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    Check in for Wednesday
    Food: IF 16/8
    Water: good
    Exercise: 2 walks
    Steps: 21,137

    I'm doing better with overeating. Getting used to not eating after 7pm
  • cyndiesstuff
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    User Name: Cyndiesstuff
    Week Number: Week 3
    Previous weight: 152
    Current weight: 152
  • cyndiesstuff
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    Check in for Wednesday
    Food: chips and wings for dinner. the sodium was killer.
    Water: 48 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute walk
    Steps: 10147

    yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster for me. the chiropractor says there is numerous things going on. degenerative disks, arthritis, and scoliosis to name a few. but he believes he can help. of course. he wants me to go 3 times a week for 4 weeks and then we will reevaluate where we are. it is a pretty big time commitment. but what else do i have going on i guess. so i was doing well. following my plan. and then life happened. when i got home jim and his daughter were already eating dinner. he had made his world famous wings. he saved me out 5 pieces cause he knows i don't like all that sauce. i had that and then binged on chips. it was a mindless act. by time i realized what i was doing, half the bag was gone. i used those chips to mask what i was feeling. i just wanted to come home and decompress. and i couldn't. noo wait i could have. i chose to do it with food instead. old habits die hard. but i am way better at it than i use to be.

    @sleepymom5 so when you were doing this snacking all day, what where you thinking? my back feels worse today, than it did yesterday. to be expected i guess.]

    @carlsoda and your right. that is what will make your move the best. is if you are both 100 percent on board. your doing great.

    @lennoncpa yayayay no nuts!! it sounds like you have an amazing birthday weekend planned. wonderful self care!!

    @nstephenson01 ohhhh how nerve wracking! good job stepping outside of your comfort zone to help the hubby. yayay how did the bra shopping go?

    @Barbb1557 omgoshhhhhhh cyndie is doing the happy dance!! join me!! lets celebrate your continued success with a dance!! what a great mile stone. just think of where you will be next year. really think about what that looks like. if you were that barb today, what would you be doing? act as if girl!!!

    @amytriesww this is a tough time for a young lady. middle school. boys. bras. love her thru it!! and you are doing great. good job not eating your fatigue!! and you are certainly right. a good plan sets up the expectation of success.

    @Mrsbell8well mmmmm peach oatmeal with a little kick! mmmmm. living the dream girl!!

    @hope002 good job sticking to your plan! keep that up!
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    Username: lennoncpa
    Weigh in Week: week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 139.0
    Today's weight: 139.0
    Weekly Steps: 67,004

    Had to do an early weigh in because I will be out of town tomorrow 😀. I’ve had a good week in terms of not giving in to the bad cravings.
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Wednesday
    Food: logged and under
    Water: 80 oz
    Exercise: 60+ minute walk(lesiurely),15 min stationary bike and PT
    Steps: 7,738 steps

    I had such a nice time yesterday. I actually had a salad with lunch and didn't feel deprived. I had looked at the menu ahead of time and was looking forward to it. My friends even commented that they should have ordered healthier. I did give one of my friends who ordered bang bang shrimp and cheese fries with gravy 1/3 of my salad. See-I even remembered to eat until satisfied! I was telling them about how I was trying not to over eat and feel a little ridiculous doing so since I am so big. They are good friends so it was just in my head. We all didn't drink either. Which is big. This is a cute little village, you could spend the entire day walking into the little houses which are shops and still not see everything. We usually have a couple of cocktails and spend the afternoon walking around so by the time we go home we are ok to drive. I did have one glass of wine at the end. Someone surprised us at the end so we went to the bar for a drink. Did I tell you my one friend sliced her fingertip off while slicing a zucchini on a mandolin? See why I don't cook ;) Lol! She didn't need that stinkin guard that you are supposed to use so that doesn't happen. Smh.... I went to take the dressing from the ER off at her shore house Tuesday night on the way home from dropping MK off. Yesterday I changed it before we left from the shopping trip. She should be able to do it on her own until she sees her doctor on Monday. At least I saved her a trip back to the ER or urgent care. They didn't want her to change it herself because of the exposed nerves and blood vessels. Moving on....for today,my oldest daughter Nicole is coming down with her puppy, her husband can't make it this weekend. I also have a niece and her family coming for the weekend. I need to go shopping for the weekend. I also have plans to have lunch and go to the beach with my sister in law who lives about 20 min north of me. I don't know what she plans to serve for lunch, it could go either way. I am going to make a dip with plain greek yogurt and bring cut up veggies. I am hoping to have that while we are eating. If we are having salads, I will bring the veggies to the beach. She is one of the drinking friends but I am driving so I won't be drinking. I am thinking of bringing my own "cocktail" with club soda and diet cran lemonade to have. Actually, I may do that if I most of my water in by then. Should be a fun day once I get the shopping done. I plan to get on the bike at some point too. Depends when I get back from shopping. Hope everyone has a great day! Tomorrow is Friday, I can't believe August is almost over!

    @amytriesww I was so tired I missed your post last night! I agree that planning makes such a huge difference. I don't know how I survived before I started. Some days when I am too rushed to make a plan, I usually don't do too well. You have an awesome plan for your trip! We have to make this a part of life and you did it by planning what you are eating and where you will exercise while you are away! Your daughter must be thrilled! What a fun way to end the summer for her.
    @hope002 Great day yesterday! How are you doing in the morning? That is why I haven't started IF. I am glad things are getting a little better with that.
    @cyndiesstuff I know people swear by their chiropractors so maybe it is worth a try. I have never been to one. Hopefully after that initial time commitment they can dial the days back? I can relate to your dinner last night, did well with the actual dinner and then eating without thinking while you are chit chatting. Give yourself credit for stopping when you noticed. I am sure that is why your weight didn't go down this week. Sodium will do that to you. Me with the snacking was all due to not planning. I didn't plan meals and ended up snacking instead which is never good. I didn't plan because I didn't know how the day was going to go between moving Mk in and all the driving I was doing. Next time I will pack myself food and snacks to have instead. I don't know what I was thinking this time.
    @lennoncpa I am glad you had a good week! Enjoy your trip!!
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    Happy Thursday!! Week is almost done!!

    Food - on track yesterday!
    Water - great
    Exercise - 10,000+ steps

    Yesterday was a pretty good day - we even went to a concert at church last night..it's the worship team (band and singers) singing all the new christian songs. It was amazing btw, afterwards they had a bonfire with smores and root beer floats. We didn't have any but hung out around the fire :) YAY us!! Didn't even feel one bit tempted!

    Still binge listening to PNP - just listened to the December 14, 2018 podcast about setting goals for next December 2019 "how do you want to feel come Christmas in 2019". Made me think since September is almost upon us and what do I want to accomplish for the last 3 months of the year. I've started a list :)

    Hope everyone has a good day - @lennoncpa stay away from the nuts :) I have the same problem with crunch organic peanut butter :)
  • nstephenson01
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    Week 3
    PW: 167.4
    CW: 166.4
  • Navydaddjtc
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    Delicious (and healthy!) peach cobbler recipe

  • nstephenson01
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    Daily Check In: Wednesday
    Food: Pre-logged breakfast and dinner and ate as planned; grabbed a sandwich & bottle of water while shopping, stayed away from fast food Yay
    Water: Great
    Exercise & Steps: 30 minute dog walk; 13,012 steps

    Struck out finding new yoga attire so I'll just keep wearing what I have for now. Bought 2 bras but they're just the boring plain white ones for exercise. Happy with this little loss although not where I want to be at this point. How many times have I said that?!?! Food is planned for the next few days. I leave next Friday to spend Labor Day weekend with my husband so am setting myself up for a good week. I can't believe how fast August is flying by. Was thinking of taking the dogs for a hike but woke to rain so getting a slow start this morning. Its been so hot and dry that we really need the rain so I hope we get a little bit today.

    @cyndiesstuff I have a chiropractor appt today! I used to be a chiropractic skeptic but was experiencing such severe pain in my shoulder a couple of years ago I was desperate for relief. I had to go multiple times a week at the start but now he says just come in when I feel like I need it. He has helped me tremendously but like anything else, you gotta find one that helps. I hope he brings you some relief.

    @sleepymom5 sorry I had to skip your post when you started describing your friend's finger LOL Sounds like you have another fun, busy few days ahead of you as always and have a good plan with the dip and veggies.

    What a fun weekend @lennoncpa Enjoy your family time! I hear that's a great musical!

    Better get moving... have a great day everyone!
  • hope002
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    @sleepymom5 I'm never hungry in the morning, so it's easy for me. I used to force myself to eat breakfast, only because of the "most important meal of the day" thing. Now I'm good.
    My problem is, not to eat at night... That's when my food obsession, cravings, emotional eating (whatever you call it) manifest the most
  • Mrsbell8well
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    @nstephenson01 go Nancy go!!!! Great job.
    @cyndiesstuff I swear by my chiropractor. Since I have lost 60 pounds, cut out inflammatories (for the most part) and committed to yoga, my monthly chiro appointments are now quarterly. And that’s mainly for seasonal acupuncture.
    There is so much we can do to improve our health and well being. High sodium, sugars and other “bad” foods may be fun but they do us no good. If we are in a losing healing phase, limiting or avoiding these things will greatly assist our bodies as they try to heal.
    It’s no fun feeling fat and crappy.
    Slender toned vibrantly healthy is a worthwhile endeavor. One day at a time.
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    Week 3
    Pw 189.6
    Cw 188.2
  • ljdanny
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    Good to see the scale going down again after getting back from vacation. I missed my workout yesterday and today is not looking so good either. I have to bring my son's gf to her Dr appointment. I have been eating healthy and watching my portions, now to get back into my exercise routine besides my Zumba classes. We are very busy at work getting the classrooms ready for back to school, even though most of the kids are already there. I also take vacation at the worst time of year so I'm playing catch up. Busy week. Hopefully can rest this weekend.
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    I was just going outside for a walk and thunderstorms!! Boo. Rain has been threatening most of the day, I took care of my work at church this morning and bought a card for my grandson - he earned his Eagle Scout award - and then sat down to read after lunch.
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food: tracked and on plan so far
    Water: 40 oz so far, will try for another 30-40 this evening
    Exercise: 1 hour walk, 30 minute walk
    Steps: 16174 so far

    Quick check in today! Just finished my evening walk- earlier than normal. We have Karlie's 6th grade orientation this evening, so I wanted to make sure I got my steps in before we had to leave. Once we get home, I've got to start packing for our mini weekend vacation.

    Hope everyone is doing well! I'll get caught up on reading as soon as I can!
  • Barbb1557
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    Check in for Thursday

    Eating is on track, but still less than 1000 calories, I know I have to eat more. Exercise was very light, I am supposed to take it easy after the steroid shot.

    Picked my car up from the dealership. 1000 bucks later I am 2 miles away from the dealership and my car is leaking gas. Thank God a man told me to turn my car off or it would blow up. I thought the gas smell was from a truck near me. The dealership was there in 8 minutes and fixed the problem. My anxiety is still screaming.

    Cindiesstuff , I so hope you get relief. I have had two back surgeries then spinal fusion. It took time but I lift weights now. It is scary to be in pain like that. Hugs and prayers you get relief soon. And a big Thank You for the happy dance.
  • sleepymom5
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    @carlsoda What a nice night you had at the church. I love that you not only did not indulge in the treats but also weren't tempted! That is awesome!
    @nstephenson01 Nice loss! It also sounds like you are set up for success the next few days! How long will you be staying when you go to visit your husband for Labor Day? That should be fun!
    @ljdanny Nice loss! You seem to have gotten right back on track! I bet you are really busy this time of year with school starting soon.
    @amytriesww Another great day! You are doing so well even with being so busy. That is awesome! Hard to believe it is already back to school time!
    @Barbb1557 1,000 calories is low. Are you not hungry? Is there something light you can add so you can boost the calories a little? How horrible about your car! I am glad that you are ok. I can see why your anxiety would be pretty high with all of that going on. Hugs!
  • hope002
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food: IF, on track
    Water good
    Exercise: 55 minutes biking, 50 minutes walk
    Steps 10,317

    I'm starting to like IF. When logging, I was always stressed by the calorie limit, always hungry.
    Now, I only try to get a good amount of protein in and not eat too many carbs.
    I got used to not eating after 7pm, it's not hard anymore.
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