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    brandi_84 wrote: »
    Username: brandi_84
    Weigh in day: Monday
    Starting weight: 184
    Week 1: 184
    Week 2: 183

    @brandi_84, that's great, Brandi!! Your hard work and patience is paying off!!
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    LMK02020 wrote: »
    In case anyone was curious, eating chips out of the bag while googling ways to loose weight isn’t a very successful technique lol 🙂Enjoy the week !

    @LMK02020, or eating chips out of the bag while watching people exercise on TV!! I'll transfer your weight over for this week, as long as you rid the house of all chips!!
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    Failed the Mini Challenge. Weekends are hard for tracking. I'm aware of what I'm eating and make specific choices, but just can't seem to get into the app on the reg. So, week 1 mini challenge

    Sun: No
    Mon: Yes
    Tues: Yes
    Wed: Yes
    Thurs: Yes
    Fri: Yes
    Sat: No

    Still, for June overall:

    SW: 190
    GW: 185
    CW: 189!

    Lost the pound I'm supposed to based on calorie settings in MFP. We'll call it good!

    @jrh_this_better_work, another week, another pound lost!! Well done!!
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    Post holiday weigh in. 168.5.

    Great holiday, lots of walking but lots of extra calories too.
    Realised how easy it is to drink calories - I just have water, tea and coffee at home but had juice, smoothies, rich milky coffees and wine on holiday.
    My hip is holding up exercise at bit at the moment so really going to focus on diet this week.
    Glad to be back in the challenge!

    @lozenger1984, welcome back from your holiday, Laura! You are only up two pounds, so not bad at all!! Getting your food back on track this week will go a long way to making those two extra pounds disappear!
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    HASWLRS sure ! Thanks
  • LMK02020
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    I’m omit the power peanut butter chocolate banana protein shake too , just a suped up milkshake 🙂
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    HASWLRS wrote: »
    @Krysless2, What a great idea, Krystal!! Let's everyone post their GOALS FOR THIS WEEK!!
    Let me start by saying I had a really bad week last week!! It started with extreme exhaustion on Tuesday evening and spiralled out of control from there!! I need to sleep better, so therefore I need to eat better. When I eat a lot of crappy food, combined with not drinking enough water, I do not sleep for much more than four or five hours. That is not enough for me!! Another way to help with better sleep is to go to bed more tired. I need to burn more calories during the day. Walking, or running, for any length of time I don't feel is an option right now, so I need to get back to the gym and see if maybe the bike or the elliptical will be viable alternatives. That being said, my goals for the week are:

    1. Drink 12 glasses of water daily.
    2. Get to the gym once.
    3. Finish March/April in-house statements at work.

    I need to start small.

    I have similar problems with sleep. Except sleeping troubles seem to lead to bad eating habits as I sometimes feel too drained to think about healthy meals and throw something together to eat to give me some energy or make me feel better. But that is probably what keeps the cycle going. I hope this week will be better for you.
    I found that weights and resistance bands have been a good substitute for when I cannot walk much (running is definitely out for me) for burning up some energy and to give me the feeling that my muscles are working. It isn't exactly cardio but it is something. Although I stopped strength training for a few weeks because of a million excuses. I did arms today ! I really do enjoy it once I get started.
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    Monday eve 22:12 really miserable weather today so cold brr suppost to be british summer time lol :D ... too many cups of tea inbetween the bottles of lemon infused water(really good for getting the digestive system going)
    Anyway food logged (just under my calories, has anyone tried the 5.2 diet? And does it work?) water logged and excercise steps count at 18866
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    Username: Jl20alon2564
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    Journey starting weight: 332lbs
    February starting weight: 324lbs
    March starting weight: 314.2lbs
    April starting weight: 299.6lbs
    May starting weight: 290.8lbs
    June starting weight: 284.4lbs
    Last weeks weight: 282.8lbs
    Current weight: 281.2 lbs

    Sorry I am coming in late with my weigh-in!

    @Jl20alon2564, you are down a pound and a half, so no apologies necessary for being late!! Well done!!
  • brandi_84
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    Mini Challenge
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: Strength Training - Arms
    Yoga 20 min

    Sunday yes
    Monday yes
  • enyagoboom
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    Weekly Challenge
    Day: Monday
    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: Yes
    Exercise: yes - 2 min of high planks (6 @ 20 sec each) and a 71 minute walk
  • erikNJ
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    tracked: yes
    calories: yes
    activity: yes, finally got back to the gym for the first time in two weeks

    Sun: no
    Mon: yes
  • ForLangston
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    Tracked, at n 7253 steps. Looking forward to getting to 8500 steps soon
  • Nicoletime4me
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    June 9
    Tracking- yes
    Calories- yes ( just barely)
    Exercise- yes ( roller skating)

    June 10
    Tracking- yes
    Calories- yes
    Exercise- yes ( 29 min walk)
  • abowersgirl
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    3x yes

    Sunday yes
    Monday yes
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