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    LMK02020 wrote: »
    June goals:
    Log everything
    Maintain 8-9 cups of water daily
    Exercise of some kind daily ( walk, bike, blade)
    Restart my yoga/ stretching daily
    Dust off my weights that have been collecting dust for a few years ( do the program I purchased 3x a week)
    Start a daily gratitude routine
    Look at the big picture
    Enjoy the journey

    @LMK02020 awesome goals! I have requested to make sure you are added to the challenge(I didn't see you on the spreadsheet) :)
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    Krysless2 wrote: »
    Date: Sun, May31st:
    Tracking: Yes
    Exercise(20min): Yes, treadmill and cleaning the bathrooms in my house
    MFP 5week: 138.6
    ~~~~~ Day1 ~~~~~
    Under Cals(1200, minus Fitbit cals)
    🌝🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘Under by -587😊
    Water Intake(64oz/daily):
    🌒🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘only 50oz today
    🌝🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘9622 steps today
    🌒🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘almost... until I caved to the crave... the positive thing is that I logged and measured everything before I ate, so my late night mini frosted cereal cheat ended up not pushing me over my budget.
    Weight Training(Mon, Wed, Fri)
    20 min Yoga(Sat or Sunday)

    @Krysless2 awesome work!!!
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    Sunday, May 31st

    logged: yes
    under: yes
    exercise: yes, a 28 minute walk
    water: yes, 2 litres, plus 500 ml with Crystal Lite
    steps: 15,000 (did lots around the house)

    I don't currently have a working phone, so I can't look back at the day's total, but I was at 14,9 something, close to bedtime, so 15 is my educated guess. No working phone also means no Fitbit Challenges! But, I have one ordered and it should arrive by June 4th.
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    Sunday 31 May

    Tracked food: yes
    Calories: just over
    Exercise: no

    Step and Water
    Steps : 11,850, SOOOOO close to my 12,000 LOL
    Water: 72 oz

    Was travelling most of yesterday. Sitting in a car for 6 hours makes for few steps, by 72 oz of water makes for many stops!! :D
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    Sorry I am late on this; Richmondwriter's weigh-in for 5/30/20 was 144.6. Ready to bring it down this week! Yesterday I went bike riding with my husband for the first time in about 2 years. It was challenging but fun.

    To introduce myself, I am Sandra, a 54-year-old empty nester mom of two daughters . I live in Richmond, Virginia. I used to go on long walks every day with my dog but now he is too frail. So, I have come up with some new ideas for exercise. I am also trying to help my Mom eat healthier; she is here with us for the summer.

    My goals for this month are:
    1) to track everything before I eat it (thanks for the idea @Krysless2!) and stay at or under 1350 calories
    2) to continue the couch to 10K program with my daughter
    3) to go bike riding with my husband at least once a week
    4) to lose 5 pounds; I would love to get under 140-haven't been there for years

    Best of luck to everyone as we start this new month! We can do it!!!
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    I shared this over in the May thread. I wanted to share with you all how I am planning on starting off this new month! It should hopefully make enough for a weeks worth of meals! :)
    I just spent some time cutting up vegetables for the week ahead. I will be making sheet pan roasted vegetables with sausage! I cut up enough to bake a sheet at a time! I have salted the eggplant to get a lot of the water out of it.

    Next up: pineapple!

    I am impressed! You are getting off to a great start!!!
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    HASWLRS wrote: »
    JUNE GOALS - Just Give Me 30 Days.....

    .....and I will weigh 5 pounds less, ideally, or weigh anywhere in the 170's!!

    .....and I will have completed three days each week of beginner strength exercises

    .....and I will have graduated from the 3lb. hand weights to the 5 lb. hand weights in at least some of the above beginner strength exercises

    .....and I will have consumed at least 2 litres of water daily

    .....and I will have logged my food and stayed at a deficit for at least 27 days

    .....and I will have achieved at least 8,000 steps daily

    How am I going to accomplish these goals? I am going to borrow a phrase from Nike, and JUST DO IT!!

    Terrific goals & I know you can do it!!
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    shellyscb wrote: »

    Hi everyone! I’m Shelly, 51 with about 45# to lose. I live in Maryland, am blessed with a wonderful family (hubby and daughter) and our dogs. I’m newish to MFP - dabbled here and there over the years but I need to get this weight off for good and simple calories in vs calories out makes the most sense to me - done with fads,etc.

    I would like to do the MUAC and Step Water challenges - sounds fun and motivating.

    Steps - 50,000 per week
    Water - 64 oz per day.

    June Goals:

    1. Meet or exceed my weekly step goal. I have to build back up to my old walking habits.
    2. Lose 5 lbs.
    3. Increase veggies and fruit.
    4. Make my minimum water goal of 64 oz a day.

    I’m keeping this realistic for me which should help me to be consistent and successful this month.

    How will I do it - I’ll track and stay within my calorie goal. Make sure that I am getting 7k steps in a day by walking at work, walking the dog, and using the treadmill. I’ll carry my water bottle with me so I have no excuse not to drink. I’ll make smoothies to up my veggies and some fruit (once my refrigerator is fixed - don’t ask - ugh!).

    I’m really looking forward to this and getting to know all of you!

    Nice to meet you! It looks like you have a great plan for this month.
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    Sunday 31 May

    Tracked food: yes
    Calories: just over
    Exercise: no

    Step and Water
    Steps : 11,850, SOOOOO close to my 12,000 LOL
    Water: 72 oz

    Was travelling most of yesterday. Sitting in a car for 6 hours makes for few steps, by 72 oz of water makes for many stops!! :D

    @DaffyGirl88, six hours of car travel and you still got nearly 12,000 steps? That's impressive!! And also being brave enough to drink that much water while doing it; I am always afraid I won't find a timely restroom!
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    Krysless2 wrote: »
    Goal for May
    My ultimate goal is to complete the Mini Ultimate Accountability Challenge 6 out of 7 days Throughout April I was starting to notice that if I don't complete the water challenge or my personal Intermittent Fasting goal then most likely I'm not staying under calories that day and not able to complete the MUAC for that day. I'll keep a closer eye on this trend throughout May...
    Previous April Goal
    I'd like to finish April with a unwavering 15x in front of my number on the scale.
    I thiiiiink I am comfortable enough with saying I completed this goal, so I'll give myself a Check✔️

    1. Give us a list of goals you wish to accomplish by the end of the June Biggest Loser challenge! These should be attainable, realistic, and not overly aggressive. Feel free to use goals such as steps, exercise, limiting certain foods, etc.
    2. Create a mini plan on how you will accomplish your goals! You do not need to share these with us, but write them down somewhere that you will remind yourself of what your goal is!
    3. Change/add one positive to your daily/weekly routine! Maybe add an extra glass of water, cut the sugar out of one cup of coffee, or replace chips with some fruit, maybe give yourself one compliment while looking at yourself in the mirror.
    I am going to be more structured for June this time around! After I posted my goal for May I never thought about it again so I need to put a daily reminder somewhere...
    So here goes...
    I’m getting closer to goal and I can only imagine that losing weight is going to get a whole lot tougher so I’m going to lower my sights a little bit...
    1. Lose 3 lbs
    2. Every other day add strength training to my work out, Increase weights as needed
    3. Monitor and improve the time it takes me to complete a mile jog/walk/run
    4. Plan meals better.
    5. One day a week attend a virtual yoga class
    How to get there??
    1. Use the C25K app to incorporate sprints while on the treadmill
    2. Increase my incline
    3. On strength training days write down my weights and the machine I used.
    4. Ask the team if anyone can suggest a yoga video for beginners 🧏🏻‍♀️

    This sounds terrific! I know you can do it.
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    HASWLRS wrote: »
    Hello, team The Big Butt Theory! I have decided to come back to the fold as there are still a few familiar faces here and I have figured out how to lose weight again!!

    Hi, my name is Lisa and I am from southwestern Ontario. I am a 54 year old wife and mother of two grown sons (one at home because of this lock down) and I was a member of TBBT for two years. Except for the first few months where I did great personally, I was here only in a cheer leading and administrative role. I was completely not invested/focused, whatever you want to call it, on my own health. Well, you can only go through the motions for so long, and then you have to walk away, so that you can ultimately come back with a clean slate. I quit the group and MFP at the end of November (or October, I just forget). Thought I would get through the holidays and a work trip to Panama City in January (rough, I know!) and then see how I felt to return in February. Even though I had been logging in daily (reading, not tracking calories) since early in the New Year, I was not ready. Then I had a bronchitis type virus for three weeks starting on February 22nd. About the time that went away in mid March was when the stay at home orders started. I knew I couldn't hibernate during this quarantine, and not cross over the Onederland threshold, and I had just spent three weeks pretty much at home, so I was ready to change things up. My SIL told me about an on-line wellness group (meditations, workouts, gratitude exercises, etc.) that she was going to join for April. I looked into it, and the cost was $197.00. Well, for that price (or almost!) I could get a new pair of New Balance shoes and start walking. So, that's what I did. I made April 1st my restart date, and began logging my food and walking for about 20 minutes a day. I was only over calorie limit three times in April and four times in May and I have lost (as of last weigh-in) 11.6 pounds.

    Looking forward to continuing my losing ways and helping team TBBT take the June crown! I am also looking forward to reconnecting with some old familiar faces and getting to know the many new ones!! Here's to a great June for all of us!!

    Hi Lisa, it is great to have you back! I am so happy you've been doing so great with your weight loss!! Let's go June!!
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    Weekly Goal - Monday Through Sunday

    Steps - 100,000 ( My job has me walking for about 6 hours a day/ 5 days a week on a decent day)

    Water - 504 oz. a week (Going with Fitbit Suggestion of 72oz. a day!)

    Hope I can accomplish these goals, if not I'll tweak it a little bit.

    Best of luck in meeting your goals!!
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    brandi_84 wrote: »
    Hello TBBT
    My name is Brandi. I'm 35. I am one of Team TBBT's co- captains. I am a stay at home/home school mom to a teen. My teen and I have been working out together most week day mornings. Having a workout partner makes it a lot more fun. I like to think that the extra laughs we have together burns a few extra calories.

    I am super excited for June. I am making a new fitness plan for the month to include more strength training into our week. I love strength training and I love arm day. I cycle through different ab routines. But I tend to skip legs because I don't know what exercises to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Also, I have been putting more effort into making more balanced meals.

    I am looking forward to getting to know our new teammates and I am happy to have our continuing teammates still here this month.

    Hi Brandi, I think it's lovely that you and your teen are working out together! What a special time--and you keep yourselves accountable. It sounds like you have a great plan--best of luck in meeting your goals!!
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    murdog3t wrote: »
    I am interested in both the step/H2O challenge
    As well as the mini challenge
    My name is Tami aka Murdog3t
    I am 54 yrs young. I was in this group last year but life got too crazy and I couldnt keep up. I was injured at work 7/18 and have not fully recovered . I was back at work but now they are forcing me to retire due to my injuries.
    I live in California and have worked as a SUpervisory registered nurse for 30+ yrs at the local state hospital ( for the mentally ill)
    I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things
    My goal is to lose 3-5 lbs this months an keep it off
    I choose yoga, meditation, walking and HIIT as my exercise of choice( can’t weight train since the injury)
    I have been logging food since 2013 but missed a day and had to start my days logged over it was heartbreaking
    Step goal 6000 steps per day this week
    H2O 76-88 oz this week

    I hope that was all I was supposed to say I dont know
    Happy hump 🐪 day

    Hi Tami, welcome back to the group! We are are glad you are here. Good luck in meeting your goals this month.
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    LMK02020 wrote: »
    Hi it’s Lauren. I’m rejoining the challenge again. I’m looking forward to a new month of actually mindfully eating and also eating within my allotment.

    Terrific! We are glad to have you back! :)
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    Hi, my name is Petro. I am from Johannesburg, South Africa. I was part of the team for a few months, but "left" due to inactivity. Codvid and the extreme lockdown in South Africa got to me (mentall) and the only contest I participated in was to see how much I could consume. The 2 month lockdown resulted in ±10kg gain. I am however back, trying to stay on track and being part of a group where you measure and record your results, helps to keep me on track.
    @cmhubbard92 , Christine, I will join the step and water challenges. Water is going to be difficult as it is winter in South Africa, and today is VERY cold. Anyway, very cold according to my standards, probably not as cold as what those of you that are used to snowy winters regard as cold.

    Welcome back, Petro!! We are glad to have you back, and wish you luck in meeting your goals this month.
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    mhassan160 wrote: »
    I miss you team 😍
    Here is me Maha , just finished my spring semester and ready for work 💪
    @cmhubbard92 I will be in the steps challenge 7,000 steps a day 35,000 steps 5days a week and the water challenge.
    My goal for June is to reach 210lb now I’m 225lb so I want to eat clean and no fast food for 30 days

    Hi Maha! We are glad to have you back. Wishing you all the best in meeting your goal! :)
  • richmondwriter
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    Tracked: Yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes

    Step & Water Challenge:
    Water: 120oz
    Steps: 20,016 (currently)

    10,000 steps: ✔
    Log all food/drinks: ✔
    Run 3x/week: ✔/3
    Strength: ✔
    Yoga: ✔
    10 minute abs: ✔

    Some views from this evening run! I did manage a very slow paced 2.06 miles today! I didn't think I would be able to do it, but gave it a shot! My goal is to do the 2 miles faster by the end of the month, now! That turn around (culdesac?) picture is where I spent a few minutes running the edge until I hit a mile.

    Christine, that is awesome! I think running 2 miles is fantastic!!
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    schmonthei wrote: »
    Hi Everyone! I’m Jill and I’m a newbie. I live in Southern California and am 225lbs. I have a goal to lose 10lbs, workout 4 days a week and keep under my calorie goal of 1800.

    Hi Jill, It is nice to meet you! Best of luck in meeting your goals!!
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    Hello TBBT.

    My name is Dana and i'm from the Uk. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I fell down the stairs (Doh) sunday afternoon and after that, the whole day was null and void.

    My goals are to walk 7000 step at least everyday.
    Do 3, 30min bodyweight workouts a week.
    Log all food, water and drinks - I always forget water!
    Don't forget to press the 'Complete diary' button. I almost never do.
    Drink more WATER.

    @cmhubbard92 I would like to join this weeks water and step challenge. I always need reminding to drink more water.

    Water - 490oz
    Steps - 56,000

    For 31/05
    Logged - Yes
    Calories - Yes
    Excersise - Yes, walked on the trail behind my house to the park and back

    Please let me know if there is anything I have leftout and need to do.

    Good luck everyone :smiley:
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