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  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,022 Member Member Posts: 2,022 Member
    Welcome to the group!!! Great job on your loss so far!
  • arguablysamsonarguablysamson Member Posts: 1,656 Member Member Posts: 1,656 Member
    lessfatdad wrote: »
    Hi everyone,
    My name is Gerrit. My current weight is 420 lbs. (6’3”) down form over 460 in March. My goal weight is 200-240 lbs. I have lost a lot of weight (120+ lbs) a few years ago and gain it all back and then some. I am just stating OMAD today and will be eating supper between 5 and 7 depending on my kid’s schedules. I have been doing low carb since March and been trying a 4:20 IF (basically 2 meal in a 4 hour period).

    Hi, friend.

    You can totally win. Just think LONG GAME. Stay the course.
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