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    Wow... this week flew by and I haven't checked in for a few days. Stuck in a rut of overeating at dinner the last two nights. Exercise has been good... 8 mile hike on Thursday; 30 minute walk & 90 minute yoga class on Friday. Water has been very good. Did well at our ladies luncheon on Thursday. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I do have a great love of salty/greasy food. I avoid it most of the time these days. The barbecue restaurant was just OK. I actually did not finish my lunch which is a rarity for me as I'm a confirmed plate cleaner but I kept thinking about how I was going to feel if I finished my brisket and tator tot meal (there was not a vegetable to be found). Turned out wanting to feel good following the luncheon won out! Tiny victory... Yay me!!

    Feeling more myself this morning, in control of my hunger and have meals planned for the next several days. Went to the Farmer's Market this morning for a couple of things. A local bakery makes the most amazing banana cake... they rarely have it but they did have a few pieces this morning. I told myself "that's not for you" LOL. I can reach my goal in September if I just frickin' behave!! That banana cake, if they have it again, will taste so much better and less like guilt food when I am at my weight goal!! It will be a treat rather than one more obstacle to reaching my goal weight! Getting to 160 will taste so much better!!

    Thanks for the kind words @amytriesww!! Your pep talk made me feel lots better!! You're right... I am one week healthier! Appreciate the reminder to look on the bright side!

    Wishing everyone a great weekend!
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    I did good yesterday. Was on my feet all morning making deviled eggs, pasta salad, hamburger patties etc for our cookout. My brother arrived an hour later than expected but all good. We had a downpour (3" of rain) just after he arrived. It was nice to just sit and talk while waiting for the sun to reappear.
    I did not overeat, just one hot dog with pasta salad and fruit and chips. For dessert my son brought a chocolate peanut butter pie and I had a very skinny sliver of that.
    This morning I ate one English muffin as usual with my instant breakfast. We will see how the scale reacts tomorrow morning.
    I did not sleep very well, saw 3:44 on the clock this morning and tossed around until 6 before I got up. Company left at 10 headed for a wedding in Charlotte. Just now woke up from an hour nap.
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    @cyndiesstuff I have still been nut-free which might have helped me lose those few ounces this week! One night when I was craving some nuts I had a bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas. I figured that would fill me up and it really did! I’m trying to be creative with my cravings!!
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    Check in for Saturday
    Food: on plan
    Water: 75 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute walk and playing with my niece
    Steps: 10214

    good sunday morning team.. i had a lovely day yesterday. my niece's innocence was refreshing. she is 12 and just trying to learn to read. she loves to play dress up and pretend. she is starting to become a woman and she will always have a childs mind. she is going to hand with us for the day today and then go home this evening when her momma gets out of work. so today is food plan and prep day. got to run, stuff to do.

    @sleepymom5 how is mk feeling? is she less anxious this time around? have you taught her meditation? maybe that could help her. i know it sometimes helps me. have fun at your celebration!! and that was a pile of brush that we have been building for years. as a farmer, you have to continually clear the paths around the fields. and that is what the pile of brush and trees was from. where that fire was, is a rock ridge that runs thru and divides our two fields. it is a pit there and trust me, that fire was not going anywhere. we had buckets of water, shovels and rakes, leather gloves, long pants and boots. we manned the fire till it was burnt down. so it wasn't really a relaxing bonfire. it was work, but fun work.

    @Julie8468 nice loss this week, how have you been feeling? life gets busy all the time. have you made a plan for when the boys go back to school? we miss you too!!!

    @Zumba_Luvah yup, you know your plan. if you have stuck to it, this minor upward fluctuation has something to do with something other than food. how is your water and your sleep? and your right, do exactly the same thing next week and watch that scale move.

    @kirsten11872 ohhh man. summer has been tough on you. time to put on the brakes. you can do this, you know how it works. get busy girl.

    @nstephenson01 you had an amazing NSV!! you did not just clean your plate. you thought about how you were going to feel. how you wanted to feel. and you used the thought model!! you may not realize you did but you did. you thought on purpose what you needed to think to produce the desired action!! you need to celebrate that. and really commit to memory how you did that. it is what is going to help you lose this weight for the last time.

    The though Model:
    Circumstance: I am eating lunch at a BBQ restaurant
    Thought: when i finish my brisket i will feel good. i will feel satisfied with my decisions
    Feeling: I don't even want to clean my plate, the BBQ is just ok
    Action: I left half my food on my plant and feel A... MAZ.... ING!!

    and then you used the thought model again at the bakery!! and you right. you are not restricting banana cake (YUMMM by the way) because you will have it again. just not right now. you will have it when you plan it!! good job, even tho you say you have been off track. i see huge improvement. you keep that thought work up!! it is working for you!!

    @pacsnc6 have you noticed the older that we get the more broken our sleep becomes? i am right there with you. i woke up at 1 oclock this morning and just tossed and turned. gone are the days of sleeping thru the night. it is my new normal. and it sounds like you did great at the gathering with your family. good job. how has your night time snacking been?

    @lennoncpa what do you say to yourself when you get these cravings? have you used the thought model to help you figure out what you thinking. what would you have to think to get the action that you want? you can do it! your the beautiful lady that gave up sweets forever ago, what was it November?

    @DananaNanas wooooo whooooo. you got that right. the scale went down this week!! goood job.
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    Late weigh ins:

    Today's weigh ins:

    Monday's weigh ins:

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    Week 3
    Weigh in day: Sunday August 18
    Previous Weight: 128.8
    Todays Weight: 129.8

    even though i’m up a pound i’m not upset - it’s my TOM so i’m sure that has something to do with it! i stayed on track all week and I’m feeling good!
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    Since I have been home I have made it to 2 Zumba classes and a walk. Not bad if I do say so. Yesterday I went to the store and bought tons of fruit and veggies. Came home and did some meal prepping. Made a ton of meatballs to freeze and some protein balls. I got my house back in order. Today I have to clean my car and go through all the mail that came. My husband just threw it all on the table, didn't open a thing, lol. I want to try and relax a little today. Being gone from work for 2 weeks not sure how I'm going to get up in the morning. Yikes! I want to try getting back up early to workout before work but not sure how that will go tomorrow, maybe workout when I get home.
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    I just finished eating a spectacular breakfast. (If I do say so myself). Chive corn muffins, tofu scramble with poblanos, roasted potatoes, onions and sweet peppers, avocado, green salsa, and sliced heirloom tomatoes. I am done cooking for the day. The rest of the day is fruit and leftovers.
    We have had a wonderful weekend. Reading, relaxing and naps the rest of the day.
    Molly and I were out the door by 6:30 am this morning for our bike ride. It was hard, exciting, exhilarating! Rode 49 minutes through gorgeous country roads.
    Yesterday morning I was just starting my run when I realized my glasses had slipped out of my waist ban. I had to call molly, Jeff and Amy to help find them. It took about 15-20 minutes. Molly found them thank heavens. I still got in a 3 mile run.
    Peach daiquiris were a big hit.
    One more day.
    Let’s make this weekend a success!!!
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    TEAM % WaistAways 0.63%
    INDIVIDUAL % @reflectionofme 8.58%
    TEAM LBS LOST WaistAways 25.2
    INDIVIDUAL LBS LOST @buniphuphu 17.2

    AS A WHOLE WE LOST 81.5 pounds OR 0.33% !!

    1st WaistAways 0.63%
    2nd Shrinking Assets 0.46%
    3rd Mission Slimpossibles 0.33%

    1st WaistAways 25.2
    2nd Shrinking Assets 16.9
    3rd Trimstones 14.5

    1st @reflectionofme 8.58%
    2nd @buniphuphu 6.31%
    3rd @mrshadsall 3.19%

    1st @buniphuphu 17.2
    2nd @reflectionofme 12.2
    3rd @mrshadsall 8.0

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    Check in for Saturday
    Food: didn't log, probably over
    Water: at least 80 oz
    Exercise: just PT
    Steps: 3,836

    Congrats to our 1st 2nd and 3rd place "losers" this week
    @twyla77 @amytriesww and @amsandos! Awesome job ladies!!

    I almost slept until 10! Wow! I had such a nice time at the party yesterday. What a lovely group of people. It was my mother in law's cousin's family. The couple who hosted had 5 children. The couple are in their 80s. It must be nice to look out over your family and see that everyone turned out well and have wonderful lives. Not that I am in a hurry to get to 80 lol but I bet a lot of the things we worry about end up being no big deal in the long run. I wasn't too bad there. I had one of each of the apps they brought around and then stopped. Drank water during that time. I was hungry and ate all my dinner which wasn't that big. I had one glass of prosecco with dinner and 1/2 of champagne for toasts (each of their adult children got up and toasted the BD girls and the cancer survivor AND their father I was just super impressed with this family can you tell :wink: ) I did eat dessert but half way through said to myself what are you doing? and stopped. So I think it was a success for the most part. I didn't stop being mindful of what I was eating until dessert and I really don't know why I blanked out there. I was full. Next time I think it would be easier to say no dessert to myself and then I just know I am not having dessert. Today is a very late start AND I noticed I don't have food in the house. Well, MK noticed lol! I usually go shopping on Thursday before our guests come for the weekend but we had no visitors this weekend. I think I am just going to run up on my bike and grab some of my usuals and a few things for MK. I also was thinking this am. I can just stock up on all the stuff that I like to eat. I am going to be the only one here most of the time. When I have visitors (they are coming through September) I can go out and get things before they come. I am a little excited that I can open the fridge and it will be all healthy stuff I can have. I have gained this summer but I actually have until the end of September to focus on myself. I am also going to Denver for vacation the first week of October. I think this will be when I transition back to Pa. November is Danny's wedding...I have a busy fall and I want to extend summer as much as I can Lol! Time to get moving! I hope you all have a Fabulous day!!

    @julie8468 We missed you too! I am so happy you are back with us. I hope things settle down soon and you get back into a routine and can check in a little more.
    @Zumba_Luvah You had a great week! That is really a maintain not a gain. I think you are right about a loss next week. Keep up the good work!
    @kirsten11872 How are things going? I know you gotten a few workouts in. I know this is a busy time. Check in when you have a chance.
    @nstephenson01 What a good idea to remind yourself how you are going to feel after. To be honest, I do not enjoy that stuffed feeling at all anymore. Maybe this is a tactic I should start using. Great NSV for you! That and passing on the banana bread! I was actually thinking about you earlier(when I had the whole fridge is mine for a month epiphany lol!) I think maybe I should start cooking even if it is for myself. Not something I have ever done but I agree with you about the sodium and other crap in those frozen dinners. Any tips for me? Do you try to cut the recipe in 1/2? Do you make the whole thing and freeze? Any suggestions will be appreciated. And don't be afraid to "dumb it down" . I am one step ahead of "open the cookbook" as far as instructions go. Lol!
    @pacsnc6 Sounds like a success at the cookout! Especially considering you were the one preparing everything. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved nap! Great job all around!
    @lennoncpa Great job distracting yourself from the nuts. I agree, I think it is probably a better idea to avoid them.
    @DananaNanas Lol! Yes Dana, you lost 2 lbs this week! Wtg girl!
    @Cyndiesstuff Enjoy your niece today. Sounds like it was a nice visit. I wasn't even thinking of the fire getting out of control Lol! I was just guessing it wasn't the relaxing Bon Fire I was envisioning. Lot's of work on a farm, I always knew that but even more than I thought. MK is a long story... She is resistant to meditation and to anything we suggest. I even thought she may like podcasts. She is very much in the "why me" mindset. She is going to therapy and on medication. I really hope she is taking advantage of therapy. I am afraid she goes just so she can be on medicine. When she is receptive I do try to talk with her. I don't want to say I am not going to get her every time she has a panic attack but I also want her to be able to use what she is learning to deal with them. I don't have high hopes for this semester. This summer didn't go that great, she didn't work much and then had mono on top of it all. I really hope she can turns things around.
    @amytriesww Awesome loss!! Do you realize you are already down 10lbs for August?! What a great month you are having! I am the same way when company is here. It seems rude to be on the phone or computer when you can be enjoying someone's company. Hope you had a nice weekend with your visitors!
    @twyla77 I am sure it is due to your TOM. I am happy to hear you are had a great week! Keep it going my friend!
    @ljdanny I actually noticed that you have gotten right back into your workouts when I was looking through my newsfeed earlier! Great job!! Also great job getting everything else back in order and food prepping, it is a lot of work! Btw-my husband does the exact same thing with the mail! What the heck is that about? Lol! I am only home every few weeks during the summer! You certainly have set yourself up for a good week. Good luck tomorrow with getting up. Maybe the first week you can do a later workout. It is probably too hot to do something at lunch, if you are even allowed to. I am pretty sure you work at a preschool so not sure if you would be able to even take a walk at lunch time. How have things been going in your new position? I guess the fall will be different from the summer too. Good luck with it all!
    @Mrsbell8well What a lovely weekend you are having! Enjoy! Glad you found your glasses! I would be lost without mine!
    @amsandos Where did you go? I feel like you are slipping when you don't check in. Hopefully you are just having a nice weekend xoxo
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    Thanks for the support guys as I deal with my cravings. Sometimes they are so powerful that I just give in without a second thought. Then there are the times that I can actually think it through and make a decision to give in or fight it. That has kind of been going on this last week with urges for greasy fried food and French fries and one time this week I gave into the French fries but not the other fried foods. I think I’ve come to the realization that the days of me eating at local Fish Fries are over. The thing is, I actually like broiled or grilled fish anyways so why not eat healthy and not feel guilty afterwards!!
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    Those are a size 8 in jeans and
    a medium top. I am in between sizes. 8s are a little too big and 6s are a little too small.

    And then there's the fixin's for ham and potato soup. It turned out amazing.
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    Daily Check In: Saturday
    Food: Pre-logged, ate as planned
    Water: Great
    Exercise & steps: 30 minute walk; 12,790 steps

    Good day food, water and exercise wise. Decided to go back to basics and take one day at a time.

    nice loss @ihp2015 some weeks are easy and weight loss happens without thinking too much about it. Celebrate those times and remember them during the tougher weeks.

    Uh oh Hubby's making his nightly call early or I'm running late... will catch up on posts later.

    Take care everyone
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    Team WaistAways is challenging everyone for Week 3 to say YES! Week 3 is often a time for a slump, a slip, or just plain tiredness. We have had Just Say No, but this week, give some yeses a chance. Four per day - go check it out:
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    Such a good day today. Not as much exercise or steps as I thought I would get in but eating was great. I have to hit the hay, early day tomorrow. PT then going home to get MK settled into college. I can't bring my computer or scale because the car is so crammed. I will try my best to comment but it may have to wait until Tuesday evening or Wed morning. I am not good on the phone at all but I will try. Let's have a great week everyone!

    @lennoncpa I think the more you resist, the easier it will become in the long run. You really are doing a great time with resisting your cravings. Is not always going to be perfect but I can tell you are putting a lot of effort into working on your cravings. I agree with the fish fry, if you like broiled or grilled fish you might as well have those instead!
    @cyndiesstuff Looking good! It won't be much longer for the 6s, you can see the 8s are baggy! Great pics! I LOVE those shoes too! So cute!
    @nstephenson01 Another great day!! Let's have a great week!
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    Sunday's weigh in still due

    Monday's weigh ins

    Tuesday's weigh in
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