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    @jessicakrall8 Those were for the 29th yes, sorry. Awesome job on your miles and hitting the daily step goal!
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    Steps 30 Oct: 14.066
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Went to my brother's birthday on Sunday. @PatriceFitnessPal it wasn't too bad. Leaving the house just gives me a lot of stress because of Tinus. I hate leaving him alone for more than an hour or two. I also don't like driving for that long. My dad was here around 12:30 and we were at my brother at 14:30. I made sure to get 10k steps in before leaving because I knew the rest of the day would be very inactive. They made a chocolate pie and an apple pie, both vegan. I had a very small slice of both of them. I have no idea how many calories it was, but I just logged a generic slice of apple pie which I am sure has more calories than what I had. I played two games of memory with my niece, which I lost on purpose of course, but she had fun. We left before dinner time and me and my dad were in my town again around 18:00. We decided to pick up a pizza funghi to split between us (mushrooms). Neither of us bothered to check the box we took home, because what can they frick up about one topping? At home, I opened the box and it had ham all over it. Somehow she noted down a prosciutto funghi. That was a bit of a bummer since I am a vegetarian, so my dad ate the pizza and I had no food. I wasn't as upset about it as I expected. I wasn't that hungry, it was pretty late and now I was still in a deficit for the day. So I had a few pringles and a mini brownie and that was fine too. Happy Monday everyone <3
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    Good morning all,great job @Jessicskrall8 on meeting your walking goals & with a bad knee.Thats true commitment.@Pupowl glad you enjoyed the day at your brother's birthday.Well done to get your 10k steps in before you went.Shame about the pizza but a good calorie deficit even with pie.
    @walela624 I hope you're not feeling too poorly with covid.
    Well done @Armygirlarmyof1 it's good to get into trousers that were too tight before.
    @PatriceFitnessPal sorry your get together was on a sad note.Great to get together though with family & friends whatever the occasion,and good of you to travel to help your cousin.
    I had a lovely afternoon last Thursday it was my youngest son's birthday he was 27.Oh my how can that be ! He was off work so going for a meal in town with his girlfriend.I was busy painting my bedroom but went later to meet them.We had fun,went to a centre with darts,pool etc then 2 a few bars & had cocktails.I don't get to see my son's girlfriend that much as he stays at her house more than ours.It was lovely to spend time with them,they are such a cute couple.
    As I didn't have much to eat that day I still had a good loss at weigh in on Sat.So cocktails are the way to go 🤣🤣
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    Wow! Such goals reached and some sadness to start turkey month off. Prayers for those who have sadness right now. It's a lot to take on.

    Pw 216.8
    Cw 216.8

    No loss this week but no sodium retention and no going backwards in time. So there's a plus this week.
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    Weigh in day Mondays

    PW: 175.5
    CW: 174.7
    LTD: -7.5

    Last of Oct. Steps

    I would like to continue on with steps in November please. As its getting Colder out, I would still like to try and walk around town, if not I guess I dust off the dreaded Treadmill (lol)

    Have a great Halloween Everyone!
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    Monday Weigh-in
    PW: 304.0
    CW: 304.4
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    leni1us wrote: »
    Here are the past few days for October. I still have today (10/30) and tomorrow (10/31) to post.

    10/28 9,172
    10/29 7,799

    Nov stats started today so 30th and 31st goes on Nov if you’re signing up for Nov.

    I am. I'm going to keep my step count the same for November.
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    @nancyinmo Congratulations!!!
    @izzyred9400 it sounds like you had a lovely time, so fun!
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    Missed a weigh-in this past Saturday. Sorry @jessicakrall8 - been a bit MIA the past week or so.

    Steps update (6k goal)
    10/21: 5727
    10/22: 5133
    10/23: 4513
    10/24: 5025
    10/25: 9258
    10/26: 3091
    10/27: 5595
    10/28: 6603
    10/29: 23677
    10/30: 2947

    The bad: I've been out of the loop with the group not checking-in and updating steps. Steps haven't been great since I've been studying alot (sitting a lot).

    The good: I passed an exam that I've been studying for on 10/24. Now onto a more complicated exam, but at least this one is out of the way.
    On 10/28-30 took a birthday trip to Zion Natinal park in Utah, and Wow! What a majestic place to see. We hiked the famous narrows (canyon with a river flowing through)

    A few pics for you all

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    nancyinmo wrote: »
    I hit Wonderland today!!

  • jessicakrall8
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    @Yukie_OP LOVE the pictures you shared...what a beautiful place! RELAXING!! I put you down for the step challenge for November since you reported the first day's stat for it. Want to keep your step goal at 6k or switch it?
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    I’m in Boston now to support a family member struggling with some health problems. We’re trying to navigate the diagnosis and assessment process so there’s still a long road ahead. I was able to check in with the family of my cousin who recently died and I’m going to see some friends on Tuesday. It’s another sad occasion bringing us together but one friend is flying in from South Carolina for a funeral we’re attending together.

    There are five of us who have been close friends since high school (one since 5th grade) and the brother of one of the friends died yesterday morning. So, this is another heavy trip ‘home’ but it will be nice to see my good friends and support the grieving family. I hope everyone is starting the week off well. Best wishes!

    I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad you will be surrounded by good friends
  • Susanna527
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    Weigh-In: Monday
    PW: 198.8
    CW: 199

    Sending everyone wishes for a happy and healthy and peaceful week :)
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    Steps 31 Oct: 16.983
    Good morning Shape Shifters. My day was a bit too busy. I got groceries, wrote 4 postcards, washed my bedsheets, walked to the mailbox to post the cards (going to Taiwan, the UK, Germany and Finland), vacuumed the whole upstairs, did the dishes, cleaning the litterbox and made my bed again with the clean sheets. It felt like I was busy and on my feet the whole bloody day. I ended up going to bed at 19:00, though we just started winter time on Sunday, so I need to get used to that a bit. My left leg had a really sore muscle along my shin, so it took a while to fall asleep. I had a solid 9 hours of sleep though, and my leg isn't hurting anymore thankfully. Happy Tuesday everyone <3
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    Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing. Good luck with your exam!
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    Daily step goal: 7,000
    Sun 10/30: 12,487
    Mon 10/31: 17,155
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    Happy November Shape Shifters!

    Here's my intro:

    I joined this group in August 2022 an enjoying the community motivation and accountability that it brings. I had some quick initial losses through the summer when I was able to take some time off work and put some energy into eating healthy, tracking everything and being more active. Weight loss and physical activity slowed down for me in September and October, with a busier work and family schedule.

    Lately for activity, I've been walking my dog every morning (30mins) and we've been jogging together at lunch time on weekdays (~35mins). I play hockey once a week in a recreational league and am also on the ice coaching my youngest child's team weekly.

    I don't think I've shared with the group that music is a big hobby for me. I play in a large wind ensemble and we have a concert coming up in early December that I'm really motivated to drop some weight for.

    My goals for November:

    1. Log my food and close out my food diary every day....I am determined to do this all 30 days of November!
    2. Work on being more mindful in the afternoon and at the end of the day when I'm tired....especially trying to avoid all the Halloween candy that's in my house right now
    3. Get to bed by 11pm...this one has been difficult with so many things on the go
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    Sounds like you have an awful lot going on. Hugs!
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