I haven't been completely low carb either, but it hasn't been an out of control thing. Just a "I don't feel like cooking so I'm going to eat what everyone else is eating" thing lol. My motivation to stay low carb isn't waning at all, but it is difficult to stay low carb all the time when there are 8 other people in the house eating whatever they want.
    Thankfully though, we fixed brisket yesterday. Just need to fix salad stuff and I'll have plenty of leftovers so I won't have to think about cooking or anything. Will just have to make sure not to overeat which has been my problem lately.
    I just don't know if OMAD will be happening until after the beach. I hate to admit it, but I can just feel it. With everything happening right now and then our vacation happening a week after houseguests are gone... I don't see it happening. I think we're supposed to be going somewhere on Friday (zoo maybe) and then on Monday I think the plan is to go to the amusement park again. This time minus our 2 youngest though. I hate to leave them with their granny, but there just weren't enough rides they could go on. Heck, it's probably a waste to bring my oldest too, but she would actually be sad not to go unlike the other 2 who would be thrilled to go spend time with their granny lol.

    Anyway.... I am pumping myself up to really get down to some dieting business for after our beach vacation (and kids birthdays). I'll be dieting up until the beach, and then eating whatever during the vacation. Going to try to keep sugary treats to a minimum though and then have cake for their birthdays. Don't need to get back home only to find out that I'm in the 180's again :\
    I'm going to try my best to keep my choices better than I usually would for cheat days lol. It will be good practice at least for whenever I get in to maintenance. See what my body does eating some carbs, but not going completely crazy on them.

    WOO I am writing a book right now. I'll stop.
    Rght now.... just going with the flow, but the week after beach vacation, it's time to get back to some serious dieting again. I have some bone broth frozen... add in some just bone broth days again to help kick start things too.
    Get this appetite under control again with some good healthy eating!
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    I have those times mentally too babe - this is how I think about it...if I can make myself stay in line one day at a time, EVERY day that I do that helps. If I get cranky about it, I just remind myself that it'll mean I truly enjoy my splurging (in your case, vaca eating) rather than feel guilty about it and that usually knocks my mentality back into line...but if not, a day is JUST a day...tomorrow's a new one - onward and upward (OR DOWNWARD in our case :p )

  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 894Member Member Posts: 894Member Member
    Wow..your houseguests are leaving soon? Is it a month already? VR games? My kids have been urging us to buy it but till date, we said Nope :lol: May be you can also go for sports games as my DS plays tennis on his PS4 and he sweats a lot and really have a good workout :) I am a carb lover too and without carbs, I just go crazy. So, I limit it to 1 small bowl and that helps my cravings and stablize my mood... :lol: Don't think so much about OMAD or your weight when you are at the beach. Just have lots of fun and enjoy your family time together. <3
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 663Member Member Posts: 663Member Member
    Houseguests thankfully found a place. It would've been available to them at the beginning of August but they've managed to talk to the owner and will be able to move in on the 26th. Plus the truck with their all of their stuff in it is supposed to be delivered on the 27th (that was a whole ordeal with them trying to actually locate their stuff).. so they'll have to be down there at their new place to get their stuff or else the truck will be put back in to a holding facility.
    It will be almost a month by the time they do go. I know they're really itching to get in to their own place. I know they don't like encroaching on our space, but it really hasn't been that bad.
    Plus I'm sure when my kids get in to their daily whining/screaming/crying fits, that helps to get them to want to leave sooner lol.

    Diet has been good the last 2 days though. Sticking with keto. It has been higher calorie though b/c of the brisket. Dang stuff is so calorie dense. Oh well.
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    I love me some MEAT so I understand :D
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,085Member Member Posts: 1,085Member Member
    Yum brisket.......glad they have found a place though!!!
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 894Member Member Posts: 894Member Member
    Looks like everything is falling into place for ya😉... Houseguests found their own place, washing machine is working again, dieting is running smoothly... 👍👍👍
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 663Member Member Posts: 663Member Member
    Everything is mostly running smooth. There is a drip in the washer. Just on the inside part, but there's a drip when there shouldn't be. :\ Supposed to be someone coming today to look at it, but haven't heard anything.
    And my 2yo has been driving me up the dang wall. Just in a rebellious, screaming tantrum phase or something.

    Overall not too bad though.
    Houeguests made wings for dinner last night. Trying to pick things that I can have which is really considerate of them.
    I could've eaten every single one of those wings though. Baby chickens... that must've been where the wings came from lol. They were good though. :)
    I also had some cubed cheese and very small handful of butterfinger popcorn b/c I as craving something sweet.

    Also tried making chicken salad for the first time (thanks to misty's food posts lol. Enjoy it MUCH more than canned tuna. Still has that same smell which I thought was strange and almost the same taste, but not as pungent. lol Doesn't have that lingering fishy smell that canned tuna has which is a good thing. And it's juicier too. Tuna is always so dry and needs a lot of mayo. I thought the chicken was going to be the same way, but it's definitely not as dry.
    I think I'm a little addicted to it now. lol I'm about to go finish the rest of it off I think.
    I made it with 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 12oz can of chicken, about 2tbs of diced onion, some sliced pickled jalapeno, duke's mayo, jalapeno pimento cheese, pepper
    Houseguests bought some low carb tortilla shells from the commissary that we've never seen before. It's either 2 or 3 net carbs which is the lowest I've seen. They're good though and I've been putting my chicken salad concoction in it.

    Anywho... I saw 172 before eating which is the lowest it has been in weeks.
    I'm cool with that.

    I also got in a swimsuit that I ordered off amazon. So nerve wracking buying online. Especially women's clothing.
    The black one
    I bought it in a large. It's a little tight on me. I wanted it to be a little loose like in the photo, BUT it still fits and I don't look like an overstuffed sausage or anything in it lol. I was thinking of getting the XL, but people seem to think that b/c you're XL it means your boobs are too. HA NOOOOOOOOO SO I risked it and got the large.
    Mine aren't small, but they're not XL either. That is definitely one area my body did NOT get blessed with the added fat I was gaining :\

    Sigh.. I really want the rest of that chicken salad, but I think I'll hold off and eat it for dinner along with some other leftover. I'll have another coffee instead :)
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    Ok 2 things -

    1 - YES TO THE PIMENTO CHEESE IN THE CHX SALAD...that sounds AHHHHHMAZING! Still haven't been able to find the jalepeno kind in anything but tiny expensive sizes LOL, but I'll get some one day! ALSO yes I love me some canned's cheap, quick, and decent quality, plus you get a lot for a reasonably small amt of cals :)
    2 - I ALSO was not blessed in the boob area...and with the weight loss it's not cute...I'm probs going to need surgery eventually but for now, meh, who cares LOL

    Glad things are going well, and how nice of the house guests to make Lisa friendly food <3
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    OH ALSO, I wanna see a picture of this swimsuit! Preferably with you IN it if you're feeling brave :) I've been thinking about getting a new swimsuit soon, and I often get the same style because I have a 15 in scar from my breastbone to bikini line so 2 piece ones sometimes look funny (I'm not particularly self conscious about it but still).
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 663Member Member Posts: 663Member Member
    I'm sure my hubs will get a photo of me in it when we're at the beach lol I'll post a photo then :)
    It's a cute swimsuit though (link in other comment) and it covers everything. I had a hellava time trying to find one I wanted. One that didn't show my boobs and covered up some back too. I have a BIG topless fairy tattoo on my back (got it when I was a teen). I want to eventually get a slight coverup on the boobage part but in the meantime just need to find things that will cover it up. Good lord it was difficult trying to find a cute bathing suits that didn't completely expose the back and wasn't one of those swim shirts.
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    LMFAO I can imagine! :D
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 894Member Member Posts: 894Member Member
    That swimming suit looks gorgeous👍❤️ Can't wait to see the photos😍 Talking about boobs, do you guys notice that when you loose weight, the boobs become smaller too? 😢
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    Totally...smaller and less *cough* shapely LMAO
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 663Member Member Posts: 663Member Member
    I have definitely gone down in size. Not a ton, but I imagine it will the more I lose. I'm totally fine with it though. I wouldn't mind having even smaller boobs.. I do think I'll have to get them lifted though (if I want) b/c they're going to look like the literal embodiment of flapjack boobs lol

    Feeling pretty good today. Came this close to cheating though, but I'm good now. If I still feel the urge to cheat, I'll have some popcorn. Nothing too bad. Maybe some of the butterfinger popcorn. I had a serving of that yesterday. It was only 18 carbs for a decent amount.

    Feels like I'm finally actually losing weight again and I'm pretty sure I can actually see it in my stomach again. Doesn't look quite as bloated as it has been.

    Slight change in plan. We're going back to amusement park tomorrow. MiL can't watch the boys on Monday so we'll be heading to get burnt to a crisp tomorrow lol. I'm sure it will be fine. The amusement park planners did a pretty good job including lots of shaded parts, plus there is a big waterpark too that we can dip in to really quick to get some relief from the sun.
    I can't wait until all of my kids are big enough to ride everything though. Even my 6yo couldn't really ride much. I remember going at her age and being able to ride everything, but then again I guess safety was a bit more lacking back then and the rollarcoasters weren't as twisty and whatnot lol.
    Anywho... looking forward to it :)

  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    Sounds super fun! I have no life and all I do is work with the occasional trip to the grocery store so JEALOUS :D

    Glad your back into losing's a nice feeling :kissing_heart:
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 663Member Member Posts: 663Member Member
    Sounds super fun! I have no life and all I do is work with the occasional trip to the grocery store so JEALOUS :D

    Glad your back into losing's a nice feeling :kissing_heart:

    HA Girl, SAME
    The only reason we're going out again is b/c of houseguests. They've gone out every single day they've been here b/c that's just the type of people they are. Needing to do something.
    Me on the otherhand?? If I don't need to go anywhere, I am more than happy to sit at home all day and do nothing or waste my time watching youtube or netflix.
    I mean going out to the amusement park and the beach is fun, but I'm also just fine staying home too lol. It is too damn hot outside and everything costs money. And with 3 kids?? Pfffft.

    Absolutely no hate towards people that want to go out and do do do, but that's just not me. I enjoy being lazy and doing nothing.

    BUT also now with 3 kids... we want them to have a fun summer and experiences and whatnot too. /shrugs I'd rather be home, but it is fun to get out sometimes and to give us all the memories :)

  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,667Member Member Posts: 2,667Member Member
    Yeah I'm a home body - other than going to visit my parents or my best friend, I'm MORE than happy to sit my butt down and watch Netflix.
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 894Member Member Posts: 894Member Member
    Congrats on loosing weight👍😘 Smaller size =weight loss👍😉 I am like Steph, go to work, trips to the supermarket or fast-food restaurants with the kids. Too expensive for us 4 to go for a holidays for now. Have a wonderful time at the park😘❤️
  • bekahlou75bekahlou75 Posts: 290Member Member Posts: 290Member Member
    Good job on losing weight!
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