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    Hey everybody. I am Kara I'm 28 years old Just got married in July I have three kids two of which are mine and my husband's together and on is my step son. I stay very busy with my daughters with soccer and being a Girl Scout troop leader.. I am looking to lose 30 lbs by the new year so this will be a good start.. I weigh 156.5 as of Saturday morning...
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    Hi. My name is Lissett, 40 years old, mother of 2, 5'2" 170lbs. I had success using MFP last year, lost about 15 lbs and was able to maintain that loss until April this year, when I had 2 brain surgeries. I was in bed for a month eating everything my husband put in my face. Needless to say, I gained it all back. I am now 5 months post op & have begun exercising again. My goal weight is 135, 20 lbs by Christmas would get me 1/2 way there. This is doable! Good luck everyone.
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    Hello all,

    My name is Mary and I'm 40 years old. I am married with no kids. I started MFP at 223 pounds which is the heaviest I have ever been. I am ready to commit to a new me. I am working out at least 4X a week, and recording every thing I eat. Feel free to add me as a friend, together we can do this.
  • Hello everyone. My name is Sarah and I am a 34 yr old stay at home mom of 2 boys ages 6 and 8. I have been slowly gaining weight since high school and my weight spiked while pregnant with my second child. I am a food addict and an emotional eater that is currently working on these issues. I just joined MFP to help me with a food plan and so far it has stuck. I have also started to ride a stationary bike and walk. I am working to get healthy for me. I have higher risk for several genetic diseases because of family history and I would prefer to try to lower my own risk by losing weight and live a long healthy life. I found this group and figured it is as good a place as any to start. :-) I am currently 211 lbs and have set a goal of between 150-160. But if I have to baby step it there with smaller goals then so be it. I look forward to doing this challenge with all of you! I am also looking for friends that can help me keep up with this lifestyle change and keep my rear in gear.
  • Hello everyone, My name is Shanik and I am about 25....(wink)! :) I am looking to lose about 25 pounds total with a starting weight of 160. For my height a healthy weight is around 135 so that's my goal. Prior to having my kids and dozens of steroid shots, I was thin with a terrible diet. Post pregnancy and fast forward 3 years I have a moderately healthy diet and a not so thin body. I am not aiming for model thin, tv star thin, but for a healthy weight and thin waist. I have given myself 6 months but it would be awesome to really push myself and lose most of it by XMAS.
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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Karen,, I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I am almost 49, 5'2" and my start weight is 145.8 lbs.

    I am a wife, a mother to a teenage daughter and I work full time as a property manager and I also have hypothyroidism which slows down my weight loss.

    I am an emotional eater which I am trying to conquer!

    I love to run and do hot yoga.

    I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of my mother who passed away 13 years ago. She always wanted the family to spend Christmas in Hawaii. December 18 my family flys to Honolulu for 3 days and then we board a ship and take a 7 day cruise around the Hawaiin Islands.

    Needless to say spending Christmas in a bathing suit is a great incentive to get rid of those last lingering pounds that I keep losing and finding and losing get the idea.

    Thanks for the support and anyone can feel free to add me.
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    Hi my name is Tracie and I'm 41. I have been away from MFP for a while and gained back 15 pounds that I had lost. I began going to Curves a few weeks back but I still need the extra support that I got while I was here. Feel free to add me because all the friends I had before are no longer on my list and I definitely need the support and I have support to offer. I wish everyone luck with their weight loss journey and I am so glad that I am back here and beginning mine again.
  • Hi everyone who I haven't talked with yet - let's all kick *kitten* on this challenge. Anyone who needs support can add me. I'm here and logging every day and have already gotten much support.

    Good luck everyone!

  • hey every one this is fk here...

    hi i am new to group and the concept of calorie counting... i would love be in touch with you all and perhaps we can inspire each to stay on track... :)

    a bit about me i am 32 in UAE work in a bank and need to get fit and make this a lifestyle change...

    once i lose all my weight i am gonna treat myself to a bike license... :D
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    Hi my name is Mary, I am 51. recently unemployed and wanting to use this time to improve my physical health and well being. I am currently 13st 8lbs which is too much for my 5'2" height. I have 4 children-2 still live at home. My son is getting married in May 2014. I would like to lose 40lbs by then so this challenge will be a good start for me. :smile:
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    Hi everyone. I just this group last week but haven't been active at all. I am at work right now so I can't post much, but I wanted to let everyone know I am here, and I will be checking things out and participating. I have zumba after work tonight, but after I get home, eat and shower, I should have some time. See ya!!
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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kristen. I am a 30 year old single mom of twin 6 (almost 7) year old boys. I have lost 52 pounds since November 13th of last year and hope to kick about 8 more before November 13th of this year (then an additional 5 or more before the end of the year).

    I started small with walking and doing the Biggest Loser on the Wii Fit. I am currently jogging about 4x a week, walking on the days I don't jog, occasionally make it to a Zumba class and want to start doing kettlebell a couple of times a week again for strength. With it being fall (my favorite season), I am hoping to squeeze in some hikes as well.

    From the end of May to the end of August, I was stuck in a 4 pound range, always coming back to 187.2. At the beginning of the month, I moved out of my ex-boyfriend's house, ridding myself of some emtional baggage and have lost about 5 pounds (I weighed in at 182.6 this morning). I am hoping that this will kick-start things so I can see the scale move some more.

    Wishing everyone the best of luck for this challenge!!!
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    Hi!! My name is Tammy. I'm 37 and getting back on the wagon after playing too much this summer. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. by next summer so losing 20 by Christmas would be awesome! I am looking to get healthy and stay healthy so that I don't have to worry about the family history of diabetes and heart disease. I'm also looking to be a role model for my children!
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    Hey everyone! Can't wait to read through this and get to know you all. I'm Mary, 24, and in school to get my MA in teaching. I have a husband and two cats. I'm a big nerd and a loud feminist, and believe in health at every size/fat acceptance.

    I have done the MFP/Sparkpeople thing a few times but 2013 was THE YEAR for me! I really got some good habits started - tracking my food, exercising several times a week, drinking water. The last month has been especially great. I have been eating more meals and healthier meals, cooking a LOT, and working out has become second nature rather than a battle - most days. Being in grad school is really busy.

    I really want to concentrate now that I've got these good habits down and see the weight come off. I know it can and will as long as I stay focused. I'd really like to be an inspiration for my husband as I'm afraid neither of us quite have the youth and metabolism we did in undergrad.

    My current weight (as of Saturday) is 185. My goal weight is around 130-140, and for Christmas I'd like to make it to 160-165! I'm going to take my inch measurements as well, just for fun. I'm excited to be doing this in a group of motivated people. Hope everyone has a good week and reaches their goals!
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    Hello All :)

    My name is Patricia. I go by Ticia. I'm 26 years old and am currently pursuing a career in Human Resources. I have a huge family that plays a very large role in my life. Basically my entire family has struggled with weight issues at one point or another in their lives. I have been overweight my entire life and recall much ridicule throughout my developing years because of it. Last January (2012) I began dieting and lost a little over 70 pounds. I did it in a very unhealthy way and once I stopped "dieting" I promptly gained back 40 of those pounds. About two months ago I changed my thinking on losing weight, and have been eating healthy balanced meals, and exercising regularly. The weight has been coming off slowly but I am feeling better about myself than I ever have before. I also quit smoking 2 weeks ago (both cigarettes and the funny stuff) and have still managed to drop a couple pounds. Smoking keeps you thin they said. Quit and you'll gain weight they said. Well I'm proving them wrong! and in the process proving to myself what a strong individual I am.
    I am so happy to be part of this group, and be able to share my frustrations as well as triumphs with you all. I also look forward to hearing about your own personal challenges and victories.
    Thank you all for the motivation!!

    Love and Light xx
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    I have just joined your group. My name is Shirley from Ontario, Canada. I am recently retired and have
    two grown daughters 32 and 30 and married to my husband for 39 years.

    I have done many challenges on here in the past but haven't done one in a while. I have been on a roller
    coaster ride here lately with my weight and trying to get down to my ticker weight without having to change it.
    I had a busy summer with sailing with our sailing club and doing a lot of snacking and socializing.

    I am also a WW lifetime member but that doesn't seem to work for me anymore after going back
    twice. I have been to two Nutritionists lately and taking everything they have been telling me and using
    the knowledge to my advantage. I am still maintaining but still want to lose for health reasons.

    Anxious to get into this again!!

    Ontario, Canada
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    Hi everyone- nice to meet you all :)

    I am joining this challenge a week late... but better late than never!

    I have been using MFP for two years, and was able to lose 20+ pounds doing a similar challenge two years ago. I'm really hoping that this group is what I need to get motivated again.

    I've recently joined a mom(although I'm not one) boot camp group in real life, and we will start 2x week in October.

    My real issue is the food.....all of the delicious food!!!

    I'd be happy to support any of you, please add me, I'll cheer you on from the sidelines! :D
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    Hi, my name is Nidda. I am 24 years old, and currently just completed my undergrad. I am from Canada.
    The largest I have weighed is 215 lbs. My goal weight on MFP is 130 lbs and then I will adjust from there.
    My main source of exercise is walking. I LOVE walking. I currently restarted walking again for 2 hours every day at 3 mph. Last time I lost a ton of weight just by walking in the morning before breakfast, and in the evening after dinner. :D
    lol I hope I can pass by these 15 weeks with just walking then....otherwise I will have to start running or more (which I am willing to do after I build up stamina).

    Right now it just feels like there are a whole lot of stressful things in my life that I have to fix/deal with.

    -My weight
    -Completing my current two online courses so that I can add them to my transcript before the deadline
    -Finding a good job to pay off my student loans
    -Finding a suitable marriage partner

    And the list goes on
  • I thought I'd introduce myself, even though I'm a bit of a late joiner (sorry).

    I'm Bex, 23 and I struggle with agoraphobia (a fear of leaving my house) so exercise is always a bit tricky! Luckily my partner drags me out of the house late nights for dog walking or I don't think I'd get any exercise done.
    I work from home running a mental health charity and that also doesn't help with my weight gain.

    I'm desperate to go back to the weight I was when I first met my partner, in time for our second year anniversary on March 5th.

    Please feel free to add me as I definitely need the motivation!

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    Hi to everyone, I'm 43 yrs old, married and have two children. I'm currently at 183 and hoping to get down to 150. I achieved this goal once before thru WW but I had difficulty maintaining. Looking fw to getting there again and sharing experiences & tips along the way. I've started the couch to 5k so I'm trying to make running a habit (along with changing some other diet-related habits). I'm trying to record in the diary everyday. It keeps me grounded.