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    The May Week 5 Group Challenge is live and ready to begin on Sunday, May 28th. Join us for Take Care of YOU and THEM! Here's your link:

    Hope to see you there!
    Jessica :blush:
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    We're missing 4 weigh-ins for the week (incl today):
    @vicky2767 x2

    @eahrenee Please post your steps from 5/8 - 5/26...thanks!
    @KHill875 Please post your steps from 5/13 - 5/26...thanks!
    ALL WALKERS...please post your steps through yesterday 5/26...thanks!

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    @pupowl Wow you're yard is really progressing nicely. It looks great and just think of all the exercise you've gotten from get to see results in the yard AND in yourself as well! WIN WIN! By the way, I love today's card...very nice reminder that I needed today! Thank you for posting it! I also loved the last round of pictures you posted of wildlife...I always enjoy your pictures...helps me live through your adventures!!
    Thank you, I just hope it will be worth all the effort and that I will get lots of flowers. I have several different packets of seeds, so I will make sections so I can see what is doing well. I will share some pictures now and there will be more tomorrow. :smile:
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    I went for a walk yesterday morning, very early! I left home at 6:04. I noticed there was a walk on the map I had never been to. A short and paved family path that could also be used by people in a wheelchair. I didn't really see much photography wise, but the extra section I walked was very pretty. It ended up being around 7 kilometers total. Some landscapes under the spoiler.
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    @pupowl - The garden is looking great! This year I started some tomatoes indoors and then transferred them to pots outside. So far so good, the insects haven't found them yet. I enjoy the photos!

    @nancyinmo -- My Mom had a bad reaction to statins also.

    My 'neighbors' (who don't live there since it's totally inhabitable) are back 'to clean' up the place so *sigh* more insanity incoming.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

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    Steps 5/26 3,791
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    steps 5/26 6,442

    I had planned on running after I got my mom home from the hospital, but I was just too tired. Managed to get a 7 mile run in this morning and running a 10K with my daughter on Monday in Boulder!

    I saw the posts about everyone's workout routines.... I missed the original post.

    I try to run at least 20 miles a week and bike 50 miles, with some strength work 2-3 times a week. The last two months, with all the travel, I've done okay with the running because its such a portable workout, but not the bike and strength. Plan to get back on track in June and add some hikes too!
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    dcresider wrote: »
    Hi all. Out of curiosity, how many days a week do you work out and for how long? Does that involve any strength training? Let me know when you get a chance. Thank you.

    It’s been interesting to read about typical work out routines from members of our team. Thanks for posing the question @dcresider! I agree with @Pupowl that it’s most important to find something we like.

    My routine varies by season, and my weight also fluctuates based on my activity level, so I’m trying to find a more consistent balance of calories in and calories out through exercise and other daily movement. Here’s a general overview, starting with a TLDR summary —

    - Cardio 3-7 days depending on season
    - Strength training 2 days regularly
    - Want to increase walking & flexibility

    How many days a week do you work out and for how long?

    During spring and fall, I row on the water - or use the erg indoors - about three days a week, depending on the weather and season. We’re on the river for an hour after carrying the boat back/forth, etc. Summer is more active because I also practice sculling on average three times a week for an additional hour each time. In winter, I can only erg twice a week (one day less) because of a work conflict with the winter conditioning schedule. I could make up the time at my gym but I find the accountability of my group really helpful.

    I also play soccer once a week for 40-80 minutes, depending on how many women show up to play. The league requires 4 women players (out of 11), so we get more exercise when there are no subs. The female players have to be at least 29 years old (30 years old within the year) and the men have to be 40. I’m almost 57 and didn’t grow up playing so I try to let the younger, more skilled, players have more time on the field if we have extra players. Generally, the league has trouble recruiting enough women, but our team does a better job than most because the men on our team are so supportive, so I consider it our secret weapon when I offer to play for the other team if they don’t have enough female players! 😉

    My husband and I workout with a personal trainer at our local YMCA gym for 30 minutes twice a week. I’d like to add more yoga and stretching into my routine but I’m waiting until I accomplish some of my decluttering/ downsizing goals first (only so much time in a week!). We had to say goodbye to our wonderful dog in early March and miss long walks with him (so painful still but we’re smiling more lately at the memories). So, eventually, I plan to add some more intentional walking or biking into my schedule. For example, I’d like to start walking from my house to the boathouse/ river (about 30 minutes) but the return trip cuts too close to work obligations so I’ll need to adjust somehow. Our neighborhood is walkable and I’d like to visit the weekly farmer’s market and First Thursday Main Street activities more, too.

    Aspirations abound so I’m striving for incremental progress! ☺️

    Does that involve any strength training?

    When the weather is too bad to row, we’ll often use the erg machines for about 30 minutes and then add a combination of weight lifting, abdominal exercises, and stretching. The winter conditioning is much more focused on building strength so we increase the weight then.

    The personal trainer concentrates on core body weight exercises and also uses some weights, resistance bands, TRX suspension training tools, and the medicine ball. He embeds balance into core workouts, too. Usually, I arrive a few minutes early and use the jump rope to warm up. I agree with @bearchested that it’s amazing how quickly the jump roping works to elevate my heart rate. After about 200 jumps, I’m warmed up, breathing heavier and heart pumping! 😅 It takes no time at all but I have no idea how many calories I burn. I just know it shine more than it is!! 🥵


    Hi PatriceFitnessPal. I commend you on your weekly workout routine. I think I need to find my balance. It seem everyone here does more than I do, but I'm trying my best. I just need to be a bit more consistent.

    Once upon a time I ran races up to half marathons, however, I've just stopped during COVID and never started back up. I love to run and hate the (d)readmill, but hate it more during the hot and humid summer months. I'll figure something out.
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    Hi everyone

    @jessicakrall8 i was on team Shape Shifters a few months back and I’m wondering if I could please join for June? I don’t mind being put on a different team if you need to do that.

    I recently had a bereavement in the family and I was preoccupied with funeral arrangements - my head just wasn’t in the weight loss game.

    I’m feeling ok now, and I’m ready to focus on myself again. I would appreciate it if you would allow me to rejoin the challenge, and I apologise for any inconvenience caused since dropping out.

    Thank you
    April x
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    kodakslim wrote: »
    Hi everyone

    @jessicakrall8 i was on team Shape Shifters a few months back and I’m wondering if I could please join for June? I don’t mind being put on a different team if you need to do that.

    I recently had a bereavement in the family and I was preoccupied with funeral arrangements - my head just wasn’t in the weight loss game.

    I’m feeling ok now, and I’m ready to focus on myself again. I would appreciate it if you would allow me to rejoin the challenge, and I apologise for any inconvenience caused since dropping out.

    Thank you
    April x

    Hi April. Very sorry for your recent loss. Grieving is SO hard...been through it too many times.

    I'll notify the mods that you're returning. I need your current weight, which we'll list as your start weight and I'll need to know what day of the week you want for your weigh ins. Also, please be aware that the stats for Jun will start on Sunday, Jun 4th. Send me those two pieces of info and as soon as the new Jun chart comes out, I'll make sure you're on it. Welcome back to the team!

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    Saturday weigh in
    PW 214.8
    CW 215.4
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    I’m enjoying all the photos! It’s great to see all the progress on your yard @Pupowl —fantastic! And, I’m happy to hear the deer made it out of your carport area safely @Texanmom8152!

    The video of the bonfire was really unnerving though @Itadakimasu7. I hope your neighbors clean up without burning anything this time! I’m also thinking of our Canadian teammates with wildfires still a danger. Stay safe, everyone!

    @Itadakimasu7 - I was trying to think about a response to your question about holiday food and Memorial Day gatherings but I don’t have any family traditions that I can remember this time of year, except family barbecues and gatherings at local parks. I don’t eat watermelon that often because it’s so big to store, but summer picnics are always a good time to enjoy them. I sometimes make a macaroni salad with onions, peppers, and apples … or an orzo salad with feta cheese. Fruit salad is always a winner, too. I don’t overeat as much during summer events because they usually have lighter fare, but I like the traditional cheeseburger on the grill with corn on the cob and Cole slaw or some other side salad. I definitely love a refreshing popsicle, too. It’s always nice to walk along the water and get an ice cream cone but there’s nothing like shaved Italian ice or a popsicle on a hot afternoon!

    I’m sorry that you,@jessicakrall8, and more recently @kodakslim, have experienced losses. Holidays can be difficult, especially when we are missing our family members. I hope you can find a way to honor them while enjoying the day.

    @nancyinmo - Thanks for your quick response and adding more details about your path to improving your fitness level and losing 65+ pounds! It’s very helpful and insightful to read.

    Welcome back, @kodakslim and @cre804. I’m so glad to hear your surgery went well! I hope you - and @SavageMrsMoose’s Mim both recover quickly. Take care!

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    @dcrider - Thanks for the encouraging words but I sit a lot during the day while working so I don’t get as much natural movement as other people probably do. I think the key is balancing nutrition with exercise.

    I need to burn about 200-300 calories a day in exercise based on the number of calories I typically eat in a day. So, you may not need as much exercise.

    @bearchested had a good point about finding what worked to feel more satiated, especially with the extra exercise due to his training. I wish I could be more in tune with those kind of adjustments. Adding a little protein in the afternoon helped me. I’ll sometimes eat fruit and found that adding a couple teaspoons of yogurt and a sprinkle of nuts kept my hunger at bay so I didn’t snack on unhealthier items while preparing dinner.

    I find it easier to build in small changes, and make incremental improvements, so it takes time to see my progress— but I think I’ll figure out the right balance eventually. You’re doing great! Hang in there!
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    Step Update

    Wednesday 10,304
    Thursday 14,175
    Friday 6,453
    Saturday 17,530
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    edited May 2023
    Hi @jessicakrall8

    Thank you very much, it’s good to be back :)

    Starting weight: 157.6 lbs
    Weigh-in day: Friday
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    edited May 2023
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I got a new bike map a few days ago which has the whole bike network on it in my area. I am not sure if this is a thing in other countries, but here a lot of juctions of bike baths get a number assigned to them and there are waypoints to the next bike points. It makes it really easy to plan and follow a route, because you only need to remember where you are going next. I feel like this works better with an example, so I will put a picture of my map under the spoiler. The orange is the route I biked yesterday morning. Start at the top in Dwingeloo, bike to 88, then 86, then 56, 57, 83, 32, 43, 83, 98 and then back home. You can also see the distance in kilometers along the sections.
    It was a beautiful ride and I came across some areas I hadn't been before because I usually walk. I got some pictures of birds that were new to me and I was especially excited about finally getting good pictures of a female cuckoo. You hear them all over the national park, but seeing them is a completely different story. I was a little frustrated on Friday because I heard a lot and saw nothing, but yesterday totally made up for it. I will put a lot of pictures under the spoiler. Keep in mind these are the big unedited versions, so birds will seem very far away, but I can still zoom in a lot on these pictures. I am just too lazy to alter them before sharing, lol. Happy Sunday everyone <3
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    Sunday weigh day
    PW: 182.4
    CW: 180.6

    5/24 8397
    5/25. 10855
    5/26. 8112
    5/27. 15,675
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