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    Monday morning again and traffic was horrible this morning. Took me 25 minutes longer to get to work :(

    Yesterday was a good day. Hubby and I went for a nice walk before it started raining again. And although I forgot to track my dinner, I know that I didn't go over my calorie budget.

    I already tracked my breakfast and lunch food today, so that's a good start.

    Have a great week everyone!
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    Check in for Sunday
    Food: on plan
    Water: lost track
    Exercise: rest day
    Steps: 8740

    Had a relaxing day yesterday. Jim went to the truck and tractor pulls with a whole bunch of his buddies. I was invited but it was like 12 guys and I would have been the only girl. And it was like 90 with 99% humidity. Just really didn't sound fun to me. So I stayed home and got all of the prep cooking done. That soup turned out amazing. We have no electricity today oh, it went out last night around 7. So I just threw my hair up and I'm ready to go to work. So now I'm going to try to comment and what everyone's been doing on my phone.
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    Commenting on your phone is just too ridiculously hard. I'm going to wait till I get to work. Let's get moving. The day's a-wasting
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    Check in for Sunday
    Food: logged and on track
    Water: 96 oz
    Exercise: 20 min bike and PT
    Steps: 3812
    I actually had a great day yesterday except for exercising. Today I have an early PT session and then starting the move in to college process with MK. Today we will drop off her stuff we bought for her apartment and her stuff from the shore, go food shopping and then go home. I plan to clean and then hopefully swim. Tomorrow she has an appointment at 12 and then we will move in her stuff from home. Hopefully I will get a swim in then too. After that, Daisy and I are heading back to the shore. I may not be able comment until I get back as I can't fit my computer in the car. Sorry if I said all of this already, I don't have time to go back and look, I have to get out of here! Lol! Hope everyone has a great week!

    @ihp2015 Ugh! Traffic is annoying... Glad to hear things are going well. Hope you have a great week too!
    @cyndiesstuff I wouldn't have gone either lol! Sounds like you were very productive instead and set yourself up for a good week.
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    Had a wonderful weekend. Back at work with a big week ahead.
    Have a good week everyone
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    Hello!! Sorry I've been MIA - what a busy weekend.

    First off, we found a house and had a showing yesterday so have been busy discussing that. All the emotional ups and downs with the idea of moving. It's only 5 miles from where we currently live, but in the country on a gravel road and it has 2 acres. It's a 1930 rambler with some very beautiful wood work inside. Needs extensive painting and cleaning but otherwise it looks solid. The funny thing though, it's about the same size as our house but it feel so much smaller. It maybe because it's empty and we can't visual the actual size without furniture. Then we came home and we have spent the last 20 years working on our house to make it perfect for us and then we're like - no we love this house. :) But we don't love living in town! Our actual dream would be to take our house and just plunk it in the country :) But I'm also excited about making this house ours. It was owned by a little old lady that passed away a few years ago and I think it was rented out and now her son is ready to sell it.

    Then, my husbands aunt passed away last week so we also had the burial yesterday and the memorial will be in early September. She was a very sweet lady and lived an absolutely healthy life but ended up getting alzheimers in her late 60's. So sad.

    Otherwise - food and water have been on plan. Exercise not so much, but I plan to do yoga tonight - my poor body needs it bad!!

    Now...to focus on work and not a house :)

    Have a great day!!
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    @mrsbell8well your breakfast sounds AMAZINGGGG
  • McKay85
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    Hello -
    I'm sorry for being MIA. Life has been really rough for me these past 7 days. I am working through some tough family stuff right now and I'm finding the support I need. Im finding the people who I can lean on during this time and it is very refreshing. I almost gave up on my journey, though. I am planning on jumping back into this journey today. I'm heading to the gym now and I'm starting to work with my trainer tomorrow. Here's my stats:
    PW: 318
    CW: 318
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    User ID: jedaschultz
    Weigh in day: Monday
    Week Number: Week 3
    Previous weight: 204.6
    Current weight: 204.2

    I always goes up a lot faster than it goes back down. A loss is still a loss.
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    Had a mammogram at 8:15 this morning. It went great - was walking out at 8:25. So I was 45 minutes early to water aerobics class. I got in the water and walked and just moved until class started. Now I'm tired and will probably need a nap later today. I don't usually nap during the day but sometimes you just need to.
    Yesterday was a good day. Had a light late lunch before going to the ice cream social at church at 5PM. Homemade ice cream and store bought ice cream and lots of toppings to choose from. I was good and took only a small spoonful of three or four flavors. And two chocolate chip cookies and peach cobbler. Mmmmm good. No late night snacks needed!
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    Week 2
    PW: 138
    CW: 141

    It was a bad week eating wise. I don't have any excuses. I just wanted to eat and eat. I don't think. I have any reason. I have got to get my stuff together. I am going to journal, log and pick my urge to self sabotage. I am on leave this week so I am away from work having a break in the routine which should help me. Today over ate at breakfast but I haven't taken it as an excuse to over eat more and I did not eat my daughters sweets (candies).
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    Monday Check In
    Food: logged so far, and on track
    Water: Trying to get at least 60-80 oz today (would like more, but I'm out and about)
    Steps: 10, 447 so far (Still have another walk this evening)

    A little about the end of last week- my eating was on point and exercise was mostly on point. I didn't get to exercise on Saturday because my in laws spend the weekend with us. We had a great time-I'm lucky because I adore my in laws and truly think of them as my family.

    Today has been good. My husband, daughter and I all had our yearly eye exams. I actually got up early to get my hour long workout in before our appointments which is a huge NSV for me. I always say I will get up early workout (if I have somewhere to go) and I never do it! haha So, I was definitely proud of my choice this morning.

    I also have to take my daughter to her yearly physical in about half an hour. Then tomorrow, I have to have an echo done. (My doctor heard a heart murmur at my appointment. She thinks it's related to the anemia.) I'm definitely hoping so. That's a bit scary. I feel like I have so many doc appts. coming up, but I also see it as a good thing. In the past few years, I've let my weight keep me from seeing the doctor. This is so much more than just losing weight to me-I really just want my health back and I'm determined to get it!

    @sleepymom5 My anemia is actually from my period as well. I've heard great things about ablation. It seems like the best options for treatment would mean no more children. And, I'm not sure if I'm ready to give that up yet. I'm 37 so time's ticking, lol. Also, holy moly...great job on water intake! I need to follow your lead!

    @cyndiesstuff Woo hoo!! Congrats on the size 8!! That has to feel amazing! You look amazing, by the way!

    @carlsoda I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's aunt. Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease, especially for the family left behind. I hope you and your family can eventually find some sort of peace with her passing.

    @jedaschultz Yes, girl! A loss is a loss! And I will take any loss that comes my way! lol
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    Wowwee the group's been active! I love it!! Catching up on being way behind on posts.

    Nice Losses @DananaNanas and @amytriesww
    @twyla77 being up a pound during TOM is a win. Just think of the loss you'll see next week!
    LOL @ljdanny My husband does the same thing with our mail!
    Thanks @cyndiesstuff I hadn't considered the thought model. I need to give myself more credit! I'm much better at criticizing myself. And dang girl... looking good in those size 8 jeans!! Cute shoes too BTW!
    @sleepymom5 Sounds like a great party and what a lovely family! Ya know, I'm not sure what I do LOL I guess I plan my dinners out several nights ahead with whatever sounds good and usually eat the leftovers. My husband complains sometimes that I cook too much but he hates leftovers. They don't bother me. I have friends who are empty nesters and can't figure out how to cook less. I've never really had that problem. One of the smallest steps I took in the beginning was cutting out (most) food that comes from a box and is highly processed. But cooking for 1 can be a challenge but you only have that one person to make happy LOL.

    Yesterday's NSV... I can take off my wedding ring! I haven't been able to take it off in over 7 years. Its bathing in a bath of dishsoap. Can't wait for it to be clean and shiny again :smiley:
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    Check in for Sunday
    Food: pre-logged, ate as planned, under on calories
    Water: Great
    Exercise & steps: 30 minute walk with the dogs, yard work; 14,866 steps
    Weekly recap: 103,853 steps; 2 yoga classes; 2 vegetarian dinners; improved sleep... eh, its a work in progress

    I was super hungry last night after a physically active day and just wanted to eat anything and everything as long as it was quick. I had planned grilled swordfish with a chimichurri sauce and roasted zucchini. I added another zucchini at the last minute and told myself just eat it and see how you feel after. Turns out it was enough dinner after all! I need to slow my roll as they say!

    I made overnight oats for the first time. Yum! Where have I been... officially jumping on the overnight oats bandwagon LOL

    @amsandos I have those weeks myself. In fact, that was me just last week. Don't beat yourself up too hard. Learn from it and move forward
    @carlsoda very sorry about your husband's aunt. Your "maybe" home sounds lovely
    Glad you didn't quit @mcKay85. We're here for you. Sorry things are rough for you right now. Hope life gets better soon. Life is full of ups and downs... a healthier you is a constant through the good and the bad.
    Nice loss @jedaschultz And yep, it always goes down slower and up quicker for me!
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    Check in for Monday
    Food: on plan
    Water: 48
    Exercise: 30 minute walk
    Steps: 9424

    ok, well waiting till i get to work to do this.... yeah it does not work. my new office is way to busy. so my electricity came back on yesterday around noon. we were both at work but the neighbor texted me to let me know. i went to a new chiropractor yesterday after work. he is sure he can help. but thats where everyone starts. i hope he is right. i will give it a shot. but in the mean time he said he will fill out my ergonomic paperwork for my job. if he tells them that a sit to stand work station and a good chair will help, they will buy it for me. i had them at my old office but i could not take them with me.

    @amytriesww woooo whooo. look at that loss this week. you did great. keep it up!! yayay great NSV too!! I will be praying that the test results come back fine. Living healthy can only help! so stay on track.

    @twyla77 your right probably normal fluctuations from the scale. keep working your plan.

    @ljdanny get back to it right away! it's tough coming back from vacation but your tougher. now get moving girl.

    @Mrsbell8well your breakfast sounds super yummo!! I had a 2 egg omelet with spinach, mushroom, chive, and red pepper. no toast. mmmm... and peach daiquiris sounds devine!!glad you found your glasses.

    @sleepymom5 i wish i could sleep in. i am not a sleeper inner. and it was a success, the old pam would not have even thought about stopping half way thru dessert. but you??? you not only thought about it but you did stop. good job. i think that is fantastic. and i agree. i can't use the phone to comment. ok well i guess i could but it is definitely more difficult than i want to deal with. and it is good that i set my plan up on sunday. my week is set!!

    @lennoncpa i have been thinking about what you said. maybe fighting it is the problem. think about a young child in the grocery store. they want candy. do you argue with them about wanting candy? it doesn't work. you use your kind loving words and then move on. you need to treat your cravings the same way. eventually they will subside. eventually you will learn that you just don't give in. the reason it is such a struggle is because you give in. imagine the young child again. what happens if you give in to their demands? it is hard to change our approach. we have been beating ourselves up for years. but with kind loving firm compassion we can do this.

    @nstephenson01 basics are a very good place to pick back up where you left off. the thought model is a valuable tool. i find myself picking what i want to accomplish and working the model backwards to figure out what i need to think to get there.

    @ihp2015 ohhhh no. i hate when traffic is bad. my drive to work is a tough ride. i try not to get worked up. i am successful sometimes!! lol

    @carlsoda ohhhh i have seen them move houses on tv before. it can make financial sense in some situations. but you can make a new house your love too. it takes a while. i am still learning to love the house i am in now and i have been here 5 years. ohhh i am sorry about your husbands aunt. alzheimers is a b****....

    @McKay85 i am glad you are finding support. and listen. this journey is going to have many bumps along the way but as long as you never give up you never fail. you got this!! now make your plan and move thru your day.

    @jedaschultz it is a loss. good job. you can do it!!

    @pacsnc6 good job going to your class early. a little extra water time is good for the soul.

    @amsandos thats a small gain. no worries. have you wrote out your commitment to yourself for over this leave? it really helps to write it down and keep it where you can see it.

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    Late Weigh In

    Today's Weigh in

    Wednesday's Weigh In
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    Check in for Monday
    Food: not logged, over
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 15 min stationary bike and PT
    Steps: 7291 steps

    Yesterday went well. I love her apartment. I couldn't believe how nice it was. It seems like it was the hottest day of the year when we moved her in Lol! Today should be the last of moving her stuff in. Daisy and I should be leaving right from her school to the shore. We do have to stop at another shore point(an hour north) to change a friend's dressing. She cut her finger really badly on a mandolin. See why I don't cook Lol! She went to the ER but is afraid to change it on her own. THEN Daisy and I will be back to the shore. We have guests this weekend so I have to get MKs room cleaned up and ready for them. I also have friends down that rented so I am going to meet up with them. My best friend from childhood who is the one who cut her finger. We are meeting at a 1/2 way spot tomorrow. Thursday I am going to the beach with my sister in law at a beach about 15 min north of me and then I also have my college roommate who is renting in the town where my house is. I spent time on the beach with them on Sunday and Friday we are supposed to have a "bay day" at my house. I think they may want their last day on the beach but either way we will hang out. I need to be super organized so I get my exercise in early. I also am going to have to have my 24 hour plan in place too. Off I go, I want to clean and get some exercise in before I have to leave with MK. Cleaning won't be too bad. I was so mad a few weeks ago when the house was such a mess than my husband and Shannon seem to really be trying now. Have a great day everyone! I hope to check in today.

    @Mrsbell8well Hope you have a great week too! xo
    @carlsoda How exciting!! A new house! I understand what a hard decision this will be. I am glad through everything that is going on with you that you are still doing well with eating and exercise. You seem to really know how to keep it all together!
    @McKay85 I am glad to see you are back! I hope things settle down for you. Life can be rough but remember you still have to take care of yourself. I am glad you are here and getting back on track. Remember you have us to support you too if you need it. Hang in there! xoxo
    @jedaschultz Isn't that the truth! It does come off a lot slower! Lol! Nice loss this week!
    @pacsnc6 Nice day! Well...except the mammogram part but that is a necessary evil. I love that you got in the pool early and got an extra little workout in!
    @amsandos I had a feeling when you weren't checking in that something was up. It is hard to replace the old habits but you have been working hard at it. You are not going to be perfect and slip ups will happen. You just need to pull yourself out ASAP and not wait. You really have come so far. You can do this. Why don't you try to check in here every day. Just quick, you don't have to respond to us. Maybe stop yourself and journal. We are here if you need us. Hugs!
    @amytriesww So many NSVs in that post! Getting up to exercise, staying on plan with guests, doing well overall....Keep it going girl. I was done having children when I had that done so I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to do it. Hugs! I know how draining (to say the least)anemia is so it is awesome how you continue to kick butt each day! Good luck at all your appointments.
    @nstephenson01 What an amazing week you have had! Just wow! Great job girl!! My mind is just boggled with your dinners. That sword fish sounds like something I would order when I go to an upscale restaurant! Maybe I should just figure out what I really want to eat that is healthy and jump feet first and get cooking!
    @cyndiesstuff I hope the electricity comes on for good soon! What a pain! I hope you can get the paperwork filled out and submitted soon so you can get your new work station as soon as possible. Have a great day my friend! xo
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    Quick check in..

    Yesterday food wasn't on plan and no excuses why it happened. Just busy and didn't plan my lunch so I didn't make good choices. But water and exercise was good!

    Today is a different day - I do have a lunch with me!! And pork chops pulled out of the freezer for dinner tonight.

    Real estate agent is coming to our place tonight for a walk through. We think we'll walk though the other house one more time before putting an offer in. We are very cautious people. Also talked to the bank this morning and have our check list and application to fill out. More work than I thought :)

    But now...back to work!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
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    HERE IS MY FITBIT USER ID......https://www.fitbit.com/user/3MFWZ8 OR ADD BY [email protected]

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    Quick check in...training classes most of today. Molly and I woke up early and got in a 20 minute bike ride. Last night made gazpacho. Skipping dinner tonight to get my weight back down. I know it's normal to fluctuate a few pounds but I can't allow myself to go up more than a few days.
    I started reading a new book "Thrive". It's about Vegan mega nutrition written by an ironman champion. It's really interesting and talks about food addictions and why we crave sugar and carbs. I always like to learn new things, especially thoughts on nutrition.
    Thanks to Molly's moms estate we are now officially out of debt. It wasn't much but just enough to get us cleared of debt and a start to our 3 months emergency savings. We are blessed.
    I just booked a cute little place in October for my birthday near the Virginia Creeper. We are planning a 6 day vacation to do this 34 mile bike ride. This has been a dream of mine for over 30 years.

    I am scrambling to read all the posts. Will comment when I can.
    @cyndiesstuff cute picture of you in the jeans!
    @carlsoda so exciting about your home situation!!!
    @sleepymom5 so glad you got MK settled in to a nice new place.

    More later!

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