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    Yesterday was a really nice day at the beach on Oak Island NC. It was cloudy with some thunder off and on but no lightning so we stayed there for 4-5 hours. I don't swim and the motion of the water makes me dizzy so mostly I sat in the water and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. My daughter and granddaughter had fun on their boards for a while too. It was nice to visit with the two of them. We ate supper at a seafood place - ordered some crab cakes, shrimp, and fruit/spinach salad to share. Then Nicole decided she "had to" have ice cream at Sonic. Of course I ordered a hot fudge sundae. So- over on calories for the day but it's just one day!
    My brother and his wife arrive today and I planned a BBQ get together for supper with my kids too. I will not overeat today.
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food: logged and over
    Water: over 64 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute bike ride plus PT
    Steps: over 7,500

    I am off to a late start but for a good reason. Something clicked in me last night. I read something that I couldn't stop thinking about. It actually made me sit down and journal this am. I know I need to make even more changes to get my weight going down again and I have been resistant. Why? I am comfortable with how healthy my life is now. I am doing so much better looking back but I can't keep riding that wave. It isn't enough. I made a list of what I think it will take to get this weight off. Funny thing is, there isn't much on the list. It is things I have known deep down that I needed to clean up for a while. I am not even addressing my struggling with over eating and snacking. That is another issue that will take work. These are just things daily I need to do that I have been avoiding. All are related to food. Right now I am not pushing exercise, I want my hip to heal. Time to get the weight off for good. I have a ways to go before goal but I am not going to let that get me down. This isn't a race for me.

    I am logging my weight after. It has gone up a lot and I am out of onderland. I had a bad weekend and then trouble getting back on track. So it is up even though I did better as the week went on. I have been watching my weight creep up and go down and this am it was over. I will log it and move on. The revelation I had above had nothing to do with going back into the 200s. It is more about being at a stand still. I have been gaining and losing the same weight for a while now. Time to move on. I am not going to beat myself up. I am going to move on.

    I loved my positive self talk from the other day and actually think about it a lot-I have everything I need to make this a great day. It is so true if you think of it. A great day off to a late start! Lol! It is BEAUTIFUL at the shore today. It is actually cool and high tide. I need to go to the food store but I am actually going to kayak first. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    @Moarrein Congrats to getting to goal but I am sorry you aren't feeling any better. Is that why you may not be able to go away? I hope that you start feeling better and continue with your plans for vacation. No worries about checking in daily when you are away. Check in when you can, if you can. We will be here when you come back. I hope you stay with us on the cheer squad and continue checking in once you are back. You have been such a supportive member of our group. I know it isn't the easiest with the language translations you do but you have been an important member of our team.
    @cyndiesstuff You are so inspiring. Since you share so much it shows that it can be done, it is hard work but you can change your thinking. I am going to get serious about the new Pam. I want these old habits to fade away too. It just takes work and I need to do that. I also have to say no to the toddler Pam who wants way too much lol!
    @pacsnc6 That is just a small gain, it could be anything. Don't let that get you down. You know what to do. What a fun few days you have had! Those sonic commercials do a good job, their ice cream does look yummy. Just don't let the one indulgence derail you. Enjoy your company and bbq today!
    @ljdanny You just got back from an awesome vacation. You were kicking butt before you left so just pick up where you left off. You got this girl! I can relate with the going on vacation and people being at home while you are away. You will get everything back to how you like it, you will get food in the house and you will kick butt at zumba.
    @carlsoda Nice loss! I love hearing about your weekends-you do the coolest stuff! I am glad you have been doing so well with everything! This is your life style now and you are embracing it!!
    @lennoncpa Nice loss! Yes, I guess that would make a difference with bike riding. I am in a challenge that the person has some formula she uses to calculate the steps she did from the miles she rode on her bike.
    @hope002 You have been working hard and it showed on the scale this week! Great job!
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    Week 2
    PW: 199.8
    CW: 202.2
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    @sleepymom5 I know you can do this. You have to really want it. Part of the problem is we aren't completely miserable so it's hard to push through. But it is so worth it. Do it girl, do it and do it now!

    I just had my life force physical for my work. I was so nervous. My health is off the charts and doing fabulous. My nurse practitioner was so impressed!!! For my age group my body fat recommendation is 22-29. I was 22% BF!!!! I don't recall ever being that. It's a great feeling. I had to have blood work done for this appointment. The only thing with a red flag was my liver??? The liver enzymes were elevated. I called my daughter to discuss. (she is a nurse). Robin didn't seem to be too concerned. She said it sometimes happens then goes back down. I have to make an appointment with my doctor for further testing to be cleared. But I am now the best fitness level for my work which means they pay me for being healthy and they pay my life insurance.

    We are going out of town tonight and I still have mountains of things to do to get ready. I am trying to breathe and knock out one thing at a time.

    TGIF and have a great weekend everyone!!!!
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    PW 304
    CW 301.8
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  • cyndiesstuff
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    Friday night delight!
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    Great day today but very busy day tomorrow. I need to go home for a party at 5pm but I am coming back after. I have no worries about over eating and drinking at this. I will be driving back to the shore so I won't drink. I am not too excited about the menu so I will be good with the food.
    I got sea sick on my Kayak today! Very weird. I think it was because so many boats were out and I felt like I was constantly going over the wakes from the boats and jet skis. I wanted to get a good workout in and forgot it was Friday. The weekends are so busy down here. I should have just paddled around the canals by my house, not as much of a workout but not as much "traffic" . Oh well, I will check in tomorrow. Good night!

    @Mrsbell8well Glad that you are following up with your doctor about the liver enzymes but otherwise great news with the physical! Even better news that your company is going to pay for your life insurance and for being healthy. Hope you got everything done you needed to and are enjoying your weekend away!
    @timibotkin Awesome loss! You are starting out strong!
    @cyndiesstuff Looks like you are having a Friday night bon fire! Enjoy!
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    Friday's Weigh Ins still due

    Saturday's Weigh Ins

    Sunday's Weigh Ins
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    Check in for Friday
    Logged: no, IF 16/8
    Water good
    Exercise: 3 walks (45, 70 and 55 minutes)
    Steps 19,122

    I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow, it's going to be hard to stop eating at 7pm. I'll try my best. If it doesn't work, I can start eating later on Sunday
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    PW: 223.5
    CW: 220.6

    -2.9 lbs
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    ok, so I don't know what happened this week, but all of a sudden it's Saturday again!!!

    This week just flew by and I totally forgot to post here! Sorry about that. I even forgot to track my food on most days. So you can imagine that I was a bit reluctant to get on the scale this morning. But to my surprise, I actually lost 2.9 lbs.

    I guess by now I do kind of know how many calories everything is, but I didn't expect to lose this much without tracking.
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    Nice loss @ihp2015! I bet your glad to be back.
    @cyndiesstuff that is some fire did you roast marshmallows? I woke up thinking about you. This weekend can take you to you goal or sidetrack you again. Are you ready for success?
    @timibotkin nice to have a few more pounds off before you have to maintain. Good luck to you.
    @sleepymom5 that must have been a bit scary to be seasick on the kayak. Sounds like your weekend is cued up for success. I started my weight journey at 202.8. 1 year later I reached my goal. You can do it Pam. Make up your mind, set your monthly and weekly goals and do what you have to do.
    @hope002 good luck with your party. Have you tried the IF app called Life?

    We are here in Gordonsville. Molly’s sisters country home. It was a long week. I’m getting ready for a morning run. Not sure if anyone is going with me but I want to beat the heat. Grapes, mango, and nectarines for breakfast. Then Mellow Mushroom pizza for our family lunch. They have vegan pizza. Pretty excited!
    The produce this week is peaches, black grapes, yellow potatoes, chives and pecans. Tonight I’m making peach daiquiris and roasted rosemary pecans. Then panzanella a Tuscan tomato bread salad. And tomorrow morning Molly and I are doing an early 45 minute bike ride. After the ride I’m making tofu scramble with poblano chili’s, roasted yellow potatoes with peppers and onions and chive muffins with avocado and green salsa.
    I love to cook and bake. It is my passion. I spend all day thinking about food and drift off to sleep planning menus. My dream is to write a seasonal menu cookbook.

    It’s just the beginning of the weekend. We have lots and lots of choices ahead of us the next 2 days. Monday morning will you be proud of your choices? Decide now. Your health is the most important decision you can make. Make it a priority.

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    Check in for Friday
    Food: on plan
    Water: 60 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute walk
    Steps: 14714

    what a great day yesterday. although since going to this new job my pain has increased dramatically. at my old office i had a special office chair, that was ergonomically designed and everything on it was adjustable so i could make it just for me. in order to get one at this office i have to have a doctor fill out a form about how this chair will help my pain and then my company will buy me another one. so that is my next mission. i have an appt with a chiropractor monday after work, so either he can fill the forms out or my primary care doctor can. had that huge brush fire last night. i am hoping that destroys the home of the critters that are eating my tomatoes. still haven't caught any thing. busy day today, my great niece is coming to spend the weekend with me. i got a call at 6:30 this morning. they had a death in their family and had no place for the little one to go. i guess she is not so little any longer. she is 13 and has Cri du Chat Syndrome, a rate genetic abnormality where a deletion of the "P" arm of the 5th chromosome has occurred. individuals with this syndrome have severe to moderate developmental disabilities. she is pretty smart, just has a hard time communicating. but love conquers all of that!!

    @pacsnc6 ok, that is just a small gain, time to nip it in the bud and get back on track. you can do this girl. what is your next best step? ok and so what is your plan for the bbq? write it out and put it on the table. it will serve as a reminder to yourself of the commitment you have made.

    @ljdanny ohhh no... vacation got ya!! most of that will just come right back off. get back on track now and you will be back to where you were in no time. remember that two little babies are going to need you. you want to borrow my power washer? that will hose down that house in a hurry!! lol

    @Moarrein yes. i will ask that you be moved to the cheer squad with @Mrsbell8well. i still would like you to weigh in on your scheduled weigh in day. it will help you be accountable as you figure out how you are going to live in maintenance. what is you plan now? have you thought about what it looks like for you to be in maintenance?

    @carlsoda wooooo whooooo yes!!~ good job. you keep that hard work up!! and you have fun at the antique show! it is a great weekend for something like that.

    @lennoncpa i know of these tins of nuts that you speak of. they are delish!!! and mine would never last that long either. and they are a really good price too and go for a good cause. and nice loss for you this week. good job, i know you have been struggling with your nut addiction. how is that going?

    @hope002 yes!!!! super job. that's the way to do it!! now. mirror what you did this week next week. awesome. and yes. you whould really get rid of the sweet in your coffee. you will get use to it.

    @sleepymom5 you know i have been thinking about what you said. you are comfortable with your health right now. the problem with that statement pam, and you know this, is that at the weight you are at right now, in the long run it is going to ruin your health. you won't remain healthy. it will happen slowly. so slowly that you may not even notice it. but it is happening. so don't think this is where your comfortable because when you 80 and your chair bound, you won't be comfortable. love you girl. i know your working hard. you keep at it. super proud of you, now get to work lady. and remember not to scold the toddler pam. she needs disipline not punishment!!

    @Mrsbell8well you go girl. your numbers rock.... and your right. weeekends are my times i need to do the most work around. i am going to stay on track!! i am going to work my plan. i am doing this for the last time. and monday i am going to be super stoked about how i lived my new life over the weekend. lets do this, i am coming to join you there in maintencance.

    @timibotkin wooooo whooo. that is a super loss. good job.

    @ihp2015 omgoshhhhh what a great loss!! you go girl. work it.....

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    Check in for Friday
    Food: logged and on target
    Water: 80 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute bike ride,60 min kayak, plus PT
    Steps: 5,657
    Good day yesterday. Not sure of my plan today. My hip has been bothering me the past couple of days and I am thinking I should have a rest day. If I was going to have one, today would be a good day for it. I am going back to Pa to celebrate 2 family members. One for her 80th BD and the other for 1 year of grace through fighting cancer. They are sweet ladies and always celebrate everyone else so I wouldn't miss this for anything. I am going early to bring Daisy back for a few days too. We need room Monday for all of MK's stuff to go in the car. The plan is to go to PT on the way home Monday morning, stop at MK's apartment and drop off all the stuff in the car, go food shopping by her apartment and put all that away, go home and hopefully she packs up everything AND cleans her room. Then Tuesday she has some doctor's appointments, then we load up the car and drop her off. Hopefully there is room for Daisy and I can leave for the shore right after dropping her off.

    I am not sure when I will be home tonight. I think this is a sit down dinner but I am not sure. I do think after dinner we can leave. I am actually not worried about over eating here. I just need to not go starving. I am going to bring a yogurt home with me so I eat before I leave. I don't plan to drink but will allow for one drink when I get there. I am driving back to the shore so no one will push. If I don't get on tonight, I will catch up with everyone in the morning. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    @hope002 Nice day yesterday! Amazing steps! It is nice that with IF you can just push it back if you need to. Enjoy the party!
    @ihp2015 Wtg! Down almost 3 lbs! I actually think August is also flying by Lol! You have been doing this so long that you can probably go without tracking sometimes. Great job!
    @mrsbell8well Enjoy your run! Smart to get out before the heat. Your menu always sounds so yummy, I could totally see you writing a cookbook!
    @cyndiesstuff I don't think I articulated what I was trying to say about being comfortable. I am comfortable with my regime right now which is why I think I keep gaining and losing. I was trying to figure out why I am not making any progress and that is the what I came to. I know I need to lose a lot more weight and although I am comfortable, I am not happy where I am at. It isn't healthy at all. I am healthy at the moment but it won't last forever. It was actually a good thing I took time to figure out what was going on in my head. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I do have slip ups and over eat but for the most part my diet is healthy and I exercise almost daily. I am very comfortable there but unfortunately I need to do more and move on. I hope the chiropractor can fill out the paperwork so you can get the process of getting the chair going. Hopefully that will help. Enjoy your niece, I know she will love spending time with you. So that was a brush fire? I assume it was a contained one? This suburb girl knows nothing about that stuff Lol!
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    Julie8468 Friday

    Week 2
    PW: 141.4? Not sure..
    CW: 140.4
  • Julie8468
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    Catching up on posts today! Miss you guys, back at work now after vacation and had a very busy stressful week. No exercise in except for walking, had to travel out of town for meetings and walked everywhere so that did help. I’m looking forward to September, as the boys school and work should get me on a more predictable routine.
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    Week 2
    Pw- 195.6
    Cw- 196

    I worked out every day and was under 1200 calories each day this past week. So I'm thinking next week will be a big loss
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    Late weigh in

    Todays weigh ins @DananaNanas

    Sundays weigh ins
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    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:166.6
    Current weight:167.6
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