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  • Chalmation
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    4/16: 9,702
    4/17: 7,000
  • TeresaW1020
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    :star:The Green Challenge :star: Percentage of people who lost weight this week. No matter how small the loss the weights are recorded in green. Remember that even if your team doesn’t rank the highest in weight loss for the week you can still be the Green Percentage winner by having the most losses in your team! So keep it up!! B)

  • TeresaW1020
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    Getting fit & healthy is more than weight loss. We have to take care of every part of ourselves so that we can thrive!!
    Join this challenge today and do something good for you! :)
  • Jen_967
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    4/15- 7,119
    4/16- 6,422
    4/17- 8,443
  • JoDavo66
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    Weigh in Day Sunday

    PW: 301.2
    CW: 297.8

    Well.... I am guess I must have been retaining water or something for last weeks weigh in. Regardless seeing it go back down was really big for me mentally. Thank you all for your encouraging words that kept me going forward and stopped me from like going on a good binge.

    My legs, ankles, feet & hands are like balloons - assuming my gain is water too. Been like this since Monday. :( Hoping this week sorts it out!
  • JoDavo66
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    Jax_Grim wrote: »
    I finally went shopping for jeans today after nearly a year out of obesity. I had a couple pair I could wear but not many because I wasn't getting out much due to COVID. I mostly had shorts since I live in the south. I started wearing like a 42 waist. My new ones are 32. I actually had a hard time finding 32 inch waists with a 34 inseam. I noticed it was way easier with a 36 waist. I've officially thrown out all my old clothes. My shirts are now all large instead of 2 to 3XL. I made the mistake of keeping some larger sizes last time and it made it all too easy to put them back on when i started gaining

    Fantastic - sadly I went the other way after having done that. Starting again. Use the big ones for motivation. I've kept the size in between & my smaller clothes as I WILL wear them again.
  • JoDavo66
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    edited April 2021
    Picture a bit random but I'm wanting to check it loads, as I can't get them to load from my phone at all!
    Fairtrade chocolate - this was the 'cut' of the money, but seen as chocolate to show what happens when it's not fair trade.
    Guess it's a good reason not to eat chocolate.
    If this works I need to transfer my mobile phone pix over
  • JoDavo66
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    edited April 2021
    The Pina Colada Protein shake

    I give up!! Constantly getting message- the file has dailed to upload
  • Beka3695
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    1st @apple852hk 2.75%
    2nd @19shmoo69 2.67%
    3rd @digger61 2.42%

    1st @19shmoo69 7.0 Lbs
    2nd @digger61 5.0 Lbs
    3rd @eahrenee 4.4 Lbs
    3rd @ashleycarole86 4.4 Lbs



  • shnerb00
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    04/15 - 7,728
    04/16 - 8,645
    04/17 - 15,471
  • jessicakrall8
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    CONGRATS to Trimstones individuals who placed this week! Great job! Steppers seem to be keeping it moving as well...great job ya'll!!! Keep at it!
  • angmarie28
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    So I have been so insanely busy lately, that I have put my diet and exercise on the back burner, My second job is right next door to a gas station, and I work doubles on Sundays, so its easy to run over and grab a snack. Well I stepped on the scale this morning and eek. I have got to get back with it. The line from healthy and unhealthy is such a slippery slope for me, and being so busy and tired and what not makes it easy to fall off track. Today I am back in it. no more junk, no more gas station junk, and get my butt up and in the gym.
  • jessicakrall8
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    Good friend on MFP posted this in my feed today and I just loved it...hope it inspires you as it has me today!!

    Jessica :smile:
  • JoDavo66
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    Testing image upload, again
  • izzyred9400
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    JoDavo66 wrote: »
    Testing image upload, again

    @JoDavo66 if it makes you feel better I have never managed to upload a photo either ! I can manage a link,but not a photo.
  • gillexplores
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    Missing two weigh-ins this week...


    Please report in before stats hit tomorrow morning! Thanks!

    Hi @jessicakrall8 I was taking a maintenance/diet break! I’ll be back this coming Sunday, though.
  • CharmingPassion
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    4/18 - 6,470
    4/19 - 9,320
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