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    Greetings, Shape Shifters!

    I’m Patrice, a 56 year old woman from northern Virginia, just south of Washington, DC in the USA. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived there through college. My husband grew up in the same neighborhood so we frequently visit friends and family there. We say, “we’re going home” no matter which way we’re traveling.

    My father was a professional athlete so our family moved many different places during the hockey season when I was young, but we always returned to the same house in Boston. I miss the ocean terribly, and occasionally I yearn for a snowy day, but I enjoy the early spring here. I spend three of the four seasons (March-November) rowing on the local rivers with an 8-person ‘sweep’ group three days a week and individual sculling whenever the weather cooperates (e.g., wind, water current, air and water temperatures, etc.).

    I’ve always been active but I didn’t pay as much attention to building healthy eating and sleeping habits as I should have because I was able to bounce back more quickly from setbacks in my youth. However, as I got older, I gradually gained weight as it became more difficult to find time in the day to workout — mostly due to the added responsibilities of parenting, work, and volunteer commitments. Now, my sons (ages 21 & 22) are both in college. So, I am trying to get a rid of the weight and other stuff I accumulated while on the busy treadmill of life.

    The COVID lockdown prompted me to reflect on things I wanted to improve so I started with my health. I was able to reach my goal of 125 pounds in September 2021 and maintained my target range of 120-130 until recently. Now, I’m over 130 pounds so I’m no longer a member of the ‘goal zone’ group, and I weigh-in weekly. Last year, I focused on building strength/muscle, increasing flexibility, and improving balance.

    This year, I need to return to more accurate tracking of calories and macronutrient balance first. I want to join more yoga classes to continue working on last year’s goals, too. I have some other habits I’d like to work on but I’m a big believer in taking baby steps so I’ll start here and add some aspirational goals to the habit tracker and weekly challenge space. Best wishes for 2023 Shape Shifters!
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    My last days of Steps for December
    12/30 12,980
    12/31 7,676
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    Hey team! My name is Lynn and I am so excited to be here! Found this challenge early December but missed that cut off. So - here I am! Planning to give it my all - or find out all I have to give. I live in Minnesota, USA, have 2 boys (8 & 9 y.o.), hubby, and just trying to find my way around this 40+ me. I lost 52 lbs 7 yrs ago so I know I can do this. Looking forward to doing thus with people!
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    Hi SS...Another new member joining your awesome team ..Please welcome @Lynniebinny76 :)

    @Lynniebinny76 Welcome to the team! Glad you found us. Please take a moment to read our FAQ file at the beginning of this chat thread and if you have additional questions not covered there, please just post and ask. One of us will get back to you. I'm Jessica, your Team Captain. On behalf of our whole team, welcome and we look forward to getting to know you.

    Please take a moment and say hello and let us know a bit about your goals for January and beyond. Good luck!

    Happy New Year!
    Jessica :smile:
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    Welcome @zog_a_log to our team!! Glad you found us! Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us all a little about your goals for Jan and beyond! I'm Jessica, your Team Captain. Along with our two Motivators @PatriceFitnessPal and @angmarie28 I'm excited you've chosen to continue your journey with us. Please let us know how we can better support you.

    Read through our FAQ which is the second post in this chat thread on page one. If you still have questions, just post them and one of us will try to find answers for you.

    Again, welcome and good luck in January!

    Jessica :smile:
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    12/28 6,519
    12/29 8,697
    12/30 7,359
    12/31 10,594
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    Weigh in: Sunday
    SW: 255
    PW: 190.6
    CW: 192.0

    Steps for December 25 to 31
    Sunday 1403
    Monday 3808
    Tuesday 2497
    Wednesday 3774
    Thursday 3111
    Friday 3647
    Saturday 4373
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    Userid zog_a_log
    (Day of Week) Weigh-in Monday
    PW: 9st 9lbs (technically 9 st 9.8lbs)
    CW: 9st 9bs (technically 9st 9.4lbs, so maybe I have lost 0.5lbs! bring on next week!)
    LTD: 0 lbs
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    zog_a_log wrote: »
    Userid zog_a_log
    (Day of Week) Weigh-in Monday
    PW: 9st 9lbs (technically 9 st 9.8lbs)
    CW: 9st 9bs (technically 9st 9.4lbs, so maybe I have lost 0.5lbs! bring on next week!)
    LTD: 0 lbs

    @zog_a_log When you log your weigh-ins, please log in pounds (just to keep everything consistent)...I can go and use a translator program, but I don't want there to be any errors. For that reason, we ask everyone to log as pounds...please repost because it appears you have a loss from your "technically" comment...let me know!

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    @Armygirlarmyof1 Hope you feel better soon!!!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Monday weigh-in
    PW: 304.5
    CW: 303.9
  • jessicakrall8
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    Pupowl wrote: »
    Check-in ~ January 01
    Steps: 19.818
    Calorie deficit: yes
    Workout: yes, 1/3 for the week
    Vitamins: yes
    Sleep: 8h 41m / 85 score
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I had a decent day. I did some reading, Netflix, gaming, a lot of laundry with my new dryer and a Dance with Deepti workout in the evening. The increased stepping blocks didn't do as much as I was hoping, so I figure it is time to get off my lazy butt and do something. Instead of a handful of zone minutes, I got 40 of them with the youtube workout so it was well worth it. I had fun with it as well and I am only a little bit sore today. I would like to do more than 3 a week, but I am starting slow. This is the one I did last night:
    Happy Monday everyone <3

    You're inspiring all of us, @Pupowl how does Tinus react when you get up and start working out? Is he a "jump in with you" cat or an "I'll just ignore her" cat?! I'm starting to do extra steps in 500 increments, as it takes the pressure off of my knees in trying to do several thousand at once. Especially on the weekends when I'm at home. At work is a different story because I'm always running around the building...

    Hope you have a great day today!
  • Pupowl
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    He will ignore me most of the time. Sometimes he rolls on the desk in front of the screen and wants to be petted. Yesterday he tried to attack my feet a few times. :lol: So I do need to keep an eye on him a bit, to make sure he doesn't get in the way too much!
    It is a good idea to add small bits at once. That really does add up! I always step whenever I am waiting for something. I sometimes even step while reading, holding the book in my right hand since the fitbit is on my left. It is a little silly though. :smiley:
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