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Downsizers Team Chat - NOVEMBER 2021



  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,233 Member
    @jugar Ah, okay so 107.1kg for me was on the 21st Oct when i asked to join the team. By the time Thurs 28th Oct came around I was 105.4kg which I had in my head as my official starting weight but that's incorrect if you're taking it from the previous Sunday so yay me!!

    Thanks for the clarification :-)

    the beginning on F2F can certainly be confusing - it will all settle in now!
  • red1185
    red1185 Posts: 388 Member
    red1185 wrote: »

    Questions 1 and 2.
    Hi everybody! I’m Rachel. I’m 36. I’m a science teacher, and I’ve been trying lose weight most of my life. I reached a nice comfortable goal weight several years ago, but then my anxiety took over, had to get on medication, and gained 37 lbs in a year. While that’s no excuse, I’ve now changed meds, started with a therapist, and am trying to watch what I eat. While I’ve been somewhat successful overall, I do still have a long way to go.

    This group is amazing at supporting at supporting each other and providing advice, encouragement, and inspiration.

    I started at my highest at 179.6, and now down to 164.2…so there’s definitely progress, but I’m definitely my own obstacle.

    3. What are your triggers and how can you avoid them?

    My triggers are definitely wine and bread! I can eat my weight in bread, especially a warm baguette. I also love a good glass of red wine. I don’t drink everyday, and during the workweek I keep it to 1-2 glasses when I do, but if it’s a celebration (like last night for my dad’s birthday) I had 4 glasses.

    6. Do you have a favourite diet you go by? ie keto, low carb

    I do not have a favorite diet - I just try to watch what I eat, and record it in MFP.

    8. What is your favourite way to workout?

    I love to walk: I walk during my planning periods, I’ll walk at the park, take the dog on a walk, or if I’m feeling like I need a really long walk I will hop on my treadmill. I think slow and steady is best for me. I don’t like high-intensity stuff.

    10. What are some of your goals this month? I want to make sure to get my steps in at least 5 days/week. My step goal is 6K/day.

    My other goal is to get back down to 161 this month. I’m at 164.2 right now. My overall goal is 150 (where my doctor wants me). I’m trying to be very realistic, take it slow, and not overdo it or make too many changes that aren’t sustainable.

    12. What do you expect to gain from the team? Like I said previously, this team is so encouraging and inspirational. A good cheer section is always a good motivator to keep going. I know that I definitely need that. I have the intrinsic desire, but I get so hard on myself, that it’s nice to have a reminder that I am in fact human, mistakes and setbacks happen. This team is wonderful for all the encouragement and community they provide!

    PW: 162.2
    CW: 164.2

    10/30: 3,795
    10/31: 4,119
    11/1: 7,407
    11/2: 11,321
    11/3: 8,381
    11/4: 8,983
    11/5: 2,846
    11/6: 8,524

    Do you happen to have your steps from 10/24- 10/29? It will count towards the end of the month of the grand finale

    10/24: 4,129
    10/25: 3,829
    10/26: 4,890
    10/27: 7,720
    10/28: 6,548
    10/29: 9,066
    10/30: 3,795
    10/31: 4,119
    11/1: 7,407
  • red1185
    red1185 Posts: 388 Member
    Tazaria87 wrote: »
    Hi all. I'm coming in to say goodbye. The past 15 months in this group have been invaluable to me. Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement, laughs, recipes, pick me ups, and everything else. I wouldn't have made it this far without everyone here. I'm not stopping or anything, it's just time for a change. Goodbye, and good luck to everyone here.

    Hate to see you go, but wishing you all the best!!
  • rwood566
    rwood566 Posts: 987 Member
    Good evening everyone. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to buckle down again for the week ahead.

    Check in for 11/7:
    Steps - 6122.
    Calories - about 1535. I have got to write it down before I forget it every night.
    Exercise - none. Xmas gift shopping for big ticket item. 3 stores no luck but are getting close. Washed the car as well. That is always fun.
  • Piqueaboo
    Piqueaboo Posts: 1,193 Member
    edited November 2021

    Here is my friendly reminder of the people's steps I need:

    @Pippin20206 11/5
    @amymartin555 10/31- 11/6
    @Jpedno 10/31 -11/6

    Please have them in by the evening of 11/9... If I do not have them by then I have no choice but to zero them out ...thanks for understanding :)

    Please excuse me for another week - I'm going to the repairs place today for my fitbit, hopefully we'll sort it out by next Sunday :) Thank you!
  • rlaskey2
    rlaskey2 Posts: 461 Member
    10/31 15,455, 10/5 5,500 10/6 5,794 10/7 9,986

    Got my booster shot Friday and switched to Modena after first getting J & J. No side effects other than sore arm and tired. Saturday had a lazy day and yesterday got off my butt and painted the kids bathroom with my daughter and went shopping. Back to the chiropractor this am and if I feel better will start working out again soon
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 9,645 Member
    This week has been staying on track. Don't know if it was the trip back home, the weather or the time change but determined to get my *kitten* back on track

    Just visualize bikini and Florida anytime you are tempted to get off track.
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 9,645 Member
    rwood566 wrote: »
    Good evening everyone. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to buckle down again for the week ahead.

    Check in for 11/7:
    Steps - 6122.
    Calories - about 1535. I have got to write it down before I forget it every night.
    Exercise - none. Xmas gift shopping for big ticket item. 3 stores no luck but are getting close. Washed the car as well. That is always fun.

    Nice steps! I am hoping to get some Christmas gifts in the upcoming Black Friday sales. They are not as good as in the States but last year I got some good deals.

    jimboden3 wrote: »
    Weigh-in Day: Monday (Nov 8, 2021)
    PW: 212.9
    CW: 212.5
    SW: 240

    I was pretty good all week but we went to visit my in-laws house - he just had knee replacement a week ago and they were in the mood for Mexican food. Sigh ... so much salt (I guess tortilla chips are a trigger for me), but the meal was tasty. On an unrelated note, I upgraded my Fitbit Charge 2 for a Charge 5 about a week ago and it's nice to be able to see the screen again as the older model got much darker about a year ago (and yes I checked the settings to make sure I hadn't changed it to dim view). Anyway, I got a few years out of the Charge 2 so I feel like I got my money's worth. I know I will with this new one since it was free from work as part of the company benefits to promote healthy living.

    I am sure the salt is masking a bigger loss. That is great your company provides the Fitbit. More companies should do this.

    rlaskey2 wrote: »
    10/31 15,455, 10/5 5,500 10/6 5,794 10/7 9,986

    Got my booster shot Friday and switched to Modena after first getting J & J. No side effects other than sore arm and tired. Saturday had a lazy day and yesterday got off my butt and painted the kids bathroom with my daughter and went shopping. Back to the chiropractor this am and if I feel better will start working out again soon

    Hope the chiropractor helps. You must be missing your workouts.
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 9,645 Member
    Steps ✅
    Calories ✅
    Close rings ✅

    Changed my goals up for this week. I added closing rings on my Apple Watch. I am still playing with the numbers for each ring but once I have it for a week I will get a general idea. Off to get ready for the pool.

    Have a great Monday!
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 9,645 Member


    10 minutes moderate = 1,740 steps

    Pool workout
    30 minutes moderate = 3,000 steps

    Total converted steps = 10,834
  • Poobah1972
    Poobah1972 Posts: 943 Member
    edited November 2021
    Name: Poobah1972
    Weigh Day: Monday
    Past weight: 350.6
    Current weight: 353.6


    Win some lose some? But this was expected, and in some ways may indicate the plan I hatched recently is having a good effect. (What is this crazy guy talking about you might wonder?) Well...

    I can't recall if I mentioned it specifically in this thread or not... But recently I started a few new supplements with the purposes of:
    • Improved quality of Sleep (Without Nyquil)
    • Improved recovery and healing.

    I have had a hard time getting any quality sleep of late, A big part of that obviously has been the pain and discomfort I find myself in at night. But I think an equally big part of that was my reliance on Nyquil 3 times a week. It got to the point that sleeping on "Off-Nyquil" was a struggle at best. And if I'm not sleeping well, I'm not recovering well at all.

    On top of that, the pain in my left elbow (tennis elbow) has not gone away in over 2 months now, and I would love to see if there is something I can do about it. Other then wrapping it every single morning, under compression for improved heat and blood flow for half the day. (Which i have done diligently).

    So I did a bunch of research and narrowed my focus down to the following...

    L-Arginine (a single Amino-acid) a whopping mega dose of 30 grams every morning

    L-Arginine is known to be a vasodilator opening up blood vessels, and is sometimes given to people intravenously to do just, that increase blood flow and by so doing increase healing. It also lowers blood pressure, which is fine as long as you don't have low blood pressure to begin with.

    Even more interesting, there was a study that showed mega dosing 20Grams a day resulted in a 60% increase in Human Growth Hormone. More interesting, if people were given a smaller dose of half or less then that, there was no rise in human growth hormone. The mechanism that requires a Mega dose to be effect in raising Human Growth hormone is unknown. But seeing as I'm much larger then the average guy, I figure a 30 gram dose should be sufficient to illicit this rise in human Growth hormone.

    Why try and increase Human Growth Hormone?

    There is a very strong relation ship between Glucose, Insulin, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Ketones. Human growth output is already greatly effected by Ketogenic diets and fasting. The lower the Glucose level, the lower the insulin level, the inverse is also true. Which is higher HGH output and Ketone production.

    Many people think that HGH helps build muscle, but that's not actually true. What HGH is good for is Mobilizing Fat, and healing the body (More so bone, organs, Connective tissue, tendons as opposed to muscles), however increases HGH does signal the production of IGF-1 which is very muscle sparing and is one main reason a Keto diet can be so effective during weight loss while maintaining muscle tissue. And as a side bonus, it can have a strong impact on your quality of sleep. (Sleeping teenagers are hard to wake in part due to there naturally high HGH output).

    So what if I actually am causing a 60% increase in HGH in my body overtop what would already be fairly higher then normal levels of HGH from Keto and fasting? Well for starters based on a chart I looked at... This amount HGH could represent the difference found in someone that is 50 years old appearing to have HGH levels of someone that is 20 years old. And as a matter of reasoning it could be possible that person will now have a propensity to heal themselves as if they were now 20 years old, with better sleep and all that good ness.

    The bad news, and what might explain my weight gain this week!

    Supplementation of L-Arginine even in much smaller doses than I have been taking is well known for causing water retention.

    And sure enough, increases in HGH is also known for causing water retention...

    So the 3 pounds I gained this week was expected and it makes sense... Besides increases in water through all the tissues may well help facilitate the break down of fat for energy, as well as the repair of damaged muscles (water is the transportation system). So it's a good thing, even though my shoes might get a little tighter? lol

    Evidence that the plan is actually raising my HGH levels significantly?
    1. Dramatically higher Ketone Reading
    2. Healing of Injuries
    3. Higher percentage of Deep and REM sleep.


    Now this is all early days... However the thing about Glucose, Insulin, Ketones and HGH all being closely linked is true. So this morning for the first time in few months, I decided to test my Glucose and ketone level. My Ketone level was an amazing 4.6 where as on average on a Monday morning after fasting it would usually be about 2.2 - 2.5. (although it once was at 3.4 after I did a ridiculous amount of cardio on Sunday, so I count this as an outlier).

    So for all practical calculations it's fair to say my ketone level was about double my average and definitely way higher then it has ever been. (and I haven't been doing any cardio at all). Further to that my GKI was 1.4 (1 being the best possible GKI, after just 36 hours of fasting). Usually GKI of that level take at least a few days sometimes more to achieve.

    So that is a pretty astonishing number considering the amount of history and data I have on hand. So this may well indicate, that HGH is indeed circulating at higher levels, resulting in higher Fat Mobilization and once turned into my liver, a higher ketone production rate, resulting in higher Ketone levels.

    Healing of Injuries

    So that nagging Tennis elbow injury on my left shoulder that I have been nursing for months that I continue to aggravate every back and bicep day. That I also aggravate Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays when I do my grip exercises at work. The same elbow I literally wrap every single morning for a good 6 hours a day. for the first time in months doesn't hurt, when I fully extend my arm or when I squeeze my elbow with my other hand. I know this doesn't sound like much. And it could well be just a coincidence or a side effect of water retention, or it could indeed just the Effects of L-Arginine's vasodilating my blood vessels and the resulting boost of healing blood flow. But it is what it is, and I'm grateful.

    Now I'll be doing my grip exercises later today, and back and bicep's is tonight.. So we will see if my luck continues.

    Unfortunately, thus far it hasn't helped with my other leg/IT band issues. but maybe it will come.

    As for faster recovery.. Definitely to early to tell. But I can tell you I did some high volume chest workout on Saturday, Working my way from 60 pounds to 95 pound DB chest presses (Yes I benched 95 pound dumbells, granted only for 1 rep. lol) to failure in all 5 sets. And I feel absolutely nothing in my chest today... Or my Triceps which I also punished. (and usually I do feel something 2 days later). Am I certain? No... But still everything seems to point in a certain direction.

    Higher percentage of Deep and REM sleep.

    This one is a little harder to quantify just yet. I think for one, the pain is still a stumbling block. And for two, I still might be holding onto a little dependence on Nyquil, Although I haven't had any in a week.

    But on the bright side, I do have 6 or 7 months of sleep data from my fitbit. And sure enough even though my sleep still hasn't been where I want it to be. More or less only getting 5 hours and sleep scores south of 50 sometimes. My sleep has improved slightly the last 3 nights, and more interestingly my Deep and REM portion of sleep as increased by about 50%.. Where as I was getting less then an hour Deep/REM I am now getting a 1.5 hours Deep and REM sleep.

    And from my research it is consistent to get a higher proportion of DEEP and REM sleep with Higher levels of HGH output. So I'll take this as further evidence that this HGH increase thing may actually be happening.

    Hopefully sleep will continue to normalize and get better. 77 sleep score last night was refreshing.

    In closing

    I had no idea I was going to write this much. But I guess the point is I'll take the 3 pound gain if it means my plan is working to some extent, which the evidence seems to indicate.

    Also... I'm taking the following as part of this stack.

    1000mg of Magnesium with supper. This relaxes the body, particularly the muscles, and lowers cortisol. Again leading to better sleep and recovery.
    5 grams of gaba right before bed. - suppose to very temporarily raise HGH levels by as much as 400%, but this is controversial, as it's not suppose to cross the blood brain barrier on it's own. I may drop it, as I'm not convinced. But it does make me flush for with tingly sensation which is very odd.
    Melatonin - Just the 1 x 10mg capsule.

    I'm also considering taking Kava Kava, but I worry perhaps that might also be habit forming? And my order got cancelled from, and sent back. I'm assuming due to over the border issues? I may try again?

    Bonus side effect... The magnesium has made me poop completely regular. Like every single day. And this was an issue for a while now. SO YAH FOR MAGNESIUM. lol

    Okay... I talked enough i think? I'll continue to monitor my ketone levels from time to time to see if these elevated levels continue. If they do, than I figure that is pretty darn good proof it is actually working. Otherwise it's a pretty strange coincidence? :)

    have a great day everyone!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 41,647 Member
    Good Morning Dazzling Downsizers....Happy Monday ... I am off to go walk with Alyssa and Aspen :)

    Just got back from a 5.36 mile walk in 2 hours and 4 minutes :)
  • 888Angie888
    888Angie888 Posts: 890 Member
    Steps 11/7: 13,576
  • tahm42
    tahm42 Posts: 4,903 Member
    11/1- 10340
    11/2- 7002
    11/3- 7105
    11/4- 6238
    11/5- 10082
    11/6- 12079
  • Poobah1972
    Poobah1972 Posts: 943 Member
    Good evening Guys and Gals,

    I tell yah, the lack of cardio continues to pay positive dividends in the weight lifting arena... But it's putting a big ole hurt on my heart rate.

    Lifts are going up up up!!! 💪😜

    100lb DB Rows.. Np. 105 next week. (I'm starting to see a future where I will actually need the 165-pound Expansion pack. 😬😆😜)
    80 Pound Preacher curls.. Np. 85 Next week
    30 reps of 60lb Standing EZ bar curls? Yeep NP. 62.5 Next week
    120 Pound Lat Pulldowns.. Can't say NP. But sure 125 Next week

    Only exercises staying where it is next week is Straight Arm Pulldowns.. And that's probably because I decided to bump it more than usual going in... So, WHATEVER! 😉

    The DB Rows are brutal I tell you... And I might have tweaked my low back a smidge, I'm not sure, but it hurts a little right now. Taking the Dumbbells, them from the stand and putting them on the ground and then putting them back at the end is a workout in itself.

    But oddly, since I now have a slight pain emanating from my lower back.. The pain in my buttocks/hip area to calf ankle on my right side is great diminished. So, I'll take the trade-off, who knows. lol 😆

    I almost decide to throw in the towel on the final Marathon set of standing Ez bar curls cause of the back pain... But at the last moment decided to go for it, and just leaned back a bit more and locked it in. So glad I decided to go for it, because I did all 30 reps and this was the first time ever even trying 60LB so F%@K yeah Baby! (pardon my french). 🙂.

    And lastly, usually the first set of Bent over DB rows hurts my left "Tennis Elbow" issue. Today it did not. Then later the Preacher Curls give me a world of hurt that usually stings more upon completion of the set, and I sit back and wince and make baby faces while I rub my elbow (I may also whine like a wounded animal). Did not experience that today. So, my elbow is 100% doing the best it has in over 2 months. And I'm pushing more weight than ever. So, my supplementation plan, may well be working... At least it feels good to think so, and maybe that's half the battle? 😋👌

    The heart rate is definitely a little out of hand though, had to rest a bit more than usual between sets. Even More so because it was just me and Brother tonight, as Lynn had an appointment at the hospital that had her a bit out of sorts. (She's all good though guys. 😉🤗)

    But on the bright side.. The burn was pretty damn good. (oh and I ate over 2900 calories on purpose today, on purpose just because I think my body wanted me too? lol)

    Have a wonderful evening Folks! 😎😘🤗

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