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    Hey - good to have you on the forum (but sorry about the reason).

    People either swear by or swear at the Youtube videos. Regardless of what you want to believe about living with diabetes, there are probably three people with Dr. in front of the name (and "maybe" even licensed somewhere) to validate you.

    I dutifully watched all the videos and decided it was a big "whatever" for me. They are just monetizing Youtube for a little income. The more OMG the videos are, the more views they get.

    My counsel is to log what you eat/drink to get a feel for what you are doing now. If you have a BG meter, track that too. This way you get a baseline.

    I would personally pick some modest number of carbs as your target and try to spread them out evenly over three meals. So if your carb goal is 100 carbs a day, that gives you 30->35 a meal.

    Figure out a calorie goal to lose a pound or so a week.

    You might want to talk to your doctor about the sleep. You could be a candidate for a CPAP.

    I am just a guy who is not a doctor or anything close. I have been on the forums for a while though and was diagnosed with T2 in 2016