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    Hi I’m so sorry I haven’t done an introduction yet!!! Just a quick intro- I’m Ami I’m 34 but I’ll be 35 next month. I’m happily married to an amazing husband we have been married almost 13 years. We have 3 boys the oldest is Charlie and he’s 15 almost 16, Jack is 10 and will be 11 next month and the last is Theo he’s just turned 7. We are pretty young parents 🙈!!
    My weight has been up and down ever since having Theo. I joined a gym almost 3 years ago the only reason being because my husband do 😆!! I didn’t want him all muscly and me all flabby 😂!! I’ve never really stuck to anything before so my husband said he would t get me a membership until I had gone a few times anyway I ended up with a membership he lasted 6 months and I’ve lasted nearly 3 years 🤣!!! When I joined I was lighter than I am now and I got almost to my goal weight and then lockdown happened and everything went out the window. Ever since then I have been on and off but I have been going pretty consistently since September.
    I mainly do weight training and I love it!! My problem is the food so I haven’t really seen much progress. Last Friday I was 174lbs my goal is 130lbs.
    So I weighed last week and posted it in the joining chat thing so do I weigh today and post it hear?
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    Username davidji82
    weigh in day: Friday

    @amioc Hi, if you look on page one here they tell you how to post your weekly weight. its just like i have done above.
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    @askewcr Post as often or as little as you like, no worries! Wow that does sound like a busy day. Yes, too much death.

    @nfll406 Man, that is way too cold lol.

    @GabiV125 I hate when that happens!

    @Cornanda Oh gosh, you are right about dogs. They are amazing. They really are little angels. Hang in there and don't give up the good fight! And yes, double avocado does imply 2 avocados lol. That Dr. Phil book does sound interesting. Please share any more of your insights you might have while reading it if you think about it. Yay for a no-gain weigh-in!!!

    @leonadixon Congrats on the loss! I'm glad you had a good vacation.

    @amioc Sounds like you've really made exercise a habit, well done! What day did you tell us was your weigh-in day when you signed up? Whatever day that is, that is the day you post your weight. You post it in this thread here, the current month.

    Hi all. I must confess, I am a cold-weather-wimp! It was 39F when I woke up yesterday and that is way too cold for Southern California lol. I was cold all day even though it got up to in the mid-60s. I'm from Ohio so I should be used to cold but noooooo.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    @nfll406 Thanks so much for your prayers for my dear husband. DDF stands for Data Driven Fasting and it basically means that I test my blood sugar using a glucometer before I eat to make sure that my blood sugar is at or below my given trigger number. Our bodies won’t lose fat until we lower our glucose and testing my blood sugar is how I determine that it’s low enough to eat. Marty Kendall the creator of DDF can explain it much better. Here is a very long and detailed blog post if you want to read up about it. I really believe in it and encourage anyone to at least give it some thought. https://optimisingnutrition.com/data-driven-Data Driven Fasting

    @FushiaKat I have been reading about brain fog and that is what I’m praying it is. He is extremely stressed and anxious which is understandable of course. I am feeling the same and it’s not my body that is about to be tortured! Thanks for the tips on what to do for nausea. I will make sure we are prepared for whatever happens. Ohhh that naughty Mr. Snicket!! :D

    @Cornanda You have no idea how much your prayers mean to me! Thank you! <3 I am so glad that your attitude is going in the right direction, and I pray for you that it will continue to do so. Dogs are amazing on how they handle pain. One of my very good friends at church is about to lose her dog that she has had for 15 years. It’s so tough and my heart hurts for you all. :'(

    @trooworld You are not a cold-weather-wimp! Your body has acclimated to the California weather and 39 is COLD!!! Stay warm! <3

    Good morning Team! Yesterday was super busy and I never did get a chance to pop on. Today is another busy one. The church is having a huge chili cook-off potluck this Sunday so I have to go to Sams and buy a bunch of supplies. I also have to go downtown to pick up the ring that I had sized. Right now, I’m going in to get my workout done since I’m determined to not let that slip. Hubby is doing OK but feeling weak which is concerning. We get his port put in on the 15th and I’m praying that it doesn’t hurt. It’s not supposed to. Have a good day! :)
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    Weigh in day: Friday

    PW: 256
    CW: 257
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    Cornanda wrote: »

    I would like to be more conversational with my responses, but I'm just popping in when I can. :)

    I've got my attitude going in the right direction. Still having a little weep over my pup every so often. The last two days it's clear he's not feeling good. But he was doing a very good job of hiding it before then. Dogs are amazing! Humans may sit around and whine, but dogs just carry on. Hopefully we'll see some results from the meds in a few days.

    I ate better the last two days and followed my exercise plan. I probably already did enough damage this week to not see a loss, but that will not take me back to the dumps.

    @TeresaW1020 - I've been praying for you and Joe each day and will keep on. Chemo will be tough, but we are here for you and I know your Savior and your church family will be with you through it all. Hugs to you both.

    @GabiV125 - I think you are plenty exciting!

    @nfll406- Yep, get that rehab behind you so you can get back to doing what you really like. We LOVE to see animal pix in this chat if you have some cute new little ones!

    @FushiaKat - Mr Snicket sounds like quite a dickens.

    @trooworld - Double avocado implies TWO avocados!

    @askewcr- thanks for the smiles I get from your always upbeat posts!

    @Katmary71 - good for you with the concert tix and yes, find a great outfit and feel awesome when you go! Your cats and their apps cracked me up.

    I'm reading a Dr Phil book on weight loss. Now I'm NOT a big Dr Phil fan, but the book was cheap at Good Will. He describes 7 keys to weight loss and they are mostly mental. He's spot on with them, if only I could stop hearing his Dr Phil voice as I'm reading. :p Anyway, this morning I was reading about replacing a bad habit with one that is incompatible with doing the action of it. For example- you can't eat chocolate cake while you're in the shower. You can't scarf down three bowls of cereal while you are dancing to music. Now, I've often read about distracting yourself until the impulse passes, but these are some solid distractions. I hope that no one will take these ideas as a challenge and try to prove me wrong.... if you do, no pictures please. :D:#

    I'm with you on wanting to be more conversational on here. The problem I have is I find myself eating chocolate cake flavored cereal while dancing in the shower. Lol
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    19shmoo69 wrote: »
    Cornanda wrote: »

    I'm with you on wanting to be more conversational on here. The problem I have is I find myself eating chocolate cake flavored cereal while dancing in the shower. Lol

    Thank you for not posting pics lol

    @trooworld I’ve seen some salad dressing recipes that use avocado as a thickner so maybe double avocado means used 2 ways and not twice as much like double chocolate brownies with chocolate chips

    @Cornanda Sending hugs and prayers for you and your pup. It’s so hard to see them suffer. I give mine a little extra lovin’ every time I read about yours.

    Eating in the shower made me laugh. My husband does that. I occasionally find weird things in the shower like banana peels, orange peels, muffin papers, empty milk glasses and small plates. I don’t even want to know what he had on them.

    @Katmary71 Looking forward to seeing a selfie of you at the concert in your new outfit.

    @TeresaW1020 Sending hugs and prayers for you and Joe. I hope you find the strength and peace to get you through this difficult time.

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    Hi Team,
    I'm currently suffering from a major attack of Brain Fog brought on by stress. It will pass but may be a few days. I'm having a procedure on Feb 17th to figure out why I have a hard time eating. Stuff just gets stuck and won't go down or it comes back up. It's embarrassing and I have not eaten in front of anybody but my husband for many years now. I got an EKG, and it was abnormal, seems like they are always abnormal, but the Nuclear Stress tests and Echocardiograms are fine. I thought I had to make an appointment with my Cardiologist for Cardiac Clearance. But today the Gastroenterologist said I'm fine and we will proceed with the procedure. He might have to stretch my esophagus.

    I got unduly stressed out about it. Lol Brain Fog is so bad!!, yesterday I loaded the rice cooker and forgot to turn it on! Hub didn't have any rice for lunch, luckily when I was thinking clearly, I bought some of those microwave containers of mashed potatoes and put them in our new freezer. We made a meal for him with that, gravy and some meat. I really thought he was going to be upset but he took it in stride. I did offer to get him take-out, but he said he didn't have time for that.

    Laughing, it's taken me 45 minutes just to write this. I'm going to call it a night. Goodnight, Team.

    Be Consistent, Be Tenacious, Be Persistent, Never Give Up!
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    Another busy day today but it's all good. Good night!
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    @Cornanda I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, I really hope the medication can help. I kind of like Dr. Phil when he's not being a ham, he has a lot of common sense. I think the fame went a little to his and his wife's head a bit but he's a smart guy, I'd go to him as a therapist any time! If I wasn't camera shy it would be a blast taking my ex-boyfriend on the show so Dr. Phil could shred him but I never want to see my ex again either.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm sorry to hear Joe needs chemo, I hope you find a good solution for him his body can tolerate, he's been through a lot this year. I'm keeping you two in my prayers.

    @FushiaKat Can you put my cats in the doghouse with Mr. Snicket? I'm glad you're sleeping well overall, I hope you aren't woken up again! I'm sorry to hear about the test you'll have to have. I do think stress then being in pain where we're constantly bombarded by overstimulated nerves makes it hard to think, I'm pretty scatterbrained especially these days. Having a test around the corner definitely adds to the pressure, hang in there my friend.

    @amoic I love that you ended up lasting the longest at the gym, that's awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying weight training, that's one thing I wish I'd taken up earlier in my weight loss, I'd enjoyed it when I was younger but didn't start doing it until I was closer to my goal weight when I started doing it a couple years ago.

    @trooworld I'm a cold weather wimp too and I'm in Sacramento! My fire alarms were chirping and I need my brother to change them so I tried sleeping in the car in the garage the other morning because of course they went off at 3, I had two pairs of everything on and was freezing. Be cold or listen to a a fire alarm every five seconds, hm?!

    Hi gang, sorry I didn't respond to everyone, I'm having an allergic reaction to something (eyes, nose, and some hives) and my eyes are watery so my vision's a little blurry. We're wrapping up the cards for seniors program tomorrow and I'm going to a gardening lecture prior to meeting with a few people to read the cards and make sure nothing inappropriate squeaks through. SO, the cats have been obsessed with the snap peas on the windowsill and have been pulling them out of the dirt from the trays, I woke up and they were knocked upside down on the floor so that was a pain to clean on off-white carpet. I put the trays of seeds in the bathtub to water from the bottom and took a nap this afternoon and someone had been walking on the trays pulling out seedlings so I had to replant a bunch of them and I don't know where they were yanked out so I'm not sure what they are, they were mixed seed trays. Clean that mess and there's a hairball on the carpet and it was obviously Asher because he's yanking leaves off my plants and eating them. Of course he won't eat the hairball gel, I read to wipe it on their hair but he's scared of hands so that doesn't work well and I don't want to grab him and make it worse. I made skinnytaste's chicken taco chili, it's probably her recipe I've made the most, it's really good. I've been taking a supplement from the holistic group that has curcumin in it and this last flare up cleared up real fast and I've been feeling better than normal the last two days so I'm thinking it's actually helping in a couple weeks with my inflammation which would be amazing. That's it here, I'm hoping to get back to the gym soon, perhaps next week. Have a great Saturday!
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    @trooworld - As a former Wisconsin gal who now lives in Florida, I have decided that you can't be acclimated to both cold and hot at the same time. And any time the temp drops 20 degrees you are going to feel cold, whether that is 60 or 30.

    @TeresaW1020 - Will keep the prayers going. I think of you both often. I don't think putting in the port will hurt much. Kind of like a giant IV, and they will numb everything up good, which they don't for IVs.

    @19shmoo69 - LOL! LOL! LOL! (and, I can't unsee that!)

    @Jactop - What would they say if you had to go to the ER because you slipped on a banana peel in the shower?!

    @FushiaKat - my husband had that procedure when he was about 30. It was easy peasy and he's been fine ever since. I hope it goes well for you too.

    @Katmary71 - can someone please tell me why smoke detectors have to act up in the middle of the night? I think someone programmed them to do that. I would love to see your ex get raked by Dr Phil!

    Thank you all for your kind words about my dog. Much appreciated. He's hanging in there.


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    PW: 166.4
    CW: 168.0

    Another week, another step back in the wrong direction. I just can't seem to get my groove back this year. I am now 10 pounds heavier than I was 6 months ago, although 10 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago. The winter months are so hard to stay motivated through with it getting dark early and the cold temperatures - I know Virginia isn't like New England or the Mid-West, but I like being outside & under 50 degrees just bums me out. Then, of course, reading about everyone else's lives, situations & worries makes me feel like such a whiner & I should be more grateful for my health & happiness!

    Here's my quick intro for Feb... I am Annie, a 55-year-old Brit who married an American chap 30 years ago & has lived here ever since. We have 2 sons, 21 (a Senior in college) & 24 (lives & works in Hong Kong - and we have not seen in over 2 years :(). He is supposed for come back for a 2-week vacation next month, but currently HK has a flight ban to/from 8 countries which includes the US, so we may not get to see him any time soon :'(:'(

    I don't post much, but I do read everyone's thoughts & comments (usually while eating at my desk at work!) and do feel the non-judgmental support and love from this group. Let's kick February's butt!!

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    Weigh in day: Saturday
    Starting Weight 258.5
    CW:21.5 B)
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    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! You too! A chili cook-off sounds fun. I love chili, it's one of my favorite foods! How's Joe's dizziness? I hope better.

    @19shmoo69 Thank you for that. The image of that in my mind this morning made my day! :D

    @Jactop Ah that's a good point. I think I'd rather have double chocolate brownies with chocolate chips. :D Your husband eats in the shower? That is hilarious!

    @Katmary71 Oh gosh, that must have been so cold sleeping in the garage! That is a dilemma...I hope you got the batteries changed. Sorry about the allergic reaction, can you take anything for it? Hairballs are the worst! I'm glad the supplement is helping.

    @Cornanda Good points!

    @gwamajtw91 I'm in the same boat. I've started reviewing every week, I have specific questions I answer about my week to help me analyze it to see what went wrong and how I can improve. I'm hoping it helps. Is there anything we can help you with, Annie?

    Hi all. Today I'm getting healthy groceries and getting my hair done. Other than that, I might attempt to work out.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 130 lbs
    CW: 131 lbs

    Phrase of the year: OWN IT!
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    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 220.5
    CW 220
    LTD 29.5lbs
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    The new Week 2 Group Challenge for February is active and ready to begin for Sunday, Feb 6th. Taking a reflective look back and a hopeful look forward with the goals we set back in Dec/Jan...just a little check in, mixed with staying active each day and sharing together. Hope you'll join us! Here's your link:


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    askewcr wrote: »
    Weigh in day: Saturday
    Starting Weight 258.5
    CW:21.5 B)

    Lol, OMG you lost 232.5 pounds! I think there might be a type-o in your weight numbers. You would just blow away in the breeze if you weighted 21.5 pounds 😉
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