August workout check-in thread - August one more rep!

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Yeah, that one is a bit of a stretch haha

Today was a fairly simple workout but i ended up a good bit frustrated because I put on my "shortest" shorts. They're too short to do hang cleans correctly, the bar catches on my legs. I tried to chalk it down to no avail :(

20 minutes to work up to a heavy, unbroken complex of
- clean deadlift
- hang power clean
- front squat
- full clean

I got stuck at muscling up 95 because of the short short issues. I KNOW I can do more than that with a proper 2nd pull :|

Then BW gauntlet (3 min AMRAP of each)
pull-ups with my red band (approx 60lbs assist? maybe?) 13
squats: 92, I think?
push-ups: 47
burpees: 28

I usually do this one fresh so that was a bit of a change. Also wasn't quite there anymore, my focus just went poof...

10 min AMRAP of the clean complex @ 70% of the max weight used. I set 67.5 on the bar and managed 16 reps.

Then tried a plank and stuck it up for 1:13. I need to work more on my bodyweight stuff!

So you guys... should we start a goal thread for august? We were missing one in July, but I didn't see anyone complain. Just me?


  • suremeansyes
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    Yeah, let's start one. I have some August goals. :)
  • ketoandbarbell
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    Squats at 120 5x5- hard but I did it!! I mentally freak out I think when I see the 35 lb plates on the bar. Didn't seem as bad when I put the 25 and 10 to make the 35s. Is that just me?
    bench 70 5x5 and rows 80 5x5.
    SC week 6 day B band abduction 30 each leg, BW single leg thrust 3x10, dumbbell Romanian deadlift 36x3x12 which kicked in a glute issue so I couldn't finish the skater squats, got one set of 12 and didn't want to push it.
    Today is my I don't care day and going to eat whatever I want. When I want. ???? already had dennys for breakfast, going for Mexican tonight, cheesecake in the freezer( if there's room in my belly) and a DQ blizzard later tonight.
  • suremeansyes
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    @massage, I had a donut for breakfast, going to eat stadium food for lunch, and taking my daughter out tonight for a Belgian waffle topped with a strawberry sundae for dinner. :)
  • navygrrl
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    Yesterday I did Workout B.

    Squat - 5x5x65
    OHP - 5x5x55
    DL - 1x5x115

    I'm still trying to get the DL form right. Also, I didn't realize I would need more weights this soon. I cheaped out and didn't get the good stuff when I got my weights. Yes, bad me. I'm saving up for a power rack, and I suppose I'll have to modify things until I can get the right setup.

    Today is C25K Week Two, Day 3. Someone called out of work tonight, so I have to work third shift, which totally screws with my schedule. Ugh. Tomorrow is my rest day, which I shall be spending mostly in bed asleep.
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    Couldnt make it to the gym so I took my kids to the playground and did walking lunges, bench jumps, jumping jacks... then when we got home I used my son as a weight bar for bench press (hes 33 pounds) til my arms were tired, had him sit on my back while I did planks, uh, and a few other monkey stuff that he thought was fun. But.... the neighbors and my family did a bbq... the food was so good I couldnt help myself. 400 calories over target. .. cheat day it is!
  • CoadyMarie
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    Workout A yesterday - totally killed it again :) Glad I decided to brush up on form.

    Squats 5x5x85, staying here to work on form - can finally start feeling in the hamstrings and glutes
    Bench 5x5x70
    Row 5x5x55 - did I say last week that I hated rows? I'm sorry, rows. Now that I'm doing it right, I kinda love them.
  • psych101
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    Workout A for me yesterday - anyone else disappointed with the app upgrade to include warm ups? It only has warm up options if your working weight is above a certain limit, so for me no warm up stuff for row, bench or OHP - wish I hadn't paid for the upgrade now. Meh. That's my whinge for the day lol

    Squat 5x5 at 154lbs
    Bench 4,5,5,4,3 at 83lbs 3rd time failing, time to deload
    Row 5x5 at 88lbs

    Two days rest now, much chocolate to be eaten mmmmm
  • perseverance14
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    My first workout in August...increased barbell rows, curls and reverse curls...feel other increases coming on we will see how I am at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. :)

    Workout B (Sun)

    dumbbell skier swings - 5 x 15 - 40

    lateral hot potato squat 5 x 12 - 15

    squats 5 X 5 - 155

    overhead press 5 x 5 - 60

    barbell rows 5 X 5 - 85

    Dumbbell side bend - 5 x 15 - 40

    flys 5 x 8 - 40

    reverse curls 5 x 5 - 65

    underhand bicep curls 5 x 5 - 110
  • Calliope610
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    Saturday Workout

    Workout "B"

    leg curls - 30# 1 x 12 warm-up
    35# 5 x 12

    leg ext - 30# 1 x 12 warm-up
    35# 5 x 12

    box squats - BW 5 x 12

    OHP - 45# 5 x 5

    deadlift - 95# 1 x 5 - It took me about 4 minutes to do 5 lifts, but I did it.

    Day 2 of 30-day plank challenge - 20sec
  • Fittreelol
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    Hello ladies!

    I was so busy in July I didn't post very much, but I promise I was training. I even had a meet.

    Back to the grind in August. I'm continuing 531, but changing my accessory focus to body weight and conditioning for 8 weeks.

    Today's 531 squat
    45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 250x3, 280x2 The last set was supposed to be at least 3. Everything felt really hard and sad. I had a few contributions to my poor squatting (day after a 5:2 fast day, lifting in earlier in the day than normal, first session after a meet etc.) I'll decide if I want to deload squat depending on how the rest of the weeks go this cycle.

    Paused squat 225 3x3- The last set felt the best so I think maybe I was just out of my groove.

    Single leg squat starting progression article here for anyone interested
    leftx10+ rightx10 x4

    Ab roll out 3x15

    Prowler sprints 135
    High handle out+low handle back x5
  • bruerin
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    First workout of the month. I'm really starting to enjoy this. I missed it Friday and yesterday.
    Workout A
    Squat 65 lbs 5x5
    Bench 55 lbs 5x5
    Row 55 lbs 5x5

    Then I foam rolled for the first time. It was completely horrible at first, I was whimpering in pain at one point- my husband walked in, looked at me and left. Then I was like "AAHHHHH." I think my eyes may have glazed over too. I felt so wonderful afterwards. I tried to convince my husband to try it. He said "No thanks, I'm not into self-harm."
  • canadianlbs
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    nothing from me. i did a half-assed workout that didn't work for any of the lifts yesterday, after spending the first part of the day at a core workshop. i may also have borked up one of my knees, not sure yet.

    of course during the workshop, i was all 'im not feeling it, this isn't doing anything.' but i couldn't get anything right in the gym afterwards, and as for today . . . ow ow ow ow. i'm just snarfing down protein and sleeping today.
  • weightliftingdiva
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    Row 5x5x55 - did I say last week that I hated rows? I'm sorry, rows. Now that I'm doing it right, I kinda love them.

    This. As my row form has improved I've found myself enjoying them a lot more.

    Do y'all row from the floor at each rep like Mehdi recommends, or do you keep the bar hanging?
  • JulieAnneFIU
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    I begin every workout with a seven minute full body drill. I'm still pretty much on the bar so no warm up reps.

    Squat 5x5-45
    Bench 5x5-45
    Row 5x5-45 (I was afraid of 65)
    14 minute slim and limber killer stretch routine from beachbody. Might be on YouTube. Amazing. Back rub from my kid in exchange for cookies

    Saturday second workout ever
    Squat 5x5-46.25 (fractional washers)
    Deadlift 5x1-95 felt like a rock star
    Ohp is the devil 5x5-45 with the hubs spotting me because he thought I was going to collapse
    14 minute stretch haven't been sore since.

  • katro111
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    Sunday's Workout:
    Week 4 of Wendler's 5/3/1 + accessories. This is the deload week; did bench press & squats then 3 rounds of 5 reps each @ 60lbs - bent over rows, straight leg dead lifts, upright rows, reverse lunges.
  • krokador
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    Yesterday was 3 times 400m and 800m sprints/runs... Feeling it today. Surprisingly enough more in my quads than usual, too. And the groin but that's nothing new.

    Today was the start of the last week of the program. Hard to believe I stuck with it beginning to end!
    Snatch + Hang Snatch work up to heavy set - made it to an ugly but decent 80lbs! The hang part is the thoughest one, really

    Then EMOTM x5 for 95% of that weight (so 75)

    Then back squats where I tried to keep the bar a bit higher on my traps (I need bigger traps D':)

    That last set, last rep was probably not to full depth. It took like 5 seconds to grind it up. I actually considered racking it after the 2nd rep but I tightened up, reached deep within, took that deep-*kitten* breath (probably deepest I've ever taken) and made it! =D

    Finished up with 3 rounds of 40/20 or
    - KB power clean and press (alt arm each rep)
    - pull-ups 3 unbroken AMRAP with bands
    - KB american swings
    - KB 1 arm power squat clean

    I'm already feeling it o_o

    I'd like to thank Rocket Science for this workout. Without that lil hit of caffeine I wasn't making it to the gym this AM. So little sleep. I hate mosquitoes.

    @bruerin welcome to the dark side. I'm starting to think about getting a pvc pipe instead of a roller. I don,t really feel that much from mine anymore xD

    @canadianlbs I hope you recover from that core workshop! What all did they make you do? I be curious!
  • CoadyMarie
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    Row 5x5x55 - did I say last week that I hated rows? I'm sorry, rows. Now that I'm doing it right, I kinda love them.

    This. As my row form has improved I've found myself enjoying them a lot more.

    Do y'all row from the floor at each rep like Mehdi recommends, or do you keep the bar hanging?

    I have been keeping the bar hanging because my weights aren't big enough to go to the floor without dipping down and breaking parallel. I managed to find some wider 25s while trawling holiday weekend yard sales on Saturday ($5! yay!) so hopefully I will be touching the ground on Wednesday when I go to 65.

    Workout B today
    Squat 5x5x85
    OHP 5x5x55
    Deadlift 1x5x65, 1x3x85, 1x3x105

    I wasn't in a great mood today doing my workout thanks to a) having to get up early to workout before going to work while everybody else has the day off and b) being very distracted by people wandering in and out of the basement trying to talk or just watching me - seriously, do not disturb! - ok, rant over. But I think I did well enough - stayed at 55 on OHP because I missed last week, and still getting used to sumo deadlifting, but the taller weights made a difference.
  • Calliope610
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    This morning was SL5x5 Workout "A", and in typical Monday fashion, I just wasn't feeling the love.

    Leg curls - 35# 1 x 12; 40# 5 x 6
    Leg ext - 35# 1 x 12; 40# 5 x 6

    I will add 5#/week with progressions of M - 5 x 6, W - 5 x 9 and finishing the week with F - 5 x 12 until I get to failure, then just continue to strengthen and stabilize my knee.

    Body weight squats just didn't happen today. Wednesday morning I have a session with a trainer to get to the crux of my squatting problems... Figured I would wait until then to worry about squats.

    Bench - 45# 1 x 5, 55# 1 x 5, 65# 1 x 5, 75# 1 x 3, then back to 70# for 5 x 5, which were still tough, hopefully I can easily hit 70# by end of the week.

    Rows - 45# 1 x 5, 55# 5 x 5
  • Gen2703
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    Hey ladies

    Tried workout A today again. So, my back is NOT fixed :explode: I'll have to take it easy, stretch, foam roll, and I get a massage tonight with my massage therapist so hopefully it'll speed things up. Gotta be patient!!! Dammit.
  • navygrrl
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    Yesterday was a rest day, but really an "eat all the things" day and sleep since I had to work third shift Saturday night. My workouts have been going great, but my eating has been way off. I need to get a handle on it again. I did spend the day stretching and icing my trochanter, as I think I pushed it too much during my run on Saturday and started having bursitis pain.

    Today was Workout A. As I hit the heavier weights, I'm starting to worry too much about things. I need to stop worrying, since I'm starting to dread things, which is silly, because I always feel great afterwards. Well, maybe not great, but stronger.

    Squats - 5x5x70
    Bench - 5x5x75
    Row - 5x5x80

    My form on bench was better this time, although I'm pondering staying with this weight one more round before bumping it up. I'll see how I feel on Friday.