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  • EvMakesChanges
    EvMakesChanges Posts: 411 Member
    Monday steps: 2,320
    Tuesday steps: 3,850
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 1,959 Member
    jugar wrote: »

    Already due weigh-ins:

    Wednesday weigh-ins:

    Good luck everyone! I understand that this is International Naked Weigh-In Week :wink:

    Girl, every week is naked weigh in week for me! Lololol

    @evangsimmons170 Same here!!😂
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 1,959 Member
    I'll def go with you for the Northern lights, but I am NOT going to the movies with you!!

    I want to go too. Northern lights are on my elusive bucket list. ✨💫
  • conleywoods
    conleywoods Posts: 828 Member

    1/20 3,582
    1/21 7,096
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
    Gidgitgoescrazy Posts: 638 Member
    Steps 1/21 = 7166
  • KellyBgetsfit
    KellyBgetsfit Posts: 1,590 Member
    Mon- 11,889
    Tues -15,918
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 7,688 Member
    Hi ho!
    Great ideas about sharing and cultivating connections! I’m reminded of dealing with my daughter, Monica when she was in late high school. She asked me to remind her about a report due in a month so she’d be motivated to be on time. Before I agreed, I thought about all of the times she made similar requests and invariably bit off my face for asking! I asked her what way she’d like me to ask so she didn’t feel like I was trying to control her? If she became defensive, what word would remind her of her agreement?
    So, what phrases work best to help motivate you? What would help unlock your resistance?
    I’m sure there are a variety of ways to ask those types of questions - I trust you.
    Have a safe trip to MA.
    Hope to see you Friday - I might have to work at new job - unless Crystal goes into labor early!

    What would help unlock your resistance? Now that is a great question. Thanks!!!!
  • offitgoes
    offitgoes Posts: 733 Member
    Weigh in Wednesday
    CW: 176.4

    Sun 2,774
    Mon 13,278
    Tues 5,358
  • fourathomej
    fourathomej Posts: 3,406 Member
    Weigh in Wednesday
    CW: 150

    Grrrrr....I was down yesterday....!!!!
  • fourathomej
    fourathomej Posts: 3,406 Member

    1/19 -11207
    1/20 - 12446
    1/21 - 14931
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 1,959 Member

    My apologies steppers. I did the tallies on paper and the spreadsheet and never posted it. Here we go...

    And the winners are:

    1. @Steph1498 - 95,618 steps
    2. @mrsjar5311 - 92,186 steps
    3. @KellyBgetsfit - 91,511 steps.


    As a team, we walked 785,618 steps. That’s equivalent to 399 miles or 642km. That’s like walking from London to Frankfurt. 🎉🎉👍🏻👟👏🏼👏🏼

    Way to go team. Thanks for getting those steps in on time.
  • conleywoods
    conleywoods Posts: 828 Member
    @micki48 so sorry for the rough day. Hope everyone gets back to normal soon!

    I started working out in the mornings again.
    I tried in September but my kids started getting up earlier and earlier. The youngest started get up at 4:45...yuck! Yesterday they didn't stay in bed, but today all 3 stayed in bed until I was done. Food has been good but really craving sweet stuff lately. Trying to fill up on fruit first.

    @jugar Some ideas for questions:

    1. How have your habits changed or evolved over time?
    2. What 3 habits make the biggest difference for you?
    3. How have you managed the ups and downs of making lifestyle changes? Dealing with plateaus.
    4. How do you stay motivated? What inspires you to keep at it?
  • EvMakesChanges
    EvMakesChanges Posts: 411 Member
    @jugar weigh in for today: 188.3
    @micki48 sorry for such a stressful day. I'll get steps to you tomorrow.
    G'night everyone! More tomorrow. Time to sleep.
  • mrsjar5311
    mrsjar5311 Posts: 514 Member
    edited January 2020
    19/1 - 2, 239
    20/1 - 12, 181
    21/1 - 22, 339
    22/1 - 13, 968
    32/1 - 11, 692

    Still haven't found a house. New job is going well. My surgery is in 10 days! I'd hoped we would have moved before then...seems not so I'm stressed and struggling to sleep properly. Oh well, what will be will be!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
    Gidgitgoescrazy Posts: 638 Member
    1/22 steps = 6275
  • lovethyneighbor
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  • Terytha
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    My weight keeps going up again, predictably. The stress levels for the last two weeks have been the highest since my last job. I'm drowning and there's no end in sight. -_-

    So this weekend, I have a relax plan that involves video games, reading and writing.

    I've been playing all those old Phoenix Wright games that I'm several years late for, since they're available on Switch. I gotta say, they're more involving than I expected. I aspire to create stories like that, that grip you so hard you stay up way too late to find out what happens.
  • offitgoes
    offitgoes Posts: 733 Member
    @Micki48 Hope today is so much better!
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