WaistAways Team Chat - JULY 2022



  • PlaneMonkey
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    @conleywoods happy birthday! You looked so happy. Those hats were great! (plus I love that dress!)

  • panera88
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    @conleywoods happy birthday! Looks like you had a fun time.

    @jugar I pray your father will be alright. It’s good that you were there to support him.

    To everyone, this week’s weather has been a scorcher for a lot of people. I’ve found myself more tired than normal, and I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I’ve liked to. Hopefully I can still persevere in other aspects of my health. All the best to you all!
  • jan110144
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    The heat is getting beyond tiresome! Seems like all I am doing is changing clothes every time I turn around. :Grateful that it is at least bearable early in the morning and later in the evening.

    @conleywoods Love your tea pictures! Looks like you had a really lovely time.

    @micki48 Yummy. Love scallops. Lots of worse things to go a bit overboard with!

    @panera88 The only good thing about this hot weather is that it gets me going early in the morning. I try really hard to take care of all things physical before noon. My evening walk with the dog is now around 9:00, instead of 7:00. Those two hours make a tremendous difference.
  • JEB03253
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    I forgot to record my Tuesday weigh-in.

  • jugar
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    Happy Thursday!

    I'm looking for ways to stay cool today as are many of us, I'm sure! Cooling food, if you exclude ice cream :grimace: is very healthy! Salads, raw fruits, lots of cool water, lots more cool water, and easy on the foods that give a quick boost of calories. Remember that the calorie is a measure of the energy needed to produce heat! Cut back today and stay cool.
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    CW 154.8

    @conleywoods Happy Birthday! Looks like fun.

    @Jugar prayers for your dad
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @jugar my CW is 185.0 but I think I can do better so hold off putting me in the spreadsheet until tomorrow please. I'm sparing for a different hockey league tonight at a higher level so I'll get my sweat on out on the cool ice tonight so tomorrow I should be back in the green (or at least the black). Super glad there was no big rebound after last week's milestone. Next week will be a different story. All-inclusive family reunion party weekend may just be too tempting to pass up after all this good behaviour since the spring.
    We shall see... ;)
  • ashleycarole86
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    jan110144 wrote: »
    On the days I ride, the "steps" are a bit wonky. Fitbit ignores the time just walking on the horse, but counts trotting and cantering time as running. So the number of additional "steps" can be considerable in a full working session. My question is how/if I would be able to participate in the steps challenge. From my fitbit, I can separate out the time logged trotting and cantering)
    My exercise to step conversion chart shows "Horseback riding, trotting" is equivalent to 102 steps per minute which is almost exactly the same as walking. There is one lower category "Horseback riding, walking leisurely" which is only 31 steps (which is about a third of what walking is).
    Knowing nothing about horses myself, I had to look up trotting and cantering and it seems they both fit into the more vigarous category.
    So, all that to say, I think you could just report your Fitbit steps as is since the trotting to walking conversion is almost one for one.
    Or, since it seems you're able to isolate which of the steps are due to horseback riding, you could also give me steps without + minutes riding and I can convert the minutes to steps.
    Let me know if you'd like to join up - we'd love to have another! If so, you can join in for week 4 of this challenge or wait to start in August - up to you.
    Week 4 will be based on Jul 17-23. If you have any more questions, just ask!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @Terytha So sorry to hear that you and the husband are sick, and that it resulted in a postponed specialist appointment. Fingers crossed he’s good enough to go next week. Sounds like you’re in a super rough stage of it.
    @PlaneMonkey Well Wonderland was AMAZING and I grabbed many bottles of water to stay ahead of any ill effects from the heat. Your pic of you by the water looks great.. you make those waterproof pants look hot girl!
    @jugar So sorry to hear your Dad fell, glad you were able to get him up without the fire fighters being called… tough situation
    @micki48 Glad to hear about your biopsy results.. thanks for the update. How is Juliet?
    @conleywoods Loved the birthday pics, you’re glowing! Glad the kids enjoy the tea party too. Nice way to celebrate a milestone birthday
    7/19: 15532 steps
    7/20: 16663 steps
  • jan110144
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    @ashleycarole86 ok! That is pretty simple because my FITBIT doesn't register any activity when we just walk, probably because the muscles involved are pretty much core muscles, not limbs. Will join this week ... need to post on the 24th I assume.
  • jugar
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    What a wild day here! There have been all kinds of thunderstorms rolling through, then it gets sunny and super hot and muggy, then back to something more bearable. All over the place. We had a tree fall on our cabin, so that is going to be a heckuva project to move, and hopefully there won't be too much damage to repair afterwards. The cabin is really special - the tall guy built it in the early '70s when he first moved here. He lived in it for 11 years with no electricity or telephone (or indoor toilet), then had the power put in, but still lived really simply until I came along and dragged a grand piano, all kinds of racket, and then kids into his life. We built our current house here on the same land when our daughter was 18 months old, but we really missed the cabin! It is now the woodworking shop, so at least it still gets love and attention. My daughter was born in there - but we can still blame her for "making" us move out and have indoor bathrooms and stuff...

    I am now craving a pair of those chest waders @PlaneMonkey . They look amazing on you! Somehow I don't think I would rock them nearly as well, but they could be really useful for weeding around the pond. Hmmmmm.

    Talking about rocking gorgeous items, @conleywoods with both a tiara and a fancy hat at the same time wins all the prizes! Your kids are adorable, and you look like that was one terrific birthday. Congratulations!

    I'm going to attempt an exercise bike session, with the fan on full blast, and see if I melt. If I'm not here later for the daily nag, you'll know what happened!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @jan110144 You bet - if you post for the week prior (Sun-Sat) on the following Sunday, that'll be great.
    If you need an extra day or two I'll usually wait - but the sooner everyone gets their stats in, the sooner I can issue the report.
    The other item that's nice to have is a daily step pledge (what you're aiming to get) as I do include those in some of the stats. If I don't get one then you just won't be eligible for the consistency category.
  • jugar
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    I survived! And now we're getting ready for the Friday people:

    Keep cool!
  • Kali225
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    @conleywoods happy, HAPPY, birthday!! you look like you had so much fun. love the hats

    @PlaneMonkey you ALSO look like you are having the time of your life, raking weeds

    @jugar your canadian wilderness life is a constant source of fascination for me.

    I drove to NY for a weekend getaway today and I saw my car hit 100F. SHEESH. It's honestly a little scary and I feel terrible for those in europe who have no where near the AC infrastructure we do in the states. I headed straight for the pool after I parked.

    Speaking of AC, this house doesn't have any so wish me luck on trying to fall asleep tonight with a fan blasting on my face.
  • conleywoods
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    Thank you to everyone who sent happy wishes for my birthday and anniversary this month! @jugar the tiara layered with hats definitely set the tone for the party! 👸 Now the summer trip, anniversary and birthday are in the rear view mirror. Time to buckle down and get back to focusing on my goals. Today I had a phone meeting with my mentor for my masters. Next month I start my second term. Kind of that rude awakening that I should be accomplishing a few things before heading back to work in September.

    @jugar I hope your cabin is okay and that the repairs go alright. If we were closer we'd come with chainsaws and help you guys out!

    I'm having a hard time concentrating. The neighbor down the road is a professional drummer. I can hear him from the deck. He is in his teepee and he is really going to town on the bongos tonight 😂 At least he's good!

    @PlaneMonkey Love the waders! We have used our at the lake for dock set up before. We were raking seaweed today too. We use a metal rack, drop it in and twirl it like spaghetti, then pull it up. The boys swim around and collect all the seaweed. I'm sure your method is less chaotic than ours.

    @Terytha So sorry to hear you are so sick and it has ruined an appointment 😪 I know we made it more than 2 years without getting sick and it's a real rude awakening when it happens. It feels more dreadful and inconvenient than I remembered. I hope you feel better soon and hubby gets his procedure done.

    @ashleycarole86 Glad you had fun at wonderland. I will have to look it up some time.
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