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Sound off! What exercise did you do today?



  • alison2earth
    So far, I've only jogged 1.5 miles first thing this morning. I'll probably do some light weight lifting later in the day.
  • cornucopiaoflove
    cornucopiaoflove Posts: 45 Member
    Did some strength training!
  • Val8less
    Val8less Posts: 107 Member
    Lots of vigorous house cleaning....which counts!..tomorrow..doing Zumba....can't wait:drinker:
  • catmonteith1
    catmonteith1 Posts: 8 Member
    Complexes.. my new fav!
  • Mommaspoon1
    Mommaspoon1 Posts: 38 Member
    i walked for 35 mins this morning - I was walking for one hour each morning up til this week but mornings have gotten very dark and where I walk is a bit isolated so I start a bit later now (6.15 am instead of 5.45 am) and do the other 30 mins in the evening instead.