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  • ewilhelm2487
    ewilhelm2487 Posts: 177 Member
    mulecanter wrote: »
    Started swimming in the outdoor pool this week--it's glorious. Now my frontside is white and my backside is red.

    Uhh, I can't wait for it to warm up enough to go swimming. I'm in Michigan, so we have a few months still. 😭 Lol
  • bearchested
    bearchested Posts: 186 Member

    I'm traveling today through Monday and don't have access to a scale. I'll log next Friday
  • Jen_967
    Jen_967 Posts: 1,911 Member

    4/7- 5,944
    4/8- 7,678
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 768 Member
    Aqualang26 wrote: »
    Friday Weigh-In
    PW: 206.1
    CW: 203.4

    Another good loss,well done !!
  • Jax_Grim
    Jax_Grim Posts: 381 Member
    PW: 211.9
    CW: 214.7

    I just keep ping ponging between these weights. I'm starting intermittent fastening again starting today. I want to hit 190 by my birthday in July which is very doable.
  • shnerb00
    shnerb00 Posts: 266 Member
    04/09 - 7,684
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,535 Member
    Forgot to post this Weigh in Fri morning!!
    PW: 317.2
    CW: 317.2
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,535 Member

    We're missing your weigh in for the week. I know exactly how it happens...I forgot to post mine until just now!! :blush:

    Please post today as stats start first thing tomorrow! Thanks!

    BTW, I'm feeling ok today, but I'm extra tired and a little achy after my 2nd Moderna shot fever, no nausea, just a few body I'm staying in bed today...
  • Chalmation
    Chalmation Posts: 2,356 Member
    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    4/8: 9,136
    4/9: 8,249
  • Veronica676
    Veronica676 Posts: 41 Member
    Friday weigh in
    PW 189
    CW 188.5
    Still not moving down

    Had your PW as 188. Is that incorrect?

    Hi Jessica
    I missed a week as our internet has been very bad lately. Last logged weight was 188 but then went up a tad.
  • Jen_967
    Jen_967 Posts: 1,911 Member

    4/9- 7,273
    4/10- 7,067
  • CharmingPassion
    CharmingPassion Posts: 556 Member

    4/9 - 10,991
    4/10 - 5,061 (my legs needed a break. I expect tomorrows numbers to be small as well)
  • CharmingPassion
    CharmingPassion Posts: 556 Member
    DreaRN15 wrote: »
    PW 290.4
    CW 287.2

    I like when it goes down....I don't ever want to see 300 again!! I set a goal to lose 40lbs by my 40th birthday. That's on 7/4 so I'm well on my way. I was 300.4lbs when I made that vow so I've got about 27lbs to go!

    You are doing great. I totally feel on you on the 300 thing. I died when I saw my original numbers was over that. Its just one step at a time. You got this.
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