Shape Shifters Team Chat - JANUARY 2023



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    1/1 4,886
    1/2 5,176
    1/3 6,520
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    Reposting to put it in pounds!

    Userid zog_a_log
    (Day of Week) Weigh-in Monday
    PW: 135.8lbs
    CW: 135.4bs
    LTD: 0 lbs

    [Tues and Wed were 134.6lbs, so looking good for next week's weigh-in]
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    Happy Wednesday ShapeShifters!

    You have a new member who has not yet found you - but hopefully we found her! @trappedskinnyb should hopefully be here soon. If not, please friend and message her to help her find her way. MFP can be quite a navigation challenge at the beginning, as you know. Thanks!
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    @trappedskinnyb - Welcome to the Shape Shifter team! I’ll send you a friend request to help support you as you get used to the process.

    I saw your introduction in the December Shape Shifter Chat group, which closed at the end of the week, since we always finish on a Saturday. We started ‘meeting’ here in the January Shape Shifter Chat on Sunday. So, this is where we’ll post our weekly weigh-in reports and support one another through the month of January.

    You can click on the ribbon at the top right right corner to bookmark this page. If it turns blue, it will show up at the bottom of your phone screen (or right side menu of the computer screen?) as one of your bookmarks for easy access.

    Feel free to post any questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them. Best wishes for achieving your F2F goals!
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    edited January 4
    I’m just highlighting this webinar opportunity I saw in the MFP announcements for any interested Shape Shifter team members:

    “Want to learn logging tips and other tricks to help you reach your health and fitness goals? We’re hosting MyFitnessPal 101, a 1-hour webinar to help new members get the most out of their MyFitnessPal journey. Topics include logging tips, key app features, goal setting, and more.”

    You can see the original post from “Betty” - and click to stream the webinar at the date/time that works for you (listed below) - here:

    Webinar Dates and Times:
    -January 5 at 11am EST
    -January 10 at 2pm EST
    -January 18 at 5pm EST
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    Hi SS... You have a new member joining your team ....Please welcome @SavannahS2016 :)


    Welcome @SavannahS2016 to our team! Please take a moment and introduce yourself and tell us a little about your goals for January and beyond. I'm Jessica, your Team Captain. On behalf of the whole team and our two wonderful Motivators @PatriceFitnessPal and @angmarie28 we're really glad you're here!

    I would recommend going back to page 1 and reading our FAQ file as it will answer many of your basic questions about how things work. If at that time, you have unanswered questions, just make a posting in this chat thread and you're sure to get several responses.

    Again, welcome and good luck in January!
    Jessica :smile:
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    Previous weight-170
    Current weight-169
  • angmarie28
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  • GwenS23
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    Saturday Weigh-in Day
    PW: 295 lbs (previous weight)
    CW: 295 lbs (current weight)

    Hi, I have changed my weigh-in day to Saturday. I am excited to begin again and feel really good about it. Glad to be a part of this group!
  • Yukie_OP
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    Yukie_OP - Happy New Year team!, coming into January a bit late from a month's break.
    Brief Intro/Bio: Mom & Wife living in California. I work full time in an office setting plus currently studying (outside of work hrs) for professional designations. But to summarize: I'm sitting for extended periods of time & to combat this, i take a 15-min walk at lunch time + an evening walk ~ 2-3 miles *weather permitting.

    January's Health Goals:
    1. Check-in with the group (and update weight) at least 1X a week
    2. Logging meals & staying under my daily caloric targets
    3. Steps count 6,000 daily/average
    4. Mobility stretches (at least once/day, 5min)

    * Would like to change my weigh-in date to Fridays
    PW: 136 lbs (last reported 12/4/22)
    CW: 140 lbs

    Steps Update (daily goal 6,000):
    1/01/23 - 6,953
    1/02/23 - 4,484
    1/03/23 - 11,865
    1/04/23 - 8,436
  • izzyred9400
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    Hi all & welcome to New members to the team.@koakslim it's nice to have someone else on the team from the UK.I live in Manchester with my husband & 2 sons 27 & 29.I'm 62 & have been on MFP on & off for a few years & on this group for about 2 years I think ? I like to keep active & love my local gym especially the Dance Fit class.I like to use u tube to try new dance workouts usually in my kitchen.I am at the top end of my BMI & don't have alot of weight to lose but find it hard to lose & maintain.I have enjoyed this group & the support & friendships I've made.
    I hope new members gain from the support on here,feel free to add me as a friend if you wish 🙂
    My steps
    1/1 16,218
    1/2 8,510
    1/3 14,041
    1/4 12,700
  • kodakslim
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    Daily Check-in

    I’m really surprising myself by staying within my calories. It’s only day 9 or 10 of restarting MFP, and I thought I would struggle getting back into the swing of things. I must admit that I haven’t been out walking much, so I need to work on that.

    I’m excited for my first official weigh-in tomorrow (Fri). If the numbers on the scales this week are anything to go by, then I’ll be very happy.

    Daily Steps Challenge
    ⭐️1 Jan - 5,537
    ⭐️2 Jan - 3,528
    ⭐️3 Jan - 5,052
    ⭐️4 Jan - 4,103
    ⭐️5 Jan - 3,177

    Hi @izzyred9400 nice to “meet” you! I’m from Scotland :) I find maintaining quite a challenge too. I end up getting too lax and it all piles back on. I have no idea how to send a friends request on here but feel free to send me a request if you like :)
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    GwenS23 wrote: »
    Saturday Weigh-in Day
    PW: 295 lbs (previous weight)
    CW: 295 lbs (current weight)

    Hi, I have changed my weigh-in day to Saturday. I am excited to begin again and feel really good about it. Glad to be a part of this group!

    @GwenS23 I already have your weigh-in from Sunday of this week (Sun-Sat), so since you're switching to Saturday weigh days, you won't need to report in again until Sat, Jan 14th. I will have the MODS to move you. Thanks for letting me know!
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