WAISTAWAYS January 2020 Chat

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Welcome Fat2Fit Challengers

This chat room is where the members of this team meet. Here is where you weigh in every week, post your goals and progress, discuss any issues or topics of interest, share ideas, support your teammates, receive help when you need it, and dream big. Cheer each other on to success!

We are beginning the January 2020 Challenge - We have six great teams this month. The group and team leaders are as follows:

Our Moderators:
Liselyn - @jugar
Beka - @beka3695

Our Team Captains:
*Mission Slimpossible - @broncobuddee and @TeresaW1020
*Trimstones - @mulecanter and @jessicakrall8
*Weight No More - @sleepymom5 and @cafeleia
*Waist Aways - @jugar and @micki48
*Shrinking Assets - @Boehle and @beka3695
*Downsizers - @lindamtuck2018 and (open)

Our Team Motivators:
*Mission Slimpossible - @AustinRuadhain
*Trimstones - @Angmarie28
*Weight No More - @nstephenson01
*Waist Aways - @Terytha and @evangsimmons170
*Shrinking Assets - @TheMrWobbly (Fitness Captain)
*Downsizers - @UTMom81 and @Kres567

Every challenger weighs in on their chosen day, and at the end of the week, the tallies are done to determine the team and individuals with the most weight lost. The best losers are announced with full fanfare every Sunday. The team competition is all in good spirits - may the most losing win!

If you need a week off, a break, a change of weigh-in day - just ask your Captain here on your team chat page. If you miss two weigh-ins in a row without asking for a break, you will be dropped from the team.

In addition to your own team, there are F2F Full Group CHALLENGES. You can do all or none - it's up to you. Participating adds a lot to your success, so we hope to see you there often! These can involve anything fitness, health, or nutrition - and they’ll get you moving, thinking, and learning about this journey. Check the “Announcements” section for full group challenges.

This month, we have a Green January Challenge. We want every single person here to stay “in the green”. Losses appear in green on our spreadsheet, and that is what we want to see! 100% of us losing in January. Every week. Even if it is only a small amount. We can do it!

Let’s make our new challengers feel welcome and show them some F2F love!! Introduce yourselves, and let the new month begin.



  • bunnybuns1111
    bunnybuns1111 Posts: 42 Member
    I chose Friday to be my weigh in day. This morning I was 161.7lbs.
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 7,714 Member
    Just me loving the intros. Keep 'em coming!
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 1,960 Member
    @mrslrucker You owe yourself good eating choices. We will definitely be here to cheer you on, lift you up and hold you accountable. 🙂

    @lovethyneighbor 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Kudos to you! What an awesome loss. Great going. 🎉
  • lovethyneighbor
    lovethyneighbor Posts: 270 Member
    @micki48 when does the stepping challenge begin?
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 7,714 Member
    I posted this in the December thread too, but just in case it is missed there...
    I have to bring out this photo. It is time : :#

    Only four more weigh-ins and we are DONE with DECEMBER! Hello 2020! Please get these in, or I'll have to find you.
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 1,960 Member
    jugar wrote: »

    We have one more new member! By request, @phyllislee124fp has joined us -- Welcome Phyllis!

    That’s my oldest niece!!! Yay! Welcome.
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 1,960 Member
    @lovethyneighbor I will get the new sign up for steppers on the thread shortly. Shall I put you on?
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