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    Summertime gazpacho
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    @Mrsbell8well that Summertime gazpacho looks awesome! I'm not much of a cook and not at all creative when it comes to food - but obviously I love to eat!!
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    daily check in

    food eaten to plan but not logged yet a good day
    water on target
    exercise 50 min indoor bike.

    Great day today food wise. I journalled this morning.
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    Check in for Saturday - Monday
    Food: IF 17/7, but I still manage to eat at maintenance
    Water: could be better
    Exercise: lots of walking
    Steps: 12,456 - 17,127 - 22,582

    I need to start logging my food if I want to lose weight, even from 12-7, I can overeat.... that's sad....
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    Daily Check In: Monday
    Food: pre-logged; ate what I planned but not the quantity and went over
    Water: Great
    Exercise & steps: 30 minute dog walk, 90 minute yoga class; 10,099 steps

    The day went well enough until dinner. I can't be trusted with leftovers... it turns into a clean out the fridge feeding frenzy. For some reason I just couldn't bring myself to toss the last of the eggplant parmesan and zoodles. Not the unhealthiest dinner but I ate WAY too much of it. Need to get past not wanting to waste food. In the garbage or on my hips. I think there's a PNP podcast on the subject... need to find it and listen to it again. New day...
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    Hi everyone! I try to get on daily to read everyone’s posts but missed the last couple of days! I had a lot of catching up to do!
    I had my radiation simulation today. It was absolutely torturous! Lying still for that long was very difficult for me, but at least that’s one more step of my journey complete. My tech told me that I could continue to lose a little bit of weight but not to over do it or I’d have to go through that process again.
    I’ve been doing well with water, food, and excercise lately. Water has always been a struggle but I bought a reuasbale canister and fill it up with ice and water multiple times throughout the day at work. It’s like my magic mug or something it just seems so much easier to drink for some reason!
    Well for those of you all doing well, I hope you continue on that path and for those that are struggling, just keep trying! Don’t ever give up on you!
    @Mrsbell8well I was just reading an article on the Virginia creeper! I’ve been trying to talk my bf into doing it but am not having much luck. I’ve also tried to get him to ride some on the Great Allegheny Passage, haven’t had much luck there either. We go to Rocky Gap Casino and the trail is very close to a hotel we stayed at one time, I got him to walk a few miles on it, but we didn’t have our bikes and he was too worried about going to gamble! I would love to go from Pittsburgh down to Cumberland, my bucket list would be to do the whole thing to dc but I doubt that will ever happen! It would take me years to get in shape enough to even try!

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    Week 3
    PW: 163.5
    CW: 163.6
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    So sorry completed forgot to let you all know I am on vacation until the 28th. I do not have access to a scale because I am staying in hotels. I will update when I get home so sorry for the late notice.
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    Had a light bulb moment this morning when I listened to my pnp podcast. I have been getting myself in knots about what I can and can't have. I have been saying to myself I can't have chocolate and then having biscuits becaause I want something sweet but I didn't want the biscuits and it didn't satisfy me and they weren't that nice. So my new plan is when I find myself wanting something saying I can have it whenever I want. I will put it on my plan for tomorrow and have it. Not a nearly substitute but the exact thing that I want I will put it on my plan for tomorrow.

    today intentions stick to the plan drink water

    breakfast bacon eggs tomato toast
    snack quavers and fruit
    lunch picnic finger food fridge raiders, salad olives hummus cucumber bread stick lettuce boutique icecream
    dinner sea bass and boiled veg

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    Check in for Tuesday
    Food: on plan
    Water: 66 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute walk
    Steps: 10320

    second appt with the chiropractor today. i am hoping for relief. yesterday was a crap day. not sure why. but wow. i just felt like an emotional wreck. but one thing i didn't do was eat. i prayed, meditated and loved myself thru it. we had burgers on the grill last night with fresh steamed broccoli and cauliflower. i had a burger, no cheese and 2/3rds of the bun. but the star, at least for me, was the veggies!! i am exhausted today. my pain is high and my emotions are all over the place. i am going to use the thought model.

    Action: Deal with my physical and emotional discomfort in a healthy way
    Feeling: commitment, loved, tenacity, optimistic
    Thought i can deal with hard things, my pain will ease, i can be happy in spite of my circumstances.
    Circumstance higher than normal pain

    So in order to get the action that i want, i have to think those thoughts. i have writted them down on sticky note and i am going to put it on my computer at work.

    24 hour plan:
    apple, hard boiled egg, potato soup, tomatoes and peppers, grilled chicken salad and a beer.

    @sleepymom5 wow! you have been so busy. i am glad MK has made it back to school. i hope she continues to figure this out. and i hope you continue to figure it out as well.

    @carlsoda what an exciting time for you. and remember, that although this is something that you want to happen. it is still stressful. take extra good care of yourself right now. our old habits like to resurface when we are stressed.

    @Mrsbell8well you are out of debt!!! sad that mollys mom is gone but what a wonderful way to remember her. yeah and the jeans are to big but 6's are to small. i am getting there. and that soup looks delicious. mmm... food porn.

    @amsandos the more you try to keep your commitment from and center the easier it will get. write it on your hand so no one but you can see. read it often. or set you phone up with a pop up that tells you your commitment thru out the day. better yet, do both. this is just a bad habit. stick to it. it gets easier with repetition. yes!! and you had an epiphany!! now put it on you plan but put how much as well. we know how we are. you can't have 10 pounds of chocolate!! but you can have some. then when you have eaten how much you said you would on your 24 hour plan. tell yourself out loud, that was delicious, i can have that again when i plan it.

    @hope002 IF is no an easy out if you still have all your emotional food issues. IF works for you physical weight. What are you doing to work on the emotional weight? and it is not sad. what it is..... is the feeling in the thought model. Work the model and figure out what your thoughts were. that is where your power is.

    @nstephenson01 ahhhh yes. remember, that food is garbage either way. if it is more that your body needs and you eat it it is still garbage. i compost a lot of my left overs. that might help with your "THOUGHT" that your wasting food. and there is a pnp podcast about it.

    @timibotkin hey girl!! how long did you have to lay still for? good job at getting your water in. i agree. that was a habit that was hard to adopt. Whats your 24 hour plan? have you made one? it is just one day.

    @phoebe112476 maintains are good. how is your snacking? have you gotten it back under control?

    @gottagetthisdown i will as the powers that be to get you an excused. thanks for checking in!!

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    Late Weigh in

    Today' Weigh in

    Thursday's Weigh in
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    Check in for Tuesday
    Food: didn't plan and wasn't good
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: moving daughter into apartment and PT
    Steps: 6564

    I am running late this am so I can't say much. Not a good day because I didn't plan and ended up snacking and not having meals. Then since they are snacks, I feel like I didn't eat much then I overeat...Today will be better. I am heading to PT and then to a little shopping village with friends . It should be fun and a lot of steps. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!

    @carlsoda Planning is so important. I did the same thing yesterday because I had nothing planned. So excited for you with the new house!
    @Mrsbell8well Gazpacho sounds like a great summer meal! You really are getting your to do list checked off! Getting out of debt is a big one! That is awesome!
    @amsandos Great day! Keep it going! This is why I like PNP . I don't do well with restrictions so knowing you can work it into your plan does help.
    @hope002 It isn't sad, some of us just have to work on overeating. It is a struggle of mine too. You have been doing great, you haven't lost so you reflected and think it may be overeating. Now you need to work on that. If counting calories help, try that. You can do this!
    @nstephenson01 Sounds like a new day overall. I can relate to not wanting to toss stuff but it is true, you are wasting it in your body if it is just going to turn to fat. We are a work in progress. Like you said, new day!
    @timibotkin How many treatments do you need to get? I hope they get better as they go on but I am not sure if they will :( You have been doing great though. I feel if I have a cup I can sip on throughout the day I have an easier time getting my water in.
    @phoebe112476 Hope all is going well. Looks like you are maintaining. I am sure that isn't unusual when you have lost so much!
    @gottagetthisdown Have fun on vacation!
    @cyndiestuff I am so proud that you found other ways to deal with your emotions other than eating! Hugs! Hope you have a better day today!
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    Morning all!

    Busy day yesterday with meetings and talking to real estate agent. We are going to have a 2nd viewing in a day or two but this time envision our furniture in the house and see if it still works. I'm prepared to let this place go if it doesn't feel 100% right as I know the right place is out there somewhere at some times. Patience is an important piece of this...especially since we do love our house. :)

    Food yesterday was on place with plenty of water and 10,000+ steps.

    Today - food is almost all planned (buying lunch today) and exercise goal is 10,000+ steps. We have an event at church tonight so no time for yoga :)

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
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    Happy Wednesday everyone. I've done well this week - no nuts in my diet! I did have a laugh the other day, I was having a general "eating" craving when I wasn't really hungry and I was watching the news on tv. So they go to commercial and what is the commercial for - a can of nuts!! My favorite kind too! Now what are the odds of that - I never see commercials for nuts! So I had a good laugh and got over my craving and went about my business.

    Tomorrow night I will be flying to New York with my son and his girlfriend from Michigan and my other son who lives in Chicago is meeting us there too. I am taking my oldest to celebrate his 30th birthday, which was in July, but he picked this weekend and it is my birthday this Friday. I got show tickets for Friday night to see Carole King - Beautiful the musical. I am really looking forward to this weekend. Lots of good family time!
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    Daily Check In: Tuesday
    Food: Logged, ate as planned, went a little over on dinner again
    Water: Good
    Exercise & Steps: 6 mile hike; 20,638 steps

    So last Sunday hubby called me about a horse trailer he found on Craigslist that he wanted me to go look at. He's very thoughtful with his purchases and isn't an impulse buyer. He also knows I don't like going to stranger's homes by myself, I know next to nothing about used horse trailers and have pretty much zero experience towing. I had my knickers in a wad the last couple days over this but he works so hard and rarely asks this of me so I put on my big girl panties and made an appt with the seller. At the last minute my girlfriend who's very knowledgeable about horse trailers rearranged her schedule and came with me. Thank God! I was so over my head LOL. Anyhow, the seller accepted my ridiculously lowball offer and I towed the trailer home without incident. Hubby was so grateful last night. I earned some wifey brownie points big time. Woke up this morning feeling like the world was off my shoulders and a new woman. I think my out of control eating the last few nights was my subconcious way of dealing with the stress of not wanting to let my husband down. I'm determined to finish the week strong!

    Off to treat myself to a little shopping. I need some new yoga clothes and decent bras as mine are too big.

    Have a great day everyone!!
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    Check in for Tuesday & Wednesday
    Food: logged and on track
    Water: 60 oz & 40 oz so far today
    Exercise: Rest day & 70 minute walk and a 30 minute walk later
    Steps: 3712 (Tues.) & 10659 so far today

    Tuesday turned into my weekly rest day because I only got about 3 hours of sleep Monday night and I was just too tired to workout. Eating was completely on track, so that's good. Today has been great so far. Did my hour long walk this morning, cleaned out the fridge to get it ready for back to school. I'm washing all the fruit beforehand so I can just grab it and throw it in lunches when I need to. I also went through my daughter's closet so we can donate anything that doesn't fit or that isn't her style anymore. I mean, she's going into 6th grade, so her "style" has changed from elementary school to middle. Sigh.

    This is going to be the last weekend before Karlie goes back to school and I start fall semester, so we're taking her to Carowinds (an amusement and water park). It's about 3 hours from us, so we'll be staying at a hotel for the weekend. I booked a hotel that has a full kitchen! lol No excuses! I will be able to stay on plan completely. It also has a separate living area, so I'll be able to do a workout without disturbing anyone. I'm really convinced that planning ahead makes all the difference. I know it's not possible all the time, but I'm committed to doing what I can, when I can.

    @sleepymom5 Thanks for your kind words. It's nice to have someone actually get how fatigued anemia makes you. I'll do my exercise in the morning and then about an hour after breakfast (10-11 am), I literally feel like it's bed time! lol Also, moving is the worst in the summer! I'm glad you're done with that and hope you have a great time at the beach on tomorrow!

    @carlsoda All I can say is, I feel ya! We sold and bought a new house Dec. 2017. (We actually moved from TX to NC). And it is SO much work! And the bank needs basically everything from you except a blood sample. I don't want to do that again for quite a while. I'll be thinking about you and hoping the process goes smoothly!

    @cyndiesstuff I hope the new chiropractor can help you! It stinks that your new office doesn't have the right furniture to make you comfortable and not in pain. I think a lot of places are starting to move toward sit to stand desks at least. It helps people not have to be sedentary all day, which is a move in the right direction.

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    yesterday I put a small amount of the leftover spicy roasted pecans on my fresh peach oatmeal. I asked Molly if she wanted some as well. These little fat bombs are sooooo delicious. She said "no I will just take some to work with me". When I came home she told me she ate ALL the rest. I was so dismayed. I wanted more. But they are hard to stop eating. I thought of you @lennoncpa the whole time I was eating them. I was aware how easily they could get out of control lol. Molly did me a favor to eat all the rest.
    @amsandos I used that same strategy the whole time I was logging my food. My mom would make something fabulous and I would portion it out and know that I could eat it the next day. It worked really well for me. Good luck!
    @timibotkin oh that is so exciting that you like to ride too. I am going to look up the trails you mentioned. We are having such a blast with great visions of future wanderlust journeys. I feel like a kid again riding off on adventures. The Virginia creeper begins with a steep downward hill. Were not too jazzed about that but we are determined to conquer our fears and do it anyway. We practice on a lot of hills but I hear that hill is a big one. We are taking the recommended shuttle bus to the top. From there it is 17 miles down hill. The next 17 miles are through farm lands etc. Hope you get to cross your rides off of your bucket list. We will have to compare notes.
    @sleepymom5 and @cyndiesstuff thanks for the support! We are very excited to be getting in shape both physically and financially. Our next big goal is to tackle our home. I love having everything organized and it is feeling way out of control. Everything in my life could use an organizing overhaul. I have set a date of December 1st to be done with the home goal. I wont start until September but I am itching to begin. Planning to continue with our fun summer activities for the next few weeks.
    @nstephenson01 what a growth experience. I would have been totally nervous to accomplish that. Great job! Don't you love it when your on the scoreboard and your brownie points are high?
    @cyndiesstuff I am really proud of you and sorry you have been feeling pain. Hang in there.

    My weight was up to 143.6 this morning. My maintenance weight is 142. They say our weight fluctuates up to 3 pounds and I would agree with that. I will be back down to 142 in the next few days. I keep it in check. Especially since Molly ate all the rest of the pecans. It has been an indulgent weekend. And month. I am trying to find my balance. I have been so happy to be cooking and baking again. I am still pretty proud of myself for not riding back up that scale. I reign it back in pretty quickly. Ultimately by the end of the year (July 2020) I plan to be at 138 so if it does go up a few pounds it hopefully stays under 142. I am a marvelous work in progress and doing great!!!

    Sorry I don't have time to comment on everyone. But I am thinking of each and everyone of you!

    Work has been very busy. One more evaluation to go.

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    @nstephenson01 I love eggplant Parmesan and zoodles! You could always freeze your leftovers into lunch portions. So nice to have a tasty meal in your freezer.
  • sleepymom5
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    @carlsoda You have so much going on! I can't wait to hear what you decide with the house.
    @lennoncpa Of course the commercial had to be about nuts when you are trying to resist the Lol! I had some friends see that Carole King musical and LOVED it! I am sure you will too! Enjoy!
    @nstephenson I am glad that everything worked out with the horse trailer. It could have been the stress from that was subconsciously contributing to your over eating. Our minds work in weird ways sometimes.
    @Mrsbell8well Those nuts sound good. As @lennoncpa pointed out, they are hard to resist. I am glad that you are almost done with your evaluations.
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